AOC Stutters Trying to Dodge “Defunding” Question

At this point, where defunding the police and encouraging protests is all the rage, it is not surprising in the least that New York Representative and leading “squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports both causes. What is surprising to me is how incredibly ignorant she can be about it all, and therefore how easily caught off guard when faced with reality.

On Wednesday, the liberal lawmaker appeared for a segment of Good Morning America with host George Stephanopoulos. Naturally, the current national issues mentioned above were brought up. But when AOC was asked about how it would work, not only does she not answer the question, but actually changes the subject slightly, as if to sidestep it entirely.

The conversation began with Stephanopoulos asking AOC about Biden’s recent announcement not to support the “defunding” efforts of the left. This put the freshman lawmaker in somewhat of a tough position, as she has publicly endorsed Biden and his policies but just as clearly doesn’t agree with him on his decision about police reform.

However, like an astute politician, she weaseled her way out of it. She didn’t directly criticize her party’s assumed nominee. Instead, she suggested that the current budget plans for her city are not in line with what the residents actually want or need. for instance, she proposed that instead of spending so much on police and law enforcement, the city should give higher priority to social programs, which, as she says, can “prevent crime and social discord.”

Stephanopoulos questions her further about this, saying that while he understands the need for such social programs, studies suggest that police are a necessary force.

He said, “I understand the argument you’re making about expanding social services and investing in social services but the research does show that more police on the street means less crime.”

And this is where AOC shows her idiocy, or at the very least her ability to lie.

She responded, “Well, I think there’s one question that is interesting here is that, when it comes to funds, it’s not always just about the number of officers in the street. It’s about these police precincts that have tanks, that have military weaponry and frankly have a degree of – that have a degree of material resources and war-like weaponry that people ask ‘why does a local police precinct have this in the first place?’”

Notice how she seemed to change the topic a bit. Stephanopoulos is asking her about how defunding the police, which will inevitably force a cut in the workforce on the police department, result in less crime when data shows otherwise.

And she answers that cutting tanks is the real problem.

There are a few things I have to point out here.

Firstly, is that Stephanopoulos’s reference to data supporting more feet on the ground equals less crime is, in fact, accurate.

Vox gives a beautiful example of such data in a 2019 piece.

“In a 2005 paper, Jonathan Glick and Alex Tabarrok found a clever instrument to measure the effects of officer increases through the terrorism ‘alert levels’ that were a feature of the early to mid-aughts. During high alert periods, the Washington, DC, police force would mobilize extra officers, especially in and around the capital’s core, centered on the National Mall. Using daily crime date, they found that the level of crime decreased significantly on high-alert days, and the decrease was especially concentrated on the National Mall.”

As Vox pointed out, “the finding was not that adding more police officers leads to more arrests and then locking up crooks leads to lower crime in the long run. It’s simply that with more officers around, fewer people commit crimes in the first place.”

And isn’t that the point? The whole idea of implementing a police force is to keep the peace. And if studies suggest more boots on the ground do that, then I’d think, as a city official or member of congress, you would do precisely that.

But AOC doesn’t. Instead, she complains about tanks.

According to financial records for the current fiscal year, there isn’t any room in the budget for tanks. Nearly $6 billion was allocated for the NYPD, coming in third behind the Department of Education and Department of Social Services. And of that, 88.8% “covered personnel services (salaries, wages, and overtime.”

Cutting police funding means cutting officer jobs, plain and simple.  It was also noted that funding for the NYPD only makes up 6% of the entire city budget. Meanwhile, the union contracts for pension contributions get $5 billion a year.

So what exactly should we be cutting?

