Bernie Staffer Predicts Riots if Sanders Doesn’t Win, ‘Cities Will Burn’ If Trump Wins

Project Veritas, that estimable group skilled at getting indiscrete lefties to say things that they ought not to say to hidden cameras, has struck again. The group has gotten a Bernie Sanders for President field organizer who has been identified as Kyle Jurek to say some things that might have been better suited to Munich in 1931 or maybe Petrograd in 1917.

What Jurek said is filled with expletives, but the gist of the matter is that if Bernie Sanders does not get the nomination this summer at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, then the city will burn, the police will be beaten by Bernie bro rioters, and the National Guard will have to be turned out to restore order. Then the rioting and burning will spread to other cities, according to an account in the Washington Times,

What if Bernie Sanders is nominated and goes on to win the general convention? Apparently, along with Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, Mr. Jurek would like to bring the Gulag to the United States. All Trump supporters will be herded into reeducation camps and would be taught “not to be Nazis.”

Billionaires would find themselves breaking big rocks into little rocks, the better to relieve them of their privilege. What better way to show the rich, once Bernie’s wealth tax has stripped them of their assets, the joys of joining the working class?

Jurek also praised the Soviet Gulag system, where Stalin sent enemies of the people to be worked to death in the wilds of Siberia. According to the History Channel, 18 million people were processed through the Gulag camps. They were forced to work with simple tools with no safety equipment for 14 hours a day, often in extreme weather conditions with inadequate food. No exact count of how many died in the Gulag camps, but roughly ten percent of the inmates died every year.

The story of the Gulag camps was recounted by the Soviet author and former inmate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and not, as Jurek suggested, the CIA. The experience of the Gulag scars the psyche of Russians to this very day.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has moved swiftly to contain the damage, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Iowa state director Misty Rebik and Iowa co-field director Brooke Adams both locked their Twitter accounts after Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe claimed they hired or worked with Jurek, who deleted his Twitter account this afternoon.”

Project Veritas published a tweet by Ms. Rebik praising the productive work of Jurek. “This room is about to hit 20,000 phone calls!! Led by our top-tier organizers @hiranodanielle and Kyle Jurek!”

Attempts to contact the Bernie Sanders Campaign for comment by a variety of news organizations have so far been met with silence. Presumably, Kyle Jurek will be fired for his indiscretion but as of this writing, no news exists of such a thing happening.

It is true that more than one Bernie bros, as young, male supporters of Sen. Sanders are called, have a history of violence. The Powerline blog notes that the video of Kyle Jurek’s rantings is just the tip of the iceberg and that more are going to follow.

Powerline also mentions the instance when a Bernie bro took things beyond fantasies of mass violence to action.

“To paraphrase John Lennon, Kyle Jurek may be a violent Communist dreamer, but he’s not the only one. James Hodgkinson, another Bernie Bro, has already done some of the worst things that Jurek threatens. The liberal press has tried to bury the fact that Hodgkinson, a Sanders volunteer, and hard-core labor unionist, shot up a group of Republican Congressmen, and would have succeeded in murdering the House Majority Whip, but for the miracles of modern medicine.”

To be sure, Sanders was quick to condemn the attempted mass assassination by one of his supporters. Powerline also suggests that he would be well advised to do the same concerning Kyle Jurek’s fantasies about burning cities and Stalinist reeducation.

However, the blog asks some pertinent questions about why the media is not paying more attention to the violent tendencies of Sanders supporters and why they are attracted to the campaign of the grandfatherly Bolshevik. Sanders honeymooned in the old Soviet Union and expressed praise for its system. Will “democratic socialism” if it is ever implemented be accompanied by the boot across the face that George Orwell warned us about?

44 thoughts on “Bernie Staffer Predicts Riots if Sanders Doesn’t Win, ‘Cities Will Burn’ If Trump Wins

    1. WHAT is Bernie going to do in the Gulag? He is worth $250,000 to #500,000 (probably MUCH MORE because he lies all the time). He has vowed to put rich people in a Gulag and put them to work breaking olcdfx to stones. HOWEVER, he and his minions should understand…WE will NOT allow them to do so!!!

      1. So sorry folks – this Mr. Kyle Jurek is nothing but a pure communist- as he claims BUT…please realize he is exactly like a little boy who suddenly hears and then uses a nasty word…it gets people to react and NOTICE the child…Jurek is just that – a little boy BRAT trying to be a “big man” by using words and actions he THINKS will get a reaction – and it does BUT…people just realize what he actually IS…a LITTLE BOY saying a nasty word to get attention…hahahahahahahaha

        1. No, I disagree with your view. The guy has just inadvertently revealed the intention and plan of socialists/communists, led by B Sanders, for America. Period. If you know, you know.

      2. He is a millionaire. He isn’t fooling anyone with a brain cell. Wonder if he will be bought out like when Clinton paid him to step down. ..there is no way on God’s green earth can we pay for all his free crap.

  1. I find it amazing that people like Kyle Jurkes really think they could have a chance in hell of standing up in a battle with the military or even the several million older gentlemen that are Vietnam veterans who could kick their a$$es in seconds (and gladly would).

  2. Stupid is as stupid says. Jurkes is a jerk to think there will be war if B.S. doesn’t win. America is, and always has been above anarchy, which Jurkes is preaching. And if riots do occur, America will stand strong against them!

    Richard Rice
    An American

  3. We would turn into another Venezuela if Sanders won ! Just like if clinton had won in 2016 ! Nothing but socialism misery with rampant organized crime & terrorism that the hillary murdering skank bragged about doing to America !

