A Warning From President Trump, “Do Not Kill the Protesters!”

Iranian protesters have taken to the streets in a country where no one is allowed to speak ill of the government.  Iran is not a democracy, and an uprising against the government is met with death.  When Iran admitted to their mistake and miscalculations of hitting the Boeing 737 jet with one of their missiles during the attack last week on Iraqi bases housing American soldiers, it was the last straw for Iran’s citizens.  The confrontations between America and Iran were tit for tat, but taking down a civilian plane, killing everyone on board, caused Iran’s people to rise up in protest against Iran’s Islamic regime.

Knowing that death is a punishment for protesters, President Trump sent out this warning on Twitter, “To the leaders of Iran – DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS.  The world and, more importantly, the USA is watching.”  Iranians have no rights under the rule of Iran.  Many are taught from a young age to chant, “Death to America.”  These people have been brainwashed into believing we are the bad guys, but when they saw what was said on their local TV stations compared to what the truth is, they got angry.  The cup overflowed when they found out the only deaths were those on board the jet, which was caught in the middle of the rocket’s path.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper was interviewed before President Trump sent out his tweet.  He said Trump is still looking forward to talking with the leaders of Iran.  Esper stated, “We’re willing to sit down and discuss without precondition a new way forward, a series of steps by which Iran becomes a more normal country.”

Esper was asked, “And if something happened to the protesters?”  His reply was, “The president has drawn no preconditions other than to say we’re willing to meet with the Iranian government.”  This answer came before the President’s warning to the Iran government.

Much was discussed on the U.S.-Iran tensions, which skyrocketed after the beginning of the New Year.  When Iran retaliated for the death of their top General Qasem Soleimani, it was hours later when one more rocket was fired off from an Iranian base that hit the plane, which departed from Tehran.

To add to the anger of the Iranian people, the Iranian government tried to cover up the missile attack but got caught in attempting to remove the evidence of the remanence of the missile.  It was also reported that for a brief time, the British ambassador to Iran was arrested after the memorial service for the victims, which was held at Amir Kabir University.  Mark Esper added in the interview, “I just think you see a very corrupt regime that the Iranian people are finally standing up and trying to hold them accountable.”

Esper was busy this past weekend with interviews with different show hosts.  He told ABC’s “This Week,” They are reeling from their incompetence in this situation. And the people of Iran are just fed up with it.”

When asked about the attacks from Iran, he gave the impression for the time being there are no more planned attacks like the one last week.  He stated, “We do not expect any further attacks. But if you look at what’s happening on the ground today, you have just yesterday in Tehran and other cities, Iranians chanting, ‘Death to the Ayatollah.'”

On another talk show from Sunday, Esper was interviewed with national security advisor Robert O’Brien. O’Brien explained the “Iranian regime was reeling from maximum pressure.”  Both O’Brien and Esper defended the president and the information which they received, which led to the death of Soleimani.  They both stated there were planned”imminent attacks on the U.S. troops and diplomats in the region.”  President Trump released the information later in the week last week when the Democrats and the two Republicans would not shut up about the reasoning for the attack, which took out the known terrorist.

Whether or not an imminent attack was planned, the U.S. had a precise strike, and they took out a serious threat to not only America but the world.  O’Brien went on an interview where he told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “We had exquisite intelligence, and the intelligence showed that they were looking at US facilities throughout the region and that they wanted to inflict casualties on American soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, as well as diplomats.  The threat was imminent. I saw the intelligence.”

28 thoughts on “A Warning From President Trump, “Do Not Kill the Protesters!”

    1. I believe you are having a problem with reasoning. If this then that ideology!! I wish I had brain spurs if that is what it takes to be a billionaire and a two term president of the United States. Hey brain spurs what a thought.

  1. Thank God we have a president that will stand up to these monsters. The next step is for the USA to seriously limit the number of people coming here from that part of the world. None would be best!

  2. I have no love for Islam nor it’s followers. I am glad the citizens have had enough of their corrupt government in Iran. However – and this is a big one – we have no right to tell another country how to govern, how to treat their citizens or control them. The only thing we can do is to protect our assets and punish if they violate them as to our interests. It’s time for us to stop trying to police the world. If those protesters want their freedom, they will have to do what we did to get rid of the crown way back when. We need to stay out of their politics just as we want everyone else to stay out of ours. If we want other countries to stay out of our elections, we need to stay out of their politics whether or not we agree with them. If another country wants to hire our military to help them (that means paying for them, not us paying for them) then that is something our congress or our president must decide, but other than being requested and having a legitimate excuse to enter the cause, we need to mind our own business. America first does not mean getting involved with other people’s problems. It means get our own house in order before helping others and taking care of our CITIZENS before foreigners. And for those foreigners who are not yet citizens, if they don’t like our government, we don’t need to change, we need to invite them to leave this country. Love it or leave it.

