Another Obstacle for Trump to Overcome That Puts Ukraine in a Bind

To every leader comes a great deal of responsibility.  President Volodymyr Zelensky was elected to be the leader of Ukraine, and President Trump had spoken to him on the corruption within his country.  This was the number one issue the two leaders shared.  We elected President Trump to clean up the corruption led by the “Deep State,” and President Zelensky had his own “Deep State” to clean up.  President Zelensky is working to rid of over 500 prosecutors who corrupted the system within his country.

This would be a good thing except for the fact one of the prosecutors is in close contact with Rudy Giuliani.  This prosecutor and a few others have the knowledge and the information to clear President Trump and prove the evil scheme with the Bidens, which Giuliani and President Trump was trying to uncover.  The fear comes into play, knowing President Zelensky is only looking out for cleaning house. Still, the question remains, how will this affect the investigations?  It brings about another obstacle for Trump to overcome and puts the Ukraine president in a bind.

The prosecutors are in the crosshairs of Zelensky, and the number one is Kostiantyn H. Kulyk.  He had handed over a seven-page letter to Giuliani with all the ammunition to burn the Bidens.  Now that Zelensky has removed him, Kulyk is denying he had any knowledge and refused to comment.  Good thing for Giuliani and Trump, the words are in writing, and there is no turning back.  Zelensky terminated Kulyk for not showing up for an examination to review all of the prosecutors within Ukraine.  Zelensky replaced Kulyk with prosecutor general Ruslan Ryaboshapka and is treated like Zelensky’s right-hand man in clearing up the corruption within the nation.

The prosecutor general’s office stated there are precisely 569 prosecutors who do not meet the standards reviewed by the office, and at the end of this year, will be terminated.  Ryaboshapka’s office will continue to audit the investigations and carry his own against the natural gas company, Burisma, and the Bidens.

The Director of Anti-Corruption Action Center, Daria Kaleniuk, stated, “Ryaboshapka is in a hard situation.   Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, has to be investigated for alleged self-dealing that predated Hunter Biden’s association with the company, including how Burisma was awarded several extraction licenses while its owner was Ukraine’s natural resources minister from 2010 until 2012.”

She continued, “I cannot imagine anything he can do that would not be interpreted as a political sign by American journalists.  Any decision will be politically examined.”

A western diplomat stated, “Zelensky realizes that if he wants to survive, he needs to make some reforms.  Nasty U.S. politics are kind of spilling over and corrupting Ukraine.  And we have a credibility problem because we rely on our norms to be an example. The Ukrainians say, ‘Who are you to lecture us?’ There isn’t the same sort of pressure.”

President Zelensky is known as an entertainer and a comedian.  He promised on the hopes of the Ukrainian people for a revolution to new standards.  Ukraine citizens were tired of corruption within the government and voted Zelensky in office.  So far, within three months, Zelensky has shown his people he is working for a better tomorrow and runs the country like President Trump runs America.  He is moving quickly before any political support vanishes.  Zelensky is learning from America how fast the government can divide when removing corruption.  The evil ones will always fight tooth and nail to cover their tracks of deceit.

President Trump and President Zelensky also share the same compassion for their countries.  This is one of the biggest reasons so much is getting done in a short amount of time.  One senior Western diplomat stated, “Zelensky told me, ‘It’s morally wrong for people to be dying and for all this wealth to be around.’  It’s the first time in all these years I’ve heard an official really talk that way. To be so genuinely appalled.”  He added, “The big question remains, ‘Can they hold oligarchs at arm’s length?'”

An anti-corruption campaigner, Halyna Yanchenko, stated, “A year ago, I would not even dream that just in a year the main part of our anti-corruption agenda would already be passed by the parliament. So I am very optimistic.”

Cleaning out his own country can make a better nation for his people. Still, in doing so, Zelensky is depriving President Trump’s case.  Only time will tell the outcome for both parties.

12 thoughts on “Another Obstacle for Trump to Overcome That Puts Ukraine in a Bind

