Biden Caught Lying Again

Joe Biden

Former Vice President and current White House hopeful Joe Biden has stayed pretty much on top for the entire 2020 presidential campaign. Many credit this to his extreme electability, meaning he is a known name and face. He has come to be a household name, with nearly every of-age American easily able to recognize him. And it is this point in fact that has allowed him to be so well accepted by many Democratic voters. After all, people want to know who they are voting for and feel comfortable with them and their previous abilities.

As a former VP, the White House and the processes it must adhere to are not foreign to him. It’s basically a “been there, done that” kind of thing. And his many years in Congress doesn’t hurt him either.

And then there is the fact that he has basically ridden in on the coattails of former President Barack Obama. Even though Obama has not endorsed Biden or any other candidate for that matter, it would only be a natural assumption that Obama fans would favor Biden and, therefore, cast a vote in his favor. And Biden has played on that very well. There isn’t a time or campaign stop that Biden has failed to mention his years at Obama’s side and like-mindedness that he could bring to the White House.

I wonder if his supporters and those who have thought of him as the most prominent candidate would still see him as the most electable Democrat if they knew they were being lied to. After all, no one likes being told falsities. Just look at what Elizabeth Warren’s lies have done to her campaign.

For Joe Biden, this lie reported by CNN could be the beginning of the end.

CNN put out a fact check article this week that revealed that Biden has lied, not once but several times, about his support for the Iraq war in 2003.

“Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden dishonestly suggested on Saturday that he had opposed the war in Iraq ‘from the very moment’ it began in 2003 – even though Biden’s campaign said in September that he ‘misspoke’ when he made a similar claim.”

As the gaffe king, we understand his perpetual habit of ‘misspeaking.’ But this seems to be entirely different.

The article continues, “Biden was responding Saturday to a voter in Des Moines, Iowa, who told him, ‘I’m with you 90% of the way’ but questioned his judgment in part because ‘you were for the second Gulf War, which was a mess.’”

“Biden said that ‘from the very moment’ President George W. Bush launched his ‘shock and awe’ military campaign, and ‘right after’ that occurred, ‘I opposed what he was doing, and spoke to him.’”

But that is all a lie.

CNN says, “It’s false that Biden opposed the war from the moment Bush started it in March 2003. Biden repeatedly spoke in favor of the war both before and after it began.”

The news outlet goes on to say that while Biden’s language gives much room for a vague interpretation, it is still an outright lie. On Saturday, he said he opposed “what he was doing” when the war started. In September, when he apparently “misspoke,” he straightforwardly said he opposed “the war” at that time.

In both cases and no matter how vague, the insinuation is still the same. Anyone in their right mind would take it as Biden saying that he didn’t agree with the war before, during, or after its inception.

But as CNN states, “On both occasion – and on another occasion earlier this week – Biden created the impression that he had been against the war at a key moment when he was actually a vocal supporter.”

And if we continue to look into the matter, we find that he not only spoke in favor of it but even voted for it in 2003.

You’d think that, as a man with a considerable amount of political and government experience, he would know a thing or two about having his words and his votes on record somewhere. Was he just hoping that no one would do their homework and catch him?

And this indicates an even more severe problem for Biden. CNN is an outlet that has time and time again sided with Democrats on just about everything. For them to suddenly attack Biden means they know he has no chance to beat Trump and must be throwing their eggs into someone else’s basket.

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