Biden Scrambles To Save Democrats Before Midterms With Railway Deal

President Joe Biden has a lot on his mind as the midterm elections draw closer. He knows that his bumbles at the southern border and economic screwups have put his party in need of victories to attract voters. His administration finally bowed and gave rail workers what they wanted to avert a strike that would have caused significant transportation headaches for the entire country.

Biden claims that people can work together to find common ground regarding the work environment. But his words are meaningless because of how he treats the typical worker in America. The president mentioned that the 20-hour meeting came at the last minute before a shutdown occurred.

The Associated Press revealed the real reason why Biden was able to help broker the deal. The media outlet reported, “The threat of a shutdown carried political risks for Biden, a Democrat who believes unions built the middle class. But he also knew a rail strike could pose grave economic risks ahead of the midterms, when majorities in both chambers of Congress, key governorships, and scores of important state offices will be up for grabs.”

His political future as a president hangs in the balance. He will get to sit in the Oval Office as a lame-duck president for the remainder of his term. All he needs is one more major issue to the surface under his tenure, and his days as a president are over.

Railway workers will get a 24 percent pay raise once union members approve the measure. White House officials mentioned that the dinner was served to keep people talking. But it all sounded like Biden would not let anyone go home until a deal was brokered.

Biden made a phone call to the meeting and pressed the urgency of getting a deal done. His political future was on the line, and he was not about to let a union strike of massive proportion derail his chances of ruining America.
The crazy old man thought it was funny that people had to work late into the night trying to work out a deal to keep people from walking off the job. The strange amusement the president gets from watching others suffer is a trademark of his political party.

The Associated Press also reported that in addition to the raise, “Railroad workers will now be able to take unpaid days off for doctor’s appointments without being penalized, and they won’t be penalized if they are hospitalized. Previously, workers would lose points under the attendance systems at BNSF and Union Pacific railways, and they could be disciplined if they lost all their points.”

Railway workers have had difficulty keeping up with transportation demands and travel schedules. Operators had to be at their stations at the start of their shifts. There was no forgiveness for being tardy or the need to take time off for an emergency. The new deal allows workers more flexibility in working their schedules.
The president’s failed economy has played a significant role in the deal’s outcome. Failed wages and high unemployment has allowed the rail unions to use a lousy labor market as a bargaining chip at the table. Workers are not as apt to quit knowing that there are no other positions available for them to take because of the way companies have eliminated positions because of the way Joe Biden has strangled the economy.
Biden and his sadistic team of liberals called both parties and influenced them to come up with a deal. He could not risk having a nationwide strike on the eve of the midterm elections. The Federal Government has no business sticking its nose into private businesses.

The president is not the reason why a deal was brokered. The deal is more than a win for the nation. The selfish president got involved because he needed a way to look proactive to voters. He saw a situation to which he could pin his name and took advantage of a situation that would have worked itself out.