AOC Endorses Punch-a-Cop Movement

When we think of our elected officials, we imagine a man or woman exemplifies the law. Someone who stands up for what we as constituents believe and make sure that Washington knows how we feel on specific issues. They are not above the law but stand for it and make sure it is enforced.

However, what happens when one of those officials endorses movements and actions that violate entirely those laws and everything our nation stands for?

That is precisely what New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did this weekend by tweeting her support of an “anarchy” against police protest.

On Saturday, extremists in New York City gathered to protest the increased price of mass transit within the city and the police officers that are charged with enforcing the law. The subway fare in NYC is now $2.75. People who can’t or won’t pay the fee but ride anyway are arrested for violating the law.

The protest encouraged people to avoid paying the fee and even “kill cops” who try to enforce the payment of it.

And somewhere in AOC’s crazy brain, that incited hate is just fine.

She tweeted on Saturday, “Ending mass incarceration means challenging a system that jails the poor to free the rich. Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community.”

And she continued, “New Yorkers know that, they’re not having it, and they’re standing up for each other.”

She might as well just hold up a sign saying that she is a cop hater. And she wouldn’t be alone in NYC. Mayor Bill de Blasio has long allowed citizens in the bustling city to get away with all sorts of crimes, including attacking police officers and their vehicles.

And it seems AOC is right there with him.

But those who actually have experience enforcing laws are not thrilled with it.

Former police officer and current candidate for district attorney in Queens, New York Joe Murray says this is entirely wrong for someone of her standing and utterly irresponsible.

He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Tonight show on Fox News, where he was asked: “What do you make of a sitting member of Congress endorsing the punch-a-cop movement?”

Murray responded, “Disgusting.” And he continued, “I’m all for the First Amendment. People should express themselves. But when you are talking about encouraging people to commit crimes, particularly striking police officers, that’s outrageous.”

Murray says that he is a “more conservative Democrat” and that he strongly opposes “all of this progressive criminal justice reform that Mayor de Blasio has been trying to ram down our throats.”

And Carlson agreed. He said, “Yeah. I mean, this doesn’t seem like reform. What happens when lawmakers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez encourage people to, quote: Punch a cop? Where does that wind up?”

For Murray and most of America, the is answer is, “It’s anarchy.” Murray said, “That’s where we are going with this. We have a social contract that we, as citizens, have elected officials who enact laws and that’s why we elect our chief executives to enforce the laws. This is the social contract that civilization is based on. When you want to do away with that, that’s anarchy, absolutely insane.”

And he couldn’t be more right. We put people such as AOC in office to make laws that are best for us and our nation as a whole. And while those officials aren’t the ones enforcing those laws, they must work closely with those who do. The two are, or at least should be, an inseparable pair, working in tandem to make sure that our communities are safe and that our neighborhoods thrive.

So what happens when one turns on the other and incites others to do the same?

Carlson answered this by saying that when a “lawmaker” like AOC is “endorsing violence against people enforcing the law, then it doesn’t take too long before things fall completely apart, right?”

And Murray agreed, saying that congressional members should be living as an example and be “role models.” They must always be above reproach. And he said that AOC’s standard “is not what we want our kids to look at and emulate.”

And we have to wonder if AOC would think differently if the violence was closer to home. It’s okay for her to incite rage and violence in NYC as a whole, but what about when it starts to happen to her district of Queens or in her upscale neighborhood in DC?

250 thoughts on “AOC Endorses Punch-a-Cop Movement

  1. Is she really that stupid and pathetic? First of all, that’s a felony. 2nd how can she push such disrespect for our men and women who put their lives n the line every day for assholes like her? She ought to be locked up after all the hate and crime she has already caused.

    1. You’re exactly right on. Punks like AOC have no place in a true republic representing the folks in NYC or anywhere else! I say try her for sedition.

      1. ROB, how come YOU and others don’t understand – the PEOPLE voted for her and SHE is doing their will…THE PEOPLE of NY WANT THIS FOR THEIR families, homes, schools and communities…why ELSE would they vote for her unless they approved of her actions????

        1. You are right. What does that tell you about the electorate in her district?
          As I have said before, if she hates law enforcement that much, withdraw all police from her district. While you are at it, withdraw ALL law enforcement in NYC (diBlasio hates cops also). Let them fend for themselves. Route all their 911 calls to Venezuela, Cuba, or Russia.
          Disarm all their citizen’s taxes’ paid personal bodyguards. Chaos ensues. Poor NYC law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, some of them make their beds, so let them lay on it.