  1. I do not agree with you that this prosecutor’s “bad mark” will put any mark on Giuliani nor or Pres. Trump. They received apiece of evidence, and that piece stands.And do not forget the sworn testimony of the prosecutor Biden forced out of office – that evidence stands, too. Thereby, the two Presidents wouldhave a good basis to cooperate – but it could become hellish hot for not only the Bidens, but also Obama.
    I this, you may be right that Pres. Zelensky has a big problem, in finding such a huge number of corrupt civil servants – “servants”? – Deep State!
    There are, however, even more dangerous ones still at large in Ukraine: Armed Fascist Militias like the “Asov” and “Aidar” brigades and their training of yet another – not Hitler-Youth but ‘Bandera-Youth’, after the Ukrainian ultranationalist SS Commander whom during WWII led these Fascist Units to commit over 80% of the Holocaust in Ukraine – of Jews and Russians.
    These people are still around, and the right hand of Obama’s “Our Yats”, Mr. Paruby was, until recently, President of the Rada, the Parliament. Those people stood on Maidan (some CIA agents with them, acc. to NYT) waving banners of “Death to Jews!”
    President Zelensky is Jewish – so, he has to fear more than just a few corrupt lawyers: There are still far too many weapons out of control..
    AND this is one more reason why President Trump MUST stay in office – for: Who supported that Fascist Putsch in 2014?
    Correct: It was the “Democrat” administration which was so generous in its distribution of weapons: to Jihadists in Libya, ISIS in Syria, and the guns for the Maidan massacre came from Lvov, not far from the border to (NATO) Poland!
    In so far, this “Impeachment” charade is not only against President Trump – it is also a danger to President Zelensky and the peace in Ukraine.
    For, that is what Mr. Zelensky wants more than anything else – an end of corruption, too – but a re-unified Ukraine most than all other wishes.
    And that will not happen, as long as the “Asov”, “Aidar”, and Paruby have free run. They terrorized the regions that seceded.
    Why? – Because these regions, and 40%of all Ukrainians speak Russain – which is not far from Ukrainian, but not good enough for ultranationalists.
    Therefore, Zelensky will have much more to clean up – and that Nazi dirt may shoot back.
    That is a good reason to keep Trump and Zelensky in office – and strong!
    To restore a healthy pre-Obama and “Our Yats” Ukraine and civilized USA.

  2. I have been a life long Republican. I am old enough to remember the Nixon hearings, there were only 3 stations to watch and it was on all 3. I have never been more ashamed and disgusted of a President as I am of Donald Trump. If anyone takes the time to look at the damage he is doing to our great country and stop turning a blind eye to all of the corrupt things going on with this administration you would see how he doesnt care about the wellbeing of the people, the climate, the security of our nation. I love my country and I thank God that I live in a free country that used to mean justice for all. We are in a crisis right now and people need to stand up for what is right. Donald Trump is a selfish mean bully who only ran for President to further his assets. He has cheated so many companies and the people that have worked for him and he tried to cheat in the upcoming election because he knows once he is out of office he will be held accountable for his crimes. Take the time to truly find out how he has treated people of color. Its so disgusting to have the President of the United States lie every day about everything. I hope that we learn from this so it never happens again. Fox news doesnt report the truth so if you want to know what is really going on do some fact checking for yourself.

    1. Boy, have YOU got YOUR wires crossed! Unemployment is down to a 50 year low, black unemployment is the lowest it’s EVER been. Same with Hispanics. The tax cuts he pushed have put more money in people’s pockets, AND wages are rising. So tell me why you see things wrong? So far, NOBODY has been able to PROVE any of this stuff you spouted. The House has NOTHING to prove he needs to be impeached, except for Schiff’s lies. But, hearsay is not evidence of proof. So back up, & look at things again. And, the cheating people that worked for him, says he did, are disgruntled FORMER employees with an axe to grind. Every time we conservatives ask for PROOF, there IS none. And, in a TRIAL, which is what it becomes in the Senate, hearsay won’t cut it. And, IF he wanted to further his assets, why is he not taking his salary?? Why do most blacks think very highly of him? IF there was PROOF of a crime being committed, I’d be first in line for impeachment. But, it’s supposed to be INNOCENT until proven guilty. But, you, as all the other Dim liberals, have tried & convicted an innocent man. Evidently liberalism is a sneaky disease. Has you claiming to be a Republican, but all the time falling for the Dims’ lies. Get off of the plantation, stop drinking the Kool Aid, or go change your R to a D. I hope that the TRUTH comes out, & shows you what an idiot you’ve been.

    2. Total BS! We all know you by the words you speak. like Pravda we know the truth is opposite of the world view you have written about. Your words prove that Trump has ruined the Marxist push to the new world order. Thank God.

    3. Please explain how the security of our country was better served by Obama killing Ambassador Stevens. As for your absurd claim about “further his assets”, President Trump has donated his entire salary to date and his assets have diminished since taking office. I was never more ashamed and disgusted of a president than when now [Thank God] Ex-President Obama bowed down to a foreign king and went on a world tour apologizing for the existence of the United States of America.

      1. Thanks for the memory. Was that at Obama’s first meeting with Saudi King Saud, where BHO bowed to him and kissed Saud’s ring?

  3. Lee, you sound like a Troll, or someone who actually does not listen to anything but the alphabet networks and Government channels. Broaden your horizons and you will see what they leave out. Starting the day after the election there were rumors that the Hilary crowd was forming a Resistance to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump. They were so upset he beat their candidate. They are made up of Deep State bureaucrats and staffers who leaked and undermined everything for the first year. DIs anything like that happen when Barack won? No. Donald Trump has had his calls leaked, his meetings undermined, and don’t forget the second North Korea Summit was harpooned by the House in their Michael Cohen testimony. Just recently, while he is at NATO, they start the Impeachment garbage that turned out to be a total Clown Show. The Resistance is based on lies over exaggeration of talking points and absolute control by the media. Trump tweets because his accomplishment would not see the light of day without them.

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