AOC’s Primary Opponent Goes on Fierce Attack

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York has been, if little else, entertaining for pundits to write about. However, AOC is facing a stiff challenge in the New York primary that may end her reign as the socialist it-girl. It seems that one of her greatest or most heinous triumphs depending on one’s point of view, according to Fox News.

“As New York City suffers an economic crisis on top of the coronavirus pandemic, some are looking back with regrets at the left-wing campaign that forced Amazon to scupper a plan to bring tens of thousands of jobs to the area – arguing this project could have helped the Big Apple weather the storm.”

Back in 2018, even before AOC assumed her current position as a member of Congress, Amazon proposed to place part of a second headquarters in New York City where her district resides. The fiery socialist and a number of other anti-Amazon politicians led a campaign to stop the huge online retail giant from coming to New York. They not only objected to the huge tax breaks that Amazon was demanding but also to the company itself and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man.

In February 2019, AOC and her compatriots succeeded in their campaign. Amazon decided to cancel the idea of establishing a presence in New York and to take it and the jobs that would have been created elsewhere.

Fast forward just over two years. The world has been convulsed in the coronavirus pandemic that has not only killed hundreds of thousands of people but also tens of millions of jobs. A second Great Depression has been kindled which, even though it is likely to end when the pandemic is passed, has still created a great deal of suffering.

Ironically, Amazon is one of the few companies that is not only prospering during the coronavirus pandemic but is also hiring. The company’s business, which is to allow people to order just about anything and have it delivered to their doorstep within days, is perfect for a situation when people are obliged to remain locked away at home in order to inhibit the spread of the disease.

The fact that AOC likely has prevented her constituents from enjoying part of the prosperity that Amazon has been enjoying has not passed notice. Indeed, her actions may well have created an issue that will end her brief but exciting career in public office.

The issue came up during a recent debate between Ocasio-Cortez and her primary opponent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, according to QNS.

“During the debate, Caruso-Cabrera said that Bronxites currently struggle to find jobs, which could have been easier if Ocasio-Cortez hadn’t killed Amazon’s arrival to New York City. The challenger said that Amazon would have brought thousands of jobs to the city, aiding unemployed New Yorkers.”

Caruso-Cabrera also noted that AOC had opposed the Paycheck Protection Program that offers loans to businesses that agree not to lay off their employees during the pandemic crisis. Why did the congresswoman not support a bill that helps people who have been displaced by the coronavirus pandemic?

AOC hit back, claiming that the PPP bill and the Amazon deal would only help the wealthy. Instead, the United States should enact a new version of the New Deal, which would directly create jobs building infrastructure.

According to The Hill, Caruso-Cabrera accused AOC of being out of touch, remaining in her luxury apartment with a Whole Foods in the lobby while her constituents suffered. Ocasio-Cortez’s opponent even slammed her support for the Green New Deal as a divisive and unrealistic scheme. If elected, Caruso-Cabrera would work for specific projects that would benefit the district, including sea walls that would ward off floods caused by hurricanes.

AOC has two problems that endanger her reelection.

First, she has allowed her ideology to overwhelm political common sense. The Amazon deal was a no brainer. A few tax breaks that would have attracted the company to her area would have more than paid for themselves in jobs and resulting tax revenue generated by newly prosperous New Yorkers.

Second, Ocasio-Cortez allowed her status as a national figure with national issues consume her. Constituents of a member of Congress prefer that their issues be addressed first. AOC has neglected her voting base. It could be her undoing.

86 thoughts on “AOC’s Primary Opponent Goes on Fierce Attack

    1. Alex ocasio-cotex , ilhan( keep it in the family) omar & rashida (hog jowls) tlab should audition for the democrats most ridiculous women in the world contest. Nancy, hillary, Michelle, Maxine and diane made it.


  1. AOC’s “Primary Opponent” is her insipid mouth. The only thing Green in her “Green New Deal” will be the Graveyards. Pelosi can eat Ice Scream and Alexandria-Cortez can eat Babies, and chant “Better Dead than Red!”, because they will be. The stupid Commievirus is their death knell.