          1. Jose Casas – OMG You got that so right – I was born & raiseu in Manhattan – however I left several years ago when I retired – 911 was the first of many things that have totally destroyed my city – however I did stay for several years after that – I’ve gone back a few a times – HOWEVER its all changed – & that is thanks to the liberal loonies like AOC – people will soon catch on to her & the rest of that crazy group of liberal loonies – AOC has already proven that she has no love for NYC or its people after she deliberately chase Amazon out of the city when wanted to open a warehouse in downtown Manhattan – lets look at this 1 move – why would she do that – for the simple reason if everything is great in NYC why would anyone vote for her & her looney ideas. She is a parasite hanging on for all she is worth and she will try to keep NYC down the drain.

        2. Cath, sad to say but you are right. This is the end result of President Johnson’s “GREAT SOCIETY”! Just one more failed liberal policy of free stuff that started 55 years ago.

        3. AOC’s winning was based on a 10% voter turn out. Hopefully the sane members of her constituency will vote her out at the next election.

          1. Nobody but Pelosi is as crazy as she is…. People are tired of her hatred and her stupidity… she’s a joke… a stupid joke that should have never been allowed to run for any office unless it was for janitor….. she thinks she knows everything and she thinks she’s going to change everything… her time will come when she realizes those people actually hate me and don’t want me in office because Im a real idiot… KARMA

        4. She is a spoiled brat. She stated all kinds of things she would do but did nothing. I bet the small amount of people who voted in the election know she is a. Co.munist. she will not win reelection especially after Amaxon and her call to hit police and even murder them. She I zdx a total anarchist.

        5. Cath, if you continue to vote and support people like AOC who has no respect for our country or laws then we will become a lawless nation. Third world country with riots and violence in our street. Continue your ignorance and it will be the death of us all and YOU will go down with us all.

      2. What are you Americans prepared to do about it , rely on a corrupt voting system by the R.I.N.O.S, especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES of fraudulent means of corrupt elections? , you Americans cannot even stop the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all! When you allow lowering of standards the qualities go down to the point of people being hurt or killed for example people will Die when the high standards are lowered to pacify all in the health care industries, construction structures will fall , education will be for the indoctrination of people by creating a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes for elites to use medias for easy targets to control and manipulate the dumbed down blind masses of snowflakes! Americans have a false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail [13 small colonies beat a great Britain] , and that a third party vote is wasted besides the current corrupt ones, the elites and powers that be actually think the common person is too lazy and dumb to go against them and on the other hand actually fear it!

      3. Some business needs to manufacture and sell “AOC Punching Bags” just in time for Christmas so we can buy and donate them to our local police stations to hang in their physical training rooms for “AOC daily punching!”

      1. Exactamundo!!!! If it’s ok to punch a cop and her to endorse it then we should with all joy be able to punch Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, Tlaib, Waters, and the list goes on. AOC your a fool and what you did constitutes violence and should also be considered terrorism. Right there she should have been arrested. FBI, CIA, why aren’t you doing your jobs?

    2. As a registered democrat she is above the law in theory and obviously thinks it’s in the way so ignore it and beat up those who try and enforce it. sad state of affairs but then it’s New York.

    3. HOWEVER, REMEMBER – THE “PEOPLE” VOTED FOR HER AND THEY WANT HER DOING WHAT SHE DOES OR SHE WOULDN’T BE IN OFFICE…It it up to the PEOPLE in NYC and NY to change this…no one else CAN. Apparently this IS what they want for their city – she must be having an effect on tourism and business investment in NY – so she is killing the state with these kinds of remarks and endorcement of VIOLENCE…that is what the people voted for….I shall NEVER again go to NY!!!

      1. Cath: NEITHER SHALL I. I was fortunate enough to be in N.Y on business in the 60’s. What a different time that was. It was magical. Those were the days when London, Paris, New York reigned supreme. We youngsters had the world by the tail. We were the fashion industry but we were also well educated in those days and knew our place. We were respectful and well mannered and we did very well, competed with men salary wise. Old enough now to see the degeneration of society since then. All AOC knows is the ill-mannered lot of today. How very sad!

      1. Only problem is she is to stupid and has 2 body guards is driven in a black suburban everywhere and flies on air force lear jets. She cries at a parking lot. She lies through her buck teeth. She is a communist. She hates police because they rightfully hate her. She won’t get reelected. She needs to sit in prision for tax evasion too.

    4. If AOC is so tough why doesn’t she step up and punch a cop? Besides, I would love to see her do that and watch a female cop put the bitch down, handcuff her and drag her about two miles to the jail. Ms. Always Offensive Commie could stand up and complain some more.

    5. I would really like to get a BJ from AOC. I heard that she gives really good head. Heard that she likes to take it in the ass too. My kinda woman.

      1. What a disgusting and uncalled for remark. You should be ashamed to publicly have that remark come out of your mouth. AOC is what I would describe as unamerican, an embarrassment to her district and above all an idiot and hopefully will not be re-elected along with all the “ladies” in her gang.

