AOC Endorses Punch-a-Cop Movement

When we think of our elected officials, we imagine a man or woman exemplifies the law. Someone who stands up for what we as constituents believe and make sure that Washington knows how we feel on specific issues. They are not above the law but stand for it and make sure it is enforced.

However, what happens when one of those officials endorses movements and actions that violate entirely those laws and everything our nation stands for?

That is precisely what New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did this weekend by tweeting her support of an “anarchy” against police protest.

On Saturday, extremists in New York City gathered to protest the increased price of mass transit within the city and the police officers that are charged with enforcing the law. The subway fare in NYC is now $2.75. People who can’t or won’t pay the fee but ride anyway are arrested for violating the law.

The protest encouraged people to avoid paying the fee and even “kill cops” who try to enforce the payment of it.

And somewhere in AOC’s crazy brain, that incited hate is just fine.

She tweeted on Saturday, “Ending mass incarceration means challenging a system that jails the poor to free the rich. Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community.”

And she continued, “New Yorkers know that, they’re not having it, and they’re standing up for each other.”

She might as well just hold up a sign saying that she is a cop hater. And she wouldn’t be alone in NYC. Mayor Bill de Blasio has long allowed citizens in the bustling city to get away with all sorts of crimes, including attacking police officers and their vehicles.

And it seems AOC is right there with him.

But those who actually have experience enforcing laws are not thrilled with it.

Former police officer and current candidate for district attorney in Queens, New York Joe Murray says this is entirely wrong for someone of her standing and utterly irresponsible.

He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Tonight show on Fox News, where he was asked: “What do you make of a sitting member of Congress endorsing the punch-a-cop movement?”

Murray responded, “Disgusting.” And he continued, “I’m all for the First Amendment. People should express themselves. But when you are talking about encouraging people to commit crimes, particularly striking police officers, that’s outrageous.”

Murray says that he is a “more conservative Democrat” and that he strongly opposes “all of this progressive criminal justice reform that Mayor de Blasio has been trying to ram down our throats.”

And Carlson agreed. He said, “Yeah. I mean, this doesn’t seem like reform. What happens when lawmakers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez encourage people to, quote: Punch a cop? Where does that wind up?”

For Murray and most of America, the is answer is, “It’s anarchy.” Murray said, “That’s where we are going with this. We have a social contract that we, as citizens, have elected officials who enact laws and that’s why we elect our chief executives to enforce the laws. This is the social contract that civilization is based on. When you want to do away with that, that’s anarchy, absolutely insane.”

And he couldn’t be more right. We put people such as AOC in office to make laws that are best for us and our nation as a whole. And while those officials aren’t the ones enforcing those laws, they must work closely with those who do. The two are, or at least should be, an inseparable pair, working in tandem to make sure that our communities are safe and that our neighborhoods thrive.

So what happens when one turns on the other and incites others to do the same?

Carlson answered this by saying that when a “lawmaker” like AOC is “endorsing violence against people enforcing the law, then it doesn’t take too long before things fall completely apart, right?”

And Murray agreed, saying that congressional members should be living as an example and be “role models.” They must always be above reproach. And he said that AOC’s standard “is not what we want our kids to look at and emulate.”

And we have to wonder if AOC would think differently if the violence was closer to home. It’s okay for her to incite rage and violence in NYC as a whole, but what about when it starts to happen to her district of Queens or in her upscale neighborhood in DC?

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