72 thoughts on “AOC Stutters Trying to Dodge “Defunding” Question

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  3. BLM…What a Joke…Let’s Look Back in History and See What Actually Caused This Dilemma in the First Place ( which the BLM NEVER mention )…The BLACKS Has a History of Resistance and Violence and Fleeing and Lying and Crime and Carrying Weapons, ( 1917 FBI records shows how 85,000 Blacks had committed 285,000 serious crimes against the White…while only 35,000 Whites had committed 65,000 serious crimes against the Blacks ) You Name It and They Had Done It TOWARDS ANY AUTHORITY ( not just the Police ) esp the WHITES and They Use Their Past Slavery as an Excuse…BS…The Slaves Didn’t Do This…They Were Happy Having Room n Board, a Job ( just like ranch hands do now ) ( which by-the-way…The Owners had gone to Africa and OFFERED Them a Job and Pay ) True The Conditions Were Terrible…but…Did They Try and KILL The Owners ?
    I Really Don’t Blame the Police For Taking Things Into Their Own Hands ( in fear of their own lives ) Bcuz of the BLACKS Antiestablishment History Towards the WHITES From the Get Go ( and use slavery as their excuse )
    Sure Is Funny tho…How NOT ONE ( as far as I know ) RICH BLACK Elites and Celebrities, esp Sports, Which Make Up Some 85% Across The Board ( boy talk about race inequality ) COMPLAIN ABOUT SLAVERY ??? Has Anyone Ever Hear Opera Talk About Her Past Slavery ? Which I’m Betting…Only Comprises of Some 2% of Today’s BLASCK Population !!! Here They Talk Like It’s EVERY LIVING BLACK Today Had Slaves Ancestry…give me a break…So To Wrap This Up…THE BLACKS ARE THEIR OWN CAUSES AND CREATED THEIR OWN PROBLEMS AND DIVERT THE SITUATIONS TO MAKE THE WHITES THE CAUSES AND PROBLEMS !!!

    1. Take then-Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who in November 2015 tweeted an image that originated from a neo-Nazi account . Filled with bogus crime statistics, the graphic Trump tweeted supposedly showed that black people are uniquely violent. The Washington Post found that the data in Trump’s tweet to be false. One of the most exaggerated statistics was about the number of white people killed by other white people. Trump’s tweet claimed the number was 16 percent, while the FBI’s data shows it is 82 percent. The tweet also asserted that 81 percent of whites are killed by black people; the FBI number is 15 percent. As the Post concluded, “Trump cast blacks as the primary killers of whites, but the exact opposite is true. By overwhelming percentages, whites tend to kill other whites. Similarly, blacks tend to kill other blacks. These trends have been observed for decades.”

      It’s not just Trump. The far-right ecosystem repeats versions of these ideas ad nauseum. Relying on “statistics” found in a white supremacist tract, the paleoconservative one-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan wrote in 2007: “The real repository of racism in America — manifest in violent interracial assault, rape and murder — is to be found not in the white community, but the African-American community.” Until very recently, Breitbart news used a “black crime” story tag.

      Misrepresented crime statistics are a main propaganda point of America’s hate movement, and a pillar of white supremacist thinking in the United States. Stormfront, the oldest hate site on the internet, has thousands of pages devoted to the “issue” of black-on-white crime.

      The idea that black people are wantonly attacking white people in some sort of quiet race war is an untruthful and damaging narrative with a very long history in America. White Americans’ unsubstantiated views about the potential of violence from black people was the number one excuse they used to justify slavery, lynching, Jim Crow and various forms of mass incarceration. Never was Klan violence or the lynching of black people by white people ascribed to an inherent white trait. Without the ability to claim oppression of black people as a form of self-defense, racial segregation and white supremacy would be seen for what they are: rank oppression of other people for financial or other benefit.

      Google cleaned up its search results after the Southern Poverty Law Center publicly exposed the problem in a January 2017 video. When black on white crime is typed into a Google search now, the results return legitimate sources of information, such as the FBI’s crime statistics, mainstream news and academic research.

      But the idea of out-of-control black violence continues to motivate white supremacist propagandists and remains a main recruiting tool for the hate movement and its wish for a genetically pure white ethnostate. Because this narrative of black criminality is so central to American history — the foundation upon which discrimination has long been justified — it persists as white supremacy’s enduring siren song.

      This report is from SPLC

  4. AOC should be the poster child for planned parenthood! She got in office by getting a slip of paper out of a Cracker Jax Box, it said, do you want to be in Congress for two years? All you have to do is be available for greasing the poles of some members of Congress and their friends. She, of course, grabbed at the unbelievable opportunity, nobody can blame her for that, they didn’t ask her if she had any thing between her ears, just her legs. I have to go to New York and see where they keep their Tanks!! She is dumber than a rock, never ceases to amaze me how dumb she really is!

  5. Why is she still in the news? She’s gone in the next election and hasn’t done a thing since she was elected (somehow) .

  6. although I find blogs interesting. It seems there is no way to keep the over sexed, filthy mouthed kids from posting. Enjoyed the article but think I will stick to a more moderate form of news where at least they have some limits on dirty kids jacking off over what they can write

  7. She tells you alot about the democrats party.You trust them to run the country they can’t even run a city or state.

  8. With what is going on in this country right now, AOC is only one of the problems. The entire Demoncratic party has gone CRAZY and we are the ones paying the price for their radical Socialist agenda. Until they are voted out of office, it will only get worse.

