Beware Brennan, Barr Is Closing In On You

The dirty work being done behind closed doors in order to take down Trump is starting to catch up to the various Democrats who are trying to wash their hands of the blood. In April, William Barr testified before Congress to say that he believes that the Trump campaign was being spied on by political opponents.

Barr has made it clear that he’s looking into what happened during the 2016 presidential campaign – and more specifically, the counterintelligence investigation that was happening against Trump.

James Clapper, a man who lied to Congress about spying on Americans, is already getting nervous about what Barr is investigating. Barr is also looking into John Brennan, the former CIA director. Both of these individuals were likely responsible for an attempted coup against President Trump.

James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence has identified that Barr is sending a “chilling message” to the intelligence community regarding the 2016 election.

Brennan should be aware that Barr is closing in on him, too. Brennan has been making hysterical commentaries at MSNBC with increasing frequency.

Brennan reported that he was “supposedly” to be interviewed by John Durham. However, he was concerned about what role Barr was playing in exploring the Russian meddling regarding the election. Barr and Durham are now working together to investigate the probe – and Brennan has told host Nicole Wallace that he is concerned.

Brennan is starting to feel panicked, and Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman, and current Fox News commentator says he has every right to be concerned.

Chaffetz identifies that it is critical for Barr to investigate Brennan and Clapper. It’s important to know what both of those men were doing or not doing, particularly as it pertains to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse.

Brennan and Clapper have clearly identified that they have political bias. They were in roles that required a nonpartisan outlook, yet they allowed their Democratic views to cloud their judgment on a continuous basis. Now, they are terrified that the Michael Horowitz Inspector General report will come out and with Durham on their trail, the truth will be exposed quicker than they can come up with an excuse.

Brennan has been expressing the “hand of politics,” which has amused Republicans to no end considering it is expected that it was his community involved in the 2016 elections.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, even went as far as warning (or was it threatening?) Trump that the intelligence community had a lot of power and that it was wrathful against those who question its authority.

Many also wonder if the whistleblower for the Ukrainian phone call is the last attempt Brennan and his intelligence community have to try to “get back” at Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh and others have even reported on Brennan sinking as low as taking a trip to Ukraine on a fake passport for the sole mission of trying to dig up information on President Trump.

As Limbaugh said, Brennan’s hands are now as dirty as Obama’s. Around 2016, Brennan would have had no reason to travel to Ukraine, particularly on a fake passport. While it would be nearly impossible to obtain a fake passport and be able to travel on one, the former director of the CIA would be able to pull it off if anyone could. Brennan has been involved in a lot of questionable activities and it’s all catching up to him. He’s colluded with foreign spies. He’s dug up dirt on Trump. And it was all to help Clinton and Obama.

Many called for the firing of Brennan for conducting illegal surveillance (and then lying about it.). He accessed staff computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee as a way of preventing their investigation. While he apologized, the reality is that he and his employees improperly searched computers.

Brennan has been the ring leader in the coup to bring Donald Trump down. Rather than accusing anyone of being corrupt, including Barr, the best thing that Brennan could do is to cooperate. At the bare minimum, he should probably exercise his right to remain silent and to seek the help of a lawyer.

Barr and Durham are onto Brennan. They’ve been following where the probe and the evidence take them, and the trail is leading them directly to Brennan. The former CIA director can’t hide anymore, especially when there’s too much evidence to show that he’s been the puppet master behind so many of the details. He has a right to show apprehension because it’s about to be “checkmate.”

134 thoughts on “Beware Brennan, Barr Is Closing In On You

  1. They ALL know it – their buddies overseas have warned them and given them a heads up…..They have implicated OBOZO —–openly….
    Another scam by these pinko socialists to shut up those assisting the dems prosecution and cover ups….Did you KNow schiff is tied to epstein – ukraine and others….just like pelosi who has a ukrainian agent on her staff. schumer tied to mexican money among others….They’re all in the tank and trying to cover up and discredit others for their crimes……

  2. It is important that Barr and Durham must complete their investigation and start the trial of some personnel prior to Nancy Perlosi takes an impeachment vote which is suppose to take place by Thanksgiving.

  3. John Brennan, well what can I say this news segment says it all. Brennan has to be shaking in his boots so should all of them who was in cohoots with him. I’m waiting on this like a kid waiting for Christmas. I’m so excited!

  4. Hey Brennan they are coming for you, you can no longer hide, the boys in prison want you bad. They want you,
    Clapper, Comey and Rosenstine.