      1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an idiot with no knowledge of American history, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence. All she knowns is how to serve beer and service gentlemen. I’m sure there’s a Democrat communist helping her to run her ignorant mouth.

        USAF (RET)

        1. You would be surprised how many Americans don’t anything about the items you are talking about compared to many immigrants who know more about American history.

          1. But they don’t learn English. Besides if the illegals know so much more than Americans why don’t they know that they are committing a federal crime when the sneak into our country . I just wish they knew their way home. If the are so knowledgeable of the items you refer to why not go to their own government, wave their flags and demand their own country give them the same rights and privileges that belong to US citizens.

      2. Do you have proof that she is a witch? How can she be a witch if she has no brain? Witches have to have a brain if they are going to practice witchcraft, perform spells, create evil potions, etc.

        1. Son of a Gun, you confuse witches with warlocks. Witches do good deeds, try to help the environment; while warlocks, like Democrats, destroy anything and everything that keeps them from bettering themselves without working to do so.

    1. Funny I thought that it was the Republicans and conservatives who were always chanting “Better Dead than Red” despite the fact that they were moving American jobs to communist countries like China and Vietnam? I guess the conservatives and Republicans don’t care about where their “green” money comes from even if it means making deals with “live red communists.”

      1. Excuse me Gun, That was under Bill Clinton when the Trade deal was made and all the protesters were against it. It move thousands of jobs overseas so other countries could make lots of money from our businesses.

      2. Of course you realize it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA. That was one of Obama’s key points in debates with Hillary that the Clinton’s had pushed for the treaty. All Hillary could reply was”we made a mistake.” That caused thousands of lost jobs and the closure of numerous companies in the United States. Get your facts straight. Stop lying.

        1. In his pea brain, he’s not lying. This is exactly what they spew on liberal media networks and apparently that’s where this clown gets his information. He’ll swear what he believes is true because he obviously doesn’t have the capacity to figure things out on his own. Not everyone sees through the mainstream media’s attempt to control what we think.

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  3. AOC should have shut up, listened & learned from the other members when she first entered Congress ! Instead she let her mouth make a complete fool out of her ! She is not helping her constituents at all which will make her a one term congresswoman! Trump 2020!

    1. AOC has learned that the people in Congress have not or will not do their jobs despite the fact that many of them have been in the job for 20 or more years.

  4. AOC is a very stupid idiot and she will find her and omar out of this country they want our country and make it their way it will never happen if they have anything in that mushroom on their shoulders they would get the hell out of our country. We the poeple will never let those demo Rats get in.

    1. You like people like AOC and Omar to replace the American workers and then throw them away when you no longer need them. You need to leave the country.

      1. Who said anyone wants to be replaced by soom lazy ass imagrants. It’s you guuun who needs to pull his head out of his ass. After reading your latest comments I feel somehow dummer.

    1. How does a “business reporter” like MCC manage to have a $15,000 per month luxury apartment in New York?

  5. If you just stand back and watch, the Dems usually screw themselves. They get on Trump about his excessive tweets, but AOC, Biden, Harris , Schiff, and Pelosi can’t keep from running their mouths overtime. The stupid and anti-American rhetoric is finally biting them in the ass, people are tired of their BS

  6. AOC is the most stupid person in US Congress. She open her mouth not knowing what she is talking about. She does not use her brain if she has one only her wide mouth. She only thinks of making headlines not thinking of the common good of her constituents. STUPID!!!! STUPID!!!! STUPID!!!

    1. No, the Republicans in Congress are the most stupid people in the history of Congress and do not know what they are talking about and never use their brains and certainly have never thought of their constituents let alone of the nation.

      1. Well; apparently the Republicans are far smarter than the Demonrats because they caught the rats with their hands in the cookie jar and their corruption is exposed. Trump – a Republican- is probably the smartest President this country has ever had outsie of Washington and Abe Lincoln.

      2. She only sounds educated when she reads shakar rebadies script. But when she goes off script she only shows how stupid she is. The people in her district must be proud that they elected a Texan, and an indian. Thinking they elected an Hispanic.

  7. Let her speak as much as she wants. The more she talks, the more she damage herself. She is finished, even some members of her Party, want her out. The big question is: who vote for her?