        1. You are 100% correct, and her GANG is called the “squad” which denotes negativity, rebellion, hatred and uncompromisingly bad behavior. How she ever gained an important position like that is very suspect, because she is obviously UN-AMERICAN!

      2. You have the wrong equipment because AOC is a full-fledged LESBIAN! She eats more pu$$! in a week than Joey Chestnut eats hot dogs on the Fourth of July! The Scissors is her go-to move as AOC Scissors her girlfriends during their regular group sex sessions!

    6. AOC wants no laws and no police who are here to protect the laws and the American people. She is as nutty as they come and it boggles my mind that some American citizens listen to her. If anyone dare hit a cop he or she should be jailed for battery and inciting a riot. How does someone like AOC get so much publicity? I assume I can blame it in the ultra liberal media.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly who you can blame it on — the Press, who stirs up trouble and reports the most negative, bloody, titillating things they can in order to increase their ratings and gain them more money!

    7. YES, Corte IS that stupid, she is a young liberal who should have never become a member of congress! Policemen are civil servants, whose purpose out in the field, is to help people by upholding the laws. They have families, and often take terrible risks in their jobs. Of course, just like in every field, there are less than perfect members, but overall, they did NOT DESERVE the hatred AOC is throwing at them and adversely affecting young people who need the truth, not some leftist, selfish liberal opinion!

    8. Someone needs to control her we have laws in this country and she is causing anarchy. I cannot believe that nothing can be done about that mouth of hers just because she is a member of congress does not mean that she can advocate for lawlessness or say anything that comes in her mind. Please folks something must be done about her. So sad what is happening in America.

    9. What if we had a “Punch a Congress Person” movement?
      Do you think she would resign, immediately? Somewhere inside her pea-brain,
      she has to know that she is not only dumber than a sack of hammers, but that
      she need to be hit with a sack of hammers.

    10. It is a felony but this moron will never be arrested because she’s in our govt….. which is the most stupid govt. in the world… they are not for the people, they are for themselves and all DEMON RATS in congress should be arrested for wasting OUT FEDERAL TAXES they take out of OUR paychecks each week and for inciting rioting and hatred… Demon Rats are the problem in the USA…. they need to be shown WE are not going to accept their hatred and all their spewing of lies

    11. AOC should be locked up to protect her from herself. Crazy stupid bitch should move to Mars and wait for the Americans to land there in 10 years. That might give her time to wish she was better educated.

    12. It would be a simple matter of having her arrested for inciting violence, after the first cop is punched. All we need are for the po;lice officials to stand up to their mayor, and fight for their brothers in blue.

    13. She is a complete ‘Idiot’ and should be removed from her position! Her stupidity is absolutely pathetic & totally uncalled for! Who the hell voted thus ignorant person into office! My greatgranddad was from New York, actually invented the Air Conditioner, Carrier was his last name, he would be mortified of the ignorance of her! REMOVE HER FROM OFFICE!

    14. Is she for real? I wonder who she would call if she faced a break in to her apartment and they Had a gun? She is your typical liberal, mouthing off absurdities to help make her voice relevant. We are on to them!

    15. This goes to show you what kind of DEMOCRAPS are in the U.S. Congress. A fool will never correct a fool. A bunch of DEMOCRAPS FOOLS.

    16. It is despicable of AOC to make the statements she does about our police and our laws. God forbid, she, one day needs a policeman to help her. Bernie will never get elected with AOC joining Bernie. SHe and her “Squad” dislike America and its people. They are against ANY LAW AND ORDER.BERNIE HAS ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE AND THE OTHER JUST WAITING TO JOIN. BERNIE WITH HIS OUTRAOUSE IDEAS AND EVER THING GOING TO BE FREE, IS LIVNG IN ANOTHER [PLANET!! THIS COUNTRY LIKE A DEMOCRACY AND HATES SOCIALISM. SOCIALISM GETS YOU NO WHERE. Bernie is almost 80 and had a heart attack, so how is he worth even voting for. AT ALL!!

    1. She needs to be punch in the mouth so that she will realize she’s not above the law, law enforcement officers are trying to protect our community and she have the guts to say that. She needs to be voted out people elected her as an example for the young people, what kind of government officials she is?

      1. AOC might like it there – especially if she’s locked up with other lesbians! She’d be able to eat even more pu$$! and get Scissored 24-7!

  2. In SE Alabama where I live, I would just love to see her try that. She would long remember that game…that if she was able to crawl back into her snake-hole. We love, support and pray for all our Law Enforcement Officers and would give her something to remember us by.

    1. That would be a felony. Punching a sweetheart, just because she is either joking or a little mentally handicapped, is just not right. It is also not Christian-Like. I think that maybe you need to go back to Sunday School, and then rethink your statement.


  4. WHY doesn’t SOMEBODY lock HER up and Punch HER out?!? I won’t tell . . . I promise (I might SNICKER though, and that’s not TELLING!). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA Keep America Great Again).

