Buttigieg Addresses Infrastructure With $1 Trillion Plan

Yet again, a Democrat doesn’t understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. Pete Buttigieg has released a new plan to help with the infrastructure around the country. It sounds impressive, but it should since it’s estimated to cost around $1 trillion. Since that’s a completely unrealistic number to spend given today’s economy, it’s an empty campaign promise that he’s touting.

Buttigieg’s plan would involve working with local, city and state governments so that sustainable infrastructure in place. It would also, as he explains, establish “opportunity, equity, and empowerment.” Wow, that sounds great. How much is it going to cost? Only $1 trillion? Let’s pump the brakes on this one.

The former mayor from South Bend released a 17-page plan that helps to improve the plan. He believes that it will not only create six million jobs around the country but also provide access to cleaner drinking water and lower water bills. It would repair bridges and roads by 2030 while also investing in infrastructure so that the country can grow considerably over the next 10 years.

His plan is pretty detailed, but it’s talking about money that simply doesn’t exist. He wants to double the BUILD grant in place by the Transportation Department so that it provides $2 billion worth of funding for infrastructure projects. He also wants to boost passenger and transit rails by 2030 while also repairing many of the deficient bridges across the US. Both of these are expensive undertakings, which is where most of the trillion dollars will go toward.

Everyone knows that the infrastructure in the US needs to improve. The roads are filled with potholes. Many major cities don’t have adequate public transportation. Traffic is horrendous. However, this isn’t a platform promise that Buttigieg can make. Which city gets priority? Where is the money going to come from? How can everything be fixed without causing devastating detours in the cities? There are reasons why infrastructure is a problem – there’s a lack of resources.

It’s probably a good thing that the Democratic presidential candidate wants to be so lenient on immigration, too. If it were up to him, we’d have open borders in no time. He’s expecting to grow the country considerably, so they’re likely going to come from Central America. As for the millions of jobs he’s going to create, he’s made sure that the illegal immigrants will have employment opportunities, too.

Additionally, he wants to boost the FCC Lifeline program so that broadband goes out to un and underserved communities. The cost on that will be an $80 million investment. The crazy thing is that many of the Dems are in full support of spending this kind of money – yet they complain about the billions that Trump wanted to build a wall for the purpose of national security.

Buttigieg’s infrastructure plan seems to get more grandiose as it continues. He wants to invest $20 billion to replace lead service lines by 2030 so that lead-free water can be guaranteed. Oh, and he wants to put another $100 billion into a Lead-Safe Communities fund so that lead contamination can be addressed when it comes to paint, soil, and water.

The way that he’s throwing $10 billion here and $100 billion here throughout his plan makes it sound like the US economy is blossoming a lot more than it really is. Since he’s a newbie in the world of politics, he may not be aware that the country is currently in a deficit. There’s not enough money to pay for the existing programs. However, with a vote for Buttigieg, there’s a vote to send the country into an even bigger deficit by about $1 trillion. It’s just money after all, right?

Or, perhaps, he’ll go the way of some of his rivals. Sanders and Warren are famous for talking about expensive plans that will involve raising taxes. Only, they change the subject as soon as someone mentions a tax hike because, as much as people want change, they don’t want to pay more for it.

There are a whole lot of promises in the infrastructure plan. The problem is that each and every one of the promises is unrealistic. It’s looking at this 17-page plan that points out just how green Buttigieg is when it comes to politics and the real world. It’s a great idea but it’s not realistic – and anyone who thinks that it’s a possibility needs to prepare for the biggest hike in taxes that they have ever seen.


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