Hillary Starts Talking about a “Climate Body Count” and Everyone Gets Nervous

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Does anyone else get nervous when Hillary Clinton starts talking about a “body count?” Before we even report this story to you, we’d like to point out that we are not suicidal or depressed in any way. We’re happy, well-adjusted people with families, pets, and jobs. Our lives are good. Anyway, about Hillary and this […]

Newsom vs. DeSantis: What the Debate Was Really About

Gary Varvel / creators.com
On Thursday, November 30th, Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (R) and California governor Gavin Newsom (D) partook in a 90-minute debate on Fox News. Both governors staunchly defended their opposing parties on topics such as taxes, immigration, schools, reproductive rights, homelessness, crime and more. Newsom praised the successes of the Biden administration […]

Basketball Does Not Make Men of Boys; Louisville Athlete Would Rather Sit Than Play Without Tights

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Years ago, the greatest of all time in basketball, Kobe Bryant, said it best when he said players were getting soft. While many were quick to argue against him, the days of rough players like Dennis Rodman making the brutal saves are long over. Top-100 recruit point guard Ty-Laur Johnson chose to attend college and […]

Toyota’s Latest Pickup Goes Back to It’s Roots

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For decades now, Toyota has only had the Tacoma as an answer to the so-called “chicken tax” in the US and Canada. Meanwhile, the rest of the globe has the ultra-cheap Hilux as their base model of base models. A stripped-down Tacoma, it was a great building platform for third-world countries and was the epitome […]

BLM Leader Shocks All and Endorses GOP for President

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In this day and age, it is all too easy to judge a book by its cover, so to speak. If someone is a known BLM founder and leader, for example, it’s pretty much a given that they are a liberal Marxist out for power and not equality, right? Well, Mark Fisher is proving that […]

Can’t Blame COVID or Ukraine: Biden Shifts Blame to Retailers 

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The problem with refusing to take ownership of a failure is that you eventually run out of things or people to blame. President Joe Biden has spent three years blaming former President Donald Trump, the war in Ukraine, and the pandemic for America’s painful and unending financial difficulties. You would think the Biden administration is […]

AT&T Caught Snitching on Americans to Biden

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At the behest of White House officials, a surveillance initiative gave law enforcement agencies clearcut and open-ended access to the phone records of millions of Americans. Privacy and legal advocates have become enraged at this revelation. Only uncovered through a Wired magazine investigation, the White House has permitted US federal, state, and local authorities to […]

Want To Be Antisemitic? Blame Trump, According to Chris Christie

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Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) has been doing anything he can to get attention as we continue toward the 2024 presidential election. Running off to the CNN “State of the Union” TV show, he brought his incredibly divisive message along with him. When probed by anchor Dana Bash about the spike in antisemitic attacks across […]

NYC Students Riot After Learning Teacher Supports Israel

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Just before their Thanksgiving break, hundreds of students from Hillcrest High School in NYC took to the streets and hallways over one of their teachers. A photo from a teacher’s personal Facebook account had been discovered, and they hated her for it. In this image, she was seen at what appeared to be a pro-Israel […]

Mom Catches Case Over Toddler’s 1st Negligent Discharge

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On November 16th, while walking through a Wal*Mart in Waverly, OH, an unnamed mother was making her way through the store when her 2-year-old child was able to grab her handgun. With her distracted by something, the toddler was able to get a single shot off. Fortunately, the bullet went up and exited the roof, […]