Bubba Wallace Continues to Bask in Ignorance, Calls Fans ‘Simple-Minded’

Rather than owning up to his error, he has decided to get louder. He’s even painted his No. 43 car black while displaying the phrase, “Black Lives Matter” across it.

Lawrence Jones of Fox Nation interviewed him recently, talking about how an organization like Black Lives Matter involves a lot of criticism.

For Wallace, putting BLM on his car shouldn’t cause controversy. “Black lives matter just as much as White lives matter, just as much as Hispanic lives matter,” he continued, “We’re all equal. We were all made the same. We all bleed the same color. It hurts when we bleed.”

The problem is that he’s also choosing to name an organization that has been responsible for a significant amount of violence and destruction, especially around the south. Wallace has been racing long enough to know that NASCAR and the South are synonymous.

The NASCAR community is close-knit. All of the drivers rallied around Bubba Wallace when the “noose” was found. They have been supportive of him, making sure that he knows that there is no racial inequality as far as they are concerned.

This should be enough for Wallace, right? Nope. He felt that one of the best things that he could do for his career is to insult his fans. Those same fans that have supported him, bought his gear and tuned in to watch the races.

Wallace has received a lot of criticism for not coming forward and apologizing for reacting to the hate crime that never existed.

However, he’s chosen the low road by identifying the “simple-minded fans.”

When Kyle Larson used the N-word during a virtual race, Wallace spoke out to defend the driver and say that he should be forgiven.

Jones asked Wallace if the same level of “grace and forgiveness” was extended to him.

That’s when Wallace said that the drivers did but the “simple-minded fans — no.”

So, because fans are not willing to forgive Wallace, he is calling them simple-minded. The problem is not with the fans but with Wallace. He has not and will not apologize for his overreaction. He still believes it is a hate crime even though the noose found in his garage had been there for months, and it is simply the most effective knot for the job. That garage with that rope was randomly assigned.

Wallace has this to say about the fans: “They’ll always kind of carry that chip on their shoulder and do everything to knock you off your pedestal. So, their job is to always deliver hate — immediately deliver hate before the facts are even given.”

Why would the fans want to knock him off of his pedestal? Perhaps it’s because, as he admits, that he’s on a pedestal. Isn’t he supposed to want equality? In order to gain equal footing, no one should be on a pedestal. Meanwhile, he believes that the “simple-minded” fans are always going to deliver hate.

NASCAR fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. Why would they deliver hate?

Further, Wallace says that they delivered hate before the facts. Nope, they delivered hate after the facts – after the FBI said that there was no case.

To add insult to injury, the racecar driver said, “You don’t give yourself enough time to understand, to educate yourself.”

Rather than simply admitting that he made a mistake, he’d like to call fans of the sport uneducated. Yep, this is definitely his time to shine…in ignorance.

241 thoughts on “Bubba Wallace Continues to Bask in Ignorance, Calls Fans ‘Simple-Minded’

  1. I whole heartily agree Bubba Wallace Smollett is a grade A r acist asshole, but calling him Nigger and the KKK is coming for you just makes you just as bad as he is. Karma will get him, just set back and watch. He will blame everyone except his no good self.

  2. I am reading comments with allot of animus for Bubba! We shouldn’t be angry with someone like Bubba because there are lots of Bubbas out there. Some of these Bubbas aren’t even black. These people have been brainwashed into seeing everything in terms of race or worse racial prejudice. The media is the propagandist behind this indoctrination. They carry the water for Red China and the Progressive Democrats. People like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg have made billions from communist nations and reciprocate by doing their bidding. Right now, the USA is in the middle of a revolution. Groups like BLM and ANTIFA are revolutionary insurgent groups funded by these very rich communist minions. Idiots, like Bubba, are clamoring for the neutralizing of the police. What these fools do not know is that this is part of the insurgent plan. The revolutionaries need a buffer between them and the police because they are going to escalate the violence. Their goal is the destruction of the USA as we know it and the establishment of a Chinese socialist satellite state.

    China unleashed the COVID-19 virus on the world by restricting travel within China but allowing Chinese travelers to spread it allover the world. The destruction caused by this disease has set the world back politically, socially and economically. The Chinese used the disease to level a playing field that they were losing to the FREE WORLD. Our current unrest is a direct outgrowth of the Chinese Germ warfare. Democrats have used the pandemic to undermine our economy and their positions of power to undermine the rule of law in almost every city they are in charge of. Their hopes are that they will regain control of the Federal Government, which will allow them to further advance the destruction of this nation. Joe Biden, another Bubba, has adopted every far left plank imaginable for his presidential platform. He and his cabinet will finish the destruction of our nation.

    Like all great societies, the USA will be destroyed from within. We have a chance to stop the Bubbas of this world simply by voting for President Trump and Republican candidates running for Congress. This includes you moderate Democrats too! As offensive as you may find President Trump, he is the only alternative you have to destroying the country you love so dearly. By electing President Trump overwhelmingly we send a message to the communist minions that we reject their vision of the USA as a Chinese satellite state and that we will continue to fight for freedom wherever tyranny exists.

  3. Bubba was led to believe he is special because he can drive a car, shit my grandmother does that and she’s 89.Sorry Bubba you aint nothing special.

  4. Oh great every time he doesn’t finish a race now it’s going to be some white guy did it on purpose all of NASCAR is racist. Well I’ve never been a racist however BLM is making me one and if he’s got BLM on his car he should be knocked out of every race because it’s a communist organization their goal is to burn America to the ground and start over and if he wants to proudly advertise that on his race car he should be hit a few times

  5. Hubba Bubba Wallrash is a POS racist sho can’t drive a race car,I lost all respect for Richard Petty and Petty Enterprises. Bubba your to stupid to realize you made a mistake and to stupid to own up to it.you will never be a man just a lowlife pussy.

