Attention Race Fans…NASCAR Just Turned Liberal…One Driver Has Already Quit

Disruptive and often violent and hate-filled protests are destructively shredding America’s long-earned dignity to pathetic shreds. Adding additional sparks to the already raging fires, are the even more disastrous attempts at quelling the out-of-control neanderthals masquerading as concerned citizens.

In the same way someone claims to not have Covid-19 because they have never been tested for it, our country’s fruitcake liberals are thinking sorta likewise, yet different in their own special way. If they diligently make every attempt to erase a history which in reality happened, it will have never existed. Poof…And they all lived happily ever after.

This is how they have won the dubious title of Dumbocrats. Oscar award-winning classic such as “Gone With the Wind,” and “The Help,” have been pulled by their networks for editing to make them appear more racially friendly. Forget about the films merely depicting the reality of life during the era’s surrounding their respective storylines.

Statues of Confederate soldiers on horseback are being vandalized, smashed, and desecrated. Like it or not, these statues are of Americans who played vital roles in America’s history, whether someone agrees with their previous stances or not.

But perhaps the most stunning shock by far was administered by NASCAR. The Good Ol’ boys and girls who race ’round the asphalt for the delight of their mammoth and extremely loyal fanbase, just slapped them all in the face.

As previously stated, every bit of America’s history is vital to maintain, with full transparency. We did whatever we did and we need to own up to both the good and the bad. And the real truth be known, we’ve done a helluva lot more of the good stuff.

Well. At least one NASCAR driver, and probably more who have yet to step forward, have had enough. NASCAR’s decision to ban the use of the Confederate flag from all or their events and advertising, has NASCAR Truck Series driver, Ray Ciccarelli, blowing his gaskets.

Ciccarelli went straight to his FB page to let his fans know, it’s been a “fun ride and dream come true.” He in no uncertain terms let them know, he will not be returning to NASCAR after the end of the 2020 race season. He’s hanging up his keys.

“I don’t believe in kneeling during Anthem nor taken ppl right to fly whatever flag they love,” he went on. “I could care less about the Confederate Flag, but there are ppl that do and it doesn’t make them a racist all you are doing is (F******) one group to cater to another and I ain’t spend the money we are to participate in any political BS!! So everything is for SALE!!”

After giving enough people time to read his post, Ciccarelli deleted all of his social media accounts as he floated into oblivion, leaving his hard-earned career in the red clay dust.

Here is the actual quote from NASCAR. “The presence of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry. Bringing people together around a love for racing and the community that it creates is what makes our fans and sport special. The display of the Confederate flag will be prohibited from all NASCAR events and properties.”

There you have it. History erasing in the making. Who would have ever thought NASCAR would assume such a liberal stance? Did you?

Most NASCAR drivers grew up emulating their heroes on Dukes of Hazzard in their number 01 jet-fueled non-street legal orange race car with…wait for it…Confederate flags painted on each side. Who were we to know those boys were such terrible racists since they never let it show?

Two things remain to be seen. Will other drivers follow Ciccarelli’s lead, or will they cave in and stick with their organization so as not to surrender the big bucks? And, how many fans will they have watching them race?

Especially if you are one of the many fans of NASCAR, but even if you aren’t, we’re very curious to know how do you feel about their new rule. Please don’t hold back.

352 thoughts on “Attention Race Fans…NASCAR Just Turned Liberal…One Driver Has Already Quit

  1. Howdy! This blog post couldn’t be written much better! Reading through this
    article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this.

    I’ll forward this article to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a great read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Some people say history can’t be erased. Yes it can! Our history books have for decades been rewriting history. The progressives are doing it every day! Ask old Soviet Union citizens if history can be erased! Ask Cambodians if history can be erased! Ask any communist country’s citizens if history can be erased. Read 1984! It’s a book but that’s where we are headed if the left gets their way! They are using words to change things now! In the old Soviet Union after the reds won the war they purged certain classes of people who were against them. Years later they purged again, but this time they purged the people who were involved in the first purge. Years later there was another purge. By doing this they got rid of history. They then rewrote it and people believed it because all people who know of it and studied it were gone. History can and was erased many times. Don’t forget that victors in any war or battle get to write history and not the losers. Nuff said!

  3. what is this, we can stand and cheer the LBD flag and not even show the concert flag. what a joke!!!!!

  4. Here is one Brother in NASCAR that thinks we should change what family fans where doing for years is good anymore. Maybe Wallace should start
    His on SPORT BLACKCAR and make his own regulations. If he doesn’t like the way it is GET THE HE’LL OUT DON’T screw up a 72 year sport..
    Same thing with assball football play the game or get the fuck out. NASCAR Organization Sucks.

  5. Whats next, taking away the prayer and then the NATIONAL ANTHEM?? Our country is moving toward socialism….

  6. NASCAR is in my toilet ready to flush out of my life, liberals not buy ticket they get for free because they do not work this sport is done. NO RESPECT

  7. I was a fan of NASCAR, not anymore. I will never lower myself to the Democrats game of ruining the USA and what it stands for.

  8. This is a mixture of things….NASCAR-DOWN THE DRAIN. NFL-DOWN THE DRAIN (the commissioner must have a concussion….he has also hired Kaepernick as his Social Advisor or something to that effect). Now for the icing on the cake, as if we didn’t know this already,,,,,………QUOTE: “NEWS JUNE 20, 2020
    Black Lives Matter founder admits org’s creators are ‘trained Marxists,’ BLM’s goal is to ‘get Trump out’
    The Black Lives Matter co-founder has a leftist agenda to get President Trump out of office.”
    You can check this out on and there’s a picture of the co-founder releasing this article. The organization has nothing to do with black lives…..HOWEVER, don’t take them for granted, it is a HUGE leftist organization whose only agenda is to GET TRUMP OUT! VOTERS BE ON YOUR FEET!

  9. DOA for NASCAR. After Dale hit the wall in 2001, and the prices kept going up, & finally going against the Constitution on one of our basic freedoms. ” NASCAR HAS FINALLY SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE HEAD “, all true fans are DONE WITH THIS BS !!!!! Thanks, Steve Whitlow, a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971..

  10. BOYCOTT NASCAR. Don’t buy tickets to NASCAR events, don’t buy Lucas Oil products, help NASCAR tank. Ask for Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice each time you go to the grocery store…help crash rebranding like what happened with Coke Classic a while back… as far as I am concerned, I would care less if I read in the paper the coronavirus needs to visit executive suites at Quaker, Mars, Pepsi, etc. since stupid can’t be fixed otherwise…

  11. All of this is paid for by Soros or Rothschilds! Do not fall for the BS! Believe in Trump! Vote for Trump! He is for the people…not the people who are trying to make a lifetime living on the government! Oust Pelosi and Shift! Take time and wait……THE SWAMP WILL BE DRAINED!!!

  12. I do not own nor have I ever displayed any item that depicts a confederate flag. My Great Grandfather lost his life in the Union army in the War between the states. I have been a NASCAR fan for many many years. All that being said, I do not like the position that NASCAR has taken and no longer consider myself a fan. For a while I will miss it. But everyone moves on. I expect they have thought the decision through carefully and will be happy with it.

    TION!! WE OWE THEM NOTHING.. 600,000 Whites Fought for there Freedom died.BLM welfare pimps.Reparation my BUTT!! #Obamagate..They are trying to overthrow our Country. Better wake up Sheeple #Walkaway Dixieland

  14. They only see slavery because that’s what they were taught it starts in the home. Not one single person was there that is still alive so none of us can say what really happened. I will continue to fly my CONFEDERATE FLAG!!!
    it is not a racist flag for us it shows where we came from husband from the South and I am from the North.

  15. No nfl No nba No mlb now No nascar. Anybody else want to piss off their fans. Maybe all these bums can get a real job.
    I have been done for with most of them for years. Ole caper neck pretty well finished me with pro sports.

  16. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t
    loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think
    its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  17. What NASCAR is doing is total BS. Where is their loyalty to their fans. Lately all we see is Bubba Wallace a man that can’t even win a race, but because of his color NASCAR is making him a super star. So I guess now you don’t even need to be good at your sport to get noticed. The sad thing about all this is that none of us are trying to stop the destruction of our history but in turn they are allowed to add more holidays. Bottom line why can they have their museums, xtra holidays
    and whatever else they want and its screw the rest of us. There in no equality in any of this. Wake up people they are slowly erasing us and we ARE ALLOWING IT.

  18. Then this means that any southern er that was born in the south should not be proud of their heritage then that makes all the rest (nascar BLM and any I’m forgetting) racist towards us

  19. I am tired oh hearing about black people. The got out of chains over 60 years ago. We carried and gave them every thing to live in society free college all black communities and black colleges only rent control food stamps everything to get a head. And now the want to burn down our cities and abolish the police. There the ones that are Racist. Whites are the Minority now not Blacks. Sick of the BULLSHIT.

  20. I am a 60 something, and I can remember my teens when all the clowns that are currently running our society didn’t trust anyone over 30, and had rebel flags to show the world that they were “rebelling”.
    Now they are a bunch of keister kissers that are rolling over for anyone with an axe to grind.

  21. I haven’t watched a race since Junior stopped driving his original number. Don’t even remember now what that was! I won’t be watching it ever again after this. A sport so deeply rooted in American history, cutting out American history? Why Bother?

  22. First it was the dumbshits in the NBA… then the NFL followed suit …now NASCAR… all that remains is GOLF…if they become stupid..then so much for American sports……

  23. Since these idiots want to remove our history by removing flags and statutes them we should take Martin L king off the calendar too. White lives matter too. I’m sick of this crap. If they don’t break the law then they should’nt be worried about the alleged police abuse. If they don’t like laws and don’t want to work then they should be put on a island together to live free like they want to live. A ONE WAY TICKET.