  4. The answer is very simple if the Bernie Bros riot after the convention of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico, or if they begin an insurrection after losing the general election. Bring in the army and the national guard, start shooting and keep shooting until they stop or until there no bros left

  5. Milwaukee has a substantial % of the Democrat Party that do not believe a Communist (A socialist experience to know that owning all helps steal its capital faster than by taxes) named Sanders has the right answers. Of course, most between 18-25 do not know this, but have no trouble accepting it.

    They also accept burning down is a fun way to express something about hatred of America. I pray that they learn better than to start a Russian type of civil war. The opposition are not peasants, but armed citizens not about to yield to Sanders or other extremist ideas. It will be a horrible battle to have no winner.

  6. They show us who they really are, and we are the haters. It is these college communist alumni, who needs re education or a trip to Venezuela. All of your comments tell me there are plenty of us out the, Thank God

    1. This Country will never vote for socialist scum like you Bernie. You think your so smart pointing your finger at the sky. Against God himself with all your filthly spew, for your own Greed of power. You are destined to fail, and you will.

  7. Why would you think this would help
    BERNIE SANDERS, Very Stupid Statement that WILL BE USE BY TRUMP TO WIN !!
    News has just screwed BERNIE
    Bernie Staffer Predicts Riots if Sanders Doesn’t Win, ‘Cities Will Burn’ If Trump Wins
    4 days ago editor

  8. Id Bernie wins, the U S will end up in a depression that will make the one that began in 1929 look like a picnic. With this socailist in the White House, the United States will cease to exist.

  9. BS et Al are all flaming idiots. There is no such thing as FREE ANYTHING! It is always paid before or after. Free college? Do our communist-believing professors work for free? Are the utilities, books, building maintenance free? Come on, people. Do these kids really think all of this is volunteer work? Or….if they think the “government” is going to pay… who do they think the government is? If anyone really wants socialism or communism, try reading the book, “1984”. From the title, you might think it’s a history book. It is not. It was written as science fiction. But it is frightening to think our young people are actually embracing this ideology. As for Mass destruction at the hands of BS’s followers, I think it is very possible and quite likely

  10. If anyone attempt to BURN DOWN my town, these people WILL become TARGET practice for the “rednecks” who love this town and this state. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. The comments above show a marked lack of knowledge and awareness. The “talking point” (Venezuela) is straight out of the GOP talking points. I am not—repeat NOT—a Bernie Sanders supporter. If he were to win the nomination there would be GOP propaganda (like the above) about how his Democratic Socialism would turn the country into Venezuela (unfounded assertion) and now I see that the Gulag has entered the rant. Bernie should just show up with a cross and nails if he were to win the nomination. He would be a poor choice because he has lost SIX (6) elections and could not even get elected Governor of Vermont (2 tries). He seems like a nice enough guy, but the Democrats face a choice between “revolution” vs “evolution” (David Axelrod). Right now the majority of U.S. voters just want a return to normalcy and a president with integrity, honesty and an inner core of morality and empathy for others. They do NOT want continued chaos and corruption, which is what we have now. Whoever it is, vote blue. Nobody can ever be worse than DJT.

    1. Anyone you would vote for will be horrible for our country. It is time for conservative principles after the 8 years of cheating, invasive Chicago politics of the past regime. Democrats take away our freedoms & steal the hard earned money we work for.

    2. Bull hockey Connie you know virtually nothing about America or Americans it would seem to make these blanket claims. Don’t like America move away. As for the Don, history will label him and I do believe he will be one of the best ever

    3. You clearly on a routine regiment of an extremely potent hallucinogenic drug introduced into your body via an IV drip tube and needle, my guess is Dimethyltryptamine, clearly your mind is in a perpetually state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence but some how you have been able to regather just enough of your mind to vomit such nonsense, do us genuinely cognizant patriots a favor and increase the flow of Dimethyltryptamine putting you in a deeper hallucinatory state to make you incapable of spewing such gibberish.

  12. Trump supporters will be out there with their AK-15 ready to mow down those wussy psychotic Progressives, lock and load patriots, time to restore law and order to our once great nation, start with teachers, the professors at the top of the list.

  13. I have a spectacular idea, the Communistshariazionhasidistic party should nominate AO-C, it could make have “Impeach the Mother Fucker” Tlaib as it’s running mate, Omar as its Sec. of State, and that other member of the “Pom Pom Fell Off The Top Of The Pyramid Far Too Many Times Onto Their Heads Squad” as something.

  14. Does the RED FLAG apply to this clown and all the idiotic fools that follow this garbage? I alone live in an area that is loaded with Trumpers. The state alone is filled from border to border with gun-toting ex-Marines and Army personnel that fell in love with the area they were trained in. Thou we have a wimp Democratic governor who will be gone, this way of thinking will be greeted with open arms, and I’m not talking about the arms hanging on your body but those that are held in them. These Souther Rednects and a few misguided Yankees will keep our family and friend’s sake against all enemies foreign and domestic. My mother grew up in Nazi Germany and that is the last time it stuck it’s head up and it was cut off.

    1. Thank you Well said. Does this snowflake thinks we will all just march to his orders. As you say let him come up against real men and women and watch him run home to mommy.

  15. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

  16. We need to look much deeper into Bernie, Jurek, Antifa & all the killing of police and riots by these leftists! All of them are being sponsored and paid by George Soros! If you notice they get by with terrorism in Democrat run states! The money flowing in to destroy America started with Obama’s election and has grown almost out of control. California, New York & Chicago are targets for mass terrorism. They are Democrat centers! FBI & government must stop the intimidation and terrorism now!

  17. Sounds true if a Democrat can’t win. They seem to be the violent groups, Antifa, BLM, etc.
    They all have to wear masks to prevent identification.
    Remember, the businesses you destroy might be that of a fellow Democrat.

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