  6. Hey NASCAR – just shut up and race.
    No one cares about your politics, they don’t watch for great oratory – they watch you race.
    Get the ride heights and body profiles right.
    Get the engine displacement right.
    Just shut up and race.

  7. Bubba Wallace is a reason not to loose the noose. I’ll bet he set fires to crosses in his own yard. He ain’t Bubba for no reason.

  8. This guy needs to be run off by nascar!! You have the balls to call your fans simple minded!! I think BLM and Bubba Wallace should be removed from nascar and let’s get back to racing!! The whole thing about the rope in the garage was a setup to bring rascim into a sport that is truly loved by the American people!! Stop the shit all ready and let’s all act like true Americans!! Remember all American lives matter and enough is enough with all of this racism that is nonsense!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!

  9. You are a sorry excuse for a man. You are playing this BLM to the fullest. Poor, poor you. lol, how you live, the money you make and you have the balls to cry? Get over yourself. By the way,
    I have a rope in my garage. Looks exactly like your so called lynch. Hangs in the same area and same everything. Nobody put it there to threaten me., or hang me. All garages have them. If ya had a brain, you would think you’d know that??? My rope is to open my garage door. Not make up stories so all will feel for you. You poor little picked on cry baby.
    Quit playing this BLM. You Sorry Excuse.
    Pathetic people of all races.
    What you will say for attention and poor, poor little Bubba.

  10. Did you ever think that he is trying to end Nascar from within with what he is doing and everyone is feeling for it. Do a back round check on what he stands for and how is pushing him it all political its not about racism its about those good old boys in the south the dem don’t control so they need to start a uproar and they have the perfect half breed number 43 running for the king .

  11. The “noose” , as it looked, is a form of a fishing knot. You can make it slip or be just a knot. It is a good, strong knot. Hadn’t read anyone point that out. Don’t Nascar drivers, crew & fans like to fish. They used to.

  12. Bubba Wallace it’s your Type that make the world racists your stupid one sided mind like everyone owes you something because your fuckin black.
    Get over your self you suck as a driver and you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Your in a sport that’s dominated in the South and you want to change ever thing the the FANS made NASCAR so popular. Go start your own race division and get out of NASCAR there is no room for a asshole like you. Stick with your own racist type. YOUR RUNNING A GREAT SPORT GO HOME BUBBA.

  13. Bubba has been driving a large portion of his life. He is an oreo, half white, half black. His daddy has lots of money and basically bought Bubba a place in racing. He’s a lot like Yobama, who NEVER worked a day in his life and likes to cry about how bad life has treated him. Can someone please call the Wahambulance for him……I have had it with Nascar and this bullshit, first no Confederate Flags, now this……I was born in NC and my mama told me that the Confederate flag was mine, that I was a Hillbilly……

  14. ok Bubba you have more than 15 minutes of fame, now knock it off. grow a pair and grow up. this is nonsense and Nascar had better start listening to fans, He is giving Nascar a Bad name and slandering you in every way possible stop with media coverage and lets get on with racing.


  16. DAN…I think NASCAR and Richard Pettys’ group can do better. It is evident the ticket buyers, the mdse buyers, the sponsor supporters, don’t appreciate this attitude, after paying the WHOLE EXPENSE for these jerks. That car does not belong to the prick that has been driving it.Who ever actually owns Petty Enterprises could have stopped this before it ever got started. I have lost respect for this Team that I have backed since 1966. AND…I will do better. I will change the channel, or go camping instead of going to Bristol or Charlotte. I really feel like some others will do the same. I really understand if they do.

  17. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    What Bubba did was wrong, but calling him racial needs is equally wrong. How can we disagree with bad behavior, then do the same thing ourselves?
    Bubba can do better, so let’s not do the very thing we criticize. We can do better too.

  18. We have attended many races and watched even more on tv but no more. The pre-race show used to be about seeing the drivers interact with other drivers and hear their pre-race thoughts. Now it is all about an unfortunate incident and “poor pitiful me” comments. We quit watching when this happened and have no plans to watch again nor buy any more Nascar merchandise nor attend any races.

  19. Does this no talent moron really think that he’s been placed on a pedestal ? What an arrogant, egotistical POS ! When people , for the sake of political correctness and wanting to be ” woke “, keep acquiescing to these idiot’s demands, which will never be enough, will only show their weakness. What will he demand next? To have the front position at the start of every race ? Otherwise he’ll scream and yell, RACISM !!! This whole charade has been FAKE NOOSE.


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  22. I cannot believe that NASCAR let one stupid individual do so much damage to the sport.The Rebel Battle Flag has been a part of the sport since it`s inception and will continue regardless of Bubba Dipshit Wallace

  23. ive watched NSCAR racing quite a few times and Bubba Wallace was never a big name that i can recall. Give him his 15 minutes of fame and get rid of this wimp for good and see how he fares in the real world with his BLM Bull. If the powers that be at NASCAR allow this stupidity, shame on them. At the very least they will start to realize their mistakes when it starts to hit them in their pocketbooks

  24. Well you can thank bubba for the extinction of nascar and he did it single handed bet he won’t apologize for that either hopefully KARMA will happen to him we can all hope bubba is working for BLM you other drivers better wake up if you want the fans back

  25. Richard Petty and his Associates need to can this little spoiled Bastard. He had alot of people feeling sorry for his ass, and now the stoopid prick gas overplayed that card. He needs to remove his USA mask, get on the back of a bus and go away with the rest of those over paid, unappreciative, jocks. I never understood why any decent team would hire such an unproven, half ass driver anyway. All the BIG SPORTS People can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. MOMCAT

  26. That what’s wrong with the world today bunch of racist asshole that wouldn’t even admit to racism if they saw someone tie a noose around Bubba’s neck. BLM is not about everyone’s rights it’s about you hillbillies recognizing that blacks don’t get the same treatment as white privilege. Go get educated you DUMB racist fucks. (Let’ see if this gets posted you TRUMP bigots) An blacks will always be better athletes than whites haters!!!!!