  5. I understand that Brennan concerted to become a Muslim when he was the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia. Did that happen or not?

  6. What needs to happen is the real truth.. James Clapper must turn on John Brennan, and then John Brennan must turn on Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Osama.. The entire demwit party will fall to pieces for their hate of all American citizens.. We Patriots love our country and want NO PART of Socialism in the United States..


  8. Why John Brennan when he is only one of many? I just heard the stupid and untrue statement again this morning from a Democratic Member of Congress: “No one is above the law.” The only question remaining for me is how high in government does a person have to be to have immunity?

  9. I think that every loyal and patriotic American Citizen should be concerned and worried about what has been taking place in our government. The corruption, treason and out right lawlessness has and will continue to be a serious threat to our nation, as a whole! This a fight between good and evil and, I might be a little naive but, I believe that most Americans are good. Our good and loyal warriors in the government are fighting an uphill battle against those that are trying to destroy our country from within and, we need to give them our total support! As, a father and grandfather I refuse to let the people that we trusted to make our country better, succeed in destroying her. Stand and Fight anyway that you can but, do your part to defend our country!

  10. WOW, IS THE US POLITICS EVER IN A BAD SHAPE. It has been proven that Russia interfered in our election and that Trump is guilty of ‘obstruction of Justice’ ten times in the Mueller report. Even Judge Napolitano from Fox news agrees with that. Now trump is getting dirt on Biden from Ukraine etc. and everyone is supposed to believe that the Mueller Probe was a HOAX.
    Even Barr agreed that Mueller would not be involved in a WITCH HUNT. Are we really to believe that once again it is a HOAX? I have personally watched Trump lie on you tube hundreds of times. THERE HAVE BEEN TOO MANY THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THE LAST YEARS, THAT I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE TRUMP ANYMORE OR THOSE HE SURROUNDS HIMSELF WITH.

  11. TIME to BURY Brennan.. Crapper.. Holder.. Lynch…Comey.. Susan Rice.. Sam Powers.. and all the Doj and gumnit DEEP stattes of OBaMA Traitors in the DESERT with the JACKALS as appetizers

  12. Both Brennan and Clapper are subversives undermining our government. They should be shot for their actions as fifth columnists. The Muslim, Marxist Obama encouraged their behavior, plus, they were convinced Hillabeast was going to be president so no one would ever know, and they could get away with destroying our country. Three cheers for Barr.

  13. With the honesty, integrity, and justice-seeking actions of the Department of Justice headed by Attorney General William Barr and employing the services of equally well-respected, honest, and high-integrity US Attorney John Durham, the American people will soon find the truth on the origins of the FISA abuse. Seemingly, the investigative team is finding some more questionable information during their initial probe. To solidify its preliminary findings to bring out the truth, AG Bill Barr expanded the investigation up to the time when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed by then-DAG Rod Rosenstein. From the FOIA data obtained by the Judicial Watch, it appears that Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller had some clandestine relationships, if you will, in some plot against the duly-elected President Trump, especially when Mr. Mueller was not hired as FBI director after the lying James Comey was fired. It also appeared that Mr. Comey did spy against President Trump by pretending to tell him not to be concerned on the reported salacious activities in the Steele dossier to get Mr. Trump’s reaction, while keeping a private record of his activities with the President. Further investigation by Mr. John Solomon or in the FOIA, it was disclosed that Mr. Rosenstein had in mind wearing a hidden microphone when meeting the President. To sum this up, there was really a coup attempt on the President (which some people call soft coup). Presumably, this failed coup was headed by ex-President B. Hussein Obama because from the emails between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and lover Lisa Page, they were required by Obama to report on their activities, that is, the DOJ and the FBI.

  14. When we expose everything and indict them all, so it will not happen again. We the Citizens are waiting for Justice in USA . This is not Venezuela or Cuba. Let’s us Citizens see what happen here . Communist starts with the News, Media and Schools . You see this picture. Thanks .

