#Burgergate Shows Dem Candidates Are Out Of Touch With What Americans Want

There’s a big difference between looking to help the planet and completely ignoring the needs of Americans. Democrats seem to be losing sight of what Americans want. Democratic presidential candidates are on the extreme fringe with #Burgergate.

From getting rid of plastic straws to trying to eliminate beef from American diets, it’s getting out of control. #Burgergate has been a recently trending hashtag as many Democrats want to get rid of steaks, burgers, and the entire cattle industry as a way of helping the planet.

If you don’t want to give up your burgers anytime in the near future, you might want to think about who you vote for in the 2020 elections. If you plan on voting for a Democrat, regardless of who they are, you might find yourself without burgers as a food option.

CNN’s Climate Change Forum

Democratic presidential hopefuls were talking heavily about what they plan to do about climate change. The Republican National Committee had a field day with some of the plans. Even Biden was quite liberal about his changes, with “rapidly” wanting to get gas-burning vehicles off of the road and shutting coal-burning plants down. What will they be replaced with? Well, that was crickets.

The reality is that the climate change forum proved that there are no moderates in the running from the Democratic side.

Andrew Yang said that America will “be okay” if most of the world goes vegetarian immediately. Since there’s no chance of that happening, exactly what is he trying to say? We’re not going to be okay? Even if a Democrat were to win and they took meat away, there’s nothing to say that the rest of the world would follow suit. In fact, it’s most likely that they wouldn’t.

The Democrats are using fear to say that if changes aren’t made immediately, there’s not going to be enough food for the growing population of the world. However, the US is only growing its population by about half a percent each year. As for the cattle industry, it’s doing just fine – especially if politicians would take care of cattle farmers to ensure that they are able to continue growing the industry.

Democratic Strategists are Lost

Democratic strategists are looking around, trying to figure out why the candidates are looking to self-destruct. Colin Strother, a veteran Democratic strategist is trying to figure out what to do with Burgergate. Strother comes from the cattle state of Texas, so he sees the position that so many Democrats as having as being a fringe position. It’s out of step with so many Americans. Plus, there’s such a large part of the country that considers themselves to be beef producers.

Strother also provided the reminder that Iowa, the earliest primary state, sold close to half a billion bushels of corn for the sole purpose of feeding livestock last year.

With so many serious issues facing the country, no one can understand how burgers are making the top 20 list. More voters care about the economy, immigration, and healthcare than anything else. For Democratic candidates to take such a severe look at climate control is puzzling to say the very least.

A Change to the Food Pyramid

When asked point-blank, all of the presidential candidates support a change to the food pyramid, reducing red meat consumption considerably. Kamala Harris supports it. She is also called for a ban on plastic straws, though most people would happily give up their plastic straws in exchange for a burger.

When asked by a teacher in Connecticut, Sanders responded that he would happily make population control a key component of his climate change plan. According to Sanders, abortion is part of climate change because it allows women to have greater control of their bodies and limit the number of babies that they have. When there are fewer people entering the world, it ensures that those who are already in the world have the opportunity to eat.

Elizabeth Warren has shown that she’s getting frustrated by some questions. She is the first one to talk about how most of the carbon pollution comes from three industries, and she feels that much of the distraction is being propagated by fossil fuel companies. However, there is still controversy around plastic straws, light bulbs, and even cheeseburgers.

It’s clear that Americans love their cheeseburgers and hate the idea of sucking anything through a paper straw. If Democrats want to go after the oil and fossil fuel companies to help the environment, go for it. But if they plan on banning burgers, they need another approach to win the election.

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