    1. Research it – it’s a fact that blacks are better runners, jumpers, etc because the hip formation is different than whites giving them the advantage; there are some exceptions, but not many.

    2. Is that the best you’ve got, VAPost? I don’t believe that the MAJORITY of people in this country (black, white or otherwise) are truly racist, but they can spot a racist when they see one! I grew up with black neighbors, and we didn’t treat them any differently than we did our white neighbors, and they treated us the same. I’ve worked with black people, eaten meals with them, visited in their homes, been friends with them, and never had a serious difference with any of them until lately, when the BLM movement, which is really a terrorist organization, began. BLM doesn’t REALLY care about ALL black lives (as evidenced by the recent killings of blacks BY blacks); they ONLY care about blacks who are killed by the police, even if the killing was lawful and justified! They chant “JUSTICE FOR ____,” “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” or “SAY HIS/HER NAME!” They should remember to SAY THE NAMES of ALL the black adults, teenagers and children killed by other blacks in NY, Chicago, Atlanta and other large cities EVERY WEEKEND! The numbers are staggering, yet the only ones who know their names are their loved ones and the POLICE, who try to solve the crimes and get JUSTICE FOR THOSE UNFORTUNATE VICTIMS!

  27. We turn the tv off when sports come on and don’t attend events like we did in the past. It’s a shame because I love NASCAR and have enjoyed being infield and in the pits occasionally. I am so disappointed in Richard Petty I could cry; I’ve ridden on a golf cart with him , walked with him, and had conversations about dirt tracks and old cars when racing in the South first started. (LOL and boot-legging) How could he let this happen?!? People need to do some research on BLM goals and where all the donations they are receiving is being funneled to. Believe me, it is nothing to do with racial equality. They also need to listen to ML King speeches and all of these people (this racer included) will see this is not how the civil rights goals were achieved. Bottom line is I owned no slaves and the oldest former slave I knew died at least 40 years ago so I owe nothing to anyone for any reason. I remember when black and whites were segregated, policemen accompanied the black students that were integrated into white school to protect them, blacks could not sit in the restaurants but had to get their meals out the back door to go, separate bathrooms and water fountains, I remember when the home of the KKK signs came down and so many, many other things that only older people like myself remember. These young people today have no idea what racial inequality is and I’m sure their ancestors are turning over in their graves thinking that they don’t realize the opportunities they do have if they would pursue them. I grew up in the military and myself and my family all stand with hands over the heart for the National Anthem, know all the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, and The Lords Prayer as basics. If someone is not proud of their country and their flag that so many died for (Daddy included) then there are plenty of other countries to move to. Believe me they would be begging to come back to the USA and grow up and behave themselves! I really miss NASCAR , but can’t condone the bad behavior and racism against white southerners!!

  28. Bubba is to NASCAR what Le Bron is to basketball, what Colin Kaepernick is to football!!! The fact of the matter is this….. all these boys be racists. RACISTS!!! Every one of these spoiled brat mouthy fucks needs to keep their respective pie holes shut!! To each one of you spoiled, devisive, what was it Bubba ?, “shit for brains” I say. “SHUT THE FUCK UP STUPID!!!” Done with NBA, NFL, NASCAR. You reprobates don’t deserve the pots you piss in. Go to hell

  29. NASCAR should go back to STOCK car racing. The should race cars that you and I can by at the dealer. They should have one race not three and the winner is the winner. The driver that wins the most races is the champ period. Now this issue? I think racing is over for me as well as my support for racing advertisers.

  30. I agree with all of you . How disgusting that any athlete or sport person Would think that any of us would care what they think PERIOD . I am boycotting all those sports because all these idiots are overrated , overpaid and I could care less what all these assholes think PERIOD . They will realize when there are no fans out there and the owners will start to cut them , they will be in trouble . WHO CARES NONE OF US DO . They should learn and the owners will learn to tell them to SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AND PLAY SPORTS OR GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE . That is the way it should be KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS IT DOESNT BELONG THERE PERIOD, GET A FUCKING GRIP IDIOTS.

  31. At this point, I don’t give a damn if NASCAR tanks. I would care less if I read in the paper that Bubba Wallace and his NASCAR exec buddies who pulled the flag from the races catch the coronavirus with a terminal result. Good riddance.

  32. Nascar, NFL,MLB,NBA. All the professional sports are over for me. So what I watch now is Street Outlaws. No color or gender barrier there.

  33. Mr. Petty I have been a fan of your for along time # 43 is yours , Park it and Bubba will be out of a car. Or if he wreaks it don’t fix it. Who does he think is paying his salary THE FANS 90% White and call us Red Necks, Old saying money talks and Bubba walks.

  34. I for one am sick and tired of blacks shoving their racism and black live matter b u ll s h i t down our throats and when we disagree they call us racists. If “black leaders” gave one sh i t about black lives they would be on the front lines about blacks murdering other blacks (90% of all blacks that are murdered are killed by other blacks!!!!) and about the crime wave within the black community. But instead, there’s “silence” from black leaders, most of whom are nothing more than con men and stick up artists. So, before the white community has “race discussions” with the black community, blacks must first get their own house in order and stop murdering other blacks and cease their crime wave. I fear it will be decades before such discussions can take place…..

