Biden Denied Communion in SC Because of Abortion Views

I think it’s safe to say that when the faith you were raised in no longer allows you to participate in certain church-affiliated activities, you’ve done something terribly wrong.

And for former Vice President Joe Biden, this couldn’t be closer to the truth.

He has strayed so far from the faith and beliefs of his youth that the Catholic Church will no longer allow him to take Holy communion.

While on tour in the early voting state of South Carolina, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate apparently attended a 9 am mass this past Sunday at Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina.

Father Robert E. Morey, who presides over the church and its congregation, told the Morning News, “Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden.”

He continued, explaining, “Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that.”

And in reference to Biden, he said, “Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.”

Biden has been a part of the Catholic Church since childhood and as such, as taken part in mass and communion many times. However, it seems that the teachings of God just might have limited his actions based on recent decisions in favor of abortion laws.

Biden has always claimed that he doesn’t personally believe in abortion and thinks it wrong. However, at the same time, he believes in Roe v. Wade, which legally allows women the choice to get an abortion if they want to.

I know it seems a little contradictory to me, as well.

Furthermore, he has recently changed his opinion on the Hyde Amendment. This law prohibits taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions. Up until just a few months ago, Biden has been a strong supporter of the Hyde Amendment.

However, that viewpoint seems to have changed rather abruptly in June. He announced that he would no longer support the Amendment.

Why might you ask?

Well, it appears for no other reason than to gain some new favor with the more progressive left-wing and potentially obtain more votes. After all, he is in a race to become the next president of the United States.

And apparently, that means you don’t actually have to believe in what you are selling, just so long as it gets you the much-needed points you need. Or maybe Biden does believe what he is now preaching. Who knows? Maybe some soul-sucking progressive got ahold of his brain and his heart. Perhaps they simply made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Whatever the case, it would seem that the faith that has carried him along the high road up until recently, has decided to no longer support him in full.

And he isn’t the first Democrat to have such church-related activities or holy communion revoked in relation to their stance on abortion.

In 2018, Bishop Thomas Paprocki made it known that Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois would “not be admitted to Holy Communion.” However, Durbin’s consequences lasted a bit longer than Biden’s might. Bishop Paprocki said that Durbin would need to repent “of this sin” before being allowed to partake in the holy ritual again. In particular, Paprocki was referring to the Illinois senator’s decision to not ban abortions taking place after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Naturally, no one from the Biden campaign has been able to confirm whether Biden was actually in attendance at St. Anthony’s this past Sunday. When the Morning News talked to a Biden spokesperson, they said they could not confirm or deny his presence at the church.

Only time will tell if other Catholic churches will follow in the footsteps of Father Morey when Biden attends their church. Perhaps his home church may even come to revoke such privileges. After all, abortion is not one of those topics that many devout Catholics agree with, let alone support.

And by supporting the former vice president and allowing him to take part in communion, they would essentially be supporting the movement of abortion.

It appears Biden has sold his soul to the devils on the left with this one.

111 thoughts on “Biden Denied Communion in SC Because of Abortion Views

    1. I want to know how a criminal who forced a country to pay his lazy son millions for doing nothing. On Trump asking that Country to investigate. To show support of that Country he did exactly right. Biden an His Son we’re braking every law there is for a person in his position. How or when does the UNITED STATES LET CRIMINALS RUN FOR PRESIDENT ??

      1. Criminals running for President? Try the Clintons, for starters. I suspect if one was able to do enough digging and access certain records, criminal activity could be found for the majority of our presidents, including FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Bush, etc… These people are all politicians, first and foremost, and that carries with it an inherent dishonesty and desire for power. This is EXACTLY why we need to limit the power of government, so that we can minimize the damage caused by its rampant corruption. It doesn’t matter which party we’re talking about, power corrupts, and they need to be restrained. Unfortunately, today’s young people are not bright enough to figure this out, so they set themselves up (along with the rest of us) to be victimized by our “leaders”.

        1. Any DemoRat is a criminal so one is as bad as the other. Biden would give everything up to be President. But I would never give my God up to be anything.

