Texas AG Declares War

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If you’re not from Texas, you might not know that an impeachment trial was recently put forward against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. You would likely then also not know that it miserably failed. And now, Paxton is pretty much declaring war. The impeachment process against the heavy-hitting man began earlier this year, resulting in […]

MAGA Senator Holds Up 300 Biden Military Promotions & Won’t Budge

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Joe Biden and his Defense Secretary Lloyd “Raytheon Flack” Austin have been in blatant violation of federal law ever since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. They’ve been spending your tax dollars to pay for the abortions of women in the military. Since Congress refuses to impeach Joe Biden for breaking the law, […]

AOC Caught in Attempted Fraud, Tries Explaining It Away

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), aka AOC, is now taking her turn in the limelight and under the microscope for her reporting fiancé, Riley Roberts as a “spouse” on forms turned into the House Ethics Committee in 2023. The problem is that she and Roberts are not legally wed. Yet in post-travel disclosure forms turned in […]

House Speaker Ready To File for Biden’s Impeachment

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is now launching an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. According to McCarthy, there are at least six unique allegations that led to his decision. 1. He lied to the American people, and the House Oversight Committee found sufficient evidence to say so. As McCarthy pointed out, “Eyewitnesses have testified […]

Gaetz Calls McCarthy Out from the House Floor

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We all should know by now that Florida Representative Matt Gaetz isn’t afraid of jumping into the fray. That became more than evident when he quite literally called out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday – and from the House floor, no less. It all started when McCarthy took to the floor just moments before […]

Biden Kisses the Ring As He Hands $6 Billion to Iran for 5 Prisoners

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Perfectly timing his announcement to be released and confirmed for 9/11, President Biden chose to pull back his hand and slap the families of those lost that fateful day instead of comforting them. Already making the leftist mainstream media do gymnastics to try and explain his presence in Alaska instead of NYC of at the […]

Leftist Background Character Thinks Democracy Means Only Two Parties and No Trump

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The fat man in the background of the Democratic circus, Rob “I’ll have what she’s having” Reiner, has decided to open his pie hole yet again to support the Democrats. Speaking out on September 8th via X (aka Twitter), he said, “Hard Reality: For our Democracy to survive, two things have to happen. Donald Trump […]

Why Chuck Norris Switched Parties

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It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that Chuck Norris, an actor known for heavy-hitting and being a total badass, is a Republican. But it might surprise you that he wasn’t always a GOP supporter. As he explained in a video interview in 2014, he once was a Democrat and proud to be one. But like so […]

Apple Stocks Nosedive As China Bans Their Greatest Export – iPhones

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With shares plummeting 2.9% on September 7th alone, Apple stocks are bleeding as they have collectively lost $200 million in 48 hours. With the 6th providing the worst daily loss in over a month, the already troubled electronics giant is now the worst-performing member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The root of the problem […]

California City Votes to Ban COVID Mandates

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If you haven’t heard, COVID is back – or at least that’s what those on the political left would like you to believe. And as such, one town is preparing what some consider inevitable: the return of mask and vaccine mandates. Welcome to Huntington Beach, California, where it would seem city council members are strongly […]