CA Has Most Insane Idea to Deal with Homelessness Issues

The Democrats running California just keep coming up with some of the most insane ideas to deal with problems created because of their socialist policies. The latest idea that Oakland has come up with is to take their homeless and cram them all onto a cruise ship for their new home. The City Council President, Rebecca Kaplan, pushed the idea of hoping to place 1,000 people on one of these ships. She honestly believes this is the best solution to an ever-increasing problem.

The reason for so many homeless people is not because home prices are out of reach. The Democratic party in California has made the environment unfavorable for productive growth to take place. Their ideas to fix problems are so far beyond reason that they will never work out well in the end. She stated that “It could be a great way to house a lot of people quickly. Cruise ships have been used for emergency housing after natural disasters and for extra housing for things like the Olympics.”

The truth is that the people they would be putting on these ships are not going to care. Providing housing is not the answer to the problem. Democrats love to treat the symptoms but never the cause of the problem. The idea may help for a short period, but the people will be back on the streets once the cruise ship is returned to the owner. Instead of housing the people, Kaplan needs to think about helping them find work, so they can afford their housing.

To combat the excuse of expensive housing, the city canzone and build affordable housing to help those that do not earn enough to pay for the skyrocketing costs of land value in Oakland. Part of Kaplan’s idea was to charge the people money for living on the cruise ship. She is talking about people living on the streets. They have no money, so they will not be able to pay for their rooms, which means the taxpayer will have to foot the bill.

The idea is far-fetched and will cause more problems than it will solve. The ports are federally run which means to let homeless people walk into a port of entry will be impossible because of the security issues. All a person seeking entrance into the country illegally would have to do is dress like a homeless person and before long they have blended into the group and let into the country. One official from the Port of Oakland stated, “We respect President Kaplan’s desire to address homelessness, but Port of Oakland docks are designed to work cargo ships, there isn’t the infrastructure to berth a cruise ship.”

Kaplan’s idea is a stage for disaster. One news outlet stated the following issues would soon come up “One of the technical issues involving docking a cruise ship at the port is having the vessel permanently hooked up to shore power and sewage, in addition to regular, if not daily, garbage service. There would also need to be considerations made for security on board and numerous health threats, such as norovirus.” Kaplan has not thought through the entire issue.

The Democrats in California are destroying the state. They are refusing to handle the underlying issues and now it is coming back and biting them in the rear. Kaplan has not thought about the taxpayer or the overall cost of her stupid idea. By the time all the additional costs are added up, it will cost $300 a night for one person to stay on these ships. California already struggles with financial issues and this would just add to the problem.

No doubt helping the poor and homeless is a good idea. But helping them in the right way is what matters. Giving them one meal will not help as much as helping them find a job to pay for future meals. The Democrats in California act like gods when trying to handle things that are out of their control. They need to grow up and let the Republicans handle the tough cases because their ideas at least make sense.

218 thoughts on “CA Has Most Insane Idea to Deal with Homelessness Issues

        1. Affordable houses in California. A dump is the price of a middle class home here. How about getting rid of ideas that havent worked in decades. Lowering taxes,etc.. And, since the government of California doesnt comply with the majority of the country.But yet our tax money goes to that state. I think we should be able not to help provide through our federal taxes. Also,i watched a documentary from seattle,portland and california. Where this type homelessness is considered a life style.Words from the homeless people.And why work.When people give them money. Words from them not me.On a national documentary. Its BS California keeps being bailed out from tax payer money.and the other states.When do we have a say. Ive busted my ass for years.Like so many of others.Knowbody gave me anything.Time for us to take a stand.

          1. California has to find a permanent way to care for their homeless. They cannot and should not use federal taxes to care for these people. A the t least California doesn’t buy one way bus tickets to send their homeless to other States for them to have to care for like NY does today. California, the most liberal State in America, is one big failure after another when it comes to taking care of it’s own people and protecting their Constitutional Rights. I propose selling California back to Mexico – the conditions are the same, the governments are just as stupid. Get rid of the “left coast” and our Country would be better for it.

        1. Hey George,
          Did you graduate from the “Romper Room”? And you are an expert in what? Obviously English is not your first language. Grow up and correct your own comments properly.

          1. I don’t think Mexico would want to have Alabama. It has too many problems and a bunch of pinheads. Alabama has to find a permanent way to care for their pinheads. They cannot and should not use federal taxes to care for these people. Leadfoot- you just had your say. I can’t believe that there are so many Nazi’s out there.

