California Court Lets Kate Steinle’s Killer Off Scot-Free

The good news is that Donald Trump just won his 2020 reelection bid. The bad news is that the reason for Trump’s next election will once again be the total lack of justice for the late Kate Steinle. Ms. Steinle was shot in the back and murdered on the San Francisco pier in 2015 by an illegal alien junkie hobo who had been deported five times previously. Ms. Steinle’s murder was a galvanizing cry that was just one of the factors that carried Trump across the finish line in 2016. Here we go again.

Kate’s murderer – Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate – was found not guilty of murdering her by a jury of possibly retarded San Franciscans. At trial, he was convicted of a single charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. It was one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in modern history. But on the Friday before Labor Day Weekend in 2019 – very late in the day to avoid intensive media coverage – the California state Court of Appeals overturned that single gun charge. Kate Steinle is still dead and the man who pulled the trigger and murdered her is not guilty of anything, according to the State of California.

This case was a farce from start to finish. Garcia-Zarate’s taxpayer-funded legal team argued that the homeless illegal alien picked up a T-shirt off the ground and that a gun that was wrapped up in the T-shirt just “went off.” This is a lie because modern firearms only “go off” in one specific circumstance.

No matter how many afterschool specials, Lifetime original movies or Hollywood blockbusters use this plotline, you cannot mishandle a gun and make it “go off.” All firearms are rigorously lab-tested to ensure that they won’t accidentally “go off,” including the very straightforward “drop test” in which manufacturers load the gun and then drop it on the ground. You cannot gently nudge a firearm and make it “go off.” You cannot wrestle around with a firearm wrapped up in a T-shirt and make it “go off.” You cannot drop a firearm down a flight of stairs with it bouncing off every step and make it “go off.” 

The only circumstance in which you can make a firearm “go off” is a method that firearms experts refer to as “pulling the trigger” – which is what Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate had to have done when he aimed a loaded gun in the direction of Kate Steinle’s back.

The excuse that the state Appeals Court used to let Garcia-Zarate off the hook for unlawful possession of a firearm was equally laughable. The court voided Garcia-Zarate’s sentence because the trial judge did not explain the difference between “unlawful possession of a firearm” and “temporary possession of a firearm.” That’s probably because temporary possession of a firearm is a legal standard that did not exist in the Garcia-Zarate case at all.

Temporary possession of a firearm is a rare legal defense for convicted felons who are not technically allowed to own firearms. Suppose you’re a convicted felon and you stop by your uncle’s house for a visit. A stranger then kicks in the front door wielding a machete and says he’s going to murder everyone in the room if they don’t cooperate. You know that your uncle keeps a lawfully owned sidearm in a nearby desk drawer, so you pull the gun out and shoot the intruder in this life-threatening situation. 

That is “temporary possession of a firearm.” Even though a person is a convicted felon, he or she still has a right to defend their own lives in a dangerous situation. If a gun that they do not own happens to be nearby, they can pick it up and use it to defend themselves and avoid being convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Garcia-Zarate was not defending himself against Kate Steinle, whose back was turned to him when he pulled the trigger. Furthermore, “temporary possession of a firearm” is not legal protection that is afforded to illegal aliens. It’s a protection for American convicted felons. There is no circumstance or legal standard under which a person in the country illegally can possess a firearm — not temporarily, accidentally or otherwise. But the Appeals Court ruled that Garcia-Zarate gets off scot-free because the judge didn’t explain a legal concept to the jury that cannot possibly apply to Kate Steinle’s killer.

Garcia-Zarate is still awaiting federal trial for the gun charge and for unlawful entry into the US (six times). But as for justice for Kate Steinle, that’s unfortunately never going to happen in the California court system.

48 thoughts on “California Court Lets Kate Steinle’s Killer Off Scot-Free

  1. sounds like someone did not do their homework. that whole thing sounds fishy to me, the prosecution did not do their job.

  2. This is not right. The parents lost the only beautiful daughter they ever had. Why are they letting this garbage off. He’s an illegal and shouldn’t even be here. He took a life and had no right to. He should be sentenced immediately. Where in the devil. Are our laws? Is this an Obuma picked Judge? Americans seem to have no rights in their own Country any more. WHY.?

  3. Shame on you Calfornia! You are truly PATHETIC! Give the sleazy dirty illegal rights over such a beautiful young American Citizen!
    You are a DISGRACE to the USA! We The People DEMAND ELECTRIC CHAIR for this criminal and passing of Kates LAW!
    The EVIL in your local government is beyong the pale.

  4. California is an outlaw state in so many ways. I feel sorry for the normals still trapped there. Un fortunately, illegal aliens are free to commit murder, rape, child molesting, etc. without consequences.

  5. if you want justice in america today you better get it your self , blacks and latino’s are getting away with murder every day , and they never get real punishment , i would like to see every politicians that keeps defending these criminals taken out back and hung

  6. This ridiculous ending sends an all to clear message to the law abiding residents of California, be they citizens or non citizens, LEGALLY in the U.S. your lives, your, personal safety, are at
    best of passing interest to the state, to be sacrificed to the winds of passing fancy. When next
    citizens enter the voting booth, remember which elected things createdthe mess thug is “justice” in California.