    1. ABSOLUTELY they are getting more and more and taking everything from us. They now have museums showing blacks in chains and another new holiday. But as for us we just sit and watch them ripping down history. It still doesn’t change history, things that happened many years ago none of us were there. I think this sums it all up:

      I have often wondered about why Whites are racists, and no other race is……
      Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this?
      There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.
      And then there are just Americans.. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.
      You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… And that’s OK..
      You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you….
      So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
      You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.
      You have Black History Month.
      You have Cesar Chavez Day.
      You have Yom Hashoah.
      You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
      You have the NAACP.
      You have BET….
      If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists.
      If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
      If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.
      If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.
      We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
      Wonder who pays for that??
      A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
      If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists.
      There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US .
      Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.
      In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.
      If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
      You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it.
      But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.
      You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.
      But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
      I am proud…… But you call me a racist.
      Why is it that only whites can be racists??
      There is nothing improper about this e-mail.
      Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on.
      I sadly don’t think many will.
      That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country.
      We won’t stand up for ourselves!
      It’s not a crime YET…. But getting very close!

      Had to share!

    2. Good post! Be proud of who you are! There are racists in every race! I’m proud to be white! I’m not responsible for what people did before I was born, and I’m not responsible for what others do even as I live! If you generalize about races and put all of one race in one group then your an ass! Why? Because if all whites are racist then all blacks are lazy and
      stupid pimps who would sell drugs to their mother. Or all blacks are thugs who hate working and would rather be on welfare! I could go on but I think the picture is there. Racism is everywhere no matter what country you go to. But the nonsense that America has systematic racism ( which no one can explain) is f::ken stupid. If racism is so bad in this country how come minorities risk death to get here? If we’re so racist why do so many blacks that immigrate here become business owners? How do you explain the amount of blacks that are millionaires ? They can’t but because some blacks are failures then it must be racism and not that that black has little education, can’t meet the requirements , or has a felony background! F::k using the victim card and go out there and work hard and most the time you can make it. Don’t, then go sit in your cellar and let your parents take care of your sorry ass! It’s your fault and nothing else! There’s numerous laws that protect minorities over whites so stop your f::ken crying and get off your ass. If it’s true racism then I’ll stand with you 100% . If not, go f::k yourself! Nuff said!

  24. What’s next. I understand they are considering eliminating the prayer and the national anthem because it may piss of some POS political, democrat—which includes antifa and BLM, or next some POS Muslim. GOODBY NASCAR. It’30 faithful years down the drain. FRENCH, you are a ***** suck &&& assho*(

  25. I think NASCAR are traitors and Benedict Arnolds for doing that just over one bad incident! The world today stinks!.. I hate these times and am sick of all this garbage trying to erase history!. You can’t erase it! It’s part of our heritage and country! As for those antifa neanderthals, I hope they get what they deserve! I hope they all get crushed into the dust forever!

  26. Erasing History is ignorant. It teaches! Good and bad. We LEARN from it or IF we don’t learn from our mistakes made, we will be forced to REPEAT them.
    How sad. The NAZIS were book burners, history erasers.
    We have appreciated all of History for years including statues and flags.
    I am sick of these Socialistic hate filled attitudes rampaging across America lately. It is not freedom but Anti-American hatred. Needs to be stopped now! IF WE ARE TO RESTORE AND KEEP.
    I stopped watching Football with the kneeling crap during Anthem and Flag displays. I will do the same now with NASCAR and support the drivers resignations.

  27. I think this is totally ridiculous. If your so offended at the sight of the Confederate flag…dont look & remember they LOST. As Americans we have the right to display ANY flag or symbol we prefer. If a NASCAR sponsor wants to do the same it should not be nullified by the powers that be because it’s un American.
    As a Jew I used to get offended @ any sign of the Nazi regime. I came to the realization that they LOST so if you want to support @ lost cause that will gain little to no momentum going fwd. Knock yourself out.

  28. I’ve read the threads and agree with Andre that the Confederate flag is not a flag of respect. It is as appalling to many as the swastika which at one time meant ‘well-being’ until the holocaust turned it into a symbol of annihilation under racist theology. Flying the Confederate flag as a sign of respect for history is BS. It is more disrespectful than kneeling in the presence of the American flag due to the underlying messages. On the one hand, kneeling is intended to raise awareness of police brutality that should be addressed. Don’t listen to Trump’s BS that it is intended to disrespect our American flag. He is a liar trying to con you. And no one is trying to change history, they are trying to change the future. When given equal opportunities, blacks have demonstrated they can be equally successful. This helps America, doesn’t it? I would venture to guess that there is a high correlation between people who fly the Confederate flag and people who call blacks Niggers as seen in this post. You are racist and you are spreading racism whether you want to admit it or not. Racism is learned behavior.

    1. Becky, I agree racism is a learned behavior and we are all getting good lessons on that today. Watching them trashing, burning and destroying other ppl’s lives, even lives of innocent blacks that have worked hard to get where they’re at only to be destroyed by all these protestors don’t leave a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. Why aren’t BLM more concerned about black on black lives??? There’s more murders commited by blacks on blacks than police on blacks. yes there’s some bad police, like there is in all professions,but there’s a lot more good officers than bad. Trump 2020, he’s done more for blacks than any other president in history, so don’t tell me it’s all BS that comes from Trump, it’s all BS that comes from the dems and media, ALL lies, like the Russia collusion that cost the tax payers 40 million dollars over 3 1/2 yrs.

  29. It’s time we went back to racing. No more flag banning and no more bowing down to advertisers, sponsors and Liberats BS. Someone with unlimited funds should consider starting a new racing platform. Name it whatever and fill your coffers with all the exiting NASCAR drivers and fans. Then we can all go racing again.

  30. ANDRE STEPHENSON you must be getting paid by this internet site to post comments, since you are the most commented person on here .



    1. Kenneth, it’s been 70 years since Truman was president. During that time, the country has changed, and is changing. But you haven’t changed with it! So speaking for at least 200 million Americans, we don’t want you in our country! You better leave!!!

    2. Andre…you sure like to talk and judge others that have opinions different from your own misguided views. Andre…you just do not matter. Find somewhere else to troll and get lost.

  32. NO Confederate general played a vital role in American history! Each one was a traitor to his country! I applaud NASCAR! It’s time the Confederate flag was gone! It’s 150 years of racism! “Gone With The Wind” and “The Help” will eventually be back, unedited, because they are fiction! But the Confederacy is NOT fiction! It’s never coming back to NASCAR!!!

    1. “NO Confederate general played a vital role in American history!”
      Oh really?
      You need to do a little more research before you post. You obviously haven’t done so.
      Google is your friend. (Or maybe everyone else’s, as you might learn something. )
      And no, I am not a Southern gent. I am from 65 miles north of Chicago.
      A damn Yankee…

  33. Help NASCAR tank. Stay home. Keep the stands empty and save your money. Don’t listen to NASCAR on radio or watch it on TV. DO NOT BUY LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS…or other products advertised on NASCAR. NASCAR bowed to the jungle (including the BLM (aka Burn, Loot, and Murder) gang, so NASCAR can reap what it sowed. Vote Trump this November and push back at the jungle. The jungle is like cancer, and cancer is terminal.

  34. I am another stating that this is the one sport that I thought would never cave in to those who are trying to destroy these United States of America from within. Nope, I was wrong, you are using the excuse of one driver, who had a verbal altercation with another driver, and now that driver wants the entire spirit of NASCAR changed. Why because he is no longer wanting to be considered as a NASCAR Driver, who really had what was considered as good relationships with the other drivers. But now, he wants to be involved in BLACK LIVES MATTER. well use your skin color to destroy your relationship with the Fans, let us see how many sponsors you will attract. However, this sport has lost another Fan, one of almost 50 years. GOOD RIDDENS TO NASCAR, I can now utilize my nascar time for other things more important. SCREW ALL THE LEADERS OF NASCAR, WHO BOW DOWN TO THOSE WHO WISH THIS NATION HARM. ((If the drivers, teams and other fans, follow this BLM movement, I feel sorry for this nation))

    1. FW: NASCAR has done a wonderful thing, and they are trying to heal the U.S. from within. Nobody’s trying to destroy America from within. But the minute you, as a knee-jerk white racist, have your white privilege upended on a Sunday afternoon you start yelling about people destroying this country from within! It’s not true! They are trying, against your racist will, to heal this country from within.

    2. FW: You better start now feeling sorry for this nation! Because we are going to leave you behind in the 1950s, and we wish you’d stay there! You have no place in this new world of Black Lives Matter. Certainly your white-ass life doesn’t matter to anyone!

  35. Blm/antifa are communist/Marxist front groups, with organizations like nascar, useful idiots

    1. Gregory, if you were smart, you’d realize that BLM and Antifa are NOT communist fronts. You sound like someone who has seen a communist behind every tree every day for your entire pitiful life!!!!!!

  36. It’s a shame that the sport has come to this point. NASCAR will see they have started something that will bit them BIG TIME. Don’t care if I ever attend or see another rce. These drivers are good people, even Bubba, But the message they have sent this week by disavowing painters and insulting our history is too much PC !!!!!

  37. why is it that certain people cry out about things and everyone jumps on the band wagon to erase histroy and doesn’t give a dam that a flag doesn’t have a thing to do with raceisam or so on. the stars and bars are a piece of histroy.