  15. I have to believe that the whole demonorat’s are contaminated with evil.
    They are used to breaking every rule of the Constitution. NOBODY IS SAFE! They never “win” anything and obviously never have. Their lying, cheating, killing, yes killing. You know who has wiped out 50 or more people who were able to finger them. They did it all with the backing if the brotherhood of the evil gang of DEMONORAT’S. They should be tried as TRAITORS, MURDEROUS THIEVES AND SPIES. BRING THEM TO PAY FOR THEIR

  16. ” Whoever falsely makes, forges, counterfeits, mutilates, or alters any passport or instrument purporting to be a passport, with intent that the same may be used; or
    Whoever willfully and knowingly uses, or attempts to use, or furnishes to another for use any such false, forged, counterfeited, mutilated, or altered passport or instrument purporting to be a passport, or any passport validly issued which has become void by the occurrence of any condition therein prescribed invalidating the same—
    Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 25 years (if the offense was committed to facilitate an act of international terrorism (as defined in section 2331 of this title)), 20 years (if the offense was committed to facilitate a drug trafficking crime (as defined in section 929(a) of this title)), 10 years (in the case of the first or second such offense, if the offense was not committed to facilitate such an act of international terrorism or a drug trafficking crime), or 15 years (in the case of any other offense), or both. ”
    Goodbye Mr. John (‘I voted for Gus Hall) Brennan!!!

  17. Down with all of Obama’s butt boys and girls what a disgrace to the human race in the USA
    Make America great again
    Vote for Trump


  19. Oh, goodie! Hang him, & then leave the body there, so that it sends a message to the rest of the Deep State, “we’re coming for you.”

  20. Brennen needs to be arrested and indicted for treason. Tried and when found guilty, hung by the neck until dead, which is what the USA does to its treasonous scumbags. Would like to see him swinging from the end of a rope. He richly deserves it.

  21. Brennan is a dirty RAT. He needs his head whacked off and stuck on a Pike and display it on the National Mall. The same with all his cohorts.

  22. The 3 Horsemen, Brennan, Comey, & Clapper………………. Guided by Barry Obama. One of them will talk, before the Clinton Mafia stands up ?

    I hope Hillary cannot find out where we live, but I have her address in NY. It was on the Internet, picture of house, the SS men and their living quarters.
    I don’t understand their dedication to a person performing Treason and Sedition ?

  23. They are dirty take each and everyone of them down. Everyone included Pelosi ! I’m tired of these crooks getting a pass , it’s time for them to pay and pay dearly for what they have done to our President and our country!

  24. I can’t wait for Barr and Durham to arrest Clapper & Brennan. They deserve to be behind bars for all the corrupt things that they have done not just to President, but to our country. They think that they are above the law just like some celebrities who buy their kids way into a prestigious college when they are not qualified – and taking another students spot!
    President Trump is totally right when he says he wants to clean the swamp.

    I pray that he is elected for a 2nd term, so he can continue to “Keep America Great”!

  25. Can I stop laughing for a while? I think this is great. Suddenly Brennan has started backtracking, after a couple years of telling everyone how Trump was a traitor. Now, he has made the statement that he may have gotten some bad intelligence. Like he didn’t already know. Maybe the bad intelligence was that they were closing in on arresting him, McCabe, Clapper, and a few others.

  26. Barr and Durham must be doing a good job in their investigations if Brennan and Clapper are getting worried. Looks like the walls are closing in on the deep state. Couldn’t happen to a more corrupt group of people.

  27. Barr closing in on Brennan? Hah! My cat laughed at that one. What’s Barr going to do? Scold him for being less than candid?
    Ain’t nuthin gonna happen to any Obama Clinton Cabal member as long as Bush Boy Barr is Attorney General.

  28. Keep up the good work. You need to show the American people how dirty these people are. We need to gain trust in our justice system again. That is what make this country great. We should not have two system of law, one for them and one for use. We can never be great until we can trust our rule of law is equal for everyone.

  29. Big mouth Brennan should be afraid. He has been nothing but a disaster for this country. I really hope it gets taken down. He is so smug and conceited I can’t stand it. Nothing would make me happier!!!

  30. The sooner the vile, obnoxious, arrogant, pompous, despicable, deplorable, repulsive, repugnant, nauseating, pathetic and DANGEROUS habitual liar Brennan is behind bars, the better off the world will be. Ditto for the world’s biggest liar and the worst and most incompetent and divisive president in history, Crooked Hillary, Clapper, McCabe, Holder, Lynch, Storzek, Page & Co.

  31. It has always been my guess that this whole thing about the whistle blower starts with Adam Schiff, Brennan and Comey. It will be great to find out and nice to be right!

  32. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, even went as far as warning (or was it threatening?) Trump that the intelligence community had a lot of power and that it was wrathful against those who question its authority. Just as biden made the same message to Ukraine. That 1 billion $ was at stake if they did not fire the prosecutor doing a criminal investigation! So what business is it of biden’s with regard to a criminal investigation on the other side of the world? Schumer, biden, brennan, clapper, strzok, comey, holder, lynch, hillary, waters, cummings mccabe, obama, etc., have all been used to strong arm tactics against anyone or any country that did not cater to their demands. These political hooligans are merely hate mongering extortionists.