      1. Alabama Patriot, My idea from a few years back was to start the wall from the Canadian and Washington border down Oregon to Nevada West to Shitfornia all the way down to Mexico and over to the Gulf of Mexico. Screw Shitfornia they are nothing but a bunch of swarming commie demorat cockroaches with no IQ.

    1. Her idea has merit!. only INSTEAD OF A CRUISE SHIP, use a container ship, and house them in the containers. When the ship leaves for China, forget to get them of. (The Chinese will eat anything.) Label them, California fruits and nuts.

      1. good thought. In addition “they” should require each “container” to be accompanied by two democrat/liberal commie politicians, two, so they can pat each other on the back celebrating their “humanitarian ” solution >>

      1. You people in CA need to take all these sick ass socialist liberal Democrats and physically remove them from office! Especially Newsome Pelosi, Shummer, and Schiff!!!!

          1. Yes don’t forget neither Maxine nor Pelosi……they bth live in Palaces with plenty room to let the homeless
            live in there…..and for free.

    1. Dershowitz is and they hate him for it. He has posted many great articles explaining why this whole Impeac%$$#@ crap should be stopped by Chief Justice, but no one is doing anything sane or legal anymore.

      1. Trump is the only sane non politician whose keeping this country afloat. All the insane free- loading Demon rats ranting & raving because President Trump has taken away greedy, corrupt & crooked agenda’s in ripping off the people of this country as the demonrats have always been doing for may decades. Abolish the party !!!!!

        1. YEP, while lining his pocket with stolen U.S. dollars. Donnie could be Al Capone’s little sister. Neither believed in paying taxes, until ‘Big Bubba’ collected at night in the cell, after ‘lights out. Maybe Donnie bonespurs will pay to a new BUBBA, Sing Sing has room for one more new York mobster..

          1. are you insane? wow never mind the virus, how about trump derangement syndrome you democrats have acquired from lock her up Clinton

      2. insanity feeds on itself. The “so called” democrat party, along with their liberal “lap dogs” will continue the twisting ,lying ,con job,so long as they are able to convince their “subjects” That their lies are facts.. I do believe most,if not ALL liberals would now be gone had they been aware of,and invited to the Jim Jones “party” in Guyana ..too bad they missed out ..

    1. The article mentioned: “All a person seeking entrance into the country illegally would have to do is dress like a homeless person and before long they have blended into the group and let into the country. ” I wonder if that’s her secret “help more illegals get into California” plan. The #1 goal of the democrats has been supporting illegal immigration because it will give them an easy majority, and once they have that, they’ll never lose another election. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the real intention.

  1. It is insane! Who are they planning to get to Captain the ship, hire for deck hands, feed, laundry, take care of the ill. Watch movie “Soylent Green; 1973”. Although cities will be headed the way the movie hypothetically predicts, we will end up that way if means of transportation are taken away and we don’t clean up the cities. Ships would only be a “mini version of the movie”.

    Democrats want everyone to remain poor! It is out of control!

  2. Democrats always have brilliant ideas. $300 a night per person is more than what some hotels charge. My family of 3 lives in one bed apartment in NYC for $1500 a month or $50 a day and I consider that expensive. Democrats’ idea is to throw tax payers money on a problem and the problem is solved. I don’t blame CA politicians, I blame voters who want to pay more and more in taxes in return for less and less and lousy service.

  3. What about. A tiny house development. They need to have a job to live there and get a savings account to prove they are headed up. I’ve seen a tiny town development it works.

    1. That is the best idea
      Small houses work best , people can work with this
      And they can live in an environment that is safe and secure

  4. Should look at this all sides of view and stop sweeping it under the rug we need to deal with now head on. By help the people and not blame anyone. We used to have hobos now we have homeless. Same problem but we need a better solution. We need a think tank groups on this and find
    Real answers. And the rest get over your selves.

    1. Democrats don’t want answers, they want more problems to fuel idiot voters voting them in to “solve” the myriad of problems they created in the first place. This is one of those problems that democrats created in the first place with their tax and spend policies.
      The solution is to get democrats out of office, and go back to what already worked before: free enterprise, lower taxes [ and thus lower living expenses] less regulation that makes housing SO much more expensive than it needs to be.
      What is it about the ever increasing burden of high taxes that dems don’t understand? Raise taxes, and everything else HAS to go up to pay for them. Then you pretend to not understand how people became poor and homeless?
      Look around and notice that ALL the problem areas of the nation are run by DEMOCRATS. Wake up! Get a clue! It’s not a coincidence!

