About Those Who Lied About Kavanaugh, What Is DOJ Doing?

There were a number of criminal referrals created by Senators against those who lied about Brett Kavanaugh. During the Supreme Court Justice’s hearing, many people ran Kavanaugh’s name through the mud, making up stories that simply never happened. Dems were ready to ruin a man simply because they were afraid of how he might vote on certain future issues.

Now, Senators want to know what the DOJ did with all of those criminal referrals.

Chuck Grassley was the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman at the time that the Kavanaugh proceedings were happening. He referred several people to the DIG for criminal prosecution after lying to congressional investigators. This included Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnick.

Grassley requested that a criminal investigation happen after Avenatti publicized allegations of “gang rapes in the 1980s.”

Grassley is now one of many Republican senators who have sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI director Christopher Wray, wanting to receive an update on what’s happening with those referrals. They want to know whether those who committed perjury under oath will face any consequences.

As the letter points out, an entire year has passed since the Judiciary Committee conducted its investigation into allegations regarding any misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh to be considered for nomination into the US Supreme Court.

They identify that, throughout the investigation, numerous individuals were interviewed due to the relevant information that they claim to have. While most individuals contacted the committee in good faith, there were some who did not. For individuals were referred to the FBI and DOJ for potentially violating laws – including materially false statements and obstruction. There are also two individuals for violating another law which led to conspiracy.

The letter continues, identifying that the criminal referrals were not established lightly. The allegations were taken seriously by committee staff. Additionally, the senators want to make sure that consequences are carried through so that there is the protection of the confirmation process. In addition to being signed by Grassley, it was also signed by Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Marsha Blackburn, and several others.

The senators want to make sure that these people are held accountable for what they did because they were responsible for intentionally misleading the committee and diverting resources during a time-sensitive investigation. It is not only unfair but also illegal. The senators provide the reminder that it is illegal to obstruct any committee investigations.

They want to make sure that the constitutional process is being protected against bad actors who are involved in partisan operations.

The committee works hard to make sure that the American people are getting a full story of what is going on. They work to be transparent, and bad actors only impede investigative findings. The committee, however, cannot hold the people accountable. It is up to the Justice Department and the FBI to hold them accountable for their criminal behavior.

The senators also provided a reminder to the FBI director and the Attorney General that the DOJ has prosecuted individuals in the past for lying under oath. They are currently requesting a response by October 21.

It is unclear as to why Barr and Wray have not chosen to act on the information about the four potential individuals who got in the way of the Kavanaugh confirmation. A significant investigation had to play out prior to Kavanaugh being inducted into the Supreme Court due to allegations of a sexual assault made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. A number of allegations came immediately following Ford’s – and many were found to be false. There were even issues found within Ford’s own allegations since she was under the influence of alcohol and underage at the party that Kavanaugh was supposedly in attendance.

The senators within the Judiciary Committee have every right to find out what is going on. It does no good to identify for people who impeded an investigation only to have nothing happened to them. Holding these four individuals accountable for lying under oath can be used to set an example so that Democrats understand that they cannot lie under oath solely for the purpose of partisan gain.

With all that is happening with the impeachment proceedings, it is very possible that Barr and Wray may not meet the October 21 deadline to provide the senators with the information that they are seeking. However, Grassley, Graham, and the other senators have a reputation for not letting things get pushed under the rug. If the deadline is missed, they will issue another letter to demand that action be taken so that no one gets off the hook for their lies.

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