Buckle Up! Biden Says He’s Coming For Your Guns

Dems are all over gun control. Their thought is that if you take away the guns, there’s not going to be any more issues of domestic terrorism, like the mass shootings that happened in Texas and Ohio. They fail to realize that it’s a mental health issue and there’s no way that law-abiding citizens are going to hand over their guns to the government because it goes against the second amendment.

Biden said, “Bingo” when asked by Anderson Cooper that a Biden administration would mean that they’re going to come for guns. Biden is in support of a national buyback program for “assault weapons.” He is acknowledging that, if elected president, he will be coming for all of those firearms.

There are quite a few problems with this. No one has a definition for assault weapons because it technically doesn’t exist. That means that someone, probably not a Dem, has to create a definition. The average Democrat doesn’t even know that most assault rifles being used are not automatic – they are semi-automatic. Additionally, bump stocks are already illegal, yet there are plenty of Dems who want to make them illegal – proving that they are complete idiots when it comes to guns, let alone gun control.

Biden has not been able to describe what he feels an assault weapon is. His explanation is that the Second Amendment doesn’t say that there can’t be any kind of restriction on the weapons that people can own. He explains that people can’t have bazookas or flamethrowers. However, when the Constitution was written, it wasn’t uncommon for Americans to have cannons or muskets. Since he didn’t mention those, apparently those are still on the table as available options.

Biden decided to take the opportunity to speak during the interview, talking about how he would round up guns if elected. However, he did stop himself to avoid saying that federal authorities would enter homes as part of a confiscation program.

There is a difference between a buyback program and a confiscation program. Biden doesn’t plan on walking into people’s homes are knocking on doors or going through gun cabinets. While this is all well and great, people who want to keep their assault weapons are going to do so. Even if it becomes an involuntary buyback program, there is no proof that a person has a gun unless they are going to go into someone’s home.

Further, most law-abiding citizens who have a rifle are using it for hunting or target practice – not for going out and killing dozens of people.

Biden has a habit of speaking before thinking, which is something that many of his fellow Dems suffer from as well. During the interview with Cooper, Biden acknowledged that there is no legal way to deny Americans the right to have guns – at this point in time. If they have been legally purchased, people have the right to have them. However, if elected president, his goal is to make a major effort to get them off of the streets. He doesn’t want people possessing “assault-style” weapons.

That’s all well and great, Joe, but until you can provide a definition for what an “assault-style” weapon is, it’s going to be difficult to enact any new laws. This is something that many Democrats have been struggling with. Is a rifle an assault weapon? At what point does it become one? What about all of the people who use rifles for shooting?

It’s likely that Biden’s idea of gun control will slowly die down, just like how all of the other Dems have suffered when they speak ignorantly about gun laws that they don’t understand. Those who have hunting licenses have proven that they need a gun because they hunt. Would they be exempt from the laws? At that point, wouldn’t it make sense for everyone to get a hunting license if they truly wanted to own a gun?

It’s great that Biden has acknowledged that “Bingo,” he is coming for everyone’s guns because it allows voters to know exactly what his plan for gun control is. He wants to take guns away from people without knowing exactly what types of guns he wants to make illegal.

If he doesn’t know the details of a type of gun and he doesn’t have a specific plan, maybe he shouldn’t get too excited about answering with “Bingo” when asked a question that so many Americans are dialed into because it affects safety as well as their overall likelihood – not to mention this crazy thing called the Second Amendment.

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