  5. They are going to do what the Mayor of New York city got “caught doing with the homeless, shipping them to other part of America far from his city’!!! Bet some were shipped to California with out telling the criminal Democrat officials there they were doing that!! HONOR AMOUNG THIEVES!!!!!!

  6. For Mary Jo…whenever solutions are suggested by any one the libs in charge in California reject them out of hand as being, well pick which ever Phobic is popular that day/week. They do not wish to confront the root causes of the problem. And believe me there are many complex problems that need to be addressed!

  7. As long as the taxpaying citizens of the state of California pay for all of the expenses, I say go for it. Them and only them. Their infrastructure is soon be total blackouts. Fires galore because no control burns, and health insurance for illegals all will keep happening. That state IS a human disgrace. Keep drug shooters sitting on your streets in broad daylight, sanctuary illegal cities, and the street shitters and employ the poop scooper. The ship will be destroyed in a matter of one month. The more insane you become the more citizens of other states will fight their state government and elected officials not to. Follow your example. The Dems love how you have been destroyed, can you not see that??

  8. Kaplan needs to go to S.F. and talk to Glide Memorial Church and ask how they help people in need…..The Church even built an apt. facility, on the same grounds as the Church, for the homeless. There are, of course, guidelines as far as who qualifies, how long they can stay and how much they pay, how they are helped in finding a job, etc. Gide also has housing and classes for pregnant teens and so many other amazing ways to help the homeless. WHY on earth don’t the people in California’s government wise up and look smarter than they are. One person hit the nail on the head….. “Democrats want everyone to remain poor! It is out of control!”. My Dad used to say: Democrats just throw money at a problem to be solved, then move onto the next problem. SAD!!!

  9. How about putting Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Warren, Sanders, Nadler Waters and Comey on it with them and send it to Antarctica with enough fuel to get one way there.

  10. Let them take the jobs and use the housing we provide for illegal aliens and are set to have illegals allowed to stay. Supposedly no people for those jobs.
    Look around…there are people for those jobs!

  11. When I read they were going to put homeless on ships I thought they were going to haul them all off to an unpopulated place. But wait that will be next

  12. Hey, … it’s not a bad idea. Let Kaplan head the delegation, get on board with all her homeless and put out to sea. It won’t take long before the trash and sewage builds up so much the ship will sink. Total problem, … gone!

    Richard Rice

  13. I got a better idea! Why not put them in every Hotel in Oakland? And sent the bills to ALL THOSE DEMOCRAT THAT REPRESENT THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA! Even make the governor pay his fair share!

  14. Crazy dems WANT liberals to leave CA and move to TX so that they can turn TX blue. Once they do that repubs are finished. Wake up folks. Dems are crazy like foxes..

  15. What will happen is one of the crazies will start a fire in the middle of his room, and the whole ship will amount to a cremation of hundreds of people. So much for a very stupid idea.

  16. Kaplan is just like the rest of the moronic sheeple lemmings in The People Republik of Kalifornia. DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS!!! Of course, with an intellect like hers, she is just being led along by the ring in her nose by the Left Wing Communist Democrap Party!!!

  17. It’s kind of ironic, the homeless are not demonstrating about how disenfranchised they are. Many want to be on the street because they are anti-social. Many are mentally ill, and many just don’t want to assimilate. Spend some time feeding these people and you will learn about their culture. Give them houses, they will not appreciate them or take care of them. They will not get jobs, because they don’t want to work. Unless they change their mind about their particular circumstances they will continue to be on the street. Most have families that are through with them because trying to help them is frusterating and not appreciated. I marvel at people who have solutions for these people when in reality the homeless can only help themselves by taking the bull by the horns and pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps.

