Biden: When He Isn’t In His Own Way – There’s Hunter!

The former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has created much of his own chaos and strife. When he isn’t getting in his own way, however, there is always Hunter to provide a few more hurdles for the Biden campaign. Not that Joe needs the help.

All on his own, the former Vice President and Obama’s oddly estranged right-hand man for two terms, has managed to produce his own trouble and has caused more than a few self-induced storms. His questionable actions have brought his ethical behavior into concern, as his employment of family members has raised eyebrows. His use of influence and political pull has caused people to question his moral gauge, and those are the small issues.

The bigger storms that Biden has become a lightning rod for are much more personal and some are even damning. Some of those storm clouds hover above the concerns that surround Biden’s fitness as a candidate. On many occasions, his inability to respond intelligibly, or to communicate coherently has been more than disconcerting.

Then, there is that lightning storm that awaits right behind all those other rumbles, occasionally flashing through crackling the air. These are the mounting questions that point to Biden’s questionable behavior around young girls and women. Like lightning, it is so loud and bright, it can’t go unnoticed. Then it is gone again.

One of those storm clouds, however, isn’t going away as it continues to hover – occasionally shooting a bolted strike across the sky. That is the sexual assault allegations that, if they strike the ground, could leave severe damage. Yes, Joe Biden is doing a wonderful job of creating his own storms, he doesn’t need any help.

It is upon this last set of issues, where one story picks up. It is a story of humor, of satire, and maybe even some truth too. As that story reports, the former Vice President attempted to fight wit with wit, and he couldn’t have been burned any worse if he had been fighting fire with fire.

As the story reported, President Trump’s son, Don Jr., posted a rather satirical meme. In a split photo is a picture of Biden with the caption “See you later, alligator!” In the bottom frame, is a picture of an alligator almost smiling, with the caption – “In a while, pedophile!”

To this, the witty and always funny Joe Biden responded in what we think must have been his shot at humor, “He is his father’s son.”


Donald Trump Jr. almost couldn’t wait to take on that challenge, and right now the last thing Biden needs is a discussion about his own son, Hunter Biden, but that is precisely what he incited. So, just as his father would, Don Jr. obliged saying, “Joe Biden you’re 100% right, I am my father’s son… and Hunter Biden is most certainly yours!!!”

As our story shared, pointing out the obvious, “Indeed, Hunter Biden has carried significant baggage, some of which has taken center stage during the early months of his father’s presidential bid, despite his attempts to maintain a low profile as his father emerges as the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee.”

And with the help of the Twitterverse, the story shared other tweets that only highlighted more of the Hunter Biden problem. A few of the more colorful ones read:

“…care to comment on Hunter Biden getting booted out of the Navy for smoking crack, banging his brother’s widow, or his baby with the stripper that his parents ignore?”


“…if Hunter Biden takes a break from raking in foreign cash cuz of his daddy to knock up a stripper while hopped up on Bolivian party powder, does it make a sound in the media?”

No, Joe Biden doesn’t need to bring his son into the conversation and he doesn’t need help creating any more problems, he does that well enough on his own. Come to think of it, Hunter Biden is Joe’s son, so that actually means that Joe really is responsible for creating this problem.

Wow, Joe was right! Like father, like son…

29 thoughts on “Biden: When He Isn’t In His Own Way – There’s Hunter!

    1. Katha Pollitt, like Joey Bidumbass, is a cocksucking idiot with shit for brains. The Bidumbasses. Hunter and Joey, what a couple of losers. Stupid ass motherfuckers.

    2. but remember-Biden is leading—–way ahead in the polls,so the media tell us. So—-maybe Trump should get into his basement because it seems that being in your basement means you are ahead in the polls. But—–wait until he is forced out of his basement and has to go to a debate with Trump—-how well do you think Biden will do against Trump in a debate.
      Of course Biden first has to remember what question was asked and not forget about the question before he completes his answer. I cant wait to see him on a debate stage with Donald Trump-it should be sooooooo fascinating. Wonder if his minders will put ear plugs in his ears so they can feed him the answers to the questions that are asked. Of course that means he has to remember what they have told him to say. Why wont anyone admit that Joe Biden has the beginnings of dementia. Why are they pretending that all is well and that everything the man says is gold. Its so obvious to most of us thinking people—–you know-like all men are created equal and—–you know the rest. this is my sister-no its my wife. What day is it and what state am I in. But–as long as they keep him in his basement, he can only tell us about geese and birds, and maybe remember what he is saying-maybe?