        2. I am fairly certain Eisenhower should not be included. I was alive during his presidency and upon his leaving it he warned the people against the “Military-Industrial Complex

        3. Our young people today are not taught about our history, our country and how we got where we are today. If you stood outside of a gathering place where young people are and asked simple history question, they wouldnt be able to answer them. Biden worked for a man who tried to demoralize Americans. Obama is the closest to a criminal trying to force us to become Godless, demilitarize us, made deals behind the country’s backs. Biden is not the pure man everyone thinks he is or he tries to portray himself as. Biden has assisted his son in committing crimes against countries and our country. Biden is as GODLESS like the rest of the Dems. AND THAT is. Miss Pelosi, who is working with the criminals (Schiff’s peons) on Schiff’s illegal committee. Schiff was working on this before he even saw who won the election. And Biden had b been there with Obama, who also has a very black past. I’m glad Biden was turned down for communion. He has broken the rules of the Catholic. Church. He who aligns himself with the killer of unborn and born alive then killed. GOD doesn’t look upon the rest of the Catholic as being deserving of Communion. Grow up sneaky Joe, you arent going to be president. Some one who works FOR THE PEOPLE and holds sacred the life of the children.

      2. Father Robert E. Morey should be commended for having the courage to deny the lying, pro-abortion former vice-president and hypocrite “creepy Joe” from receiving holy communion! Hopefully more religious leaders will display this type of backbone in standing up for God’s Word and only allow those who are sincere to participate in holy communion.

        1. All I can say is I was shocked when I read that he was refused communion. That’s the first time I’ve ever read that those Catholics who is for abortion was refused communion. I’m just wondering if Nancy Pelosi and the governor of New York are still receiving communion ? And if they are, everyone will know that money talks and religion walks.

          1. Nazi Pileoshit? Hell, she’d sell her own mother on the street corner if she thought she could get more votes by doiñg so.
            Has anyone ever investígfated HER background for Mob affiliations? Just wondering.

      3. The biggest criminals in U>S> history are the Clinton family. KILLER HELLERY has been involved in many murders-suicides. Her career is full of lies. I dont ever remember when she has told the truth, even to the Angel Moms/families. She is guilty of murder for doing nothing in the BENGHAZI Attacks yjay killed 4 Americans. I do not remember anything good she has done when Sec. of State, Senator of New York, Former First Lady. She is bi-polar, with sociopathetic tendencies. and rewards herself. with being an Alcoholic. She has ruined many women ’s lives that were involved with Slick Bill. He raped, lied, had affairs with many women right in the Oval Office! He had a friendship the most prolific pedophile in modern day. He ruined many, many lives.She has lied so often that NO ONE believes her or him on any issues. SHe even lied aabout why her mom named her Hillary. Sir ED. Hillary who climbed to the top of Everest BUT she was born in the 40’s and he didnt complete his climb till 1953. She can goo from a normal voice and in seconds screaming and throwing things. Bill was always black and Blue with deep scratches.She treated the Secret Service as if they were at her beck and call 24 hours a day. Her rule was dont talk to me or look at me unless I ask you a question. I could write a BOOK, BUT AS A FORMER TEACHER, RETIRED I HAVE ENDLESS TIME TO READ and RESEARCH THE CLINTONS. THIS COUPLE MADE A MOCKERY OF OUR HOUSE. PEOPLE HATE HER BUT HER TRACK RECORD OF PEOPLE COMING UP EITHER MURDERED OR SUICIDAL, THE NUMBER IS ASTRONOMICAL, AN AVERAGE, 50+ MURDERERS, AND 25+ SUGGESTED SUICIDE. (READ ABOUT VINCE FOSTER AND HIS WRONGFUL DEATH AND IT WASNT SUICIDE.

      4. It is a shame that this country (USA) is the country that lets certain people run free. The people whose names are well know aare the ones going to be denied certain rights. I am not catholic but I so totally agree with the priest. ANd for Biden to come out and say he really wasnt for it but he believed in ROE vs Wade. That was a very confusing remark. I hear Jill has been out asking people to speak for her husband. He really wants it. So, because he wants it is not a good reason to just “GIVE” it to him. He has a non-perfect record and needs to apologize for his errors. Jill isnt running Joe is.