  35. Bubba Wallace, well he knows how to stir up a hornet nest. It’s funny, I had been to that track two years earlier and there were at least 10 or 12 nooses on the garage doors as handles and no one said a thing including Bubba. I used to go to a lot of races and you would see all kind of garage door pull downs.
    The main problem with Bubba is, he cannot win unless NASCAR lets him. Bubba always comes in somewhere around 20th to 30th and I don’t know how he even keeps his job; most teams would have cut him and have found a new driver already. RPR is not making money with his driving ability and it is hard to believe they keep Bubba on so, I think Wallace family is paying money to RPR to cover the lost of moneys

  36. He says he is black, well to his ignorance, he is half black and half white, he is not black. But he wants to acquire the black status, well he is part of the problem of keeping racist alive just like black lives matter. Well ALL LIVES MATTER.

    Like they say Obama was the first black president, well again it is ignorance, he is half black and half white so he was the first half breed president. Same with Bubba Wallace.

  37. If Bubba truly believes black lives, white lives, hispanic lives ALL matter, why did he paint black lives matter and not ALL LIVES MATTER. He does not want to hear that ALL lives matter because then he loses his victim status.

  38. My problem w/this guy is simple. He never seen the noose. Someone told him. Now he points fingers and doesn’t believe it. Now he’s all “Black Lives Matter” but where was the proud black man b4 the noose.
    Now people are calling him on his bs an he’s still in denial and pointing fingers at fans. I know this his time is limited. He has not won a cup race an is not consistent. Then couple that w/his attitude. He just looks stupid and probably should dye his hair purple, green, pink, or blue and hang out w/all the White people at the Black Lives Matter protests. People need to stop crying and do something positive.

  39. Bubba, you are a jerk! Get a life. You’re nothing but a wimp, crybaby and creep. You need to get a life and another job. You can;t race cars, but you can cry RACE!!!!

  40. It’s the race track version of Jesse Smollett and when he’s caught in something he doesn’t like he doubles down and calls fans simple minded……wow…

  41. He is just like Kaperdipshit, neither of them are any good at their sport so they have to find a way to take the spot light off of their inability to perform by playing the race-card and both are half breeds. Kind of funny how they all turn to the dark side (lol), both are pieces of shit and are no good at anything but lying and stirring up shit.

  42. This is a racist man who finds racist in everything he touches. The only racism is in his sick head. Get a life young man and try to make good things not your pure hatred for all things!!

  43. First even if the “door pull” wasn’t meant for Bubba it was still a noose. This “pull” had the hangman’s coils on it. Calling the fans myself included, “simple minded” I think is wrong and by making it all inclusive is wrong and turns his fans against him. As far as the confederate flags issue prohibiting is not going to stop racism but most likely add to it and keep it hidden. I would rather know who I am dealing with by having their true colors flying where all can see.
    At 77 years of age I know I will not see the day, if it ever comes, where people live in harmony regardless of color and all other factors as God put us all here for a reason and it is up to him to judge. Go Bubba

  44. I won’t be rooting for him any more. I thought is was great that a black man was a part of this. Now he’s just another over priveledge black

  45. I have never experienced this much hatred/controversy/anguish/problems/trouble/accusations/&
    EVIL since I started watching NASCAR in 1970. This moron jerk has ruined the greatest American sport like so many other sports have gone to sh*t. I am sick & tired of Black this & White that, coming from the TROUBLED POLITICS of Blacks in sports. NOW…..as far as I am concerned…..we need a break from BLM/Bubba/BANS/Confederate Flags, etc, as this BS has ruined my favorite auto racing. I wish problems were more like MOPAR being banned for THE HEMI…than this disgraceful waste of time. If you keep bitching…..GET THE HECK OUT OF NASCAR Bubba because you have CURSED this sport with your sickness & lies.

  46. What would Big Bill France think about this. Since Bill passed NASCAR has lost their direction. The drivers are mostly young whiners. The races are not interesting and a waste of time. Catering to a particular RACE of people never works. They are never satisfied and you can never please them. Richard Petty is to blame for this. He should have known something like this would happen sooner or later. The guy can’t drive so he has to do something else to get attention.

    1. Perfectly said Wayne. The crap from these SNOWFLAKE whiners is disgraceful. In fact…..all the cry-baby stuff about the noose should have been GREAT enough to end this spat…..but NO….this crap just keeps digging deeper and deeper into stupidity, & believe me……99% of REAL NASCAR fans are sick to death of this as I am talking to dozens of people and no one likes this moron Bubba. He is a spoiled rotten punk and the worst driver anyway.

  47. Bubba is just a third rate driver, trying to somehow get attention. Black lives Matter is evil, we need the conversation of helping black Americans, but these punks could care less about improving the situation. Just like race baiter Sharpton, only care about violence. Wake up to these frauds like Bubba, Sommlet , Sharpton, Lemon and the rest.


  49. Another Kapernick, you suck and want attention. Thats okay. Rednecks made nascar. literally. redneck moonshiners. you took down their flag. which people are such idiots and want problems. Its a flag that represents the south. So,good luck with all that. NFL wants its players to take a 35% pay cut. So yes keep it going. and all there will be will be peewee baseball.

