Adulterous Omar Happy She Broke Up a Happy Family

When it comes to another person being accused of what Ilhan Omar is accused of she is quick to want them to resign. She is quick to believe guilty until proven innocent. Now that it is her turn to face the music for her nasty behavior she is denying everything. Nasty Omar is accused of having an affair with a married consultant. She is guilty of an adulterous relationship, and she is fighting to keep her seat in the House.

The accusation comes from a consultant that is filing for divorce. She is claiming that her husband has had an affair with Ilhan sickening Omar. Omar is cheating with a married man. Beth Mynett filed the divorce papers claiming her husband is all in with Ilhan. The filing reads as follows “The parties physically separated on or about April 7, 2019, when Defendant told Plaintiff that he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar, who serves as a U.S. representative from Minnesota.”

Nasty Omar has been under investigation already for her role in having two husbands. Reports claim that Omar is married to two men at once. And now she is having an affair with a third. The filing went on to say “Although devastated by the betrayal and deceit that preceded his abrupt declaration, Plaintiff told Defendant that she loved him and was willing to fight for the marriage.

Defendant, however, told her that was not an option for him.” This proves that the accusation against Omar is legitimate. She is having an affair with a married man. Thus, she is guilty of adultery.

Omar seems very happy with this situation. She seems happy that she has ruined a family through this involvement with this sick man. Omar is no stranger to destroying families as she has also divorced her own family of which she had three children that she has abandoned.

Omar’s campaign has paid the consultants firm $230,000 for fundraising consulting and other services. Omar got a lot more for her $230,000. The court filing mentions that “Defendant’s more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Representative Omar than with his actual work commitments.”

Nasty Omar needs to resign because of these allegations. She has destroyed a family and does not seem to care. Of course, the nasty Democrats just prove that they don’t care about who they use and abuse to keep themselves in power. Omar’s lack of self-control has led to a devastated mother and son who will now have to fend for themselves.

The court filing also stated that the man “put his son in harm’s way by taking him out in public with Representative Omar, who at the time had garnered a plethora of media attention along with death threats — one rising to the level of arresting the known would-be assassin that same week.”

Nasty Omar has shown no reluctance to apologize or take responsibility for her actions in this matter. Instead, she is in full denial mode. When asked about her personal life she is quick to decline to comment because she has been trying to hide this sick relationship for months pending the divorce from her husband.

The man that Omar has been secretly seeing has all but put nasty Omar’s face right next to his in the allegations. Both nasty Omar and this man are close in age and it would seem only natural that there would be an attraction to each other.

Nasty Omar loves to marry men and then divorce them. She does not care if she is still married or not at the time. Which means she hides the truth from each one of these men. She is a liar and cannot be trusted.

Any other person in the House or the Senate would be asked to resign under these circumstances. Nasty Omar has made her choice to have an adulterous relationship instead of serving the people of the United States. It is time for her to move in with her new adulterous love and give up politics forever.

147 thoughts on “Adulterous Omar Happy She Broke Up a Happy Family

  1. This is just another example of the corrupt, immoral and evil thinking politicians that are in leadership positions within our govt. The Democrats are quick to say things mostly fake about our POTUS and his supporters. Talk about Hypocrites my question is why is she allowed to say what she wants against our country and govt. and also do what most people would say is corrupt, immoral and not becoming of a congressman or congresswoman? She needs to get right with her guilt, apologize to her family and others she has harmed with her actions. Congress needs to take action and remove her from office. There also needs to be an investigation into her immigration and citizenship as well. Sounds pretty fishy about how she entered the US, multiple marriages and how she met the criteria to be an elected member of our congress? What’s really telling is the fact that most of the Democratic supported news media do not want to talk about her actions? Fake and corrupt news media is part of the swamp? Re-elect Trump so we can continue to drain the swamp and remove these snakes and other critters.

