Biden’s Dementia is On Display…and It’s Painful

Michael F. Hiatt/
Michael F. Hiatt/

Unfortunately, we’re seeing headlines like this far too often. It’s not simply a one-off anymore – and the White House doesn’t even want to address concerns when they’re asked about by reporters.

Every time Biden steps up to a podium, we can expect some kind of embarrassing incident. He calls people by the wrong name, he makes basic errors, or he looks for someone who died months ago. And in some instances, he can’t even find his way off of the stage.

And it’s not even like any of this is new.

For years, he’s plagiarized other politicians without giving them proper attributes. And when called out on it, he even admitted that he was accused of plagiarism in law school.

Meet our president, ladies, and gentlemen. Isn’t he grand?

There’s not much that we can do about it but roll our eyes in disgust. We simply wait with bated breath until his next speech to hope that it’s not that bad. This is the point we’ve reached. We’re hoping that what comes out of the president is not that bad.

Yet, it always is.

This past Tuesday, a fire prevention summit was held at the White House. He decided to tell a story about a fire that happened in his Delaware home that took place in 2004.

Biden described the fire as “we almost lost a couple firefighters.”

Wow, that must have been one hell of a fire. And according to another story he told about the 2004 fire, he claimed that he and Jill “lost an awful lot” of their home.

Now, here’s what really happened. There was a fire as a result of a lightning strike. The fire was contained to the kitchen and Jill was the one to make the call. According to the local fire chief, it was “under control” within 20 minutes.

What this means is that Biden lied. When he spoke at the fire prevention summit, he could have told the truth. A fire that was under control within 20 minutes is not that big of a deal and there was no chance of losing a couple of firefighters to “the blaze.”

Further, they did not lose most of their house.

This is what Biden does. He lies and he stretches the truth so that he can talk to crowds as though he understands their suffering. When he was in Florida last week, he recounted his house fire story to those who experienced total devastation from Hurricane Ian.

Biden is constantly trying to play the role of the Average Joe, even if it means lying through his teeth. And he actually expects people to believe everything he’s saying.

Will the liberal media hold him accountable for his tall tales? Of course not. But considering his house fire took place over 18 years ago, don’t you think we would have heard more about it by now?

Joe Biden has been a politician for most of his life. It’s why it makes him such a dangerous president. He can straight-faced lie without even thinking twice about it.

The only problem is now that he’s gotten older, and dementia is setting in, he doesn’t even know what the truth is anymore.

It’s time we get him out of the White House once and for all. We deserve to know the truth. And we’re tired of hearing the tall tales so that we can think of him as just an average American. Let’s compare tax records. We promise he’s nothing like us.