  50. well in all reality he really sucks as a driver and his name is Darrell not bubba I don’t know why you guys keep calling him this racist name bubba his name is Darrell get it straight you stupid idiots he’s proven that he’s a racist by putting black lives matter on his car I feel sorry for Richard Petty without a doubt Darrell bubba Wallace will not be around much longer thank God and hopefully we can get back to some real racing



  52. I guess he didn’t get enough attention when he cried about the confederate flag. Nascar kissed his ass and removed it. I guess next Nascar will have all the drivers lay back and let the crybaby win. I sort of cheered a little to see him move up in a race. Then the noose stuff and his reaction I got pissed. Now I watch just to see if he gets in a wreck. Feel sorry for who ever is involved in the accident,he will want to scream racist and try to get him fired. Got to love blm. WE had a black President and see what that got us,what’s next. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

    1. I hope karma gets him! Sorry that the king allowed this on his car, never ever thought the king would o such a thing, I thought he would have told black boy to cool it!!! I just can’t believe the petty organization condoms this behavior and allow the blame stuff n their car!!! Such a shame that NASCAR bored to one person so quickly!!!

  53. If anyone in this discussion” is simple minded” it is Bubba!Has he forgotten that its the fans that he gets a paycheck from? If anyone in this is a racist it is he. I have been a nascar fan for more years than he has been alive, driven F 1 when younger where there are more turns than left only. He does not deserve to carry 43 on his car! He needs to be grateful he has been given the opportunity to drive for Richard Petty. Grow up and get over it, be a professional!!!!

  54. Bubba should not cry wolf until he knows all the facts. Now who’s simple minded? NASCAR was better off without you joining,
    Besides its always been the white collar workers sport…and I don’t recall anyone one before being uncomfortable because of the flag
    until you came on board…..be thankful they let you in.

  55. Your a Looser like ALL the rest slavery is over and done with stop trying to live in the past look to the future and of All that Americans have fought for both white and black and no matter the color WE ALL bleed the same COLOR of blood you ancestors would boot you in the a__ for you saying such a thing like this God created us All equal Salute the Flag Respect the Badge😆

  56. you know your suppose to be proud of your heritage, but it only showing your ignorance is childish grow up bubba
    if you are so willing to put a mark on Nascar for your ignorance you don’t belong here. go back to where your mother is from and get out of Nascar. your becoming a nuisance and a real pain in the ass.

  57. Another Smollett, looking for a crime that didn’t happen, and playing the victim card whdn his arrogance is exposed.
    Not nearly on the scale of what Obama, Biden, the DNC, and the otber coup-members did to our election process, the elected administration, a d all those that support them… But Bubba certainly added fuel to a fire the others started and are still fanning the flames.

  58. bubba should be removed from nascar because that blm shit on his car its ofensive to fans of nascar ,and making making racest claims against claimes against nascar fans! his support of that terrorist group blm should be removed from nascar! his own people are starting to questian the validity of blm!

  59. Mr. Wallace needs to look in a mirror and take stock in his comments about simple minded people.
    His playing of the race car exposed no one but himself. He is the pot calling the kettle black.
    And playing the victim and not standing like a man and admitting that he overreacted makes it worse.
    Too bad. NASCAR gets the black eye unfortunately.

  60. Bubba Wallace is taking down one of the respected and most winning NASCAR drivers ever to live. It must be difficult for Richard to make a choice with Bubba because NASCAR ownership will turn on him in a second. I never rooted for a driver to lose or get injured but things change after my 58 years being involved in car racing. Bubba and his group of hate should not be allowed to destroy the NASCAR family.

    1. That’s what is truly sad. Bubba is dragging down and soiling the name of a NASCAR legend like Richard Petty. He obviously doesn’t care how running with this lie affects others. I blame NASCAR for this produced feel good episode. We should all be color blind and not be so sensitive about a piece of rope.

  61. If Bubba feels that sleightedm, he should step aside and let someone else have a chance.

    I’d love to drive his car, I’m sure others would as well.

    What a waste of an opportunity…..

  62. Bubba Is losing it!! Losing fans NOW!! MAYBE his ride if he keeps this up!! He needs to apologize!! Totally turned us away!! BLM…is who he groups with?? Needs to Go Away!! You and Jessie are LOSERS!!!

  63. Have not watched a race since the flags where banned! This just smells like [email protected]#t . NASCAR has decided to sleep with USA haters like Coke and P & G. Don’t by their products either. I would have stayed with NASCAR without the big dollar backers.

  64. Bubba is the one with the “simple mind”…..he is too low IQ to realize the importance of not alienating his fan base! He has lost all of them except the racist against whites black ones! In fact he has lost a lot of fans who will not watch NASCAR ever again! The white race is sick and tired of getting kicked in the teeth by corporations who defend blacks even when they are wrong! They are going to find the sting of being boycotted by whites! But, I digress……Bubba Wallace is a dumb black jock who kicked himself off his beloved pedestal by being too small and petty to acknowledge he was wrong……with some people it is “always” someone else’s fault!

  65. Bubba sees more of a future $ in a career as a race baiting militant than as a race car driver.
    Did the news ever report there were rope pulls in several other garages, as in, someone put them there to make the garage door easier to pull down because it’s a high door that is difficult to reach. Also, it’s on the side of the door near the wall, if someone wanted to put up a “noose” they would have put it in a more prominent/visible place.
    Bubba will sue NASCAR for collusion when he doesn’t get a new contract….wait and see.