    1. I agree; we need to stay out of Islamic politics, and they need to stay the Hell out of our country.
      Know what’s wrong with this world of Today? The rest of the world sees the U.S. as their “Safe Space”, rather than staying home where God in His wisdom placed them! Freedom isn’t Free.

    2. The President himself said that America First does not mean America only. It just means that we negotiate, we trade, and we do everything from the perspective of how best to benefit our people. Of course we have to expect that others will do the same, and there is nothing wrong with that, with them being tough negotiators on their own behalf. But we do have international obligations as a very function of our strength. I’m sure you’re aware that the idea of ‘chivalry’ does not exist in the islamic world or in the jewish world. This is the idea that the strong use their strength for the protection of the weak. Our entire superhero literature genre is based on this idea. So by wanting America to retract and live selfishly, you are countermanding a Christian concept that is thousands of years old and which began with the example of Christ himself. I don’t believe that it is a good idea for you to be finding fault with the example of Christ himself.

  3. Thank you Jesus for making Donald Trump President! Want to know why democrats hate Donald so much, they hate Jesus because Jesus hates corruption and roots it out and eventually Hesus will have these evil and corrupt stand befor him on judgement day! Democrats have a lot to answer for is killing 325,000 innocent babies a year, since Roe be Wade we killed more babies than ever war since the dawn of time! Trump has tried to drain the swamp but the swamp is very deep . How many congressmen have children and close friends working in Ukraine? Well Bancy Pelosi has three children. Ther right now! You reckon she’s scared investigation of corruption might impact her off allowed?

  4. First, nobody in the Trump administration, especially Trump himself, have briefed ANYBODY on the “imminent threat!” It’s still unknown, even to congressional leaders. Second, Trump’s tweet means NOTHING in Iran! Absolutely not a thing!!

    1. With the Dems. not submitting a budget, publicly support a terrorist country and endangering US Citizens. There will be no choice if Iran hits on more US target to force President Trump to bring on Marshall Law. Watch out Dems. Your swamp will be cleaned out and all your children will have to get a job on their own.

  5. This is whT America is becoming with the house and squad running things. All the signs are there so wake up and rebel ourselves. Trump is trying to prevent it but is met with so much resistance and is the real reason why they’re try to impeach.

    1. I, for one, support our President Donald Trump and his recent actions in the Middle East, where he acted without the consent of Congress. Congress, especially the House of Representatives, has become infested with Islamic terrorists and Enemies of the State posing as Democratic politicians who are against everything that America stands for while living here and reaping the benefits. I refer to Ilhan Omar and her cadre of Muslims with a Islamic America agenda. Twenty years ago, if someone had told me that terrorist supporters with blatant anti-America agendas would be elected to offices that were created to “Represent” the American citizens, I would not have believed it. I believe it Now! I can only hope that we are in time to take back our once-great country before it becomes lost to Islam.
      TRUMP – 2020 – “Make America American Again!”

  6. Just look at Obama’s economy, he stated it was the new norm And look what Trumps economy looks like Dems would rather be a poor dem than a rich republican. Grow a pair.

  7. Just to get away from this for a moment, There will be HELL to pay if our wonderful President is impeached. A bag of trouble will be headed for all the Dems that do it. And the Morman that one time wished to be the President, ( Mr. Mitt Turncoat Romney). This has cost us as hard working tax payer more than we can stand. I only hope that the voters in this country will go to the polls and wipe the slate clean of Dems. God bless President Trump, and GOD BLESS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, THE USA.

  8. All you have to do is watch Elizabeth Warren,Hillary Clinton, Burnie Sanders and Adam Schiff for a moment and you should be able to tell has brain Spurs.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Donald is lost, and he has been in way over his head since his campaign. If you put a 7 year old boy in the White House in place of Donald J. Trump, the 7 year old boy will do a much better job than THE GUTTER GUY (DONALD J. TRUMP). Donald has never made a success out of any business in his entire life, and he told us during his campaign that he was the best deal maker in the world, and that he was going to run this country like he runs his business! Donald has destroyed every protection we had to protect our eco system and he has us and the world on a collision course with global warming.

    Donald J. Trump is the reason why “STUPID AND DUMB” are in the dictionary!!! Donald is nothing more than a moronic idiot!!!

  10. I conceive this internet site contains some really wonderful information for everyone :D. “Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal.” by Alighieri Dante.

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