    1. Clarence: You are CLUELESS! The Stars and Bars has NOTHING to do with history of this great country and EVERYTHING to do with slavery and racism to ALL black men, and most northerners!!! I pity the fool, you are the fool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Over a respectable flag, NASCAR has now joined the nfl, antifar, commie dead crats , rioters and the super far left. I have hoped intelligence would prevail and morons would not go to football games and be disrespect by kneeling goons. Nascar has disrespected many loyal fans because of their flag. May the NFL and Nascar go bankrupt when they cannot fill seats .

    1. Richard: You are TOTALLY wrong! The Confederate flag is NOT a respectable flag!!! NEVER has been; never will!!! The fact that you think it’s a respectable flag tells me all I need to know about you! And I don’t like it!

  39. At the next few races there should be a parade of cars and trucks flying our colors around the perimeter of the track!

  40. I hope America’ BOYCOTTS Nascar into Extinction.
    Open letter to;….Steve Phelps / Nascar President; I would like to ask you to step-down, Resign, and reflect on your hastily made statements of “support” for Black Lives Matter, but perhaps you are overwhelmed with ignorance. A fair suggestion would be for you to “get-out-more-often” and travel the “Streets” of America, before you allow such idiotic False narratives to dictate your thoughts. Protests designed to exhibit Hatred & Vengeance against White people, under the “Guise” of caring about Mr. Floyd’s Death, Generated…. Days of Robberies, open assaults on White people, the Killings of innocent people (both Black & White), the Burning of Stores and Homes, the Pillaging of businesses for “Sneakers”, (all on video), and the Murders of Police Officers,….and all you got out of that was to be against “Systematic Racism” and to support BLM? What in God’s name is Wrong with you??
    **On top of that, some Fools from Richard Petty Motorsports, will now place the lettering “Black Lives Matter” on one of their Cars?? Is Richard Petty Motorsports Endorsing, Violence, Murder, Robbery, Burning, Pillaging, and Anarchy, in America?? If so, then you can all “Go-to-Hell”. I as an American, will standby and protect this Country from further Carnage, while you Hide with your (“we love-the-world”), Cowardice!!
    ***As an American Combat Vietnam Veteran, I am further Insulted and Incensed by your interfering with the Tradition of our National Anthem, in your feeble attempts to smother someone’s butt with your condescending Lips. ***If you knew anything about America, you would have discovered that the Tradition of standing for the Star Spangled Banner, was and always will be a Tradition started by War Veterans, during the 1918 World series. Soldiers allowed home on-leave to play in the World series, stood Tall when the Band played the Star-Spangled-Banner, so as to inspire the crowds, depressed by the Losses of WW-1. They stopped in the middle-of-the-game to Salute, as the music played, and the crowd joined in with the Civilian version of a Salute, by placing their Hand-over-their-Chest. This Tradition continues to this day. Be advised that Congress didn’t make this song our National Anthem until 13 years later. ***This is an American Veterans Tradition,….NOT,…the Governments, and you have now chosen to spit on all of us…. Sanctioning the “Kneeling” is a DIRECT Insult to ALL of America’s War Veterans, and a Betrayal to their Dedication & Sacrifice!! I truly hope that America “Throws” you out-of-your-present position, as you are NOT Fit to “Lead”!!! You are Despicable, Cowardly, and a clear supporter of those who wish to Destroy America. I hope AMERICA, Boycotts, your Stadiums of Entertainment, for now they have become “Caldrons of Black Racism”. There is only (1) one place for you, and it is next to Roger Goodell in America’s “HALL-OF-SHAME”.

    Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC….You bring shame and Pain to my Heart when I think all of those Good Americans who Died, and you have Now Betrayed!! I hope America’ BOYCOTTS Nascar into Extinction. BOYCOTT……………….BOYCOTT…………………BOYCOTT

    1. WOW Mr. Pastore, you really said it !!! I loved how you laid it all out there. May I copy it and of course give you credit???? Others need to read your intelligent response to this mess NASCAR is creating. I’ve already posted elsewhere and not as elegantly as you have, that at the first sign of a knee, first non prayer, first non anthem, I’m outta here. I can check winners and losers much later online as I do for the TN Titans online, if one of those take a knee on their 1st game this year. My mother, God rest her soul, was a huge Petty fan, and is probably turning in her grave right now over Bubba Wallace. She probably would have lost all patience with his winless record by now and picked her someone else to root for knowing her. Race would have nothing to do with it, winning, yes that gives u the right to run your mouth, not winning, nope. Anyway Nascar, I’m probably gone too from what I’m reading and my old man too. he’s none to happy either. and he’s a die hard fan. you folks have lost your minds!!!

    2. Thomas: I’m so sad for you. You’ve spent your entire life basking in white privilege! And now with the country on fire, you’re pleading to be left to your privilege! Wake up and see that the country is leaving you behind. It isn’t going to be comfortable, but you’ve got to give up your white privilege and learn what blacks are trying to say to you. Listen! (In addition, the fact that you’re a veteran is nothing. Plenty of unarmed black veterans have been killed by police! And you stood by and did NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Such Bullshit . . . I thought NASCAR would be different and not cater to one group. . . . but guess I was wrong. Just wait until fans start cancelling there tickets they have been buying for years. Hope all these sports go BANKRUPT!!! As far as kneeling for the flag – so disrespectful – and doesn’t prove anything to me – other then a bunch of punks not getting their way!!!

    1. Joan, you Confederate punks have gotten your way for 150 years, and for 250 years before the Confederate flags!!! It’s time for you punks to bow down, and then leave this great country!!! Kneeling has NEVER been about the flag! Or country! And you Trump punks don’t understand that! Kneeling is all about protesting white police brutality against unarmed blacks! That’s it! Please understand it! Because we’ll never make progress in this country with you harboring such racism!!!!!

  42. It is disgraceful the way people are trying to change history. To have a better tomorrow, you must learn from yesterday.

    1. Louise, more useless platitudes from the peanut gallery. We as a nation have no use WHATSOEVER for Confederate history! It means slavery and racism to all blacks and all northerners. You’ve waved it for 150 years without a reason. Now the waving comes to an end!

  43. Maybe they should just “Ban NASCAR”! That would take care of all of us Rednecks!

  44. The confederacy is history, and I have never mistreated anyone. A white person “(especially a woman) cannot walk thru a black neighborhood in the areas I have lived without being harassed or physically abused. This type of behavior needs to be addressed by all supporters of BLM, before grouping all whites as racist and removing all of our confederacy history. Clean your own yard before demanding that I clean mind. (73 yr. old w/m)

    1. Malcolm X tried to tell all the blacks that first take care of our own house before throwing stones at another , but his fellow so called friends such as Louis Farrakhan wouldn’t go for that and killed him.

      NASCAR is dead to me now

    2. Linda: Malcolm X said that when he thought racism could be finished in this country within 5 years. It’s been 55 year now and no end to racists, including YOU! You are dead to me now!!!!

    3. Ms Stevens: You don’t understand! You don’t get it! You are part of the problem, not part of the solution! Removing the Confederate flag is not the end of this movement, it’s only the start! Don’t get left behind!!!

  45. when are the white people going to stand up to law and order,Every one of them down and dirty blacks get honored ! they should not have a say about a dixie flag! and nascar kissing their asses , what a bunch of bull shit ! pretty soon you will have a blm flag over the american flag!

    1. John, just when are the white people in this country going to stand up for law and order for the black man??? For too long, for at least 55 years, whites have been paying LIP SERVICE to justice for blacks! When the hell are they going to stand for law and order for blacks, and not stand on their necks?? John, you and your racist pals tell me!!!!!!! Your boot on the neck of the black man for 150 years is not going to cut it any longer! You should be glad no blacks are reading this thread, for they would be coming for each and every one of you racists! You guys give the entire white race a bad name!!!! I hope they find you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. why don’t you ask your racist democrat friends, blacks have been voting for the racists for years and got nothing in return. Trump has made and kept his promises to the blacks as well as his promises to the American citizens. Your muslim president created all this division we have going on in this country today, but you’re too blind and stupid to see it.

  46. I’ll watch my next NASCAR race, the day after they drop this ban. What’s next? A 55 mph speed limit?

  47. I say good for you Cicc!!!! I’ve been doing what I can to end this nonsense and you just made a huge sacrifice! More people need to take action as well and stand up to these morons who are trying to destroy our country. Talk is cheap action us what counts!

  48. any state that has a black running it corupt state property disapears taxes are used for their own personal gain ! and most dont pay their taxes !

    1. John, if you were more ignorant, you’d be dead. To all of you who think there’s nothing wrong with this country, you only have to look at John and Les and CB to see that these racists have had protection all their lives! Whites protecting other white, forever! That right there shows you what’s wrong with this country! And it’s been going on for 150 years!!!! That’s plain wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more flag waving by you damn bigots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. well since only black lives mater, that is a great thing. I bet most if not almost none of them ever served in the Military. I guess you can be racest if you are black? Note if we staged a parade about any other race they would condemn us. Sorry about the loss of a live to the police, but it does not happen to JUST “Black” people. what gets me that no other race is listed, is that not wrong? But did anyone else notice a survey that was done a few years back that 94% of African/Americans killed, are killed by African/Americans . 6% are killed by the rest of the races. Tearing down and painting monuments, riots, and etc. are just law breakers and deserve jail. If you do not follow a law enforcement orders you get what you deserve. They really are not there to pick on you. Yes I have got a lot of tickets, some not deserved, but what about all the time I deserved one and no one was there? You can always file a report, I did and they fired him. Stop being a race, this is a Nation. I served in the Military, went to Viet Nam, guess what everyone bleeds RED BLOOD. guess what ever receive blood or plasma? What was there race? oh and NASCAR and all sporting groups, If you knee to our National Anthem, you disrespect every VETERAN that served. When I cam home I remember my greeting, even at college, I remember my new car ripped and painted. So knee you creeps, keep looting but do not blame anyone but yourself.

