Biden Tells Women Not to Vote For Him

Joe Biden

The Tara Reade accusations have become a running sore in the Joe Biden campaign for the presidency that is not going away no matter what the former vice president and his supporters do. Team Biden has been trying the deny, deny, deny strategy that worked so well when Bill Clinton was fending off accusations of sexual misconduct.

Fox News reports that Biden tried the strategy when he sat down with MSNBCs Lawrence O’Donnell. It did not come out very well. As it turns out, the former vice president does not even remember the former aid.

“Well, to be honest with you, I don’t, but let me get something clear when a woman makes a claim that she has been harassed or abused, and this claim has changed… she should be taken seriously. She should come forward, share her story, she should be taken seriously and it should be thoroughly vetted. And in every case, what matters is the truth. The truth is what matters. And the truth of the case is nothing like this ever, ever happened… I give you my word. It never, ever happened.”

The kindest spin he can put on this answer is that Biden, who has been in public life since the early seventies, cannot be expected to remember everybody who ever worked for him. On the other hand, backing a woman up against the wall and digitally raping her is a big—er—deal. Is it possible that Biden did it and, because he is obviously amid the early onset of dementia, has forgotten all about it?

Instead of pursuing the interview along the above lines, O’Donnell shifted gears and referred to a recent piece in the New York Times by a supporter who stated that she believed Tara Reade but is going to vote for Biden anyway. The defeat of President Donald Trump is too important to quibble over such matters as rape and sexual assault. Biden had a curious response.

“Well, I think they should vote their heart and if they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade. The fact is that look at Tara Reade’s story. It changes considerably. And I don’t want to question her motive, I don’t want to question anything other than to say the truth matters. This is being vetted, it’s been vetted, and people scores of my employees over my whole career. This is just totally, thoroughly, completely out of character. And the idea that in a public place, in a hallway I would assault a woman? I mean, it’s just- I- anyway, I promise you. It never happened.”

The problem is that Biden has done things, not as shocking as putting his fingers where they are no welcome but disturbing nevertheless to women and girls in public places, where video cameras were there to record them. He tends to paw women and sniff their hair in ways that many find to be gross and off-putting.

However, the money quote from the interview is that Biden thinks that no one who believes Tara Reade should vote for him. The many people who do find Reade credible will doubtless nod their heads and suggest that is the point.

In the meantime, the scandal continues to be a he said she said situation, even though she, Tara Reade, has documentation that she told other people about the incident soon after or within a few years of it having allegedly occurred. And we have the powerful interview that Reade had with Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News personality who was also the object of sexual misconduct by a powerful man.

Biden can argue that no other woman has come forward and accused him of doing something to them quite as awful as he is alleged to have done to Tara Reade. That fact suggests one of three things.

One, that the assault was a one-time deal that was never repeated, possibly because Biden lost his nerve.

Two, that any other woman that Biden might have assaulted has been terrorized into silence. No one would casually subject herself to the ridicule and abuse that Tara Reade has been the recipient of.

Last, that Biden is telling the truth. The incident never happened and that Reade, for whatever reason, is lying.

The reader is invited to select the one alternative that is most credible.

160 thoughts on “Biden Tells Women Not to Vote For Him

      1. Are you not going to forgive “Fingering” Joe Biden? Can you not give him a last chance? Just an idea. I can’t decide yet. Thank you.

        1. If Biden is really interested in the truth, which I highly doubt, then agree to a lie detector test as Tara Reade has formally offered. That is what people sincere about the truth agree to.
          Hunter Biden is another issue that stinks and Uncle Joe refuses to discuss. Of course CNN and others give him a pass only because they are democrats at heart. He gets softball interviews. Can you imagine what CNN, MSNBC and others would do if an unqualified Trump child had jobs like these ONLY because he is the son of a US politician who is directly involved with their country and business. At least Trump made his own money as have his children. The Biden’s continue to make money from us US citizens. They have NO business experience. Hunter would be folding sweaters at Macy’s if not for dear old dad.

  1. Biden cannot remember breakfast much less someone he considered his to do what he wanted because he was her boss! She made police report at the time which apparently was blown off because of who she worked for and the year it occurred.. at a time when high level males could get away with a lot.

    1. The man is around th corner of being declared unfit for office. He, half the time doesn’t know where he is, what office he is running for, who his own sister and wife are( gets them mixed up)…this is not a man who should be running the biggest and most powerful country in the world, and can’t remember squat! Tara most likely is telling the truth if she went to police to report it…and did tell others. He has lost ground…not just because of this…but because people cannot see him as a President of the United States…who could?!?!?