  33. Brennan is as evil and corrupt as they come. I’m also concerned that Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director may be a rabid anti Trump “deep stater” as well. She has been reputed to be an enthusiastic Brennan protege.

  34. I’m just praying that we bring all involved parties to justice, these people need to pay for their crimes, they broke the law! BUT! We need everyone involved including Ex President Obama, we know he’s above the law for certain things but he wanted to help bring Trump down , We also need to investigate all Congress people that are making large sums of money from Ukraine which is illegal! Justice better PREVAIL!!!

  35. Well Brandon and Clapper were very well guilty of treason against the United States, I doubt they will ever face real justice in this country our system is so crooked from top to bottom that they will escape any prosecution, sorry to say..

  36. John Brennan’s “unintelligent” conduct is the “treasonous coup” against our legally elected president. He is void of loyalty to our country, it’s traditions, our president, and violated his oath to serve our president and country. His treasonous conduct begs the question as to why he didn’t investigate Obama and his staff for treason? Brennan is the epitome of deceit and corruption along with his cohorts–we all know who they are, too. It’s just that Congress – i.e. the House ( I allude to as “The Nut House”) is too replete with corruption to take lawfully mandated immediate action.

  37. Hopefully this will lead to the entire network of the Obama administration and the Clinton Crime Family! Not to mention the Congress people such as Pelosi, Waters, OAC, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the swamp in Congress.

  38. About time and none too soon. For Obama to put a Communist as head of the CIA was proof of Obama’s evilness against this country….a country that has been very good to him. We had four years of this communist in power, four years that we can never get back. To think Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed for far less than this evil man has done. May he end up with the same fate.

  39. Glad to finally see that our government is finally getting to the truth and send all these dishonest crooked individuals off to prison. The Democratic Party stopped working for America and Americans. They have been super busy filling their wallets by any means necessary and covering everything up and blaming others while they fleece America this has been going on far too long with zero accountability. It’s now time the people’s turn and stop them from destroying America and it’s people. It’s now time to make thing right and put all the Democratic Party in check. It’s time to pay the piper

  40. I can’t wait to see Brennan and Clapper arrested! next hopefully Hilary, Susan Rice, “Barack NoBama”. All of this from before the election to the present has just been a smoke screen for the real criminals. Can you say Pay to Play, Exposing classified information on an un-secure server, Spying by an agencies prohibited by Law from working domestically and on, and on, ad infinite-um, ad nauseum!

  41. Thiink for a moment of the implications of Schumer’s statement. He’s telling the master’s of the pet dog that they had better not do anything to annoy the dog or they will pay dearly for it. Doesn’t that really say that the intelligence people are running things behind the scenes no matter who gets elected. I understand the need for a junkyard dog given the current state of world affairs, but the dog should fear the master, not vice versa.

  42. This is all well and good – info that informed readers have known for months. BUT Horowitz Durham and Barr are all going to come to the table with smiley faces and no one goes to prison or gets executed fit treason. We have no more justice than a 3rd world banana republic

  43. If ex-CIA chief John Brennan is, indeed, the ringleader in the attempted coup of a duly-elected sitting President, he should be charged and punished to the full extent of the law. If it can be established that this act is treason, Mr. Brennan should either be imprisoned for life without parole or face a firing squad in public square. Moreover, the brains of such act should also face the same consequences if proven to be so. From FOIA information gathered by the Judicial Watch, the brain seems to be traced to B. Hussein Obama, who instructed his minions in the DOJ and the FBI to report to him all their activities against President Trump.

  44. Well it is about time.

    -When you do dirty deeds that are against the law both domestically and internationally for personal reasons that are abusing your powers within your purview as a head of one of the federal agencies that a sitting president is in charge of you should avoid the public spotlight and speaking about your views publicly.
    -And when you collude with the outgoing president and his administration to obstruct and harass your newly duly elected president and boss, you should at the very least stay off the public soap boxes and keep your mouth shut.
    -As the investigation progresses and you realize you actually have no defense for your offenses, the advice is still to shut up and avoid the soap boxes.

    Evidently you, Clapper and Comey either are really dumb or all of you can’t resist the public opportunity of expressing your views or you all think you can get away with an attempted coup and lying to everyone about it including your new boss.