  2. She certainly turned out to be a real whore. I can’t imagine destroying someone’s marriage and they gloating about it like its a trophy. I can hardly wait for the upcoming election so we can get rid of these foreign women. They sure turned out to be nothing but trash. Look at Rashida Tlaib who is a prime example of trash .I remember this pig,s acceptance speech where she was surrounded be all her degenerate friends and her children. I was shocked to hear the language she used in front of her kids. I can just imagine how she talks at home, I would imagine how many neighborhood kids are not allowed to play with her kids. I was especially
    shocked at this pig calling our president a “mother fucker. “The only thing I could think of is that the term mother fucker must be part of a muslim prayer.
    Come on November so we can get rid of this pig.




  4. What are the members of these patriotic party going to do about all the new rotten piece of shit new comers they have in the family, oh sorry they are demorats and everything that happens is ok and normal even when children welfare are at risk🤣🤣🤣🤣..
    This woman seems to enjoy bad reputation and playing the victim role of a woman of color been discriminated, this is a big joke and sadly some of us are responsible for voting this piece of shit to power .

  5. Fine example coming from one of the leaders of this nation. The Congress needs to clean itself of these type people. We need statesmen instead of criminals in our Congress.

  6. Omar swaps men as often as she changes her headdress. One day the Hijab, and while attending an LBGTQ occasion she wears an African headdress. I’m wondering if the LGBTQ realizes she supports sharia law since she wears the Hijab and took her oath for Congress on the Quran January 3rd, 2019. Which means they advocate for killing gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. But the DEMORATS love her and probably will fight for this home wrecking, lying, sleezy. lawbreaking, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish pc. of CRAP.

  8. Why are there STONES being tossed in your GLASS HOUSE? Why not blame the HUSBAND? Doesn’t HE have to say YES, before the Affair started? Can You speak the same about our PRESIDENT?
    I am asking?

  9. She is 2 faced – doesn’t want families split up as illegals and yet she has split up a family a d is married to 2 other men off and on as it suits here . She is a piece of 💩💩💩💩💩

  10. Is Omar really the kind of person we need or want in Congress?
    Is she an example for our young voters that we want to promote?
    It’s possible she’s here in the United States illegally.

  11. She is just a hussy, he is just one of many, the rest have not been caught! She needs to be kicked out of congress and sent to prison for being married to two men or more. She is a total disgrace! What about it Nasty Nancy?

  12. Time she was ejected from our government. She has already determined that she is dishonest by being married to two men at a time. Time for her to awaken to the reality that America has laws, and she must obey them. Her children need to be taken away, as she is immoral and dishonest!

  13. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive….and Omar is very good at deceiving. Those who point fingers and make accusations against people, like President Trump, who has done none of these things, needs to take care of their own house first. Omar needs to go. Anyone who has no moral ethics doesn’t belong in congress. Those constituents whom she represents needs to rethink who they want representing them……..But, if they don’t care, then they’ve made their beds.

  14. Time for her to go back to somalia and leave her american naturalized citizenship here. Never let her back into the US Ban her forever and let her muslim pals take care of her adultress ways.

  15. In America’s past history, the Muslim population was removed from our Republic in 1815 and again in 1952 because of their murdering and raping American citizens and their immorality. It would seem with now ex-President Obama and Congress woman Ilhan Omar’s anti America misdeeds, nothing has changed.

  16. What happened to the Ameeica I knew. It is sad to see the best country in the world in 20 years downgrade in many ways to this level today.
    Long live those who support Donald Trump as you are the only ones that can save America from self destruction.

  17. Obviously , she has never know the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T nor has she ever shown any Americans respect and I see no reason we should have to tolerate the disgusting behavior she piles on the Official Title she degrades with her nasty, rude, selfish, ignorant behavior. Not only should she be sued and deported, but jailed for all the trouble she has generated to the people of the area she officiates. She has no business in our society.

  18. Omar should be forced from office for this. Also you should be forced from writing or be fact checked.
    To say “the nasty Democrats just prove that they don’t care” is inane. They forced Al Franken (what is going on in Minneasota?) from office for much less. Heck he was a comedian doing stupid things that hurt no one and was not a congressman at the time in 2006. They should have kept him and now throw out Omar.