    1. I was in he Military my friend AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE IN SOME OF THE MOST HORRENDOUS SITUATIONS, BROTHER MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THAT CAME HOME AND DID NOT COME HOME FROM THAT HELL HOLE. The people that treated you that way were cowards, you men should have been treated with respect especially for following orders and fighting a fight and being someplace you men never should have been. I get emotional every time my wife and I discuss the situation you brave men had to endure and try and survive through, most people in this country that did not have relatives over there with you have no clue of what you men had to endure….If anyone deserves respect it is the men that fought and bled just because they were given an order to and because they were doing what their country asked them to which was serve it.

      I think everyone should have to serve at least one tour but the Military is not what it used to be, it has become soft, the training etc….my nephew told me while he was in the Army, if a recruit got stressed out and didn’t feel like they handle the situation, they could cold up a card they had been given and go see the shrink, doctor or whoever.

      Our young men have been castrated, again THANK YOU SIR, FOR YOUR SERVICE and I will stop there because heaven only knows what I might say next.

    2. Oh and isn’t it something when a white person stands up and says ALL LIVES MATTER, NOT JUST WHITE AND THEY GET FIRED.

    3. Les, you are totally clueless! But you don’t care! You keep on writing, showing your cluelessness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Yes Gary that survey was done recently…I was reading on it. I guess some of do that instead of standing in the streets and burning flags, destroying of gov’t property history no less! I guess they are in no need of a job, they are getting $$$$ somewhere???

  50. It’s all about control folks. That driver didn’t want to be controlled by people who care less except for themselves. And their love for America is the green back.

  51. I loved to go to nascar races. I love the Daytona 500. But you following and agreeing with BLM has lost me for good. None of the millions of dollars donated to them went to Democrats and large salaries. Nothing for the black community. I’m sorry but this is America and every person that want’s to better themselves can
    Any race. Some you are democratic idiot’s. I hope more leave nascar unless you go back to being the great sport we all loved. Leave the flags and don’t bow to BLM groups or anyone that disrespects our United States flag by kneeling. You and the NFL might be the past memory of sports.

    1. I have been a Democrat since able to vote, I am 73. I vote for best qualified, my party has gone to the comment is 3 down from yours, might want to read it before you throw us all under a buss. gary

    2. My wife is getting her double masters and I want to straighten something about about black slackers. I can’t tell you how many times my wife has been working on a group project on the computer and these sorry africans try and get her to do all the work and put it all together at then en but she is smarter than the average bear. She contacts the professors each time, lets them know and see just what is going on and they end up letting her do her own project and leave others to fend for themselves. If you search history you will also find that the blacks and watched a clip that showed the blacks behind the white college students harassing them and getting away with it, they passed them probably just to get them the hell out of school, that was when I guess the real no student left behind started and the dumbing down of WHITE AMERICA!!
      I am not grouping every single black together because there area few that think and my wife tells me things like a young black girl at the hospital called me in her room and said she wanted to change her status from African American to American, bless that young girl, she told my wife that she hated they put her status that way because she was an AMERICAN PERIOD, so my wife changed it for her :).
      So there are few out there that see things differently and won’t stick to just color but go by right and wrong.

    3. Lisa, I’m sorry you are white, and don’t understand that you have white privilege! It’s showing! You were probably born on second base with a silver spoon in your mouth, and think you’ve hit a double!

  52. I spent 26 years defending this country for and beside every race and color of these (used to be) Unoted States. When they took NASCAR away for Winston, I was angry. Then NASCAR changed the format for some bullshit reason, which already has hurt the sport, closed down North Wilksboro, and started racing more North. I am sorry but this shot is making me crazy, “IT’S A SOUTHERN” sport. Nobody said you have to watch NASCAR. I know that the real racers are fuming at this. NASCAR has become a pansy sport. To name one recent. When Joey Lagano blocked Chase Elliott and the end of Homestead, Chases dad would have gone over and kicked Joey’s as, not say he needed to a ork through traffic. I met Chase when he was young and I followed NASCAR. NO FLAG, NO REAL RACING, I’M DONE WITH IT. I hope they realize what they are doin to the sport I loved once. “BOYCOTT NASCAR EVERYONE” Let’s go back to Winston, Confederate Flags, and Real Men with real tempers driving.

  53. If your mad at this and other organizations that cave to these communists then give up going to NASCAR events, stop buying NBA, NFL and other sports overpriced garbage! Stop watching ESPN, return your sports packages to the cable and dish companies! Fight back by giving up buying or renting movies, going to movie theaters, except when it’s a conservative themed movie! Don’t buy their products! You cry but most of you are financially aiding them. Go read a book, spend that cable money on a trip with your family! Go see our great country instead of paying Hollywood to tell you your a racist or bigot! Support your churches. Spend time with your loved ones because that in the end is what counts as you get older, not sitting there rooting on you favorite sports teams who don’t give a shit about you! Come on people! Don’t buy from the slime corporations that suck up to BLM! You will not only be a better person for this but you will also see that more time with your kids is what as a kid you wished your parents did. My mother is gone over 17 years ago, and I still regret not spending more time with her. Life is short and your kids will be out the door before you even know it. Fight back and enjoy your life all at the same time! Nuff said!

  54. Goodbye NASCAR, hello Formula One. NASCAR can’t really believe they will make the income from African Americans & Liberals they have made in the past. They are already losing drivers, next will be the sponsors.

    1. You are so right Wayne they won’t.

      I don’t even refer to those people as african america (I will not capitalize what I don’t respect), They are Africans, you know it is kind of funny in a way if you think about it, you look at white people and they could have come from anywhere but you look at blacks and you know exactly where they came from. Either someone is American or they are not and need to get the hell out of our country.

      Hell if I knew whites would follow I would try to figure away out to get around to whatever white communities we have left but from my experience if I step forward and then look back the crowd that was behind me is gone….had he same thing happen to me at a union job, I tried to make changes that would go back to following our handbook and yes it would benefit me but it would benefit everyone else too, and you know when, everybody else clammed up and became scarce, I even had other workers that I know had their head so for up managements as they couldn’t see the light of day write derogatory words beside my name on the time sheet that hung on the wall. I twas in our break room and you know I can’t stand disrespectful people so while everyone was in the room I stood up and ask who kept writing beside my name (dead silence), so I told each and everyone of then that whom ever did it was a fucking coward and should grow a set and come to me and say what they have to say and guess what, still silence……cowards.

    2. agreed, There are a lot of other GO FAST sports entities to watch on weekends. How are they going to keep all these flags out of the wind at races? Are they going to escort the citizens from the stands and keep their ticket money?

    3. NASCAR was losing it way before all the current events of now! They tried to appeal to the younger generation and that lasted for a very few short years before they burned out on the sport and left it! Nascars problems go much further than the demographics there trying to appease now, but that would take to long to explain!

  55. Yes Nascar has turned its socialist back on the white people that made them who they are, we should shut them down. If you research, amazon (Jeff Dip-shit rich boy), and a lot of these other companies are giving money to OUTFITS, I can’t even say the names of the traitors anymore, it makes me want to puke and I can guarantee you each of us here has now been put on a gov’t list but hell I have been on one.

    We need to shut NFL, NASCAR, NIKE, FORD and any other company that turns on the white race DOWN!!!!!!!

    One more thing history swept away in some dark corner tells us the blacks were not treated that bad but the Irish men, women and children were and no I am not Irish but they are my white brothers and sisters just like all anglo-saxon are.

    You want to get a dose of reality, tell blacks that the jews had it worse than they did..LOL Oh no we had it so bad, ok were you gassed, starved to death, experimented on like rats, burned alive etc…..

    Let’s clear another fabrication up about white man making them slaves, blacks obviously had money at that time to since the first true slave owner was a black and he was the cause of slavery.
    H did not want to give his indentured servants the land they worked 7 years for (think it was 50 acres to won and farm) so he petitioned the courts to keep them and not give them what they worked for and guess what, slavery was born and the indentured servant status was gone.

    1. Les, Every bit of history you recited is WRONG! All WRONG!! It’s sad that your parents brought you up this way, giving you bad history! You’ve spent your entire life seeing the world as blacks against whites! Blacks against you!!! How sad. That’s your entire world: blacks against you! Too bad you were wrong! You were wrong then and you’re wrong now! Grow up!!! You are no longer 7 years old!! Grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. NASCAR keeps shooting themselves in the foot they have let black lives matter infiltrate the sport, an organization that to me represents rioting, looting , and destroying cities funded by George Soros. Now it is the flag issue and the Kneeling in disrespect of our flag.I guess they will get what they have done to offend loyal fans after they have made a mass exodus. Another thing that has not help enjoyment is drivers are puppets that are not allowed to display emotion . The NASCAR play book needs to be rewritten.It may be time for an outfit to come in and restart what made NASCAR what it used to be and with a new name

    1. Bud: Someone had to be dumb enough to bring George Soros into this, and it was you. My God, are you stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soros has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. NASCAR….do not insult the intelligence of the individuals that have supported you from the beginning. Let us say that your position on the Confederate is heartfelt and authentic. Let us review your words…“The presence of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry. Bringing people together around a love for racing and the community that it creates is what makes our fans and sport special. The display of the Confederate flag will be prohibited from all NASCAR events and properties.” In part of your statement your position is “our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for ALL fans, our competitors and our industry.” This is where your hypocrisy is evident. It would be just as easy to exchange the word Confederate flag for Black Lives Matter because Black Lives Matter does not provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for All fans. Fact is this….if you seek an inclusive environment for All fans then Black Lives must not be allowed to have a presence at NASCAR events as well. Therefore, in conclusion, you are selling out to the leftists and their political correctness nonsense. You are just a bunch of pandering cowards….shame on your hypocrisy. I hope you get what you deserve and remember….pandering does not bring reconciliation but rather it fosters division. You just became part of the problem…..shame on you.