    1. The cops should just let the idiots catch a free ride and see what the dumb mayor have to say when the transit runs out of money.o remember when they turned their backs on him when they had the cops funeral.why do they keep voting him into office

      1. Thousands of these type gals have sexed their way to the top, with police, body guards, politicians, mayors, congressmen & women, animals & whatever else they can do it with, just to get a position that makes them look like anybody. Really, really, really, really SAD, SAD, SAD, because, these type gals have no intention of doing anything, except getting people’s money.

        This is why there is no punishment for these individuals, because, these type gals know too much on those they have laid with many times. What these type gals could tell, would destroy all of those lives. Chain, by chain, by chain of so called command.
        Karma is a bitch just like AOC is a bitch.


  6. It is hard for me to believe she graduated from college -she has got to be one of the dumbest people I have ever seen. If she is unhappy with so many things in this country, why doesn’t she find a Socialist country which meets all her requirements for a great place to live and move there and be happy instead of ruining our great country?
    Hopefully someone will run against her and win.

    1. NY 14 is spread out in Parkchester the Bronx and Jackson Heights Queens County.AOC is facing a primary challenge.The Carpetbagger might get put out of office.AOC shall be remembered as the one who screwed NYC out of 25000 jobs.

  7. Seems to be taken out of context as many things are in the news. She does say some pretty “off” things. Perhaps it is the manner in how the “cops” deal with individuals not paying the fare. Are the overly aggressive, or what. Anyway why do want to punch her and not your president – trump who has clearly broken many laws and also speaks a lot of jibberish, also threatens individuals. Fairness amongst those who are stupid and speak without thinking, especially from our government.

    1. Hey retard President Trump hasn’t broken any laws try looking at your dim reps if you want to name people breaking the law but then again the law doesn’t mean shit to you asswipes.

    2. You’re right – there are a LOT of people on both sides of the isle in Washington that deserve to be punched (AOC is certainly one of them, as is Trump). With freedom of speech comes responsibility – just because one has the right to say something doesn’t mean they’re right to say it. That concept, however is lost among the majority of Americans – including most of our elected officials – today, as morality circles the drain. I believe that it’s more than mere coincidence that this is occurring at the same time as religious belief drops to an all time low. Americans are operating without any real sense of decency, and this makes it much easier to make outrageous, insulting, and even dangerous statements without any sense of guilt whatsoever. AOC and her followers, and Trump and his followers, have MUCH more in common than they would like to think. They’re all full of hate, and not afraid to express it. Whether it’s encouraging mindless violence against law enforcement (and, in turn, the law itself), or demonizing an entire group of hopeful immigrants as criminals, ALL of it is doing irreparable harm to our society. But when our elected officials are as Godless as the rest of the country, I suppose it’s to be expected.

      1. Robert C.. Don’t know much about the bible do you? God promised this land to us, the same as he promised Israel to the Hebrews, that’s why we’re here. He never promised it to the world and when you let in American hating people then you’re going against God. America is the most compassionate country in the world. We only have enough water and food for thousands, NOT MILLIONS! So it’s not about morals moron. It’s about survival and the survival OF OUR COUNTRY AND BELIEFS!!! CORTEZ AND THE SQUAD ALONG WITH THE MANY ILLEGALS LIKE MS13 ARE DISCIPLES OF THE DEVIL AND IF YOU THINK THEY DON’T EXIST THEN IT’S TO LATE FOR YOU ALREADY! TRUMP 2020 AND DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

    3. Lightfoot- name the laws Trump has broke? That’s right you POS cocksucker, you can’t. I want you to look up the meaning of the word “dickweed”… Look up that meaning in the urban dictionary IF you know how to read you POS jackoff.

    4. Give it up already. Trump may not be a perfect man but he is perfect for the position of president. Look at your idiotic democrat field of wannabes. One sheep is dumber than the next. They have a list of talking points and they repeat them ad nauseum even though they can’t explain them and don’t have a clue as to what socialism really is.

    1. Billybob Rikers Island is in AOC’S district.Her favorite people are on Rikers Island.She can use an all expenses paid holiday on Rikers Island.MS 13 can watch over her.

  8. Cortez needs to be removed from Office completley. Same goes for any other Lawmaker’s as well.
    Breaking the Law especially like in this situation endorsing an out of hand massive sized group that is also threatening the lives of Law Enforcement Officers must be removed from Office till Trial. That’s what they do to Law Enforcement and many other professions awaiting investigation/trial.

  9. This is just another example of the hate and violence that the Democrats are pushing because they were not happy with the last election. How about working for those who elected you and get the problems of this country solved — immigration, high taxes, infrastructure, homelessness, etc. But they get to D.C., like AOC, and use that as a platform for their personal goals like socialism and making everything free. To advocate for “punch a cop” should bring sanctions from Congress and possibly impeachment if she doesn’t land in jail.