    1. Incredible, what a fucking web site it is!! This web site provides free blowjobs for anyone who wants one. Yay, for this web site. They are wonderful cocksuckers.

  1. What’s with these strange responders? Do they even read the copy? AN-y-how, Hunter is but one of MANY problems he has. More? Plagiarjoe Bidenist: ‘Anyone that knows that I’m a serial plagiarist should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows what I did to innocent Curtis Dunn for 35 years should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I enabled my less favored son to take advantage of my being Vice-President to fund his sex and drug habits should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that finds out how I lined my pockets with deals in Ukraine and China should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I helped my brother and sister to loot the treasury should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I lied about my academic achievements should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I made up a fictional character named Corn Pop should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I used the office of Vice-President to get a Ukrainian official fired should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows how I ran cover for hitlery should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows that I willfully participated in the unlawful scheme to force DJT out of office by hook or by crook should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that knows that I deliberately undressed and swam naked in full view of female Secret Service agents should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that believes that I stared at and complimented the breasts of a young teenage girl should vote for someone else.’ ‘Anyone that believes that I have been unfaithful to my wife Jill should vote for someone else.’ Who is left? Anyone?? BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and building 7 didn’t fall (in its own footprint and at free-fall speed) from office fires.

    1. Agree with everything you say, John. I’d like to point out how he came right out and said it during his campaign rally in Detroit “why don’t you go vote for someone else!!”. Thanks Lunchbox Joe, I think we will all do just that!!!

    2. You are on point about the strange responders. Some of the posts sound like you would find on a far left site. There needs to be some sort of criteria for making a post on this site. You should first have to take a simple test to show that you have the brain capacity greater than an animal cracker.

  2. Obamagate will bring it all to the surface. The Democratic Party should be in prison. And now look what they’re up to with all of this corona virus bullshit. There’s just not and end, EVER, with these reprobates. The way they use their offices to enrich themselves (Obama’s , Clinton’s , Biden’s ) is reprehensible. And none of them….. every held to account. I’m 65 yrs old, never thought I’d see my wonderful country brought to its knees by a handful of treasonists. Why are these people not in prison?!!!!

    1. I fully agree. I as well am in my 60’s and have never seen such corruption, deceit, fabrication of stories lines and flat out lies against a POTUS. There is hardly anyone associated with the Obama administration that shouldn’t be in jail. I have never seen our political leaders so dysfunctional and bipartisan. It’s not unusual for the two parties to have differing views, but the democratic agenda is out of touch with the American people. The democratic party used to be considered the “blue collar” party. They have shifted to the “It’s all about me” party.” It dates back to the Clinton administration and the far left media has allowed the democratic party to go unchecked. Thankfully, Hilary has disappeared from the landscape, but don’t be fooled. She is like an active volcano that could erupt at any time. Now, they have the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and “Quid Pro Quo” Joe leading the democratic train. The mainstream media should be accountable for it’s truth and fairness in reporting, or lack thereof. Many Americans rely on the media in forming their opinions and making choices for election day. However, the media is not reporting the truth. Judge Kavanaugh was grilled by House for 4 day on an allogation of sexual misconduct that turned out to be false. The “Me Too Movement” and other women’s groups were all over it. Now, Joe Biden has several women with creditable accounts of sexual harassment and misconduct, and not hardly a word has been said by either the women’s groups or the media. As for the women’s groups, how can we take you seriously if you are going to pick and choose your victims? Wrong is wrong despite party affiliation. Unless the corrupt politicians and media are held accountable for their conduct and truthful reporting, our country will be destroyed. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  3. Hunter Biden is so stupid he cloud not even pass the Navy pee test. He failed to realize you have to study for it.

  4. His wife wants to be first lady,so I think she pushes him forwards, his son figures if my dad’s president I’ve got it made I’ll have power and be able to make so much more MONEY no one can touch me.

  5. Biden should be every democrat’s nightmare. He can’t even string a sentence together. How does he think he can run a country? Oh no. He can’t he’ll just be another one of Soros’s puppets like Obama. Crooked, Creepy , Cretin.

  6. Every time I read about the lying, dishonesty, hate, anger, scandals, power-hungry, money-hungry, AND dishonest agenda’s of the DEMOCRAT’s…….MAKES ME SO PROUD AND HAPPY TO BE A REPUBLICAN !!!!! Does anyone, other than myself, realize every time a Democrat opens their mouth that noose around their neck gets a little tighter?

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