      1. You are so correct in all of the above..Great comment…Bingo Biden is a no good P.O.S and running to lead our nation AMERICA? Give me a break…This Idiot needs to be hanged to DRY!!!!! this is my story!

      2. People just don’t get it. Biden will choose a woman as VP.The article and othwers mention that Biden is ib the early stages of Dementia. If elected then he will be removed from office because of it. His VP will then become President and Nancy Pelosi will become VP. These two womwn will then run the Country.

      3. The democrats want to run him if he is elected president they have him Declared incompetent you need to pay attention to who is his running mate as that will be your new president.

      4. He is doing that on purpose, he was just placed in the running to beat all the rest of them and become the chosen one, now they will remove him because he is mentally unstable and replace him with someone they really want but wouldn’t have been able to beat all the rest…that’s their plan .

      5. Because the SDEMS-Socialist Demrats
        are planning to steal the election, they don’t care who the SDEMS candidate is. Even Joe Biden doesn’t concern himself about what is said. Biden’s audacity and not caring should make him and his friends (SDEMS) in crime more sensitive about propriety and the concern by the American people, but they don’t care. It is because they think the US Citizens don’t matter because the SDEMS-Socialist Democrats-think that they can bypass the voters and steal the elections. They have already shown this by the voter fraud they are doing every day; and the bigger fraud they yet intend to pass right by President Trump and the voters. Ther is only one way to insure an honest election-declare Marshall Law and in person, with ID, voting.

      6. I believe if somehow Biden is elected, within 90 days, he will either resign due to his health, or he will be forced out, by possibly the democrats to keep from hurting their chances for taking over .


      1. Travis, you are so right! Out of love they should put a stop to it now, since they haven’t before. Makes me think the Dems have something very sinister going on behind the scene.–N

        1. They do. Biden will be replaced before the convention. A new candidate will win there. It will be HIllary . Count on it.

          1. I’m thinking Hillary will get the VP nod! Which is really too bad for Unca Joe, especially if he wins, by some miracle, or outright theft! If perchance he DOES win, and Hildawg IS his VP, he won’t be pres more than a couple of weeks, give or take, before she has him “disposed of”! It IS HER turn, you know, to be President…

    3. I never heard she made a police report. Some people are making up stuff. The accusation is bad enough without adding to it, especially if you have no idea whT u are talking about.

      1. yes that was like the government contractor $lut, ford who that longtime senate $lut fienyhienysteiny suddenly (after having the ho’s promise to appear for 6 months or so) was brought in at the 11th hour to talking schitt about a 40 year ago supposed incident that women who she named as “being there and knowing” claimed did not happen… not only that the $lut ford NEVER filed a police report… the same as the other “me too” hores that were framing Kavanaugh… but the mental midgets still believed the hos..

    4. I believe there may be others. That the Secret Service would be on their ass and would threaten them and their family …and people will shut up after that. I would. Threats made on family members. Like I know where your kid lives or where you work or blah blah blah. The fact is it does happen… And last thing you need is somebody like a stalker or somebody weird In your life. Either that or they are may also paid To keep quiet. If this didn’t happen with Tara Reade… Which I don’t understand that It’s not believed by many. Then what’d Be the motive ? He didn’t give her a raise?. I’ve seen all the videos and pictures about how Joe touches little girls hair and always grabbing girls and touch them, and other women, but more with little girls. Who knows what his real thoughts are. I have never seen another present to do that or vice-president or many many many big-time people. I believe Tara Reade was hushed. And that things did happen, but they were pushed away cuz they didn’t want to have to deal with that. It’s too big. It’s not fair If a woman says something happened and people don’t believe her because they believe the other person , especially somebody. Higher ranks. Women don’t make this shit up ! things have happened and they have to say something. Which Tara did. If there’s one Victim there are probably plenty more that haven’t said anything. Especially if they got moved up in their position to a higher paying salary ,then they may look the other way. And a man saying I do not Remember or I don’t recall It’s not enough of an excuse… For not admitting what they had done.

    5. Fox will report anything damaging to Biden. Years past ask him about a male employee. You would most likely get the same answer. Do not remember that person. If I could be paid $10,000.00 to remember people working for me I would not get the $10,000.

      1. First he said he didn’t remember it.Then he said it never happened.How can he say it never happened if he can’t remember it.

    6. I wonder if trump can remember the 19 women he sexually molested Or the 2 he was having sex with while his wife was pregnant and having their son. That’s really strange that you people will vote for that pervert and condemn another

      1. It is called show us back up reports. All of these so called sexually molested just so happened to not say anything to anyone or filed a police report, until President Trump was running for office, Prove these 19 you speak of are not democrats to help old Hillary to win, but she still LOST.