    2. It’s about time the “Catholic Clergy”, followed their oath, & deny Communion, to people like Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, & other such hypocrites! The Catholic Church, certainly has “slid down”, past few decades! 600 million $’s, in pay offs, to victims of the Catholic Clergy…..Kinda makes you not want to tithe!

    3. Now you have it right, a poltician will never look at the truth only the vote. Here we have one ahole r eady to go down on the Ukraine deal and it comes out he does not even tow the line on his religious beliefs. We have Another gutless wonder ,and who the hell is going to stand up for this country, Take a guess who is standing for America? We have been asleep, don;t let it happen again and get ready for a fight, it’s coming. Did you know John Kerry’ son was also a partne rin the this big deal. Just a rumer of course but I would bet the records still have the info.


      1. It is alleged that Pooper Scooper Pelosi’s,(aka Piglosi’s) Son and John “Scratch” Ketsup Kerry’s son were all in on this huge international treasonous caper, and that is why they have to try to cover it up with “IMPEACHMENT” PHONY CHARGES AGAINST THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES……. These people are dangerous and will commit murder, conspire with America’s enemies like Iran????????? Hang ’em high and let ’em dry!!!! WAKE UP AMERICANS……..

    1. I have no reason to pray for this man or his soul. He’s brought on EVERYTHING himself, and whatever happens to him is between him and God. Let the sinners repent on their own.

        1. As a Catholic I agree anyone who professes to support abortion ( killing)
          Of innocent 😇 children 👶 should be banned from Communion , especially public figures. It’s a disgrace and abomination to Our God . I feel that the leaders of our church must become more vocal and take definitive action , as the priest did in South Carolina to show others that this is not acceptable and must be addressed . The young people in our country are being misled and are confused often as to the position or standing of the church on such issues due to the leaders Bishops not taking a stronger stand and directing their prieSts to deny Communion to any public figure who advocates abortion , euthanasia, infanticide , etc.

          Mike P Lenahan

      1. Biden has a “black heart”…..Corrupt, self indulged, & worships the almighty dollar! { Typical Libretard?}

        Incidentally, similar *Demoncrats….The Clinton Posse, Obama’s, all the demoncrat part of the Congress, & Senate, John Kerry, The kennedy’s, the “20” Demoncrat candidate “wannabee’s”,… al!

    2. God will send his condemnation on the world one of these days. More and more people are slipping out of the church and going the wrong way to hell.

  1. Wow! I agree that no one who believes it is okay to abort babies should take part in communion. In addition all those who are lying, hateful, and committing adultery and fornication, etc should not take part in communion. I’m not talking about slipping up and sinning. I’m talking about a lifestyle of this. We are to examine our own lives and judge our own selves to see if we are worthy of communion. Therefore, we are to be honest with our selves about our sins. As we do this, we are to repent (turn away from) of sin and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for cleansing and forgiveness . Oh, and above all this, we are to love others as the Lord Jesus loves us. John 13:34, “A new commandment I give to you, That you love one another as I have love you.” So, very few of us are qualified for communion if we follow the teachings of Christ. I speak to those who claim to be Christians.

      1. The Roman Catholic Church condemns homosexual behavior, but not the orientation of homosexuality. Neither the orientation of heterosexuality or homosexuality is wrong, but there are certain behaviors that the Church holds as suspect. Even in the case of straight couples, sexual intercourse outside marriage is condemned, but do you ever hear anyone saying that people who perform such acts are headed for hell. There is a miscarriage of social justice here. If you don’t know the teachings of the Church you should not presume to say, one way or the other, which way is right or wrong. The only people who are headed for judgement are the ones who do not follow their moral conscience. Joe Biden, or anyone else, who professes to be Catholic, should know what the Church teaches and do it, or they should drop out and follow a religion that allows them to be immoral. There are plenty in society. Just remaining Catholic, they are causing scandal, and that prevents them from receiving the sacraments. When the Church refuses a Catholic Holy Communion, it is saying that that Catholic is a “public sinner”.

        In former days, the Church would excommunicate the reprobate. Look what happened to St Joan of Arc, when she refused to take off her male attire, she was thought to be a witch and was refused Holy Communion. There are evil forces at work today and the evil one is rejoicing that good people suffer and are punished and bad people have a good life and are prosperous. Joe, Nancy and all the other malcontents are happy now, but just wait, eternity will someday catch up to them.