    1. Hippocratic messages like this will be the undoing of an American love affair with THE GOOD OLE BOYS RACIN”. Soon as sponsers find that they are not getting viewers for their products things will go downhill quickly. PC has no place in American Sports or anywhere else for that matter. We are , or were, all equal in the eyes of the constitution and society was moving forward toward that goal until our Leaders decided to change it in favor or BLM, ANTIFA and other groups for voter support to keep the good ole boys in congress happy stealing away the American dream.!!!!!

    2. Excellent post Dan. The only thing I can add to your factual description is NASCAR has just spit on the Constitution and especially the First Amendment and the Preamble. Their position denies the majority their right to speak, peaceably assemble and their liberty and pursuit of happiness. Unlike those who they are succumbing to who are divisive, protesting in a violent and destructive way, are segregating the nation thereby creating more racism and are an extreme and disgruntled minority pushing lawlessness and hate. NASCAR has just joined that group wholeheartedly. What next will they ban Coca-cola, Hot Dogs, U.S. made cars and the U.S. Flag as what is now their group of choice may hate them as well.

    3. Dan: If by people with intelligence you mean supporters of the Confederate flag, then you are talking about people with not intelligence! Further, the BLM flag is very 2020, while the Confederate flag is very 1864. Further, we still have a need for a BLM flag today, while we haven’t had a need for a Confederate flag since 1864. It’s an unneeded and unwanted relic!!!

    4. Ok then the word slavery needs to be dropped, they keep bringing up things that no longer exist. They need to go get education that is handed to them .

  58. Enough is enough, I fought these fuckers growing up and beat them, we had them in the school and more being bused in to dummy up our educational system and it worked, look at the younger generation of whites.

    Where i grew up 3 to 5 of those bastards would attack a white kid, just like hyenas, they are just like them. I treat someone the way they treat me but god dammit enough is enough.

    On another note, you know how serious I am about this shit, I told my son and daughter they ever dated on I would disown them and they know I would and I told them if they ever polluted my bloodline with that African blood, that would not be my grand child and I would never see them or their kid. Liberals pushed for this shit because hey are power hungry cowards (mongrels), the blacks could get things like rickets etc.. that whites couldn’t get buck the crossbreeding like animals is breeding their illnesses right out of their polluted bloodlines. All these years and they still act like animals and for bleeding heart whitey, learn your history and where we came from, while the animals in Africa had nothing and were in tribes our ancestors were building castles and amazing architectural structures, creating musical instruments, reading the stars, teaching and learning math etc while blacks were hunting with spears and running from lions….. Come on people, we have the richest heritage/ history on this planet and it has been taken away and forgotten

    1. OH, Les! You really should shut up! You’ve dug your grave and now you’re being buried in it!!! You are the sorriest excuse for a human being ever made!!!!!!! Nothing you say is constructive!! It’s all destructive!!! You were born into hate, and you haven’t stopped hating for a minute during your life!!!!!!! How sad! The country passed you by 60 years ago!!!!

  59. White People build it One day a Half Black destroyed it . Liberals at there best. Trump 2020

    1. Exactly….but our own race turned on us, we are the only race that will choose another over his white brother and sister.

  60. This is a Good Old White Boy Sport
    If you don’t like it get the Fuck out .
    There are all black communities and all
    Black collages and we don’t scream Racism
    This was a good old SPORT and now it’s
    so boring. Let All the Blacks take it Over
    like everything else they Fucked Up

  61. well, just one more thing to cross off of my list. pandering to the blacks has gotten so ridiculous

  62. We as a free nation will perish because of the political correctness. I looked at the Confederate flag as a stepping stone in America’s history.
    The forefathers lived in a time and understood injustice, and understood the bill of rights and the constipation. It may have been written over 200 years ago but the basics are still true. At the rate America is going we will be another Venazula or Germany under Hitler or China. What will happe. Then to the traitors, or transgenders, gay, Les bion or any special ethnic group under that. Rule?

    1. You are so right Joan, Any flag that represents a part of this nations history should be protected as should any statue, any document like our DEAR CONSTITUTION THAT IS BEING SHREDDED. Our founding fathers that came up with and signed the Constitution were geniuses compared to these clown in office now, One founder was smarter than all the politicians put together today.

      History somewhere hidden from our eyes that was in the history books when I went to school will tell you that there were blacks that fought for the south, not because they had to or were forced to, because they knew the truth about what the North wanted, they wanted the Souths goods for next to nothing, they wanted control like the devilcrats have now.

      Why are they still in office, because the system is a lie and people believe the bullshit they are fed.

      I believe it was Jefferson that said basically, not in these words but if this country becomes a democracy over a republic than we might as well put our head between our legs and kiss our ass good bye.

      This country was meant to be a republic, as in TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. WHO REMEMBERS THIS?? WE were meant to be a Republic, a democracy does not give we the people the right to make choices for our own country and well being, it give the Devilcrats the right to do as they please, they are the democracy, they make the decisions between themselves.

      We are looking at a one world Govt and yes those dumb asses will still be in office controlled by the UNITED NATIONS, look what happens when President Trump pulls away from WHO and threatens to do the same to the UNITED NATIONS…..ALL hell breaks loose in this country, we have sleepers cells here just waiting for the go ahead, politicians and big business paying to have the heathens tear down this country and bring it to it’s knees.

    2. right on Les!!!! Thank you, screw you Andre, YOU need to shut up as you have no idea of what you’re talking about. Get out of this country if you don’t like it, take your lib friends and antifa assholes with you

  63. Wake up America if we throw away our past we are bound to repeat it & no one wants that. We can`t let every little thing try to make we the people of America change every thing because of a small group, cause then the next group gets up & they make demands. It is called we have laws that are for everyone no matter what color you are the law is the LAW…. We all have to live by the same law because with out it this is the kind of thing that happens. We need as a nation to get back with GOD that means you go to church read the Bible & know about your history. People who loot burn building`s and break laws need to go to jail no matter what color they are the things that are happening are being let dun buy the different states on purpose because it`s all about politics.

    1. So true, the bad thing is it will not change for us without another Paul Revere, it will not just change without some force behind it.

      Look at the Mexican situation also, Illegal Alien….Illegal means illegal period, if we had illegal in front of our name for something we did, the white man would go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go to jail and be abused by the animals in there.

      What is bad also is the blacks that know true history (older generation) and want what we would be ok with which is equality but that won’t happen, I am afraid it is them or us. Look at every riot that has taken place, just like the Rodney King situation, how many of you have actually sat down to realize that it was a set up, he pushed those cops into acting out.
      Why do I BELEIVE THIS, BECAUSE CELL PHONES WITH CAMERAS WERE NOT AROUND UNTIL 1999, the first commercial camera came out in Japan, the king set up was in 1991.
      Oh ok, someone just happen to have a video camera right there on the scene when this happened. No it was a set up and now that bastard and his family made history, became rich and found bleeding white hearts….MY HEART BLEEDS FOR NO ONE BUT MY OWN KIND THAT ARE PERSECUTED DAILY IN SOME WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

    2. Eric: You are telling blacks to know their place and not make a stink because it’s a white man’s world!!! That’s EXACTLY what you are saying! Be ashamed! Be very ashamed!!!!!!! The black man has put up with that in this country for 400 years, and he’s not going to take it anymore!!!! Your attitude is straight out of Jim Crow, and that era has been dead for 70 years! 70 years it’s been dead, and you are still hanging on to it! Be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. All this Racist BS needs to End Now. History is being Destroyed and that’s WRONG. Sports needs to stay out of Politics.
    The National Anthem and our Flag needs to be Respected. BLM and Antifa are HATE groups Plain and Simple, so is the KKK and White Supremacist. The Civil War has been over for almost 200 Years.
    People need to get over that.

    1. True they don’t want equality they want everything, I have been fist fighting these bastards throughout my younger life and I am living proof that we are stronger, we are better and we can beat them. I have beat the shit out of racist blacks since I was in grade school, then the Military, almost had me put out and going to captains mass because instead of letting them talk shit and walk over me I would let them know what a white fist feels and taste like.

      Betsy Ross, poor woman is rolling over in her grave…this is our history, OURS!!!

      The national anthem may has well been written in blood, my god everyone, think about what the white men and women that settled this country went through to get here. There were no cowards back then, they fought for their rights, for their beliefs for their families and brothers and sisters. It is time to repay the favor I do believe because if we don’t stand up to them, then there will be no country or world for our white offspring to call home.

      Every white nation bar non has been infiltrated on purpose to break up any all ANGLO-SAXON WHITE COMMUNITIES!!!!! The truth, look at Europe and do some digging.

    2. Just look at Minneapolis. Congresswoman Omar was allowed to rule over that district thanks to Obastard. Anywhere these Muslims are allowed to live, they turn into third-world shit holes. I don’t live there, but I’m willing to bet if I were to drive through Minneapolis right now, I’d think I was in Beirut.

    3. Nicholas, your racism isn’t helping anything. It isn’t bringing anyone together, except for other rabid racists like yourself. You’d be better off shutting up!!!!