  2. Hey Biden,
    Go join 🐖 PIG LOSSI. You and Cortez, chukie, woody, and the rest of you democrats. I’m sure she can teach you dumb people one ☝️ thing. How to video yourself eating ice cream. 🐷, Oink, Oink.You go Nan NaN.
    Definition of oink.
    Grunting of a pig. Sounds like the ugliest person ever. (Nancy Pig Losi) and her pig party.
    You go NaN NaN.
    You are butt ugly.

    1. Hey Vicki….I just love the way you put your thoughts into action with words and nothing but the TRUTH!!!!!

  3. I wouldn’t vote for Biden or any other pig 🐖 democrat. I’d take a bullet in the head 1st, for sure.

  4. I have a suggestion, even if there was an incident as described for Biden, what about Trump?! He was seen in a movie recording in his first run for president dragging to a male acquaintance that women will let you do that kind of thing! Trump is a long-term user of women, let’s face it Trump is the real preofession as this sort of thing. This is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, it is the pro running against at best someone who may have done something that he has shown himself a regular displaying his sexuality with who knows how many dozen women over his career!

    1. So therefore Biden is forgiven. Your argument is around the equivalent of an 80 IQ mind. Really. That is your argument. You are a slob.

    2. The difference is that Trump was a known factor in these matters and we would have been surprised had he been otherwise. Biden on the other hand is the hard sanctimonious arse about these matters that makes the new toos squirt and they would certainly hold him to a higher level unless they are all a bunch of hypocrites – which probably they are too.

    3. did your mom never teach you that 2 wrongs do not a right make? not saying anything about Trump as he is not the issue here. Biden is the issue.

      1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 the juvenileness of these remarks is way past blatant stupidity & downright RUDE

      1. At Bonnie: That’s what I love about Trump! He doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells you like it is whether you like it or not, so you never have to guess what he’s thinking.

    4. Shall I list the other presidents who were cheating on their wives…Kennedy, H W Bush, Clinton, Johnson, …I could go on and on…men with power will do this…why?, because they can!

    5. Richard J……I can tell that you are one CLUELESS DEMONCrAT that spends you time Day and Night listening to the Fake News…Start getting in the GROOVE before you make a FOOL out of yourself more than what you are now..Bongo!!!

    6. Trump wasn’t in a government job at that time. That doesn’t make what he said any better. But Biden was in office when this was supposed to have happened. He was one step away from being President at that time.

    7. Ok, him bragging, supposedly two guys in a PRIVATE conversation, that got recorded. He was not in a political office. I bet you have never in your life time, ever bragged to another guy about a woman or women you have had “contact” with. I bet 99% of men do it!

      1. It seems as long as he was not in office it was okay to take advantage of women. If that makes it alright then some people have problems.

    8. Woman allowing themselves to be “used”, as you call it, implies consent. Something tells me Ol’ Creepy Joe didn’t have Tara’s consent when he digitally raped her. It’s so funny how you liberals judge and project when you have nothing of substance to go on.

        1. No the women accusing President Trump did not have proof and one of them admitted to being paid for her “story”. Tara Reade is a democrat accusing a democrat of a sexual assault and she filed a police report and told others. the 19 against President Trump just did not come across as credible. That is the difference. I believe all woman should be heard and it is a bloody shame when they aren’t. Trump has $ lots of $ so maybe someone was looking to cash in on a “if you pay me I’ll be quiet “ type deal.

  5. The Democrats have the wrong person to run for President. The issue is, if this is the best that the Democrats can find, then the Democratic Party is a mess. Between Pelosi and her insane actions to Biden not being able to put a coherent sentence together shows that the Democratic Party has declined in quality people. Really need a makeover in the ranks.

  6. Why on earth would a woman subject herself to the negativity that is inherent in this kind of situation if it were not true? It is just one more reason that Biden should not be put in the top position in our government. The presidency is much to important to have a person who is so compromised as Biden is.

    1. Millie…maybe it takes a woman to see why seems very clear to you and i. Why would any woman put herself through the news reports and personal information on every news show every night, if it wasn’t true.

    2. I believe, Millie, it is because that in the sick, twisted mind of all Demonrats like Richard J any woman who accuses a man of raping one of their Democratic idols must be a liar or a spoiled little girl who is looking for attention. The great liar in chief, Billy BJ Clinton proved that to all of us.

    You are the best of the best ever.🇺🇸🇺🇸.
    America loves you.🇺🇸🇺🇸.
    And we love him.
    Go Trump.