  10. would be nice to see someone go after aoc and see how quick she starts screaming for the cops to help her it would make my day to see the cops laugh in her face be great wouldent it lol

    1. Ha that is the best medicine. Id pay the next 10 subway fairs to see her accosted and a cop laugh in her face. I live in kansas and go ahead punch a cop here and see what happens. I dare ya.

  11. Indeed assaulting a Police Officer can result in a penalty up to ten times that of assaulting a layperson. GO FOR IT.

  12. That immature idiot has gone too far this time! She needs someone to slap her silly! Now she is encouraging people to disrespect policeman.

  13. We all have had a problem with cops now and then, and there certainly are a few really bad ones out there. But could you imagine what hell life would be with out cops trying to uphold law and order?!! I for one think that being a cop is a thankless job and not a very good paying one especially for those cops working in some really bad areas. AOC should not be holding a position in government, she’s a complete moron!!!!


  15. A – Arrogant…….O – Obnoxious……C- Crazy! I can’t believe we have so many ignorant voters supporting such an evil individual. God bless our country with legislators such as this!

    1. Blue lives matter no more than anyone elses. There are so many crooked cops just like crooked politicians…. seems everytime a cop is accused of killing a person they get off scott free, don’t lose their jobs and think they’re above the law. That’s what this country is becoming….your govt. and judicial system will put us all in hell

  16. Only New York! No wonder so many normal people are leaving! Come to NC or Florida or a host of other places where the people hold regular American values. Sorry but move the financial centers and Washington DC capitol to somewhere else and the rest of the USA will survive!

  17. She knows that if someone walked up to her and put her lights out, she hnows that because she is a democraticongressbitch, the person who stopped her clock would be charged and sent to jail. Someone will catch her alone someday, and NY can have an election to replace her.

  18. She is not representing the feelings of Americans and should be removed from office.

    Nancy do your job. Remove her from Office immediately. She makes all Dem s. look stupid.

    1. No, no , no leave her be….AOC is destroying the Democrat party w/o really realizing it along with, pound of butter on a hot plate rosebud Adam Schiff, plus Biden, plus little Jerry Nadler, plus Schumer, et al who all seem to have forgotten the Holocaust and are advocating it all over again. Talk about devils for punishment.

  19. I suppose the rest of this democrat congress agrees with this sort of thing. I haven’t heard Pelosi or any of them speak out about it. It’s time for the law enforcement to stand together and tell these idiots where to go. If the police decide to take charge of their lives and professions who are the idiots gonna call???

  20. this idiot needs to be removed from office. all she is is a barmaid with no sense. and the mayor is nothing but a complete moron. all these democraps and libtards do is incite riots. they call everyone that doesn’t agree with them as racist when all the while it’s them that’s causing all the trouble. if i was a police officer i would not put my life on the line for this ungrateful bunch. let them to destroy each other. nyc is nothing but a hell hole. with an idiots like aoc and deblasio either one has enough sense to blow the to hell. i feel sorry for the good, law abiding people of nyc to have to put up with all this.

  21. AOC is just one ofmany, many of Satan’s minions trying to take good people and make them like her-serving Satan. We MUST not let her get away with that. TELL her what you think of her by sending messages by letter to Congress and embarass the living Hell out of her. After all, she deserves the same as she dishes out!

  22. It should be a requirement to have an IQ test before running for office and then ‘Bugsy’ (eyes bug out), would not be in office.

    NYC is called ‘filthy city’, due to the trash, rudeness, filth on the streets (shoes sticking to the pavement), and crime. Empire State building was the worst, due to the tourists and restrooms being shut down due to robbery and violence. On the second floor, empty rooms, used as restrooms. It stank like an outhouse.

    1. Jean,
      As a “NORTHERN N.Y.” resident (above Watertown) THIS is what happens when “city dwelling liberals” CONTROL the voting, and elect CORRUPT CRIMINAL DEMOCOMMUNIST SCUM into both houses, so as “emperor” cuomo “ROYALLY DECREED”, “Now that “HE” alone has “complete control over all THE GOVERNMENT OF N.Y.. “HE” WILL NOW openly IGNORE THE POTUS, the U.S. CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, HIS sworn OATH OF OFFICE, AND INSTALL “HIS OWN” “PROGRESSIVE” (COMMUNIST ) “GOVERNMENT”, and do things “HIS WAY. (and anyone that does not agree with his “royal highness are NOT “true” N.Y ers.
      His DEMOCOMMUNIST “minions” (representatives) follow his every “royal decree” to the number, UNCONSTITUTIONAL or NOT, because after all he is now the self-appointed CORRUPT DICTATOR of N.Y. State.