  66. The fact that this half wit, I mean half white American ran with the hysteria without really seeing this through for what it really was is not the biggest sin of this event, at least to this reader. The real advertising for the “Black Bowel Movement” communist organization sickens me not because the ease in which Bubba accepted the media frenzy of misinformation but the reasoning he used to subscribe to the cancel culture of these BBM people that seem to have all of corporate world on the run!! Why are we afraid to say what we know is right? Look at Goya Foods…………..now that’s how to handle all the companies that have aligned themselves with AntiFa and the Black Bowel Movement.. They HATE OUR COUNTRY!! AND ANYONE THAT SUBSCRIBES TO THEM AND THEIR SPEWSPEAK ARE SUFFERING KAEPERNICKUS DISEASE!!! Everyone knows this is really not a “sport”. Very few have the $$$ to enter this “sport” and to say this “sport” is racist because they have no $$$ are pushing another hateful lie to the American minions………..The silent majority will rise and put these haters in their place. The Donald’s second term will be much better than the first!! HE HAS LEARNED ALOT!!!

    1. LOL I’m going to start calling them “Antifags”!! Gotta watch out for the Black Bowell Movement! That could be a sign that your stomach is bleeding!!

  67. The American flag deserves a place of honor,as described in the vfw guidance of flag protocol.using it as a facemask is pure disrespect.

    1. Good point, Ronald. I never thought of that. I do have an American Flag face mask but I never wear it because it keeps falling off my head.

  68. I expected more from a NASCAR driver. At the end of the day, with all the courtesies and benefits shown to this creep, he comes out as a racist black. He should haul his out out and go back to whatever hole he crawled out of. The sort doesn’t need such people.

  69. He’s acting this way because he is GUILTY and was CAUGHT . . . Pure and SIMPLE. Now, he needs to WIPE that EGG off his face – GRACEFULLY (probably TOO LATE). One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  70. Black people do not want equality, they do not want answers to what they describe as “systemic racism “. They want every white person in this country to capitulate, drop to their knees and not only apologize but move to the back of every line while paying reparations. If not, why do we never hear anything about black on black violence? Why do they not tell young black men to NOT COMMIT crimes? Why don’t they protest Planned Parenthood as they kill 250,000 black babies every year? Anyone see an NFL kneeler between Feb. 1 and Sept. 1? Me either, must be no police brutality during the off season.

  71. It seems that this puke is playing the racist card just goes to show who is Simple Minded as he puts it using his own words! Such a damn jerk!

  72. Bubba Wallace may want to change his name. Evidently, he does not know that “Bubba” is the old south name for “brother”. For example, “how you doing bubba.”

  73. I followed his career with interest up to now. But now he’s lost me as a fan. He should have apologized to his fan base once he realized that the noose was not meant as a racial slur. I would have thought more of him if he had.

    1. My question is where has all the love gone? I mean tears flowing on the roof of his car. All the other drivers walking with him along pit row. All the hugs. This asshole is just one more fraud. He is probably a long time member of BLM. A winer, crier and a small time NASCAR driver.

  74. maybe he shouldn’t race if he can’t run with the big dogs . he should take his black ass and go sit on his front porch like a good boy . and leave the hard stuff to the real men . guess cause he’s black y’all have to bend a knee to him and give him his way . if y’all do that then y’all need to take your white sss’s and go sit on your front porch like good boys and hang up your helmets . y’all run into other drivers and kill some but y’all can’t take a stand against a black cause y’all don’t want to look like a racists like the blacks are doing acting ? guess y’all lost ya balls somewhere in the 3rd turn . just try driving ya cars and shut the hell up . how hard can it be . look he’s making a right turn … look he’s making another right turn . just drive and let the democrats find another way to screw you over .

  75. Bubba has the nerve to say that the NASCAR fans jumped to conclusions and are simple minded! Wasn’t he the one that jumped to conclusions and went on CNN saying that it was a hate crime instead of waiting to find out the truth! He said he hadn’t even seen the rope at the point he had talked to the news! He didn’t have the balls to admit he had been wrong to accuse someone of a hate crime! He was accusing someone from the NASCAR Teams because they were the only ones that had access to the garages! So he needs to change BLACK LIVES MATTER to I AM SORRY!

    1. So true, so true. He owes all of NASCAR an apology, including the fans who he is responsible for removing our rights by way of the Virginia Battle Flag removal. He was responsible for getting NASCAR to agree to the banning of the flag. People can burn our countries flag as freedom of speech but we cannot have the Virginia Battle flag at a NASCAR race, so some people get freedom of speech and others don’t.

    2. If you’re a liberal, it’s all good. If you’re a conservative who wants to wave a flag, you’re branded a racist hater. Liberal fucking hypocrisy at it’s finest!!!

    3. Well all, why don’t you boycott Bubba’s sponsors and make them feel the pain of backing him andBLM. Seemed to work on pressuring the Washington Redskins in changing their name. Money is the key to all these sports. Hurt them in the pocketbook

    1. I’m so glad to your time ended as so did mine my and I listen to nascar on the radio before it was televised now o always rooted for Richard and I had much respect for bubba as he was coming up the ladder I even thought he would do well even turn petty enterprise around but the all this started for the 2nd time I still remember when Black Lives Matter started did everyone forget the destruction the first time now they added Killing innocent people and children Richard let his car painted black with a terrorist grip on it I’m like you done with racing in nascar and F1 due to Lewis Hamilton sidelong with these scumbags

    2. Uhhhhhh, duhhhhhh, duhhhhhhh, duhhhhh. What the fuck are you trying to say, Samuel boy?

    1. Remove our history we have no idea what our future was to meant to be.. we forget what we were and we forget what we are to be..
      We are losing our rights left and right our government is it fault and we the people who have elected them in the office all right fault they’ve have pushed their Marxist propaganda system and their Neo-Nazi system The left and the right are not for the people.. and any Christian that is called by God’s name that are in one of these movements need to examine themselves that is not Godly….

