Andrew Yang Being Left in the Dust

The point of any debate is to make your viewpoints on specific issues known to the audience and to prove that those views are better than your opponents’. But that can be hard to do if you are given little time to actually speak and make yourself known. And that is precisely what presidential candidate and entrepreneur Andrew Yang experienced during last Wednesday’s most recent Democrat primary debate.

Yang received the least amount of speaking time as anyone else on stage, with just under seven minutes in all. Even low polling candidates like Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar received more time than him. And the top three candidates received nearly double the amount of speaking time.

Needless to say, he wasn’t really thrilled with that knowledge. Edward-Isaac Dovere reported tweeted out Yang’s response to such alienation and said, “Yang, stopping by watch party: “it felt great…but then it felt like when the hell are they going to f**ing call on me? The hypocrisy of MSNBC in a way just makes us stronger. I’m almost – almost grateful.”

Even Hawaiian Representative and opponent of Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, complained about the lack of air and speaking time Yang received.

She tweeted after the debate: “So much for the promise of equal time for all candidates, @Andrew Yang got half the time as the usual media favorites. Typical.” It was noted that Gabbard also didn’t get much speaking time, having just a hair more than Yang.

However, this isn’t really anything new for Yang. During all five of the Democratic primary debates, Yang has consistently received the least amount of speaking time. A video has been made about the speaking time each candidate has gotten, and it clearly shows Yang at the very bottom of the pack. In second to the last place is Amy Klobuchar, and she still has more than 15 minutes more speaking time than Yang. Naturally, the top contenders have much more than this, at more than double.

The choice to alienate Yang has been brought up time and time again by his campaign and those that support him. Some would even call it a fixation.

Scott Santens, a UBI advocate, has detailed the times that Yang has been pretty blatantly left out of conversations, news reports, and graphics on fundraising and polling by news outlets. NBC, in particular, seems to have the least amount of Yang mentions.

And it has called quite a few to question their motives and even incite that MSNBC is somehow afraid of Yang. Yang supporters have also launched a #MSNBCFearsYang initiative to draw attention to the issue. They claim the network’s lack of attention to Yang is interfering with the election and could, in fact, cost him the presidency. Therefore, they are calling for MSNBC to be held accountable and take responsibility for their actions.

However, it is essential to note that when Andrew Yang does get air time, he seems to capitalize on it very well. His last debate performance, as limited as it was, was considered a great success. FiveThirtyEight noted that of all the contestants, Yang gained the most favorability. And he was given a rare A for his performance by a debate coach. The coach, who assigned to score candidates for CNN, said he had never seen someone make so much sense in so little time.

His report said, “I don’t grade on speaking time since it’s not the candidate’s fault. I coach my teams to make fewer arguments than our competitors, but to make sure the positions we take are thorough and well-grounded.”

And he continued, “That said, I dare you to find a bad answer from Andrew Yang in last night’s debate. Hint: You won’t. He scored an A from me every single time he spoke. I’ve never witnessed that before.”

He explained himself, saying, “While it was well into the debate before Yang spoke, his answers about some of the threats to American society once again, brought new ideas to the debate stage. Artificial intelligence, which he’s mentioned in previous debates, is a future threat that must be taken seriously. And setting up something like a WTO (World Trade Organization) for data? His ingenuity was astounding. Bold ideas suit Yang well – and, when well thought out and pragmatic, they get high points in a debate.”

Let’s hope, for his sake, that others notice this as well, instead of getting stuck looking at what the media wants them to.

22 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Being Left in the Dust

  1. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a
    few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both
    show the same results.

    1. Americans will never elect a Chinaman. They screwed up electing a Negro who thought he was white. Asians are too smart for Americans so they fear them.

  2. Mr. Yang should consider moving to conservative or independent. The dems are awful people. They say anything to suit themselfs PERIOD NO DEBATE……..

  3. The Dems are a hateful and socialist party led by 4 absolutely ignorant legislators. I believe that at least 2 have foreign interests.

  4. Yang should file a lawsuit against NBC, AND MSNBC. From the beginning they said ALL CANDIDATE WOULD GET EQUAL AIRTIME! But it show since YANG can’t get equal airtime then DEMOCRAT HAS RIG THE DEBATE FOR SOCIALISM VIEW!

  5. The media think they should pick the candidates and decide on the exposure they get. Indeed, they think they should select the president. I haven’t watched the debates because I know they are just a media dog and pony show. I know others who didn’t watch it for the same reasons.

    1. AGREE 100% The Progressive (George Soros) Party has the media in their pocket; and the REAL Democrats don’t KNOW THEY ARE BEING TAKEN by these PROGRESSIVES…SAD BUT TRUE.

  6. It must be racism Andrew. Welcome to the real world. You know the democrats were the original perpetrators of racism. When you think of the associations of prominent democrats and their connections with the Ku Klux Klan, the imposition of jim crow by white democrats in the south. Wake up! You have thrown your lot in with a screwed up lot.

    1. Yup Yang. You have a better chance running as a Republican after Trump serves his last term. The democraps will not support you. You will find the democraps will only hold you back and try to control you. If you like being a puppet then you are with the right party.

  7. Welcome to the sordid world of politics in America, Andrew. The Elites, and powers that be, have already decided who the next chief
    executive will be. I am sorry to say that you, and your supporters, do not carry enough weight, politically or financially, to successfully oppose them.
    While I have not had the opportunity to hear your views, and prospective solutions, I would very much like to do so. Please don’t give up.
    I apologize for America that you seem to have been “denied your shot” at the presidency. Hope things get better for your campaign.
    We still have approximately one year before
    the election, and I would like to hear your views. Hope you survive your time in the political arena. Good luck.

  8. Just goes to show….THE GEORGE SOROS PROGRESSIVE PARTY has made their choice and the PROGRESSIVE MEDIA will make the PROGRESSIVE PARTY choice for the Presidential contestant!!
    Pure and simple. The Democrat Party is not involved in this upcoming election; SOME just THINK THEY ARE!!!

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