Beware Brennan, Barr Is Closing In On You

The dirty work being done behind closed doors in order to take down Trump is starting to catch up to the various Democrats who are trying to wash their hands of the blood. In April, William Barr testified before Congress to say that he believes that the Trump campaign was being spied on by political opponents.

Barr has made it clear that he’s looking into what happened during the 2016 presidential campaign – and more specifically, the counterintelligence investigation that was happening against Trump.

James Clapper, a man who lied to Congress about spying on Americans, is already getting nervous about what Barr is investigating. Barr is also looking into John Brennan, the former CIA director. Both of these individuals were likely responsible for an attempted coup against President Trump.

James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence has identified that Barr is sending a “chilling message” to the intelligence community regarding the 2016 election.

Brennan should be aware that Barr is closing in on him, too. Brennan has been making hysterical commentaries at MSNBC with increasing frequency.

Brennan reported that he was “supposedly” to be interviewed by John Durham. However, he was concerned about what role Barr was playing in exploring the Russian meddling regarding the election. Barr and Durham are now working together to investigate the probe – and Brennan has told host Nicole Wallace that he is concerned.

Brennan is starting to feel panicked, and Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman, and current Fox News commentator says he has every right to be concerned.

Chaffetz identifies that it is critical for Barr to investigate Brennan and Clapper. It’s important to know what both of those men were doing or not doing, particularly as it pertains to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse.

Brennan and Clapper have clearly identified that they have political bias. They were in roles that required a nonpartisan outlook, yet they allowed their Democratic views to cloud their judgment on a continuous basis. Now, they are terrified that the Michael Horowitz Inspector General report will come out and with Durham on their trail, the truth will be exposed quicker than they can come up with an excuse.

Brennan has been expressing the “hand of politics,” which has amused Republicans to no end considering it is expected that it was his community involved in the 2016 elections.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, even went as far as warning (or was it threatening?) Trump that the intelligence community had a lot of power and that it was wrathful against those who question its authority.

Many also wonder if the whistleblower for the Ukrainian phone call is the last attempt Brennan and his intelligence community have to try to “get back” at Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh and others have even reported on Brennan sinking as low as taking a trip to Ukraine on a fake passport for the sole mission of trying to dig up information on President Trump.

As Limbaugh said, Brennan’s hands are now as dirty as Obama’s. Around 2016, Brennan would have had no reason to travel to Ukraine, particularly on a fake passport. While it would be nearly impossible to obtain a fake passport and be able to travel on one, the former director of the CIA would be able to pull it off if anyone could. Brennan has been involved in a lot of questionable activities and it’s all catching up to him. He’s colluded with foreign spies. He’s dug up dirt on Trump. And it was all to help Clinton and Obama.

Many called for the firing of Brennan for conducting illegal surveillance (and then lying about it.). He accessed staff computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee as a way of preventing their investigation. While he apologized, the reality is that he and his employees improperly searched computers.

Brennan has been the ring leader in the coup to bring Donald Trump down. Rather than accusing anyone of being corrupt, including Barr, the best thing that Brennan could do is to cooperate. At the bare minimum, he should probably exercise his right to remain silent and to seek the help of a lawyer.

Barr and Durham are onto Brennan. They’ve been following where the probe and the evidence take them, and the trail is leading them directly to Brennan. The former CIA director can’t hide anymore, especially when there’s too much evidence to show that he’s been the puppet master behind so many of the details. He has a right to show apprehension because it’s about to be “checkmate.”

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