    1. Yes Pastor definitely an enigma. Did not he say only those that would pass would be be those like throu of a needle. Such is that statement that when someone with a sword wants to take the head off of those you love dearly with another religious belief is it time ti fight or is it time tiome to let him kill every thing you love and turn the other check?

    2. To let you know that any Catholic whether private or public figure who commits not only a mortal sin but to condone and support murder and homosexuality are automatically excommunicated. There are cases where those who practice of such criminal activities are barred from entering the church. They must repent before receiving the sacraments again.

      1. You put homosexuality on the same level as murder, whereas the Church accepts homosexuality but not murder. So, you would say that the Church is wrong and you are right. The Church is the Body of Christ, and you might be a member, but you are only a member, whereas the Church is the whole Body. Anyone who supports murder in his or her heart is not “automatically excommunicated”, but only is forbidden from receiving the sacraments. Gossiping and slander are just as “deadly” when it hurts a person’s reputation. These also can prevent someone from receiving the sacraments.

        Excommunication is a radical step in the Church. It can only be administered by a prelate, like “the pope alone or a general council for the entire Church; from the provincial council for an ecclesiastical province; from the bishop for his diocese; from the prelate nullius for quasi-diocesan territories; and from regular prelates for religious orders.(The Catholic Encyclopedia from

    1. I do not understand how a priest knows what’s in our hearts. Only God knows! Maybe Biden went to confession before church. He said he does not believe in abortion. I was born and raised Catholic. The priest should not be the judge of who gets communion. Catholics should know when they go up whether or not they should receive, not the priest!

      1. Biden is a public figure who advocates for abortion while at the same time he says he doesn’t personally agree with it. By publicly advocating for it he must publicly repent to show his sincerity and sorrow for his sins.

  2. Imagine that! As important a person as the former Vice-President of the U.S.A., denied by a
    small city’s Catholic Priest In St. Morey’s Church, Florence, SC! Why? Well, Joe has stood up
    for abortion, and the Catholic church’s position has always been “for life.”
    I suppose, (I’m not too sure, though) that VP Biden has been able to receive Communion
    at some Catholic churches before, but in Florence, SC, the Priest abides by the rules set in
    the Vatican. Such rules need to be respected, there cannot be “short-cuts” for this or that, based
    upon an individual’s standing in Washington, DC. I wonder how many “short-cuts” have
    been taken in all forms of practices requiring dutiful responsibility?

    1. It’s good to see a priest stand up for the real teachings of the church. “Christianity Light” is practiced so much today that it’s no longer recognizable, nor is it effective at keeping its followers on the right path.

      1. I agree with all of the comments above, but especially with Robert C. I believe all priests should have the fortitude to enforce the teachings of the church. Unfortunately, many are afraid to speak out, or believe that the teachings are “old fashioned.” Sadly, they do not believe in the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”

  3. A great affirmation of the faith denying him from communion. But, how about Pelosi and the rest of the liberals who also support this practice. Should the Church issue a statement that any Catholic that supports, aids and abets abortion at any stage will be refused communion and other rites of the Church? I suggest it should.

    1. Brothers Robert C, and Charles: Amen, brothers! The Chaplain in my outfit was a Catholic Priest.
      I’m going back to early ’51, to relate this… He was an amazing, most human kind of a man, and he
      was prepared to minister to every G.I., not only Catholics. We were truly “his boys”, because most of
      us were really boys required to “grow up” darned quickly. I saw the dedication, devotion, of this great
      man, who was selfless. We were his flock, no doubts about that. He could speak in Latin, of course, but
      also in Hebrew, enough Spanish to cause those boys to rest easy. When I read of the Priest in Florence,
      SC who showed Joe Biden what it takes to comply with the Church’s teachings, immediately my memory
      went back to that Chaplain for whom I was “one of his boys.” I want to also add, that the Priest who denied
      Communion to former VP Biden, offered the VP to stay and allow him, the Priest, to say a prayer for VP Biden.

  4. EVERY politician in Washington needs to be excommunicated and run out of office.
    As for this crap about medicare for everyone, this includes ALL politicians as well.
    Let them live like the rest of us and see how quickly things change for the better.
    President Trump has done more to advance/protect America more than ANY previous presidents?