    1. Her people in her district voted for her.

      “…..even some members of her Party, want her out.”

      Yeah and people like you voted for Reagan and Bush, Jr. twice even though many top Republican officials thought that those two guys were not capable of doing the job

  8. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is a Democrat. She’s running against AOC but she’s still a Democrat and will fall in line just like all the rest. She’s a fake, phony and fraud just like all of the Democrats. Isn’t there a good Republican candidate in that district willing to take her on?

    1. There is a Republican running in her district but can’t remember her name. She has been on the news talking about her campaign but haven’t heard much lately. I hope she is still in the running.

    1. Reagan and Bush, Jr. was always dumb and always will be; yet, got away with it because you are 40% of the American population who were dumb enough to vote for them.

  9. Aoc is a stupid ass. She has no common sense. Get her and her disgusting cohorts out of our country. She is always shooting herself in the foot.

    1. The entire Republican Party are a party of jackasses and have no common sense and they and their followers need to be deported out of the country plus shooting themselves in the foot, the heart, and in the heads.

      1. How ignorant you are! The dems are being raked over the coals right now for all the corruption they have been involved in that they thought they could get away with. They accuse Republicans of the very things they do. Wake up and get out from under the rock you live under.

      2. The Democratic party is done, they are all acting like fools because they know there progressive agenda will never work.

      3. What an ignorant bastard you are Mr Gun. Do you see the socialist agenda? Are you familiar with Venezuela? Cuba? Which part of Marxist policy do like the most? The Democrat Party died … Obama was the final nail in their coffin. Vote Blue for corruption and socialism!!! Biden cut a fat hog as VP.. imagine what kinda big money he can rake in as POTUS!!! And for Gods sake grow a brain before you make any more postings!!!

  10. All you bunch of Trumpsters don’t even know the area and how the people in her district feel about her. You don’t have boots on the ground you are only parroting what the idiots in the RNC tell you to say. She won election on a shoe string budget and is fighting for the common people like herself a previous service worker. Very few of you can relate to bartending cleaning toilets or working in a factory. Now that she has the DNC backing her re-election it will be a less difficult road than before. So don’t worry about the phony republican latino who probably can’t even speak proper spanish. Worry about your cult leader when he and his minions won’t be re-elected and the senate will turn blue. Then what are you going to do then?. “Like it and Nothing”

  11. My question is somewhat like that of “Mitt Willard Romney” Republican Governor of Massachusetts, who deceived me as a loyal Bostonian——skiddled away to Utah, begged President Trump for his endorsement for a senate seat in the Beehive State, then when he won, and President Trump would not give him a spot in his cabinet, the man ran amuck criticizing everything the President does. AOC is in many ways is like Romney. She is somewhat “a daughter of the gem of the Caribbean sea —Puerto Rico”, guess what? there are millions of Puerto Ricans in her State (NY City) who needs her help & assistance in this time of severe crisis, but “NO”, just as Mitt ran away from Boston when he was most needed, AOC devastated her people, when Jeff Bezos the Amazon CEO was attempting to help New Yorkians.
    Good Luck to Mitt & AOC. God does not like ugly, restaurants are closing left right & center, so AOC there will no job for you after leaving your ivory tower, maybe Mitt & you could find a job as dog handlers. Oh sorry, I forgot Mitt likes to walk dogs on the top of his car. Nuff said !

  12. In the meantime AOC is getting lots of money from the progressive supporters of the Democratic Party. She is an evil witch and evil witches are predominant in the Democratic Party, examples are that ugly Tlaib, Ilan Omar the Islamist enemy of democracy, and the toxic Warren, and of course how could we omit the other bigot Sarsour.

    1. So what? Everyone in Congress gets some kind of retirement no matter how long they serve compared to most of us who don’t get any kind of retirement except Social Security.

  13. I’ll ask the same question as Jesse above. Aren’t there any decent Republicans in that district that can offer the people a choice? It seems the Republicans want to just sit around and let the Dems have that seat. It’s embarrassing.