    1. TRUEST THING SAID SO FAR! Thank you for laying out the REAL problem [other than the Constitution hating democrats].
      I have noticed this too. People are strange, and often as not, poor people have little to no interest in helping themselves or changing their situation, especially if it means working, or having to be accountable, or responsible for something. They would rather float along and get by 1 day at a time. They know they can get enough sympathy to meet their daily needs. That’s why they congregate in cities instead of out in the boonies where they can be alone, have fresh air, build a lean-to and hunt for food – be more independent. The city is a reliable sympathy & hand-out source, which is all they need or want. I read an article about some apartments built in Salt Lake City for the homeless, and the reactions of the homeless people to them. Some of them actually preferred sleeping on the street, even though they had a free apartment to sleep in.

  18. We Should Let The Homeless Move Into The State Offices and the Overflow Should Be Directed To Ex Governor Browns Palace,Nancy Pelosi’s Kingdom, Maxine Waters Compound. Diane Feinstein’s Chinese Gardens Villas, Ex Gov Arnold Swartz Camp The Go To All The HOLLOW-WOOD Stars Mansions . Keeping The Democratic Socialist Communist Party “All in The One Happy Family!” Such Great Values!

  19. There a LOT of homeless people that have one and two jobs but can not make enough to pay for an apartment.
    But then again there a LOT of homeless that take a dump anywhere they damn well please.
    By the the way the apartment I was thinking of “does” cost $3000 a month. Up front deposit the same. 2 bd 1-1/2 bath w/car attached garage.
    You get the upstairs apt. Down stairs apartment 1 bd 1 bath, no garage, shared back patio area. Only $2250/ mo. Unit built in the 50’s for returning veterans. Owners – foreign
    Don’t you just love San Francisco.
    PS the homeless are currently subsidized. At least in San Francisco.
    This info is from UBER driver. He’s not happy about it. Thank goodness my daughter has a roommate to share expenses. One more thing, I don’t like dumbocrats!

  20. I live in Seaside; California. I am an older woman and the Lord gave me a ministry to the homeless; our church was actually to concerned for the bottom line so the ministry only lasted around several months. They didn’ ask me they just stoppd it. I was friends with hp , the computer people and the money was to come from them.and I never realized how strapped our chuch was. Why oh why we need to ask God first.check with me they didn’t know that hp was funding it. also many of them use drugs . ; We have a salvation Army and a morning meal is served about 10 am. they collect cans for recycle I have one man who has a grocery cart and he has it loaded with aluminum can and all kinds of things that will get him money. The salvation army helps in many ways. For evening meals churches rotate to feed them. There are at least 5 places where they can get free food. Reno has a good thing going. you never see a homeless person in Reno. Homeless –I feel sorry for the new homeless-caused by the fires. There is no easy answere but the Lord started the salvation army he can do what he wills. He gives and he takes away.

  21. Gee, people! All I read are comments about how bad things are and ridiculous ideas. All of us, regardless of where we live, need to get active in supporting candidates and civic initiatives that will get rid of the socialist Californian philosophy. The only way we are going to save our country is to act. Stop hiring undocumented illegal aliens, insist that your employees speak only English in the presence of customers, work for and vote for non-Democratic candidates. We can, and better, do more than just blabber about how inane the Democratic mindset is. Get active or plan on living in a country where your lifestyle is irreparably ruined.

  22. Each state gets a budget so the democrats have to figure the problem out. O wait they’re too busy in their millionaire mansion. This is Pelosi did Schiff’s state. They can’t take care of the state they were elected to oversee but they think they know what the whole United States need. Tell them to stop this sham and take care of the problem. If they were so smart they would come up to a fair and economical way to solve this problem. Maybe then they wouldn’t look like a bunch of imbeciles. Ca needs to vote republican if you want anything done about this mess. Pelosi so worried about our environment but her state is the worst. They’re in danger of many health issues over this not to mention the seas being polluted with human feces which doesn’t just affect Ca but all of us.

  23. The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, just use the stadium. Use the field to make sure they get their workout everyday as they have time on their hand. What an opportunity!

  24. What happens when the shit /piss tanks fill up in 10 12 days and cost 10 grand to empty ??? Just keep filling it with shit and piss till it sinks

  25. Now that dumb ass Gavin Nuisance is blameing Donald Trump for the Homeless problem.
    Funny ! since the Democrats have been ruining California Forever!. Deport all Democrats NOW ! put them on a boat on the Ocean Now !

  26. Just take 90% of all of the money that each California Democrat politician has (and stole from you Californians) and build mental hospitals because MENTAL INSTABILITY is the problem with the homeless. The Democrats will not do this because if the money goes directly into treatment for their homeless THEY can’t steal it. WAKE UP California!