  9. It’s time for AOC (aka – Ass) to step down. She is a moron and highly negative and racist

  10. How are bricks, moltaugh cocktails, following citizens (police) home to attack them and destroying businesses protesting?
    Why should any politicians have tax paid protection if the average citizen doesn’t get it?
    Who authorized these protest permits anyway?
    Police have not bothered law abiding PEACEFUL protestors period.

  11. The DEMONCRAPS want Socialist/Communist which is to take away the Constitution & add a New Constitution. Take away your a Freedom & have you herded like cattle. They are only showing out so they can get the black votes. They will doing anything to get there vote & once they do/it will be a new ballgame. They don’t care about the black people. They are so CORRUPT. They will want to take your gun rights away as well. Not F**KING HAPPENING. If the DEMONCRAPS win we will be Doomed. It will be really really BAD.
    TRUMP 2020 GOD BLESS THE USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. I have a feeling a Civil War is coming.

    1. dear Pat,
      if there is a civil war, then it is because people like you are unable to behave in a civil manner.

      Don’t forget, re: gun rights, one of D. J. Trump’s first presidential edict was to remove Obama legislation which limited gun access by the criminally insane. Is that what you want. The criminally insane to have guns?

    1. dear texas tea partier
      frankly, Ms. AOC shows more education that you do, on this particular thread. For instance, name calling is the educational level of soeone in the third grade. If you are capable of more, how would you know it? The person above you made a good point about military equipment, and if you think it is good to imbed the military with our local police, then have the education and acumen to put it into words.
      Let us not forget that Trump has encouraged the president of China to build concentration camps, and then in approx . 1990, thought the Chinese leadership did right by putting down its citizens inTienneman square. One of the few issues Trump has been consistent on. However, since Trump is courting China to make him look good after his blown tariff war and “get him re-elected”, what else would you expect. Follow themoney.

    2. Get your facts straight! The line about President Trump telling China to go ahead and build concentration camps has been proven false! You actually believe that a president of the United States would do this and get away with it? Also if this was real this would have been leaked by the communist left democrats a long time ago and he would have been impeached for it! You probably still believe in the Trump , Russia collusion too! Come on! Wake up !

  12. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying that if there wasn’t so much money spent on ‘military’ equipment, and more on police personnel and training as well as giving the police the tools to call in social services for issues that police are not trained to handle.

  13. President Frump is a Zionist run/owned puppet for the Israelis. His whole administration is full of them. Demicans-Republocrats two birds of a feather flock together. They are ALL for the JWO!!!!!

    1. A.O.C. is a puppet too. They are all puppets to decieve and distract, to keep us divided! United We Stand-Divided We Fall!

  14. Liberals want toy soldiers and Tonka Toys to represent law enforcement. They are offended when any heavy artillery shows up. They believe it is inhumane to use heavy artillery against them when they commit their heavy artillery acts of rioting, arson, illegal occupation, looting, violence and property damage. For some pathological reason liberal radical socialists believe they have a right to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens for some emotional tirade cause. The un-discussed issue is why are law-abiding citizens being denied the legal and due process rights to safe passage on streets and public thoroughfares? Why are law-abiding citizens in Seattle being denied access to their businesses and residences? What right does an illegal occupation have in obstructing commerce and free ingress/egress to a residence? When does America start to defend the rights of those abiding by the law? Why do our Democrat Party politicians allow criminal activities to persist and violate the Constitutional Rights of free enterprise, occupancy and peace and tranquility?

    1. Dear cptrpl:
      ah… but the police drove their SUV’s into peaceful protesters…. have copied below. This is the first ammendment. Do you despise the first ammendment?
      Also, socialism is the practice of placing workers/contributors over the distribution and access to wealth. Understand that it may be too complicated for you, but whether socialist or capitalist, the devil is in the details. I know that I do not have a say over tax use, and neither do you.

      One way to practice “enforcement” is by cracking down on looters, but not protesters. But while New York police drove their SUVs into protesters over the weekend, they seemed to take a hands-off approach to looters. In Manhattan, police “sat in their cars as looters, often in full view of police, brazenly walked in and out of stores,” The New York Times reported.