    4. Les, you are a hopeless human being!!!!! I find it sad that you’ve hated blacks all your life. Your parents were bad people, and you are a horrible person!!!! Nothing you have to say is worth anything!!! You’d be better off if you shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Try explaining all of this to that guy[or gal] posting as Andre Stephenson. I’m wondering what time he has spent in any of the military branches serving and protecting this nation. Of course he could lie if he wanted to and claim service that he’s never done. Kind of hard to ever verify. Incidently, working as a street organizer does not count as public service.

  65. its time people stoped this and stop letting the Government run our lives. The Confederate flag is a part of History and stay that way. Just like the statues they are tearing down.

    1. Amen, especially white history, since without us here nothing would have been architecturally built sound!!!

      We are the top of the food chain, white people need to remember their history and where they come from.

    2. By the virtue-signaling logic of this idiots, we’re supposed to think the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism? How can a flag be racist if it’s an inanimate object? It’s like being afraid of the boogey man!!!

    3. Right on
      Never try to teach a pig to sing
      It’s a waste of time and annoys the pig

  66. They say we are racist, white people have put of with their animalistic ways and tolerated them..NO MORE!!!! We need to shut down every business that supports BLM and Antifa, they are firing white people for saying all lives matter, well lets send them all back to Africa because all that matters is the well fair of my ANGLO-SAXON brothers and sisters. We used to be at the top of the food chain until our own people in high places started brow beating white men and pushing interracial relationships and you have so many dumb ass whore white in the world they just get brain washed into following along. They may look better to each other but damn I couldn’t wake up to that everyday or anytime. They were created for an atmosphere such as Africa, why do you think they have dark skin and brillo pad hair but now they want to be us, straightening their hair cross breeding their big lips and noses away.

  67. This article has it all wrong. The driver didn’t quit over the Confederate flag. He was okay with that. It was when NASCAR changed their national anthem policy to allow drivers or any other NASCAR personnel to take a knee during the National Anthem, that he and I had a problem with. Just like the NFL, NASCAR has now lost me as a fan.

  68. This is insane. I was myself never into racing, but a lot of people are. This is/was America. Land of the free. If they are making us change history to suit them, how are we free? I don’t blame the drivers they should all walk out. Maybe NASCAR will realize their mistake to cave in to these demands.
    I have things I’d like changed. Should I go burn up a few towns and submit my demands?
    COME ON PEOPLE, wake up.

    1. Tami: This is not the Land of the Free for blacks! You must be white. NASCAR has taken a very big and important and significant step to erasing Confederate history. A history of slavery and racism. 160 years of racism. It’s about time it was erased completely!

    2. Andre I have many friends that are black and have way better jobs than I do. They do not agree with all this crap going on right now. Believe me there are reforms that have to be dealt with , but it will not go far with radical actions of rioting and looting!

  69. Well now, is NASCAR going to drop Coca Cola? It was founded by a Confederate General. What’s right for the goose is right for the gander, I will never forget my first NASCAR race 66 years ago in Northern California, I was a 10 year old, excited and there was Confederate flags every where. I agree, BLM, but you can’t change history by getting rid of flags or statues. I thought NASCAR was a stronger organization and could not be influenced by a few, how wrong am I. Blue Lives Matter as well, I spent 30 years as a LEO and am proud of it, I guess I am done with NASCAR unless they bring back the flag or do away with Coca Cola as well.

  70. I’m done with NASCAR and their sponsors. Find BLM members to support the sport.
    History can’t be erased by dumbass decisions like this.

    1. History will not change!
      All idiots don’t understand this.
      We should tell them this every time when they trying to break historical monuments!

  71. I dodnt go that far but he definetly doesnt have the fan base to carry the sport like Dale Jr or several others. I guess they are liking racing at empty tracks. Ive been to several tracks and races and ive never once seen any.
    problems between the fans. The world is a gone crazy. Makes me want to go buy a flag pole

  72. We as Americans, there are many who desire to come to this country because of our liberty, freedom because of our American History.
    Our History now is subject due to a minority of people and not necessarily American Citizens protesting to tear our country apart. I use to be a Democrat and realize the party and media is no longer Concerned with our country. They are deceptively biding for political power and there political careers. There leadership is bought and paid for. Don’t be fooled. Trump has his faults but he believes in America First and it shows. We can only hope Pro-Sports, Media, Antifa, Hollywood Psycho’s, Black Lives Matter are all exposed for the opportunists that they are to set there agendas. We the People better take a stand. We need to take our country back. The election in November is a start. We need more!

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how the Dummycraps make a daily habit of shooting themselves in the foot. Is this intentional? Are they trying to martyrize themselves?

  73. I love the fact that I’m not the only one who thinks like this. The left’s are stirring in shit to take over the good old USA. I agree if you destroy the monuments destroy all of them, take all the flags down I’ll wave my own flags you know the ones that were really fought for . I’m a SOUTHERNER by the grace of GOD. They need to do away with the news as well those people are the ones creating all of this crap to start with. I believe that if you think the niggers were done wrong just think of how the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS are thinking right now. The South will rise again!

  74. Bubba Wallace I believe does not understand the dynamics of what he is pushing on the sport of NASCAR Racing! Bubba is at best a 10th through 25th place finisher after 2 years on the circuit which does not qualify him to be mouthing off in this sport. It’s sad that NASCAR is pandering to a radical racist organization BLM. Could you imagine what would happen if another driver wore a Trump shirt to a race? Bubba when you win a race or a championship then you can get cocky because Nascar is only about one thing , winning and bringing in the money! No one is watching you race because you cannot even run in the front pack. If this is the only way you can draw attention to yourself lol. Nascar you owe an apology to Kyle Larson who was by far a better race car driver than Bubba! Funny how Larson and Bubba said the N word back and forth to each other as friends and NASCAR has not mentioned anything about that! You will have to put dummies out in the seats of future races to make it look like you have an audience! FORMER NASCAR FAN!

    1. Andre I have friends that run race cars in nascar sanctioned events and I do know very well what i’am talking about! Believe me if you are not running at the top of the pack the fans will not pay any attention to you, but if your winning they could care less if your black, white, or whatever the hell race you might be and they will respect you for your talent!

  75. i have been an avid Nascar fan as long i can remember, but this last move will be the last time i watch or attend another race, they are in lockstep with the nfl and i haven’t watch a game since the clown in San Francisco started all the this mess

  76. So – you make the sport on a level playing field so nobody has an advantage – they all have to buy their car bodies from NASCAR – cha Ching – they can’t advertise beer or cigarettes or liquor on their cars – minus cha Ching – now they have called everybody who has supported the sport for 75 years racist and insensitive to others needs- well when we all stop coming to the track then you can get all these liberal fucks to take our place – oh wait – they think we are low life uneducated scumbags – they would’nt waste their time lowering themselves to hang with us – stop buying anything nascar related – stop subscribing to the nascar channel and app – in one month they will be wanting to suck our dicks to get us back – our demands – everybody builds their own cars – have a template but no laser scanners – and no more Sprint Xfinity Tampex Walmart etc racing series – demand it be renamed the Winston Cup and Busch Series or at least The Earnhardt Cup Series and don’t ever change it again out again – greedy fucks – they don’t care about the sport just the cash – Dale Earnhardt was a Seven time Winston Cup Champion – he was never a Seven time Sprint champion – boys – let’s take back our sport!

    1. Isn’t it sickening Steve, how they all make this out to be for some altruistic goal? They think this is going to help stop racism in America? What a bunch of bullshit!! All they care about is money

  77. If NASCAR advertisers think this will keep BLM or ANTIFA from boycotting them I hope they realize they are balancing 6% against94% who will no longer participate and boycott their products.

  78. Well let’s see just how many negro fans flock to their empty stands if they don’t need us we don’t have to spend our money to go to the races or watch it .

    1. Exactly, Jerry. I’m curious to see how many black people have voiced their opinions about the Confederate flag being racist. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, uh…………0?

  79. Is americas getting so soft against crime that we now give in to crime in the streets and knell for as a way of forgiveness as u are the problem .alot of veterans are rolling over in their graves..

    1. Hey Andre Stephenson, with all your comments, have you even every been to a NASCAR race, all that seems to matter to you is the BLM rights ,Gays rights, and people from other countries rights and there Flags, not the American Flag that was carried into battles and died for so people like you could have freedom to say whatever you want, But that goes both ways, other Americans also can say what they believe in too. Just because you do not want to remember History and want to destroy our Flag and even the confederate flag does not mean History is not something to be learned from. Sure we made mistakes but History also shows where we have changed and made things better. Maybe you should visit North Korea and try just to remove one of there posters and see what happens to you,I’ll bet you would be praying one of the American vets you just put down would be there to save your butt!!!!!!!! This all started because you like to put labels on people, and NASCAR started in the south so the flag has been part of that race since the beginning, not as a flag for slavery but as a flag for Southern States and Southern Pride . No one alive now was ever a Slave and maybe you should study History and find out that it was your own people in Africa and other countries that first sold you to Arabs then Europeans sold you to Americans, and if you really study History you will discover there were also Black slave owners too!

    2. Andre is obviously wearing blinders and cannot think beyond what what he is being spoon fed from the progressive left. It’s total waste of time to attempt to communicate with him on a civilized, intellectual, factual level.