    1. Amen to that Trump all the way… the problem is that we the people need to get Pelosi out!!!! She is just worried about herself and trying to be somebody that we the people are not important… I have to pray for myself…because every time I see her I just want to smack her and call her for what she is a liar and a evil person..


  8. Plagiarjoe Bidenist: ‘Anyone that knows that I’m a serial plagiarist should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows what I did to innocent Curtis Dunn for 35 years should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I enabled my less favored son to take advantage of my being Vice-President to fund his sex and drug habits should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that finds out how I lined my pockets with deals in Ukraine and China should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I helped my brother and sister to loot the treasury should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I lied about my academic achievements should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I made up a fictional character named Corn Pop should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I used the office of Vice-President to get a Ukrainian official fired should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I ran cover for hitlery should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows that I willfully participated in the unlawful scheme to force DJT out of office by hook or by crook should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows that I deliberately undressed and swam naked in full view of female Secret Service agents should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that believes that I stared at and complimented the breasts of a young teenage girl should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that believes that I have been unfaithful to my wife Jill should vote for someone else.’ Who is left? Anyone?? BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and building 7 didn’t fall (in its own footprint and at free-fall speed) from office fires.


    2. Anyone who knows I sniffed many young ladies and held their shoulders so they couldn’t move away should vote for someone else.

    3. Hey john while you are at it why don’t you make a list of trumps problems failures and sexual perversion it will be a lot longer than Biden’s

  9. Boo Hoo Richard. Even if there was an incident with Biden. (Really)? You are as stupid as a dead fence post, stupid. He’s just sleepy joe, joe. He’s guilty as sin.
    Stupid people do stupid things and say even stupider things cause their a democrat. Guess you just can’t help being stupid on top of stupid on top of out right dumb.

    1. So you think he is dumb? So you suggest that he is smarter than he really is. I just cant believe he has reached such a high score with what you and I have read in his blog of stupidity.

  10. Dems need to reavaluate their stances in their own party, its not the peoples party no more. All the heads are in for themselves not the people.

    1. People who side with Democrats are either blind and deaf or both. Have they not seen…witnessed their desperation in trying to out our president, from being such? They were hell-bound to impeach him and remove him from office…and have been since the night of the last election…why? Because their girl, Hilary CLinton didn;t win. Well,guess what! Some win and some lose…and you take your lumps and move on. But not Pelosi and pals…no…they have been hell–bound to make sure Trump is gotta go! And it ain’t happening…and they are pissed! I never saw a bunch of allegedly intelligent people who WILL NOT SEE…this is not going over well with the populace. They are spending our money folks. That Mueller investigation….costs zillions of dollars…impeachment a zillion more…and it came out of your pocket and mine!

  11. I wouldn’t vote for SLEEPY (and incompetent as WELL as SUPER corrupt) Joe and I’m a man! . . . I CARE for this country, and NOT voting Joe Biden is my DUTY as an AMERICAN citizen. Don’t vote for him if you VALUE your country – orb any OTHER Communist/Socialist Democrat! One Enlightened and WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I would not vote for any Demc. even if it were my own mother. I vote RED all the way and save a lot of time, I know the Demc. party, I used to be one of them until I got smart.

  12. Men of power seem to always feel that they have “Special Rights” that they believe they have the right to be abusive to women. I believe that there are some men out there that give “hush money” to keep the women silent. Whoever was the brave woman who spoke up is very brave as she will most likely be ridiculed through the media and will never have piece,

  13. Tara Reade said NOTHING about sexual assault when Bidden was selected to be the Vice President approximately 12 years ago. As a women I find it unbelievable that the sexual assault ever happened BECAUSE she never said anything until now. I do wonder how much money she is secretly being paid to state Bidden did commit sexual assault.

    1. As a man, it is shocking to see you accuse Tara of taking bribes. You don’t believe it happened. You must not be a METOO lady. Phony Dem, phony organization.

  14. Creepy senile Joe has been a crook, liar and an idiot his whole life. They did not give him the nickname of doofus for nothing. With the onset of dementia he is unable to tell the difference between his sister and his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of our country. The best thing they could do for senile Joe is to find him his rocking chair and make sure he uses it somewhere out of sight.