      Journalists can also sometimes feed into looting by c

    2. The cops drove through the crowd because of the rioting and they didn’t want to get surrounded by loonies who are out to destroy everything. Put yourself in the police’s spot before you condemn them for you don’t have an Fn clue what they go through. It’s easy to sit at home and disparage someone! Yes there are bad cops but the vast majority are hard working people who try to do their jobs and get home alive! BLM are a Marxist group who want to destroy the nuclear family and get rid of the police. That is communist garbage! Nuff said!

    3. The devil in the details is that socialism leads to communism or totalitarianism. Greed has gotten a huge hold of our society and that has nothing to do with capitalism, but has a lot to do with socialism! Never seen the leaders of socialist living like the regular people! And before you come back with well it’s the same in capitalism your wrong! People in capitalism become rich by selling a product or service to another for a price that both parties are happy with. In socialism they become rich by forcefully taking monies from others and giving crumbs to the masses and keeping the rest. Nuff said!

  15. All she can do is push racism.she refused to have a debate over her reelection because that’s all she knows..get the minority raved up about equal rights and racism..she is just a cancer.what do u expect .she is part of the AOC hated america.

    1. But, come on guys, you know that AOC is a really good lay and that she gives extraordinary good head. We love AOC!!!

    1. Granted the NYPD does not own any Abrams tanks or SAM sites, but it does boast a massive amount of vehicles. Anything from squad cars and armored personnel carriers to helicopters and submersibles. The thing is, a lot of emerging nations don’t even have that kind of armor.

    2. They don’t need it but NYC does. As far as for AOC well that’s what you get when you have a dumvocrat governor and a Communist mayor along with a totally socialist education system.

    3. Dear BobbiSue… am supplying you with a definition of socialism so that you will know what it is. And you have a terrible spellcheck. You probably think you are funny, and not sophomoric. So instead of socialism… you would prefer wealth to be controlled by the billionaires? Because it is sure not controlled by you or me.
      Socialism is an economic and political system. It is an economic theory of social organization. It believes that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers. … People who agree with this type of system are called socialists.

    1. Those Aren’t Real Tits They are Fake Ones! She is really flat Chested!

  16. AOC is as dumb as a bag of smashed assholes…How can someone with out any knowledge hold a job like she has…Liberal loser….

    1. But you can expect a really good blowjob from AOC if you want one. She gives really good blowjobs.

  17. Give her time. You have to realize that it was huge step for her to go from mixing drinks in a bar to being set up as a politician. But, on the other hand, she is a step up from Biden who never, in his life, held an actual job.

    1. Us good niggas ain’t votin for Joey Bidumbass. Us good niggas is votin for Trump. Trump is da man, braathas. That Bidumbass cocksucka is one weirdo mafucka. He got shit for brains. And Don Lemon ain’t no nigga. He a honky ass white bitch. Us good niggas hate that sum bitch. And AOC is given all of us braathas really good blowjobs. Nancy Pisslosi wanted us all to fuck her in the ass but we all passed on that one. Yay for the good niggas!!!

    2. Dear DHDS of America, Suckme one and two, etc
      This is a reflection on Himmler and Nazism. It seems pertinent to me, because many of the men on this thread are crude, misogynist, and bigoted to the point that twisted mental states – are you claiming to be republican? – are like a rite of passage…. leading to further cruelty. Unable to take in information, communicate a logical argument, you resort to mean-spirited comments.
      Himmler and Nazism… has its start in the cruelty of its population.
      Within a group of killers, only acts of sadistic cruelty in which all are made to join can guarantee solidarity. And so we see the omnipresence of hazing rituals among motorcycle gangs and mafiosi: you make your bones by burning your bridges. The fanatic leader convinces his adherents not that this is the only way forward but that there is no way of turning back.

    1. Could Be, Who Really Knows? ALSO Was Obama Born Or Made? NO One Really Knows That Too!

    2. But AOC gives really good head. She’ll blow your weeny for just $5.55, much cheaper than Kamala. Just contact to set up an appointment. She swallows too. Yay AOC!



    2. Yeah! Finally Somebody on My Side! Got to Distroy These Stupid FUCKING SHITHEAD DEMOCRAP BASTARDS!

    3. Dear blowme…. there is no need to live in the gutter. The quote below is for others… for you it is pearls before swine
      Pope Francis


      We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form. At the same time, we have to recognize that violence is self-destructive and self-defeating. Nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost. Let us pray for reconciliation and peace.

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