  5. Myself, I believe they are all crooked. They say one thing then when elected do something else. makes me not want to vote anymore. Do not believe
    any of them. All they want to do is line their own pockets.

  6. We all are not without sin. However only those in public life are on display and are not treated the same, are we to believe that all who receive the body of Christ have no sin, even after confession, only God can really judge us.

  7. And the seditious , treasonous , criminal biden caused the “Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990 ” – leaving American school kids defenseless against psychos , like biden himself , Since then , 92% of all mass shootings have been done in schools . The blood of all these dead American kids is on HIS hands as well as the actual shooters he easily enabled to carry out their crimes .

  8. What a bunch of bullshit all around. The priest is obviously a bigot and also has no respect for US law. Maybe he should be
    sent to wherever his Catholic ancestors came from and told to stay there. BIden has respect for the law whether he likes it
    or not. I’ll stand up for home before any renegade priest.

  9. i think that Joe Biden has done the right thing, who are you guys to judge,no one but god ,all have sinned and came short of the glory of god ,that goes for trump,100 times more and there hasn’t been a man out there that is any better than anyone else ,the bible says to call no one father,on earth,there is only one and that is god.———————————–god bless Joe Biden.

    1. We, as Catholics, don’t think that we are better than anyone else, but only try to put Christ’s teachings in practice. Remember, when you cite anything from the Bible, esp. the New Testament, you are using the writings that were put together by the Catholic Church for centuries long before the Reformation or the Reformers came into existence. Check history before you comment and criticize the Catholic religion. It’s been around since Christ rose from the dead and the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles in the Upper Room. That is when the Catholic Church was born. Protestantism didn’t come into play until the 16th Century, which by their very name “Protestants lays more stress on antagonism to Rome”, (according the The Catholic Encyclopedia). Jesus Christ is the Way, the Life, and the Truth, and the Catholic Church is His Body. So, when you criticize Catholics, in general, you are criticizing Christ. “””Whatever you do to the least of my brothers or sisters you do to me”” (Matthew 25:40)

      1. I found it interesting that Mr Wayne Jones quoted the scripture verse from Matthew which clearly defines The Roman Catholic Church as the church founded By Christ and appointed St. Peter as it’s head and clearly stated all the powers of hell shall not prevail against it. In fact Peters bones and tomb have been found and proven by archioligists to be directly below the main altar of St. Peter’s (The Vatican) in Rome. Also , if you were not aware Peter was the First Pope and their has been an unbroken chain of Popes for over 2000 years . The First Christian Church was and always will be the Roman Catholic Church since Jesus said all the powers of hell shall not prevail against it. I believe Jesus as our Lord and Savior and as the second person of the Holy Trinity is ever present in the Church and guides it thru the Holy Spirit on doctrinal issues and will be in and with the Church until the end of times . God is Good and Great ,All the Time.

  10. Biden is like Judas Iscariot……he sells his soul for votes. Doesnt protect the young, defenseless unborn. He has a surprise waiting for him when he gets to Heavens Gate. He wont be allowed in. Destined to HELL for eternity. Not a very bright choice Joe.

  11. Jesus is the only man who walked the earth that is without sin! God is love! He loves us all for we are his children. Remember God loves the sinner but he does not love the sin. Thank you God that you are a forgiving Father but let us remember there are consequences for the sins that we commit. The Bible says what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and losses his own soul. Christians we all worship the same GOD, and WE ARE ALL TRYING TO GET TO THE SAME PLACE. We should all stand for Jesus and his righteousness! Thank GOD for the Priest! I’m not Catholic but I believe that by the GRACE of GOD someday we may meet in HEAVEN.

  12. So, now we know that Father BIDEN lies. Only he tells everyone he is against abortion when he really means he is against it. This is what foreign countries look at when dealing with foreign countries. Obama lied for 8 years, signed bills that wouldn’t get past the honest way, so he went into his dark closet and signed them without the people’s permission. Obama was right up there on the list of liars. And of course, he tried to make us believe we needed what-ever it was he signed illegally. ANd now the entire country has to suffer from his illegal signings. He should be in jail alonng with Biden.

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