  23. Inciting violence is what DEMOCOMMUNISTS (and their “financiers like soros and other “billionaires” ) have been doing since President Trump was elected.
    The time is LONG overdue to start arresting and charging this SCUM nor matter WHAT their “title” is. BUT you know as well as I, that if you have a “D” after your name, there seems to be different set of “Laws” …one set for US, the other set for corrupt criminal DEMOCOMMUNISTS.

  24. to all the democraps, and liberal voters…you get what you reap…you sowed the seeds of hate and in return got 4 muslim anti semetic,,anti police…..anti american pro-palestine…..congress scum….that we all now have to deal with….because that dottering old fool putzlosi is quaking in her dr. scholls….and for some reason known only to her, will not call out and reprimand that snake aoc. so here we sit cursing her out…..and my friends….she’s loving it!!! i say to the police, when called to go into “no mans land” sit down,call in sick, and just plain refuse to go were no man has ventured before….if these areas need help….remember that,”god helps them that helps themselves”!!!!!

  25. She wants a civil war – most of her advice is coming from the Obama’s
    They want to ruin America and start all over again with a new government and a new currency.
    The misfits want a new America. Level the playing field and start all over again. Even if that would occur,
    and the misfits started equally they would in due time end up the same way as they are now.
    Smoking dope, doing drugs, having babies out of wedlock, abortions, living in shacks and driving fancy cars,
    government giving them food stamps and welfare. They all want master degrees without working hard for it.
    Politicians past and present ruined America. We lost our BORDERS, LANGUAGE & CULTURE. Hope you Americans are
    happy with that. Wake up before its too late. Most folks feel they are helpless with one vote.

  26. Whatever area of NYC she is representing, the police should simply refuse to go into that area. Then she won’t get a single vote for reelection.

  27. She only says these things because it gets her more attention. Yes it is shameless what she says and does . Quit giving her the attention she craves and she will fade from popularity. She also could be recalled.

  28. I had to do a little criminological research for this comment because I ‘m persuaded that inciting violence is itself a criminal act.

    The famous gangster Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and his partner in crime, Jacob “Gurrah” Shapiro, together physically killed another gangster, Little Augie Orgen on October 15, 1926. Neither he nor Shapiro was prosecuted for this murder so they were emboldened and committed even more heinous crimes and many of them.

    Eventually, Lepke was electrocuted for the murder of Joseph Rosen on March 4, 1944, in Sing Sing Prison for the murder of that he had ordered and not physically participated in. Thus, Lepke was executed for murder on the grounds of being the intellectual author of doing murder and not for being the physical killer who killed him.

    What connection does Lepke’s crime of having been the intellectual author of murder have with AOC’s incitement of violence against police officers in New York City? Does she love them so much that she’s recommending them to punch police officers in order to gain free room and board compliments of the City of New York?

    An old article recommended that hooligans seeking free room and board go punch a police officer. Very foolish way to get room and board. Actually getting into any physical altercation between someone and a police officer is quite a foolish thing to do. I’ve seen photographs of people who’ve been arrested and put in jail and who had already been physically beaten for having been in altercations.

    I doubt that any criminal court judge would grant a free pass to any defendant who got arrested for striking a police officer and who says that AOC incited, by endorsing the “Punch-a-Cop Movement” during arraignment hearings, his or her motivation for punching the officer. Moreover, it’s even more doubtful that the court would shift blame for the crime from the physical culprit over to AOC for having been the motivation factor.


  30. This stupid child truly believes she is reliving her school days. This is something a child would get behind because they think it’s “cool.”

  31. aoc is another ( pos ) should be beat in the head for stupid ideas ,ship her out of this country ,for inciteing attacking others! for not supporting her ideas ! send her to them lawless countrys , put her in prison forever !

  32. In my opinion AOC is a pathetic example of our citizenry. There must have been a slew of ignorant folks in her district who cast a vote for her. Our populace just doesn’t need any idiots in our congress. We would do well to hire more everyday folks to work for us in congress instead of lying lawyers. The leftist are rife in the D.C. scene. What are we to do? Investigate as thorough as one can the folks who are asking for your vote. We do not want or need socialism, or communism.

  33. The only way this bar c–t is going to learn a lesson is for her to be roughed up and butt kicked herself.

    She is good at running her mouth let’s see how good she is on her dear steets of NY in the Bronx or Harlem. She smarts off I doubt she could handle a gang of them.