    Good luck with that Mr. Brennan. I think Barr and his investigator are gonna eat your lunch. This is the worst thing that any State/agency personnel have every perpetrated in the history of this country. It is treason and there was a conspiracy and I sincerely hope you pay dearly and all your co – conspirators come into the light as well. In fact that would be the only reason I would encourage you to speak publicly, give em up.

    Jail and loss of everything you gained in the employment of your position which you failed to serve lawfully in should be the tip of the iceberg for punishment. This was treason and I believe the death penalty might be on the table. Whatever it takes to keep this from ever happening again. And the dim wits need a lesson too. They are NOT too big to fall as well. Sick of this charade the house is putting on. Vote these dim wit fools out of office ASAP and don’t let any of them run again in any state even as a dog catcher. They are worthless.

  45. Brennan a convert to Islam, and OBAMAO who is muslim/Socialist. Obeying deep state mandates. Which are the same as the quaran, lawless xx death, genocide. They hate our republic, they want it to be a Sharia stronghold. That’s why they created and funded ISIS OUT OF THE ASHES OF BENGHAZI?

  46. Hope the Trump administration will make an example out of these two. Too many high officials getting away without being punished, or jailed. Time will only tell.

  47. it would be great to see both of these smug know it all treasonist to be hauled off to a federal pen for the rest of their natural lives
    for their part in the attempted coup to overthrow a duly elected sitting president.I for one would like to see them face a firing squard
    or a public hanging for their crimes against our country and constitution.

  48. Is it acceptable that the ex head of the CIA does not know whether the information he ‘receives’ is good or bad and yet relies on it without qualification in his public pronouncements?
    Message to the demagogue Obama flunky Brennan:
    Look in the mirror and repeat 5 times.
    When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history.

  49. Shaking in his boots?!? . . . He should be SHAKING in his JAIL cell with the REST of the TREASONISTIC TRAITORS. Team Trump an his allies 2020 – KAGA (keep America Great Again).

  50. While Brennan is the public face of the CIA, they need to find out who is really running the show. Bush Sr had ties which by default include Jr. Obama’s father and mother were CIA agents which by default considering all his actions to attempt to bring in the New World Order, Obama was a plant of their creation. The CIA has been heavily involved in trying to destroy the foundations of the constitution so they need to investigate way deeper then the face of the organization.

  51. Brennan is the c.I.A. Guy behind the COUP against Or President , somewhat similar to the C.I.A. involvement in the SLAUGHTER OF JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY.

  52. Brennan is a traitor. He is a huge liar and conspirator! He has planned and plotted to remove a duly elected President of our United States. This SOB is a danger to our nation and should be duly handled for his crimes!

  53. There may be disclosures, but will there be any prosecution of these offenders? By now there is quite a list. The Clintons, Comey, etc. Action is needed.

  54. WOW! Looks like A G Barr is both honest & patriotic! YEA!
    Brennan is probably the mastermind since he was the Director of he CIA, which former CIA agents have identified as the central hub of the of the one world global government, aka the new world order’s “shadow government” which has been running our government from behind the curtain while puppet presidents & congressional members put on pony shows for us. However all the puppet president, brightest brains of the CIA, FBI, DOJ & all the deep state establishment traitors, including congressional members now carrying on the treason inside the House are all just as guilty of treason & crimes against humanity as Brennan, Obama, Holder & all the rest are.

  55. There certainly are a lot of Dems who should be investigated for their attempts to remove one of the best presidents, if not the best if given some some support by both the MSM and the Dems, we ever had in the USA.D

  56. I would love to see Justice but I won’t believe it until I see it. My firm belief is that he and call me and clapper will all walk free Because they are connected. And the Kool aid drinkers will be OK with that unbelievable

  57. Instead of talking, how about jailing Americas’ enemies, there’s bigger fish to fry, Brennan is in the top ten. But to my liking, #1 is’ the one who is to blame for the shape America is in, the Muslim/Fraud/#1 OBAMA. #2 Hillary #3 Pelosi #4 Schitt #5 Holder, #6 Lynch, #7 Ryan, #8 Waters, #9 Feinstein, # 10 Brennan. Then it’s a free for all, as to who comes next. And there are many of them.

  58. Brennan is only a puppet doing the bidding of the likes of George Soros, the clintons, and the obamas but even so, this dirty dog needs to go down as well (sorry dogs).