  80. Well leave it to NASCAR to Fuck up another
    Sport. It’s people’s right to display what they
    Want not some ass telling me I CAN’T.
    Mind your own Fucking business and try
    To run a race only. Keep your mouth shut
    When in comes to Political policy. We don’t
    need you to tell us how to live Freely.
    I will never watch football again because of the
    Assholes Disrespecting the Flag and This Country

    1. Tom: The NFL kneelers AREN’T disrespecting the country or the flag!!!! It’s not part of their protest!! They are kneeling to protest police brutality toward blacks! Nothing more! Don’t believe that idiot Trump; he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!!! You have the right to display a Confederate flag, if you’re dumb enough!! But you don’t have the right to display that flat ON NASCAR PROPERTY!!!!! Get it???

    2. If the kneelers aren’t disrespecting the flag, then why are they doing it during the rendering of honors to the flag and the national anthem?
      If they wanted to make a statement why don’t they all go to the 50 yard line at the end of the first half and stage their protestation? EVERYBODY on both teams – from the players to the coaches, and even the waterboys – and drop to a knee?
      Would seem to me that would make more of a statement and piss less people off.
      The thing to remember here is that the sports leagues are businesses, and if you piss your customers off the bottom line suffers. And that includes advertisers.

  81. You are taking away peoples rights…the 1st Amendment. This is not about
    being a racists, it’s a group of people (which the Democratic Party is behind with
    their big money) that is wanting to destroy all of the American History and all
    the rights of the normal everyday life. I’m really sick and tried of the money
    makers going to their defense. Can y’all not see what is happening. You’re going
    to regard these asinine decisions you money mongers have done.
    We have supported and watched NASCAR since the 1960’s, but this is it for this
    family; you just lost some money.

  82. NASCAR is slowly working its way out of business. They have ruled, and regulated into boring. Now they are bowing to the left. They are joining the NFL in stupid. I stopped watching them years ago.

    1. NASCAR will see they have started something that will bit them BIG TIME. Don’t care if I ever attend or see another rce. These drivers are good people, even Bubba, But the message they have sent this week by disavowing painters and insulting our history is too much PC !!!!!

  83. They need to send all these cry babies to Russia. Let them learn what it mean to br free . all these idiots are do. Is the same thing they are screaming about. They are pushing their ways on others. So what’s the difference in what they are doing and the past?

    1. ARMY Vet at least he fought for are freedom and even your freedom, as much as you post guess you do not work.
      the confederate flag has more meaning to lots of southerner then what you Yankees feel, but unless we agree with your thoughts we do not count

    1. Nice post. And your not racist I guess! You do neither side any good! Nuff said!

  84. Please remove the gay pride flags, and evey other country flag. If this is the way we are going to play it. We only want to see the stars and stripes around our nation. We dont fly the rainbow and unicorn flag at our bases.Nor do we fight under it or for it.

    1. Amen, The Stars and Stripes IS OUR FLAG ! When every other nations people come here and fly their flag they need to go back home and fix their own problems, not become part of the problem here destroying the very things they say they came to celebrate, Individual Freedom ! We fought for freedom and fight for it in other lands and this is what we gt for our efforts?

  85. I will not ever get involved in or around nascar as long as they want to erase American Heritage an play the Race Cardinals

    1. After the civil war the democrats couldnt make money from slavery anymore. So they migrated to the norths factories.

  86. no the matter what the liberals ban they can’t remove true american history it will always exist. stand with hand over heart eyes to the flag and salute america no matter your beliefs america has given people more rights and freedom than anywhere in the world, we always right our wrongs and make the world better !!!!!!!!

    1. remove all Mlk and Kennedys and all the street name after Mlk take down all signs, half these people don’t know anything about the war between the states why it started or the civil war,they were never taught history.they are doing what ,left tells them to do

    2. Americans haven’t bettered the world at all for blacks!!! Not for 400 years!!! It won’t take another 400 years to change America! The Confederacy has been around for 160 years, and hopefully it won’t take another 160 years to change America for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. It’s not America’s responsibility to better the world erasing what has happened for the past 400 years. And, other than revolutionary war reenactments, I’ve not seen a single revolutionary solder in my entire 78 years on this planet. Is America perfect? No, and you can’t show me another country that is or even comes close to perfect. Unlike some other countries, who do still have slavery, we don’t. You want to harp on this issue, go and post comments relating to them. I know on a personal and business level far too many successful black individuals who have thrived within our system.

    4. I have to disagree with this post! Compare blacks living standards in America to the living standards in Africa! No difference? And why is it America’s fault that blacks lives haven’t gotten better around the world? We’ve done much for the world no matter their race . So it’s America’s fault for all the f::ken dictators in Africa? The continent is f::ken full of them. America is responsible for the mass killings of black Christians and other blacks by the state of Islam? Funny but most Muslims are of color at least many are. And why is it just America’s fault? No other countries have anything to do with this? The f::ken Tooties had a genocidal war with another set of blacks and hundreds of thousands died and were maimed if not millions and America is to blame?!! Yes America had slaves and we fought a war to free them and the blacks went through much cruel shit by whites, but if it wasn’t for whites they would still be slaves. America is not perfect but we are the best thing around. One last thing…if America is so bad why do so many minorities risk their lives to f::ken get here? Blacks here have it a whole lot better than almost every other country on Earth. We have a ways to go but like people like you you never give America any credit for how far blacks have come since the slavery days. All you clowns talk of is Jim Crow, slavery, segregation, and so on, like these thing are still around! America has done much to make up for slavery, something that every country had at that time. We, America were one of the first, if not the first to abolish it. Yet no recognition from blind people like you! Nuff said!

    1. I have never followed This Sport! However, where does it stop? Allowing one race controlling the entire US? Sick! Using GUILT & Businesses just fold to their wishes! Protest? Yes? Breaking the law? NO! If they cannot be arrested because their skin happens to be Black? How is that improving relationships? Yes, BAD Cops! BUT No Laws? Ok to just pull up block Wendy’s drunk, resist arrest? Shot? No just give him a Pat on the back, because he is black! Not one person White or Black should be able to break the law & not obey the law! Bad Parenting or NO Parenting growing up! No education, now no Job! Who’s fault is that? Just go break the law & if Shot? Breaking the law is forgotten & you become a Hero! Just protest & all fold! SAD! Ya, burn down Wendy’s? But that is OK because we are Black! So SAD!

    2. Stereotyping maybe yes, but too much of what he said in his post unfortunately happens to be true. And rioting and looting certainly isn’t doing anything to correct that perception. Peaceful demonstration – absolutely okay. We, in general, agree that that cop was a rogue and completely wrong in what he did. That fact has been overwhelmingly demonstrated across racial lines.

  87. good bye NASCAR , its been fun but now its over. nothing more then PC slot car racing.



    1. When you people act like batshit frothing at the mouth America hating raving psycho-paths, communists & demoncRATS others will talk bad about you. Suck it up, buttercup, you deserve it. The rest of you, BUY AMMO, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. One of these days it will all pay off. GO TRUMP 2020-2024-2028————————

    2. Practicing is all well and good, but don’t burn all of your ammo up leaving you with a shortage should the need to defend our country actually arise.

  89. If we get rid of every flag that is that of a country we have been “enemies” with we would have to ban too many to bother with. Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Korea, Viet Nam, Spain, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and even England! I’m sure that there are more on the list, but my memory isn’t too good anymore. When I see the battle flag of the Confederacies I do not picture the Civil War, it takes me to our beautiful southern states. If we put that much hate into OUR SOUTHERN STATES ,we truly need to get rid of all statues, painting’s and writing’s that may remind us of the most difficult period of OUR history.

    1. NASCAR will see when fans cancel there tickets they have been buying every year for many years and nascar goes bankrupt this is ridiculous kneeling for the flag finishes off how liberal they are turning!!! I’ve had Bristol night race tickets for 15 years n this is my last year !

    2. If you want to destroy our history be tearing down anything having to do with slavery why don’t you start in your own backyard and destroy all the headstones of the fallen that defended slavery, plow over their graves and then say , what civil was it never happened

    3. Daniel, you aren’t black! When blacks see the Confederate flag they see slavery! They see racism that has existed for 150 years under that flag! You are part of the problem, not the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. That’s all in your mind do you even how many different versions of the flag and what they mean I didn’t think so and I’m not going to tell you that’s something you should know before running your mouth

    5. The Confederacy fought a Civil War to break away from the United States because they wanted slavery, period! So it doesn’t matter how many different designs of it there is, they all represent slavery to a race of people. Lincoln fought the Civil War for two reasons to keep the nation together and to end slavery. By keeping the country as one, the other would come to be. Sorry but the flag is racist! Are you going to say that the Confederate flag doesn’t stand for the people who wanted to keep another race of people as slaves? Sorry but you need to read up on what blacks went through in the South, not only before the Civil War, but after it and all the way to the 1950s. Come on some things are plain to see if you just open your eyes. Nuff said!

    6. Pretty sad the freed blacks owned each other but you don’t hear them talking about that

    7. Then go and protest in those countries who actually purchased those slaves and shipped them over to America. Stop blaming the white man and past American history for everything during your fits of anger.

    8. Well said how about the fack that tribes in Africa sold there own kind into slavery.

    9. More irish slaves during the slave trading days than african slaves.
      Irish lives mattet

    10. Absolutely correct. If you don’t see that flag as associated with slavery then you are either ignorant or a closet racist.
      Read some of these posts. They are why the flag has to go.

    11. Why do they see slavery it was over 150 yrs ago HISTORY you know what the blacks are doing to us erasing it. There is not one slave today that is still living and whites were also slaves read your history why you still can. I fly a confederate flag and it is not up to show racism it its a statement he is from the south and I am from the north. My right

    12. They only see slavery because that’s what they were taught it starts in the home. Not one single person was there that is still alive so none of us can say what really happened. I will continue to fly my CONFEDERATE FLAG!!!
      it is not a racist flag for us it shows where we came from husband from the South and I am from the North.