  27. Helping them find housing and jobs is good but also getting them help for mental health and drug issues in many cases is badly needed to enable them to keep their housing and jobs.

    1. The Druggies, Alcoholics, and Mentally Ill who refuse to stay on prescribed meds will continue to infest the public streets until they are forcibly removed and forced to get clean and sober and the Mentally Ill are sequestered and forcibly medicated.
      This is the dirty little secret the liberal loons are attempting to suppress. There are very few Responsible Adults left in government in California, and they are mostly helpless against the flood of Leftist/Liberal Insanity that has overwhelmed legitimate government. It is a Clear and Present Danger, not just to Californians but to the rest of the nation as well.

  28. How did we ever get to this point, ignorant and self serving politicians. The rest of this country just shake our heads. Don’t let these morons get control of the federal government.

  29. What’s insane in California, is the jackass running it! We’re talking about ‘ newsom ‘, who belongs from the crime family …pee blow see!

  30. I figured she would say put them on a Boat and send it out to sea and let it dock somewhere else in the world. The cost of a cruise ship and the cost of fuel would, in her mind, would be the answer! Where do these weirdo’s come from like Pelosi, Shiftless, Waters, Swallwell must be the sun or water that drives them nuts!

  31. Smart people are leaving that state. Smart people who can afford to that is. To bad so many are trapped there, but no reason the rest of America should have to pay for the excesses of a bunch of liberal clowns. If people there don’t like it then they need to do whatever it takes (just like the dems do) to get them out of office and power. Then they need to deport all the illegals the clowns invited in and come down on the drug dealers and gangs like Godzilla on Tokyo.

  32. Given the current “government” at most levels in California [there are a few notable local exceptions] it is going to require the Malthusian Correctives to reign in the situation. The situation is so bad in Los Angeles that a homeless man was found dead, literally, on the steps of City Hall this last week.
    The area is on the brink of an outbreak of Bubonic Plague, which once it crosses into humans will quickly turn into Pneumonic Plague and become a Nationwide Threat due to the proximity of Los Angeles International Airport to the downtown area and the wide spread of homeless all over the area.
    The Nation needs to wake up to the Grave Health Threat that West Coast refusal to deal with the “problem” of homelessness in a rational and Public Health Based manner. The problem is mostly self created as these areas won’t use the traditional and proven methods of controlling homelessness. Over half of the problem, according to recent data based on headcounts and field interviews, is the Mentally Ill [in particular Schizophrenics who can go violent without warning and have repeatedly, with tragic results for innocent citizens}]who refuse to take their prescribed meds, and chronic alcoholics and drug abusers. These people will ~never~ use shelters, even when offered, because Shelters Have Rules that they refuse to obey.
    It is eventually going to require Forcible Federal Intervention, starting with the forced removal of local and state officials who won’t enforce the laws on the books, to get this problem under control and keep it from becoming a problem for the entire nation to have to deal with.

  33. Then what you do is set sail to countries that have a low population and dump them off there. Then it will not be a problem for us any more. Then come back any pick up another load and do the same thing again.

  34. The homeless problem in the U.S. will never be solved. Because, when the federal government standards are applied to the problem they will be extravagant beyond affordability. Each homeless person will need so many square feet of living space, closet space, distance from each bathroom, distances to each
    emergency exit, etc. The word “Basic” is not allowed in Washington. And the word practical is also forbidden. Unfortunately the word asshole is readily
    known and accepted in D.C.

  35. In California, the State controls the value of land. The state constitution requires the state to set and collect taxes. A specific formula is set in the California State Constitution. If the state wants to create affordable housing, the state can devalue certain tracts of land to create the affordable housing. According to one website I read, a homeless person in Los Angeles would need to earn the equivalent of 42.75 an hour to live in LA. The same website stated that most homeless people in LA have fulltime jobs that don’t pay enough to pay for housing. Another recent article stated that personal assistants in LA (apparently a large segment) are agitating for higher pay because they can’t afford housing.

  36. I bet the majority of the homeless are illegals. If not, then the stupid govt. is giving Sect. 8 / Fairhousing to them and there is nothing available for the homeless American citizens. They didn’t have that problem a couple of years ago until they provided sactuary cities for the illegals. They should demand money from George Soros who is responsible for those caravans coming in. He pays to have them come to the US and once here, Soros ignores them and runs a way.

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