    1. Got that right! Find another sport Bubba, you managed to insult all the NASCAR fan base.

    1. Black’s lives matter is a Marx system.. and the majority of the people in that type of system have no idea what the real plan is black live matter root part is for transgender blacks… But you don’t get that in the news either..and just like bubba Wallace and all the other black live matter people they’re falling a movement that they have no idea what their motivation truly is which is the destroy the government




    1. Same here, Vaughn! Washington Redskins owner just caved to “the mob,” and announced that they’re changing the team’s name, after defiantly saying a few years ago that he “would NEVER change it!” He should just fire all the coaches, trainers and not let the players play – let ’em sit on the bench, or put the 2nd and 3rd stringers in the game, and let the team go to hell! See what that gets him! If I had as much money as he does, that’s what I would do! And poor ol’ Drew Brees – stood up for the flag, and then couldn’t take the heat and criticism of other players, so he got weak-kneed and begged for forgiveness! He should know that “the mob” will NEVER forgive him!

    2. Exactly, BB. Who the fuck was Brees trying to save face with? He thinks the woke mob are people of virtue? Is gullible in the fucking dictionary?

  76. I’m sure fans he has had in the past he has alienated. Why root for a bigoted low class cry baby.

    1. He will no longer be able to have the admiration from his friends that he had before. You can not turn on you once loyal fans and expect them to turn the other cheek. Glory for you and respect is no longer going to come from your once loyal fans! All that you are doing is driving people further away from you. Grow up…..SHAME ON YOU!

    2. He’s just looking for attention because he sure doesn’t provide it on the racetrack. He’s a middle of the pack to the back kind of driver. He’s looking for fame but only making a fool of himself. When all is said and done fans wont even remember his name.

    3. What duz his white side say ?because his black side sure is racist,ignorant,100% wrong,ALL LIVES MATTER…………PERIOD.

  77. it is sad when people resort to fabrication of hate , they themselves are guilty of

  78. Bubba and Jussie are two losers who cannot win so they whine for attention. Bubba has a lot of nerve calling anyone “simple minded” wen he excels in that area!

    1. Dude I’m so over pro sports. I will never watch or contribute a penny to these over paid kneeling disrespectful assholes. I can’t wait till pro sports go broke. Complete idiots ruined a good thing.

  79. Let’s see the fact of the matter and it’s not a black one period.
    The matter is about a piece of hemp hanging on a door closure. Was the track, NASCAR or person prior responsible for it?
    Bubba (Rusty?) Wallace or Bubba (Smith?) or #43 Richard Petty? He’s not winning races SO ?

    1. How fucked up is our society becoming that this shit for brains Wallace has to have to a come apart over a piece of rope? Whose pulling his strings??

    1. You’re welcome, SMS. And thank you for fucking us in the ass, queer boy.

    1. He’s a spoiled brat that thinks he’s better than anyone else no longer a fan of NASCAR forget Daytona bye bye

    2. Not only is Bubba a spoiled brat he is not that good of a driver. He was hired for diversity that nascar damanded
      So shut up and try to drive Bubba.

    3. Bubba, in another interview, says he has been racing all his life.
      Probably down a back alley with a tv or out of a store with some new Mike’s.
      What a classless act he chose to become.


    5. You would think he’d have at least some common sense with the way all sports and activities have been affected by COVID. His behavior shows he only gives a shit about himself.

    6. Bubba could not win a stage in any NASCAR race even if he was given a full 24 hour day head start. Once a huge NASCAR fan, I have not quit on NASCAR, NASCAR has quit on me.

    7. And thank you for your blowjobs, กรองหน้ากากอนามัย, you shit for brains Muslim fuckhead.

    8. seriously folks…look in the mirror first…if u r a Chtistian…you can NOT spread hate and be in good standing with our Lord Jesus Christ….we are All the same in God.s eyes…so u believe in God and what he tells us….or centuries of anti God actions in racism…we are God’s children…same race…if u believe in God..ask him for strength…that is a strong person…one who follows Jesus in THIS world

    1. Thank you for sucking our cocks, ทิชชู่เปียกแอลกอฮอล์. You should be awarded the Cocksucker of the Year Award.

    1. Well I quit was NFL football for its ignorance with kneeling when the National Anthem is played. Being retired military it kills my soul that people won’t stand and put their hand over their heart. So now I’m not watching NASCAR for a dummy that can’t apologize for he’s wrong. Good luck to NASCAR in finding their way back one day.

    2. These dipshits keep shooting themselves in their own pocketbooks. For some reason they think WE the fans give a shit about their (POLITICOPINIONS). THEY ARE ONLY DRIVING FANS AWAY… I used to love sports but now I can’t stand their crap any longer. SO LONG ALL SPORTS 👋👋,🖕-off and die!!

    3. I am with you the NFL “Neutered Football League” started it and now ALL Sports seem to think, Black People have more Rights than the Rest of the Population, Well they Do Not l

    4. He is just digging a hole, and taking NASCAR with him……Real stupid…..I suggest Petty fire him, before this really gets out of hand. He says he is on a pedestal,,,,,shit, he’s never won a race yet…..

    5. “Pedestal”? The pedestal was assigned by Bubba himself. You have to accomplish something to be on a pedestal. Being “black” is the only thing he has accomplished and convincing Petty he deserves a chance. “Simple-minded”? What do I need to do with this car? Get on the track, keep turning left and get back as quick as you can. He should be able to understand that.

    6. I am with you…Nascar has no balls, NFL, NBA, MLB also has no gonads and when this BS is over , all the overpaid prima donnas will be out of big buck jobs and have to go into the real world and TRY to earn a living…..TOO BAD, SO SAD!!!!!