  14. ANY BODY WOULD BE BETTER FOR HER DISTRICT. She can’t even represent her own people she is supposed to be representing!! She needs to be gone YESTERDAY!! Maybe she can get her old job back. Mixing drinks! Of course I don’t know if she was good at that either. I know she could come up with a new green deal drink. Aspergas, cabbage, broccoli smoothie. Yum, sounds like shit. Buy one get one. That is about what I think of her Green New Deal! Oh no! I forgot she doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is!

    1. She knows what a garbage disposal compared to a lot of wealthy people and business leaders who don’t have the faintest idea of how it works let alone how to repair one.

  15. AOC is raising campaign cash hands over fist by volunteering & Bartending at the Congressmen’s Bar …..! She refuses a paycheck…. but when the Horny Congress demo-loonz step behind the Bar that’s when the Horse-Toothed Bar-Fly goes to work…. Hand-Jobs….. Blow-Jobs….. Back-Door Woo-Woo Probes….. Back-Door Brown-Eye Probes…..! That’s where the real money is at and she doesn’t have to wear a mask….! Even the Scotch Sloshed Holy Hag stops by for a 1/2 gallon of Scotch and a AOC Face-Plant Wiggle Massage…..!

  16. Atrophied Frontal Cortex started out ad a joke, but she’s taking herself way too seriously; it has gotten stale and obnoxious. Wish the media would stop giing her so much coverage — she loves the limelight. NY can surely do better.

    1. Wish the press didn’t give Trump so much free air time before he ran for office and during his run. Trump takes himself too seriously and you can blame the corporate media for giving her so much coverage since like Obama, they have been attacking her from day one.

      1. Replying to Gun—-I learned a long time ago never argue politics with anyone Neither one of you will win but at this point I cant help myself. I’m wondering if you realize that the democrats ( all of them) are socialista. Do You have any idea what socialism is. ??? Well if you don’t just take a look how people are living their lives in countries that have socialist governments. such as Cuba and venezuela , just to name 2. I think you need to read up on what socialism really means. Now as far as President Trump is concerned he can get a little out of line at times but you have to admit that a number of things he promised to do before he got elected , he has done. As far as other leaders in other countries are concerned I don’t think anyone wants to mess with him because he doesn’t back down Don’t blame the corona virus on him. Blame china. Trump said he wants to drain the swamp and hes been trying. Take a look at whats been going on with democrats. You had a democrat with Obama who is a complete phony. What about Bill Clinton a democrat president who did nothing for the USA. Only thing he ever did was line his and Hillarys pockets with cash, cash, cash. As far as Hillary is concerned. If you look at all the crimes she has committed and manages to get away with only because people are afraid of what will happen if they go against her , like a number of americans who are no longer here to tell the tale ( catch my drift) Dont you realize many people who are democrats are part of the SWAMP. i HAVE BEEN A DEMOCRAT ALL MY LIFE BUT i SAW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND DECIDED TO VOTE REPUBLICAN IN THE LAST ELECTION AND IM REALLY GLAD IDID . I certainly dont want to live in a Socialist Country.

  17. I. know!! If she’s a witch we can tie her to a log and throw her in a pond and if she floats to the top!! She’s a witch and if she’s not she won’t float!! Perfect Get her and let’s try it!!

  18. She is an idiot!! Knows nothing about history!! Let alone how to B a leader and make big girl decisions that involve our community!! Get rid of AOC now!!

  19. Time for a revolutionary war!! You idiot democRATS stay out west and us republicans will stay out East or visa versa …. don’t matter to me but take your own money and give it to everyone!! I work to hard for your democRATIc ass to steal more for your socialist ideas ….. I’d rather take aim and finish the problem

  20. A witch? Yes if she weighs the same as a duck she is a witch! Second AOC has done more to destroy her own party than any Republican could do! Despite what the alphabet news tells you the majority of Americans do not want Communism here. Or Socialism. A free society thrives on success, not failure. There will always be different income levels and types of jobs. The truth is some people are good at making money and some not so much. There is no free ride in life.

  21. If she is the best NY has – they will continue to decline in unimaginable ways. If she is such a socialist commie, I’m sure China would love to take her in. Bye bye AOC do America, the land of the free, a favor and leave ASAP.

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