  90. Weak kneed capitulation at its best. Wake up people! PC is dead, Black Lives Matter is a communist front for Democrats. To use a Democrat euphemism: “Resist.”

    1. When PC first became a household word in the early ’90’s, everyone thought it was a good idea. I’m against anyone using their speech or behavior to unfairly judge other people. But this shit is getting out of hand! Now, I see it is yet another Liberal Narrative that is used to achieve a desired result, the control of the masses!

    2. Finally ,blm was started by carl marx, a Damned communist, all the others that are looting and burning , they are all together trying to overthow our government and way of life. I have long said the democrats are communists, I call the COMMEYCRATS, and guess who is funding everything the damned commeycrats. Look at Seattle, the reason they are still there is because the Mayor and Governor not only invited them in they are commeycrats also.. Come on America show what you are made of before we see our country fall from within///

    3. You are right they are communist and people better wake up and pay attention.we’re done watching NAS CAR FOR EVER

    4. Take a good look at Seattle, if China would have known just how easy it would have been to occupy it we would all be speaking Chinese, ah then their Mayor could have a lifetime of love

    5. NASCAR allowed “Black Lives Matter” to be painted on a car which in its self is racist?

    6. If it’s a real populist organization then why aren’t they protesting about the blacks that were murdered during their rioting. It wasn’t done by the police either! If it’s about black lives then why did they burn and loot black businesses in poor neighborhoods that blacks depended for their food and prescription drugs? Black owned businesses Burt to the ground how did that help blacks? And where the f::k were they this past weekend when two young black children were shot and killed walking home, and a baby shot and killed in a car, while there were hundreds of people shot in Chicago? BLM is for destroying the family structure and abolishing all police! They are a communist back organization, period! They are not some ground roots organization! If you believe that then either your with them, or your a complete fool! Wake up! Nuff said!

  91. A sport created by southern moonshiners. And this is Nascars move. Wow. Smart. Maybe talk to NFL they have lost millions.

    1. Something needs to be done. Some wants to take everything away. All this racist stuff. Enough is enough leave history alone.

    2. Something needs to be done. Some wants to take everything away. All this racist stuff. Enough is enough leave history alone.

    3. I dodnt go that far but he definetly doesnt have the fan base to carry the sport like Dale Jr or several others. I guess they are liking racing at empty tracks. Ive been to several tracks and races and ive never once seen any problems between the fans. The world is a gone crazy.

    4. This politically correct crap has gone so far that the term has lost its meaning. I hope everyone boycotts all the sports where officials like the NBA where the commissioner has begged forgiveness to anarchist groups like Anifa and BLM!!!!!

    5. Make your voices heard, boycott NASCAR for violating our rights!!! Hit them where it hurts if you have the balls.

    6. Agree the best solution any sports who do not respect America should be boycotted . We are the consumers their salaries are coming from us.

    7. This was the final nail the Coffin for me and NASCAR. I have been a Die Hard Fan. Drove to out of state races and took off work to do so. Even painted our Professional Race Go Karts with the Valvoline 6 Mark Martin paint Schemes. They tried hard to lose me with all the Car of Tomorrow cars but this DOES IT !
      I won’t watch anymore of NASCAR.

    8. from the looks of the stands the last few years I have to wonder how NASCAR can continue to hold races,years ago you couldnt get a ticket to Daytona or Talladaga its been going down hill for some time

    9. Even nascar is white supremacist look what they did in the 50s to the first black driver can’t erase that.think it’s sad that they caved to extortion, wont be watching any more nascar , there trying to cover there own ass

    10. HeH-HeH-HeH. Watermelon racing is taking over. Junior Johnson would have shot them all. Here’s a idea. Never mind, I’d get arrested. Stay Safe Y’all.

    11. All for one nigger who was high off his ass on fentanyl, died in police custody, and we’re all supposed to be stupid enough to believe it was from police brutality??? How many people do you know can survive without air for 13 minutes?

    12. They claim he was screaming “I CAN’T BREATHE” for 9 minutes, how the Fuck are you gonna scream ANYTHING if you can’t breathe! This nigger has been in prison like 8 times and the Cop knew him WELL, every time they arrested him he’d fight, then scream “I CAN’T BREATHE” so the Cops would stand him up and then SHAZAM, the chase was on! Other Cops said that ‘ol Floyd could out run a Deer when he was cuffed and they weren’t falling for it this time. Watch and see what happens if the Cop beats the charges when the Jury sees ALL the evidence, they’ll burn down everything they missed in the first Riot! I’ll Never spend another dime on anything NASCAR until they get rid of the Assholes that made this decision and put the Flag BACK!

    13. He was positive for covid and he knew he had it since April. I am surprised he was breathing b4 arrest. I don’t understand how the hell a person whom does prison time for assault and armed robbery gets not one but how many funerals treated like a royal? SICK!!! He was no hero, I dont care what color you are resist arrest and it takes several law enforcement???? The blacks protesting saying its been going on for hundreds of years, for one how do they know they have not been around that long and the other 90% of them have not a damn clue because they don’t take the time to look up history. They are to busy hanging out on the streets doing the crimes. Then cry they don’t get education,,,,its BS education is free to all if you choose to accept it. Be a white applying for grants for college is not easy. If you are of Black you can have any free ride you want? Go figure , yet they are deprived.I am wondering where all of the protesters running around 24/7 are getting their $$$. Illegal,stealing gov’t welfare??? I am so sure they were all in line for the STIMULAS checks!!!

    14. Americans need to get a backbone. Stop giving up on what you actually believe, stop apologizing for what you believe and stop giving in to the liberal bs. Fight for your rights to be free thinkers and fight to save this country.

    15. Well said, couldn’t agree more. Now it’s our turn to unite or be run over by liberal buttheads.

    16. Don’t Tread: You’re about to get run over by liberal buttheads because the tide is finally turning in this country. If you don’t get right, you’ll be left behind by history and your country!!!!

    17. It would be nice if Americans would get a back bone but I don’t see that happening.

    18. Why would anyone want to have a flag from treasonous confederacy? That flag, I guess, is thought to represent rebels. To me it represents traitors and treason.
      Throw the statues away too.

    19. It bugs the hell out of me when Christians sit on their hands and say God will handle it while we all lose our constitutional rights. And now down to the NAZI WAYS of the liberal shit for brains.
      I am believer and know God will have his hand in it, just like the civil war, when we took action to free those slaves.
      Showing faith is not just sitting back letting everything we believe in being destroyed. Showing faith is action to fight for our beliefs. Just like JESUS did. He didn’t sit on his ass and say God will do it for me. He took action for his belief, just like we should be doing today.
      Get off your asses and out of your comfort zones, show faith with your action.

    20. They keep talking slavery,but they don’t talk about the free blacks that owned slaves or the ones who supported the confederacy during the civil war,that’s part of history try to erase that

    21. I agree with you ! We as Americans are free and we should be able to Fly any Flag that we want without being attacked by Media and liberals everyday ! God is all powerful and we need to stand up for our rights and not cave to these liberal democrats , Antifa and Marxists that wish to stop us all ! It’s unfair to take anything out and because of the Flag removing , we will no longer be watching NASCAR ! Bring all flags back and we will see , but for now , you have lost very loyal Fanbase here !

    22. well said,these no backboned suppose to be american just waits for everyone to speak up & do for them! IT Shows!

    23. I was at the first race at talladega, car and truck and been a fan for over 50 years. I’ve seen many wrecks and many changes related to safety. Now I’ve had a belly full. As far as I’m concerned nascar died when Dale Earnhardt did. I’m through.
      Boycott boycott boycott.

    24. Dale Earnhardt was the King of all Kings even better than Richard Petty in my book, he was also known as the Dominator of racing what a legend Number 3 !!!!!

    25. Hats off to you, Ray Ciccarelli. You sir, have integrity and know full well there are more valuable things in this life than money. You have more balls than all of the libtarded executives at NASCAR combined!!!!!

    26. The kneelers of the NFL said it was never about the flag, it was about getting justice. Well, why is the confederate flag an issue NOW to some of these politically-correct folks? It’s just a flag showing pride for families of soldiers who fought for the south in the Civil War. It has nothing to do with slavery.

    27. Come on people! Let’s be real! The confederate flag stands ( to blacks) as slavery. The confederacy fought to separate from the United States because of slavery. They fought to keep slaves. What is the problem with the black community not wanting to see the symbol of half the country that wanted them as slaves and fought a war for that. I’m a conservative and I can see why they don’t like it. Now I’m not for all the statues being torn down maybe the ones of confederates but no more. I’m not a f::ken PC fan or any of that. But read up on what blacks went through even up to the 1950s and you can have empathy for them and see their view. I’m a white man in his sixties and I hate what the left is doing to this great country but this is something I have to agree with the blacks on. Now a days blacks have as much chance to success as anyone does so I’m not into the victim shit. Learn in school , work hard, work your way up, learn from your mistakes, get a little luck and anyone can make it big! But as far as what the Confederacy stands for to blacks… I agree with them. Nuff said!

    28. I have been a life long race fan. I attend dirt races, drag races and Nascar races, whenever possible. I never have had any issues with any of the neighbors anyone in the campground and have parked next to people from all parts of the country, over the years. The same is true for the grandstands.
      People have a right and should have the right to fly a flag southern flag whenever they wish and most of these people also fly the American Flag as well.
      All I can say to Nascar is if you mess with the fans a little to much you will lose dollars in the grandstands and such.

    29. Fuck all you redneck racist pigs. I never watched Nascar, but i will now since they got of that Johnny reb flag.

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