Big Shocker, Inflation Gave the Country a Red Wave of Tsunami Proportions


CNN’s Chris Wallace admitted on November 8th that the Democrats had failed in their mission, and left far too much on the table. With a strong sense of what could only be called disillusion, Wallace claimed that the Dobbs decision made the left ignore their priorities, and to top it all off they ignored the priorities of the voters.

Never mind that the Democrats have been ignoring the priorities of the voters for decades now, and instead, they serve as a special interest group more than anything.

With CNN-sponsored exit polls showing 32% ranking inflation as their top issue and abortion coming in at 27%, it’s no surprise the left took a beating. These two issues alone were completely ignored by the left in their campaigns and handed the votes to conservatives on a silver platter.

CNN’s Jake Tapper best summed up the problem with some simple stats. “I mean, again, 75% of the country says the condition of the nation’s economy is not so good or poor, 78% of those in the exit polls say that inflation has caused their family severe or moderate hardship. Again, brutal.” Just reading these figures makes it sound like President Biden is guiding the country into North Korean or Venezuelan levels of poor.

As the left should know by now thanks to their golden men like Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, you cannot just ignore a problem and think it will go away. No matter how old the problem is. Instead, you need to tackle it headfirst and take it down. Something the left won’t do in this case. They prefer to simply point fingers and claim they were being mistreated or lied to.

Wallace agreed with Tapper’s figures but turned back to abortion.

“I am surprised that abortion turns out to be not the most important issue for so many people. But Democrats, last time I checked, had spent 10 times more on advertising on abortion than they had on inflation, and I think that will look back — I mean clearly there was a Dobbs mirage. They thought the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade was going to be a silver bullet and it was going to carry them to victory, but it turns out inflation was the key issue.”

CNN wasn’t alone in its exit poll findings. Morning Consult/Politico did their own survey before the election and found that 93% of all voters are concerned with inflation, and three out of four Democrats admitted that the economy would influence how they voted. When it comes to trust, 46% of those surveyed would trust republicans, with only 37% willing to trust Democrats.

These kinds of figures aren’t surprising. The American people have begun to wake up, and they are beginning to see the left for the lying, ball-washin bastards they are. The years of deception, grandeur, and trying to distract people with one problem while they help their special interest groups are over. Saying their chickens have come home to roost would be a severe understatement.

This kind of red wave will be sending ripples through various levels of government, and hopefully forcing Biden to change his ways sooner rather than later. It could also push the idea of impeachment further into reality. With any luck, this can help begin the process of the American people waking up and smelling the coffee.

This red wave has helped to encourage more Americans to wake up and smell the bulls*it coffee the left has been brewing for years, and to finally taste the deceit-filled scones many have been munching down. While Trump tried to reveal the truth, the left kept washing him out, and now all of it is coming to light as we see the difference between Biden and Trump.

Perhaps we should send the left a thank you note for handing things back over without putting up much effort.