    7. Well you can thank bubba for the extinction of nascar and he did it single handed bet he won’t apologize for that either hopefully KARMA will happen to him we can all hope bubba is working for BLM you other drivers better wake up if you want the fans back

    8. I agree with David Young.
      Really not cool Bubba🥺!!
      Unfortunate incident,preceived threat investigated, found unfounded.
      NASCAR drivers & fans backed you up as they should. Say thank you & apologize for the misinterpretation of the incident. Move on.
      Also not cool is the racist comments on here, uncalled for. Your only sinking to their level.

    9. Or maybe they just like China’s money and fans better. Go to China or some other county and see if you can make millions? If you can that is great and what you should do for you and family? I am sure there will be plenty of players that will stay here and play for American teams.
      Proud Veteran & Patriot

    10. I don’t know about that. Too many Monday morning quarterbacks. They say they quit watching, but they won’t. They’d be in their closet screaming and yelling about a missed catch, or “my team” won. They won’t quit, even when an ignorant bubba calls them stupid.

    11. I quit NFL in 1968 (Lions, Pontiac, MI), baseball when the players went on strike, NASCAR when the rules were changed so Chevrolet couldn’t win a race, so I had to read in the newspaper about Bubba. It’s bad enough they have to cater to Kyle Busch and now Bubba is trying to cut in line. I do pay a little attention to Hockey as they don’t seem to all be crybabies, but let them get out of hand and I’ll have to rent VCRs.

    12. The sad part in all this is this idiot takes the famous #43 and the king’s standing with him. He needs fired and #43 needs to be retired with honors.

    13. At least we know the great number 43 will not win any more races.

    14. Pop always said ‘Don’t poop (actually he used another word) where you eat”. If apology ever comes, this simple-minded fan will accept it. Till then…KISS MY GRITS

    15. Bubba Wallace continues to show the world how he lacks any fucking integrity at all. He’s attacking his own fans now? Real fucking class act, Bubba.

    16. Also a veteran. Everyone over 18 should be required to enter the military. High school or not, then they would know how to respect. Anyone not finishing high school could be the ones who clean up. It is sure the parents are not teaching respect. It seems the kids are told to go out and disrespect authority. It appears the family want them to be killed to sue the police and have money to support the other five kids. Why is it the ones who do get killed are always going to college. Always a good boy, yet out all night getting arrested for crimes.

    17. I’ve never been a NASCAR fan, but was going to give it a try since it was one of the first sports to come back live (other than cornhole). This whole noose fiasco, poorly handled by nascar, and even more poorly by Wallace, quickly changed my mind. Guess I’ll stick with NHRA where the competitors and organizing body seem more genuine and sincere to the fans who are responsible for its success. BTW, to anyone who supports BLM, please do some research on them to really see what they stand for before blindly supporting them.

    18. BLM calls for the death of Law Enforcement and this idiot has it on his car and NASCAR allows it!! So NASCAR agrees with the call for the killing of Law Enforcement!!!

    19. BLM should be classified as a terrorist fucking organization. If this dipshit Wallace knew that, he probably wouldn’t have it written across his car.

    20. They would have to be able to read to do what you ask. Not gonna happen anytime soon.

    21. Go shove your stupid comments up your ass. Either comment on the article or get fucking lost!!!

    1. Hey, Bubble butt, you one dumbass nigger, boy. The KKK is coming for your sorry ass. You better have your health insurance premiums paid up, mafucka.

    2. Yo really cannot blame shit for brains, I’S a victim, as he be dah Black BOY, so his I Q is around 60 on a good day.

    3. he is the one who is RACIST . bubba smollett . blame everyone but urself nascar would be better off without him

    4. BLM along with ANTIFA are terrorist, they kill, loot,burn, and destroy . That puts Wallace in the same category. Boycott Nascar

    5. you are rude, nasty minded and a disgrace to react with vulgar language and threats! let it go and show
      some decency if you can muster some up. seek God and salvation…that would help.

    6. Who are you people? Do you actually live and function in society, or on the fringe?

    7. So, their job is to always deliver hate — immediately deliver hate before the facts are even given.

      Another case of the liberal pot calling the proverbial kettle black!!!

    8. I think Bubba wanted to capitalize off of something that never happened. That makes him a wannabe opportunist. He is delusional.
      I can’t believe that certain a-holes are using racist, and bigoted language. Try making your point without being a “simpleton”

    9. sooner or later his sponsors may start pulling the plug –and he’ll just be a memory

    10. You are wrong. There is no more KKK. KKK has been replaced by BLM. They even use three initials.

    11. This is just stupid, yes Wallace is a dumb ass ignorant person (they come in all colors), but all this stupid racist crap solves nothing. By the way I’m pink not white! By the way, the KKK was started by the democrats.

    12. Bubby why not be a man and admit that you saw all these other so called professionals cry wolf and get rewarded so you thought you would get in on it too. But be a real person and say your sorry, and try to be the best you can be set an example for the rest of the country try to bring the country back together, then iam sure you would get rewarded with the respect that all people no matter what color they are deserve, I wish you well if you choose to be a United and not a divider.

    13. Well said , he does need to apologize and unite people at this time . Who found this rope and turned this into a so called crime to begin with ? That’s the person to be announced OUT LOUD ! Look what this has come to.

    14. You are 💯% correct. They still don’t understand the Democrats don’t give a damn
      about them. They are only using them to do
      their dirty work and destroy America! If the
      Democrats ever get elected they will show
      their true face! That’s the only reason he is
      got involved with racing so he could bitch
      about the Confederate flag. He will never make it as a race car driver!!! He should go
      back to football. That’s more like his style.
      With NASCAR backing Bubba soon there will be more NASCAR!

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