    Stupid liberal millenial,,, completely clueless

  34. AOC needs to google, list of NYPD officers killed or died from line of duty, at Wikipedia and unless this communist democrat and her pals in; “the House of the communist Representatives,” are heartless they might shed a tear as I did. These heroes are the one of lowest paid in the region and hardest working, suffering the most it seems like causalities. NYPD police merged with transit and housing police, now regular officers must in-force subway law. Youthful riders jump over the turn wheel pay both to avoid buying a ticket, they get summoned or if resist summons arrested. They protestors see no harm in violating the law by not paying the fair, then they resist summons and arrested leading to confrontation with police. I have a story about a middle aged police man NYPD when I came home from the war in Iraq, I was seriously injured busting up my leg and foot. I wanted to take the subway, but had trouble walking. This police helped down to the tracks through the pat stall and into the train, I do not even know who he was just a city policeman. Am I suppose to support the protestors over these under paid over worked heroes? Why the heck is wrong with our youth are they that ignorant and stupid. All professions have. Few bad apples, but these guys and gals like the firemen and women, are as a majority the most decent people on earth. I am a jersey resident, and out of all law enforcement, I respect NYPD officers the most. All the shit we put them through, yet they still have the biggest hearts in that city. AOC is a heartless socialist Globalist with an agenda that wants to destroy the sovereignty of this nation. This heartless moron would be first one to call a NYPD cop if she was confronted with danger or needed help. God Bless NYPD police officers especially rank and file.

  35. All members of the Democratic party are psychotic and rather than being a burden to others by have them permanently committed to a psychiatric facility just execute them.

  36. I looked at Moe’s comment…Yes the dems and especially aoc are heartless….They DO NOT CARE about anything but winning….They definetly sold their rotten souls to the devil…

  37. Okay now where’s the Law? Didn’t she just break it and her oath of Office? Is she going to get to go to work next week like nothing was said or done? I am sure if a RePUKEitCAN’T had said that they would be hell to pay but because a DeMONcRAT said it it’s okay! So much for “Equal Justice Under The Law”🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  38. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an inspiration to all students leaving on taxpayer credit.
    She is set for life: she actually hopes to be defeated for reelection – she can go on to become very wealthy with her talk speaking engagements, book sales.
    The poor and downtrodden can look forward to more freebies, thanks to Miss Cortez paying higher income tax

  39. She’s essentially brainless. She simply parrots what her handlers script her to say. If they told her to go and hold her head under water until she drowned, whe’s probably do it without hesitation.

  40. She’s essentially brainless. She simply parrots what her handlers script her to say. If they told her to go and hold her head under water until she drowned, she’d probably do it without hesitation.

  41. Maybe New Yorkers could have afforded the rate increase if the bug eyed donkey face wouldn’t have chased away those jobs starting at $100,000.00 per year. Before any nitwit decides to punch any cop they’d better find out if AOC is going to pay for bail and a defense lawyer.

  42. isn’t there a law that says inciting a riot or having having others cause bodily harm illegal? If there is, then she should be handcuffed and carted off to Riker’s Island, locked up and throw away the key

  43. I hope the next time you need a police officer he or she will laugh in your face and just walk away why would they help your crazy ass and I will applaud the person that walks up to you and cocox you right and you’re fu€£ing nose you are such a stupid witch.

  44. You risk your life every day to protect people and enforce the law. Now some snot nosed little twit is seeking to demonstrate against you? I would make sure every protest is saturated with police and anyone who gets out line goes directly to jail. These things should not be free for alls.

  45. This person deviod of average IQ filled with hate for anyone daring to have a different opinion should be removed from office for inciting violence. Peaceful disobedience to demonstrate is one thing, this P.O.S. is actually encouraging physical violence against those who under oath to enforce laws legally enacted. She has demonstrated via her inciting others that she wants to disrupt the legal government duly elected, thus she should not be allowed to remain in the government thar she is attempting to have overthrown via violence, not legal peaceful change


  47. Okay AOC, you have crossed the line yet AGAIN. Except this time, there is no turning back.
    Your totally ridiculous take on this portrays you as a really stupid individual, who actually
    condones VIOLENCE against our members of Law Enforcement. This radical line of thought
    puts you right up there — uhh, make that DOWN THERE — with political experts like MAD
    MAXINE …

    You just DON’T GET IT, and you NEVER WILL. I strongly suggest your removal from your
    Seat in the HOR, so you can be free for your new career in Adult Entertainment …. now,
    once again I say “Off with your Top, it’s time we confirm that you truly DO have 34D’s”

  48. AOC should be arrested for A. campaign finance violations, B. endorsing hit a cop from her status position of a Congress person. She should be endorsing our current laws of protecting community, not the opposite.

  49. aoc is trying to put NY citizens in jail, that’s what happens when you hit a cop, JUST REMEMBER THEY HIT BACK, THEIR NOT PUNCHING BAGS.

  50. SHE, AOC is trying to put NY citizens in jail, that’s what happens when you hit a cop, JUST REMEMBER THEY HIT BACK, THEIR NOT PUNCHING BAGS.

  51. New York’s problem. They elected the idiots and they’ll reap what they sow. They’re too stupid to understand they won’t stop with cops.