  19. Perhaps Omar and her “boy toy”should take a trip to Somalia so that he can see the type of garbage heap she came out of.Just maybe while they are there the Real Muslims can show her their”rock collection”.

  20. She is a muslim, why isn’t she following her religion. Let her terror groups that she supports get their hands on her and the people from her own country. Also there is no place in our government for muslim we are of a different culture. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  21. I do not want to throw stones as I am guilty of my own discretion s/actions/sins. I plead to my/our Savior for HIS Forgiveness, praying unceasingly for many, and many others and many things. But… I do NOT work as a Public Servant. I feel PS’s should be held to a higher standard,….my opinion only.
    He actions seem very inappropriate for a PS, a woman in public view, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc., for any woman, especially a married mommy.
    Make me very sad as a woman, a mom, and a grandmum💔😭

  22. Sounds like the divorce from that “sick man” is justified, and his wife is doing the right thing. She deserves BETTER than that, and I’m hoping that she finds this “better man”. Ilhan, on the other hand, needs to be SUED, CONVICTED of her CRIMES, IMPEACHED and DEPORTED back to Somalia PERMANENTLY. She is a disgrace as both a U.S. citizen and a Congress Woman . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  23. I believe that Omar should resign immediately from Congress; but if she
    doesn’t then she should be impeached or whatever it takes to get her removed from Congress. We can not have such a very poor example of a woman, little lone a Congress Woman of the US do such things that are purely illegal. She is also very much a hypocite and can’t be believed when she sees or talks ab out affairs on the US Southern Border. She has spread too many lies about everything she talks about!.

  24. I am assuming the next article will address the adulterous affairs of the the president just to emphasize the impartiality of this site.

  25. This trashy female doesn’t have any kind of scruples. She is a cunning bitch without any conscience. Her constituents should demand her removal from congress. Yes “congress” in low case letters. Otherwise, the demon-crap “leadership” should request her impeachment

  26. This is a prime example of how a liar acts! Her life is made up of eluding the truth of what she is doing and lying to anyone about it! It is also a prime example of a character trait that uses deception as her mode of acquiring her goals . . . not unlike what is taught by the Islamic religion. Islam teaches that deception can be used when dealing with the infidels . . . and thus, sense Congress is filled with “infidels”, it is only natural that Omar would lie to the entire Congress and the country to achieve her goals! This woman is a disgrace to her seat in Congress, to her State, and to the entire country! Omar must be kicked out of Congress IMMEDIATELY ! ! !






  29. Ilhan Omar really didn’t do it with this man because she’s a LESBIAN! She has regular foursomes with Rashida Tlaib (bull dyke), Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh! All four are subhuman Dirty Dykes!

  30. What would you expect from a slut like her, if she were in her own country, she would be severely punished and she deserves it! She is a rotten mother for deserting her children and a sick demented person, I refuse to call her a woman because she is a disgrace to womanhood. Married to her brother, what a sicko!!! Get her out of our government now, she is a disgrace to this country, deport her and she lied so she could get father illegally entered into this country, who is an evil monster in their country. We don’t need this kind of people here, we already have enough problems that the “Squad” has created.

  31. It takes a heartless person to not care that their actions have destroyed another family. And then to appear to be happy about it. Down right sick!!!

  32. It seems awfully strange you all can go after this woman like that and talk about Democrats don’t care about her lifestyle. You all put Donald Trump in office. He was having affairs while he was married. He talks about you alls Mothers, daughters, wives and nieces like that are trash and you seem to like it.(women, this includes all women in his nasty eyes).

    Most of you all are probably involved with someone else to or used to be involved with someone else other than your wives. It like the kettle calling the skillet black. Wake up! It’s wrong for people to have affairs in God’s eyes but in this day and time the way people are taking sex less serious, you won’t hardly find any of you who are not stained. Its like Abraham asking God about innocent people in Gomorrah. All of you need to stop shi.. ing around , get together the way you are suppose to and do what’s right for our country. The way yo guys are doing in twenty years or less, someone is going to take over our country and you all are going to be too damned old to do anything about.

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