  59. He should already be in jail as far as I am concerned because he lied about spying on citizens of this country for Political reasons, and didn’t even get his wrist slapped. He also lied under oath to Congress, makes one wonder how a General can face jail time for statements made to the FBI that were not even under oath, and this Jackass gets to walk free. I have no doubt in my mind that Brennan, Clapper, and Comey worked in tantrum to find anything they could to use against Trump, and that is not a “Soft Coup”, that is Treason.

  60. THEY MUST lock this corrupt traitor up, along with the democraps clowns in Congress. They are all involved participants…..a major coup against the president, and the American people They must pay for what they have put the president and country through.

  61. Brennen Clapper in Gitmo being tried for treason and just like KILLERY said if
    Donald Trump wins the election we will all

  62. Both Brennan and Clapper should receive the same fate as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed for treason. To my mind Brennan and Clapper are far worse. The damage done over the years they were in charge of intelligence is irreparable to this country.

  63. Time is up for those who are corrupt they’ll all be held accountable for their treasonous act’s and crime’s committed agiant’s the United States of America and the American people.

  64. Pretty soon they will need to put Brennan and the rest of the people involved in their attempted coup on the no fly list as they are sure to try to leave the country to get some place that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

  65. With implied consent of his “boss.” Can only pray the evil of the last administration will be dealt with appropriately, so as not to recur.

  66. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Holder,Clinton and last but certainly not least, Obama are all incredibly corrupt and should be seriously investigated. My guess is that any honest and legitimate investigation will result in multiple indictments.


  68. I hope Attorney General Barr has a GOOD RELIABLE POSSE to help “close in on, Surround and arrest every Corrupt, Crooked Member of this LIBERAL GANG, bring them to a GRAND JURY” and if the Grand Jury HONESTLY does their job, they will be INDICTED, TRIED AND PUT IN PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG!

  69. Most people have lost hope that Justice will be served and the guilty reap their “reward” for undermining the Republic. These people will have died of old age at the rate this is going.

  70. Brennan is feeling the piercing bullet, from the smoking gun. I sense an execution squad will be giving him something other than a 21 gun salute. He will have more holes in him than a lawn sprinkler.

  71. I think this corruption in DC has to stop and all involved in this Coop against the President should be prosecuted convicted and sent to Prison. And I mean Hilary and Obama also they are at the heart of it all, and most of the crimes where committed on their behalf. Term limits is the only way to stop political corruptio.

  72. well please get moving along the wheels of justice turn every so slowly but leave only a fine powder in their aftermath and the propaganda machine of is moving at an ever quickening pace ! leaving a brain washed public devided and truely deceived ! its a sad day in America when the CIA puppetry tricks are perpetuated with impunity ! time to clean house LOCK THEM UP !! restore our republic to its once proud standing in the world ! we have become a banana republic with democrats as puppet masters ! where’s the America my family fought for in ww2 … why are criminal acts by people of political power treated differently than any other criminals ? simply the CIA is to have no actions within our boarders against our people or the duly elected officials that represent our will as a Nation ! time for the men who can take action to restore our democratic republic to do so !

  73. i would like for Barr to prosecute these above the law democrats who live and act knowing that they are above the law. Hillary said “that’s not going to happen” and it hasn’t/ The democrats protect their own, however with cummings now dead , they have one fewer attack dogs.

  74. When are we going to see some indictments on these people?? All I hear is talk and absolutely nothing is being done about it and keep them away from liberal commie judges.

  75. Hello!

    American People Daily
    I hope “U” right !….actually today’s “Labyrinthine” ”
    Now “That Press” push Obsession, Hate! & follows Anarchy./Anarchism..-
    Exactly Channels’ Fox/CNN/NBC/ABC … Mr. & Ms ANCHORS equal Activism,
    plus “Provocateurs” too…(all are the same ) –
    I’ll betcha “poor” Attorney BARR “quote Chilling Message @ Intelligence Community”..
    By all due respect, Mr. Attorney BARR…..! “HE” “AIN’T GONNA DO NOTHING! NADA! CERO!
    Politicians, Press, @ Civil Governments and just …”?” will bring “Paper Trails ..$$$$$… Friends..!
    Thanks Cooperation Charlie G/Sr

  76. I have my doubts that any of this will be completed before the elections. I think Barr wants to appear that he is actually doing something, but will slowly take his time until the election and
    waiting to see who wins the presidential race. I don’t trust him and doubt he is really on our side of things. If Trump is not re-elected, I’m sure these and any other case will be dropped and no one will ever be punished! Sorry for sounding so negative.

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