  15. America WAKE UP! Anyone who can vote for the dummycrats must be blind. They must hate our beautiful country.
    They hate President Trump not only because Hilary lost the election-they hate him because they fear him. He promised to clean up the swamp. So far he has kept every promise. I put blame on some Republicans who lost the House because
    they too were afraid that their incompetence would be uncovered. I think we have the best president. No one in office
    has ever accomplished as much as he has, even with his hands tied, like the demoncrats tried. Russian collusion,
    impeachment and the list goes on….Which cost us millions of dollars and we don’t bat an eye! We must vote for President Trump as the alternative is at best frightening. It is not socialism the demoncrats want- it is Communism. Vote your conscience. President Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize, but then again it has become worthless-Obama & Arafat!!!

  16. I am a female, I don’t approve of any man putting his hands on a woman sexually or physically. But for that woman not to report it right away regardless of how much power they may have and even if she was afraid of him. At lease I came forward and stood up for myself regardless if he was a powerful person. I have more respect for people coming forward regardless if anyone believe them or not, the good Lord and I know what happen My mother always told my sister and I to always stand up for ourselves especially if someone made unwanted advances. You still may not win but you also have people( not all ) looking at them as well (family, employers, friends and other women etc.). Jill Biden doesn’t appear to be a weak woman if she believed Joe did this I’m quite sure she would still be with him and then to his children do you honestly believe his sons could remain so close to him, I know my sons wouldn’t.

  17. Joe Biden was chosen not for his competence. The dummycrats feel that he could help get them votes, and
    at the last minute they will replace him with a far- left socialist/ communist. I hope I am wrong!
    Biden is a flawed, crooked, and dishonest candidate. Vote for President Trump!

  18. What really scares me is if Sleepy Joe did win the election (doubt it) but if he did and no matter who he picked as his VP, if anything ever happened to those two then we could possibly see Nancy (Fruit Cake) Polosi taking office as president of the U.S. That really scares me !

  19. Buffoonish Biden. His family is enabling his crippling behavior and loss of cognitive skills. Shame on them. Americans are wise. They won’t vote for someone who can’t put a sentence together, doesn’t remember what office he is running for. can’t remember how many jobs lost and how many lives lost during this pandemic, etc, etc, etc. World Leader NOT.

    1. Sadly, there are many 18 year olds who have unknowingly imbibed in the Kool Aid!!
      That’s the demographic that scares me the most!!

  20. seeing that you decided that women don’t need to vote for you then they should not vote for you and stop asking them to donate to you.

  21. Uncle Joe was caught on a open Mic saying….. ” When Corn-Pop comes back….. I’ll make him Rub my Golden Leg Hairs until it gives me a Limp-On…..! Then I’ll spin him around and give him the best Uncle Joe ” Bouncy Pony…. Boner Knee Ride….! I’ll pat him on his Nappy Head and send him away all contented…. ” Corn-Pop & Corn-Pop’s like him will Vote For Me….! We are the Blue Tide…..! Don’t you Forget It……!

  22. You folks would be so much more credible if your writing approximated any form of being literate. It does not!

  23. No one is talking about the imbeciles like Obama and Pelosi who are endorsing this nut. And what about the idiots on the view downplaying this situation on a daily basis? We cannot just focus on Biden during this idiotic party of theirs but to chastise those who for once are clearly proving their ignorance regarding all things logical. I am feeling sorry for those who are in relationships with the people who make up the devoted audience of shows like the view that brainwashed them for years with ignorance and hatred.

  24. the democratic party has as partof its platfirm, the santification of murder vis a vie abortion. they even call post term murder abortion . I believe that would be called infantacide. Call me old fashioned ( I would take it as a compliment) but as I am instructed by my creator that my body (likewise…the body of any woman) is to be maintained as a temple of the most high , I HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHOOSE! That choice has already been made BY GOD for me. Votefor LIFE, vote for TRUMP . if you take “possesion” of ANY democrat by giving them your vote , you have blood on your hands!!

  25. It’s possible he doesn’t remember doing it to her because he has done it many times to other women who for whatever reason haven’t come forward…….

  26. Let’s go with the ‘headline’…not just women, anyone with any sense should not vote for him. Bumbling, mumbling, stumbling fumbling Biden – have they locked him in that basement and lost the key? It’s gone way beyond “feeling sorry for the pathetic old fool”…that’s been played to an ‘adoring crowd of fools’ for whatever the reason –

  27. Isn’t it odd how through this whole coronavirus thing we’ve never heard out of Biden’s or Pelosi’s or the other democrats mouths any type of solutions or suggestions regarding the virus? I would think their constituents would finally wake up and realize the democrats don’t give a crap about them.

  28. All you people who attack Biden, are you are demented. You are backing a serial sexual assaulter, with many rape accusations, even from his first wife and writer E.J. Carroll and then there are all the women he paid off. He even bragged about it on tape. You are all insane I would figure.

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