Biden Slips and Forgets about D-day Again

Trevor Bexon/

President Joe Biden is simply a man who does not support the people who have served in the military and given their lives to defend freedom.

He may speak tremendous and swelling words of support, but he fails whenever it comes to proving his words through action. For the second time in a row, Joe Biden missed mentioning the anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France.

D-Day is known around the world as the day when Allied forces spearheaded their way onto the beaches of France. The goal was to establish a beachhead and expel the Nazi murderers from the region.

Most of the troops that landed on the beach and died were American soldiers. The Nazis could pick them off because of their position on higher ground. The sacrifice of those soldiers is worthy of recognition because they stopped the advance of evil by giving their lives.

Joe Biden is the one president that failed to acknowledge or even mention the day. The man continues to make an effort to put America last. He had to have a member of his staff tweet a blurb about honoring those who gave their lives to defend freedom. But he could not even bring himself to take such action because he hates what America stands for.

Biden’s failure caught the attention of a lot of different people. Katie Pavlich from Fox News would report that “No White House statement yet on the 78th anniversary of D-Day. Biden was also criticized for failing to commemorate the anniversary in 2021.”

And then there was Jimmy Faila, the host of “Fox Across America” he would write that “STILL no acknowledgment from the WH on the anniversary of the invasion at Normandy. In Biden’s defense, his parents always referred to D-Day as his report card arrival.”

After another, one news host would speak out and reveal the president’s betrayal of freedom. His failure to mention the day would be the second time he would not mention the day of remembrance.

Joe Biden puts America last, and his actions prove that point. He cannot bring himself to put America first as he should be doing. The old man took an oath to serve and protect America, and all he has done is put the country last. He is more concerned with helping the illegals gain access to the country than helping make America a great place for people to come.

The Daily Wire reported that the first time Biden forgot about D-Day, his then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to cover for him. She tried to point out that he had mentioned the day in his past and that he would even mention it again in the future. But so far, the old man has failed to bring up the subject in public.

A president is an ailing man. He does not have what is needed to be the president. And the only reason that his party members have not removed him is that they cannot bear the thought of Kamala Harris or Nancy Pelosi taking over. They would rather risk running the country into the ground than letting pure evil sit in the White House.

The D-Day invasion was more than a military move to stop the Nazis from advancing. It was the one invasion that needed to occur, or the war could have taken a different route. The Allied forces needed to take the beach to end the carnage that Adolf Hitler was bringing to people living in Europe.

Biden’s betrayal of America was evidenced by mentioning the 1921 Tulsa massacre and how much he wanted to push gun control laws. He even tried to take credit for saving the economy once the pandemic would come to an unofficial end.

Biden cannot see past his nose to realize how much of a problem he is for everyone. People are struggling to make enough money to put on the table. The inflated prices and high prices at the gas pump have robbed people of being able to make ends meet for their families. He is not the great man that he believes himself to be.