  52. Whenever any elected official or individuals who are in the public eye, proclaims it is acceptable to meet our men and women in blue with physical violence, that elected official should be expelled from his or her seat, loose their pension and face possible jail time. In these times we live in, anarchy runs rampant largely due to Barrack Hussein Obama. His statements were interpreted as though it was okay to riot, loot and destroy other’s personal property after riots started and virtually went unchecked as police were given directives, from the Obama administration, that emboldened rioters across America to get more destructive. Stronger measures are needed to restore law and order and to protect our men and women in blue.

  53. It’s time for aoc to go. What she is proposing means the end of civilization as we know it. You cannot enforce only the laws you like. The laws that are the books were put there by both republicans and democrats who valued a civilized democracy. If the law is unfair then there are ways to correct it. What aoc is proposing will lead to the downfall of our nation. The men and women who “Protect and Serve” deserve better than this.

  54. I truly believe that she is being back by a couple of the 5 billionaires trying to get people into the Socialist agenda of a one world order. Socialism has never worked in any country, if you think so tell where it has worked. Your answer will be I can’t think of any. Look at Venezuela , they were a well ran country before Socialism, now their people seek food from trash cans.. CHECK IT OUT BEFORE YOU FALL FOR THEIR LIES.

  55. SOMEONE SHOULD RAPE n SODOMIZE this MISGUIDED MISERABLE MISINFORMED DEMOCRATIC WHORE cause UNFORTUNATELY that’s the first person this LOW-LIFE BITCH WILL CALL THE POLICE!!!! BTW if this MISGUIDED MISINFORMED DUMB ASS WHORE thinks it costs to much to ride the subway then why doesn’t this MOTHERLESS BITCH DONATE ALL HER $180,000.00 to the poor people!! VOTE this HUGE MISTAKE OUT of OFFICE NOW!!

  56. IMAGINE POLICE have such a LOW PAID SHIT ASS JOB putting there lives on the line everyday to keep NEW YORKERS SAFE n SOUND & this LOW-LIFE PIECE OF DOG SHIT AOC ENDORSES PUNCHING A COP DAY! Put a POLICE UNIFORM on this pathetic scum let her ride around and witness first hand what it truly is to be a COP n NYC better yet she should be the first one that gets PUNCHED OUT? POLICE Men n Women are committing SUICIDE & this GARBAGE CAN AOC ADVOCATES PUNCHING A COP DAY THEY SHOULD PUT THIS BITCH IN JAIL & LET SOME BULL DYKE SLAP THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER? BTW way while were on the subject lets put MAYOR DEBLASIO in jail too!!!

  57. go ahead and punch a cop and when your shot , don’t cry about it , sick of watching these blacks protest over blacks that get shot by cops , running from cops , arguing with copes , resisting arrest and shooting at cops , can get you killed , and every time a black gets shot by a cop , they have done one of the things i mentioned , it’s their own fault

  58. AOC is only one element in the overall leftist assault on America. Stir the pot. Inject chaos into all corners of our society. Turn over the tables of what’s right or wrong. Male identify as female. 57 varieties of sexes.
    Anarchy in big cities. Antifa. Brainwashing of our youth in schools and colleges. And on and on.
    Any and all chaos is good for their ultimate goal.


  60. Gosh! I’m beginning to get the idea you seem not to like her! You should be more understanding! She is only ranting and raving like the “CRACK HEAD” she is! After all her initials more or less spell it out! Americas Outstanding CRACK HEAD! And all her dope infested friends that voted her in so they would have a voice and be protected!

  61. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the garbage that should go down the garbage disposal that she had never seen. She and the other three squat members need to be kicked out of the house and then incarcerated for inciting criminal behavior. The same goes for Maxine Waters. Then We need to be rid if Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shifty Schiff. and the entire radical wing of the Democrat party. Then maybe the rest of them can get back to doing the job were elected to do instead of trying to obstruct the good that our duly elected President is striving to do.

  62. If I was a Police Officer I would call in sick when I found out that I would have to police anywhere this little piece of Garbage shows up and that is everywhere not just NY. The mass transit system relies on those tolls for upkeep, security and to pay the people that run it. How about they use her Paycheck and I mean all of it to offset the NO PAY folks and see if she wants to continue down that path she’s on. IDIOT that is all she is.

  63. Looking back at the replies on this forum makes me aware of how far we have settled down deeper into the cesspool of a society we would have had no contact with fifty years ago. Is nothing sacred? The words many have used in describing AOC are not fit for public forum. It would appear many are incapable of sustaining a conversation about AOC. Would you ask your grandmothers to read this forum? The less clean we keep ourselves the lower our self values become. The lower those become, the more susceptible we become to a lower lifestyle. Take a look at yourselves. It really does matter. May God help us help ourselves.

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