  7. It may not be that the jurors were retarded but that prosecutor possibly had no expert testimony as to the ability of a firearm to discharge accidentally…you can give your firearm lecture all you want to your anti immigrant readers, but unless the prosecution establishes that point by credible evidence in the courtroom no guilty finding is warranted…it’s more likely that no expert could in good faith provide such testimony which tends to negate the validity of your argument. And as much as it probably irks you and the president’s base, the 6th amendment right to fair trial including right to counsel, even though God forbid the taxpayers have to pay a public defender extends to anyone under US jurisdiction, yes even those rapist and murderous men women and children immigrants.. ..Oh, I just thought of something, maybe the taxpayers money that covers expenses for official guests’ lodging, the president being the vendor receiving the money, can be used to ease the taxpayer’s tax burden by covering expenses that support rights guaranteed by the Constitution. I that’s an absurd idea under this administration but just a thought

  8. If I were Kate Steinle’s parent, I WOULD SUE THE CRAP OUT OF THAT STUPID JUDGE AND JURY! And I would keep constantly hounding them until they got sick of me! This young woman DESERVES JUSTICE! Why does America value these no-account illegal criminals over its own decent citizens?!?! I KNOW that Pres. Trump will win re-election in 2020, and I hope that he will address the problem of illegal criminals, and deport the whole lot of them!

  9. If Zarate were to be shot dead ACCIDENTALLY , would it be seen as murder and the person who would have such ACCIDENT would get “life in prison”, as a REAL U.S. CITIZEN with NO “Felonies”..???? Where as Zarate already had 7 FELONIES committed here in the U.S. as an ILLEGAL entity, BEFORE MURDERING Kate….????

  10. Here we go again with a liberal judge getting it wrong. When will the left get it through their thick heads that blaming the victim is wrong on so many levels. To give an illegal a pass on murder is telling other illegals they can kill in California and get away with it.

  11. Again, the true insanity of the liberal folks and in San Francisco, no surprise there. My heart goes out to her family that such an injustice could happen. And of course the jury was composed of SF leftist…no surprise here either. Someday one of them will suffer under the hand of an illegal and then see what happens.

  12. Still say any official whether in a sanctuary city or not if they turn a criminal loose that ICE has put a detainer on and the criminal commits another crime the official that did not hold him for ICE should be charged and prosecuted as an accessory to the crime, don’t care if he is the mayor, chief of police, a judge or the governor or the state, if these lunatic people have to pay the consequences for their idiotic decisions maybe then they will see the light

  13. All of these Liberal Judges who clearly are NOT abiding by the rule of law should be debenched and brought up on charges! This is unacceptable and an outright disgrace. Justice was NOT served!!

  14. Not guilty of anything, I hope those jurors sleep well at night because I vote for them to be charged with a miscarriage of justice. But, that’s the way California people act, they’d rather see their own family murdered by some mental, illegal doper than hand down a proper judgement, but, hell it’s a state of leftist s**tbirds anyway so what can you expect where the innocent are found guilty and the guilty are innocent!

  15. The state of California, or at least San Francisco county has spoken. Let’s see what the Feds do with this unwelcome visitor.

  16. Makes me ill! California sets the standards for being a diseased society. The state has moved from “plastic” and “shallow” to “sick” and “perverted.” I am waiting for it to break off from the continent and float away.

  17. The socialist State of shit known as california should sink into the Sea and all Hollywood and politicians should drown all the scum

  18. California wants To call the NRA a Terrorist Group when it’s the progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party that is a Domestic and a international Terrorist Group. We must get and enforce the DEATH PENALTY FOR ALL MURDER AT A NATIONAL LEVEL.
    Remove all murder cases from liberal states and liberal idiot judges. I know the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party does not hold human life sacred. They murder unborn children and in Obama Care once a person reaches 65 years old only the Demoncrat rich have value. Everyone else who is not healthy should be put to sleep. This is why they allow cold blooded murderers go free. No accountability for a persons actions is sick. The victims and their families are meaningless to the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party and their Liberal Judges.

  19. If you’re a white, law abiding citizen in California, your life is worth nothing (except, MAYBE, if you’re a staunch supporter of the “progressive” agenda). The NWO wants to exterminate the white race as soon as possible, since it’s whites that provide the biggest obstacle to their one-world communism plan. And everyone else eagerly joins in on the hate, totally ignorant to the fact that they’re ultimately cutting their own throats.

  20. Now there’s a deterrent for ya! Probably also told him to send for his family and friends, just the best and brightest, right?

  21. It is shameful that our country has come to a place where murderers can walk away, Scott free. If that had been an American they’d be in prison. Because the crooked Democrats caused all this, the criminal can walk away. Disgusting!!!

  22. God bless her family. This scum should be locked up and never see the light of day. California has a bunch of stupid laws unfortunatly. Please let there be some closure for the Steinles !

  23. What a pathetic joke!!! The California state Court of Appeals should be condemed for Lack of Justice and the Judge should be FIRED. Garcia-Zarate should have stayed in Jail
    and Kate Steinle would be ALIVE!!!

  24. Jose can get away from murder; but in the eyes of God Jose is guilty. When you face the real Judge who is Jesus Christ what will you say?? You will go directly to Hell. Hell is real no doubt about that…

  25. Californians just need to wake up and pay attention to where their state is heading. With all evidence against this undocumeted and no protesters outside the court house. Steinle’s family should appeal and take it to the supreme court. If these are the type of judges they want in their courts and liberal jury who defend the illegals California better be ready to embrace the injustice coming to it’s citizens.

  26. And the California justice system prevails again. The only true justice would be if California breaks off and falls into the ocean.

  27. One way or another, Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate needs to be held accountable! I’d say bring him up on federal charges and give him the death penalty!

  28. When this happens it’s time to take the perpetrator to task and the hell with the so-called judgement laid down by Communfornia Court, time to make the killer disappear in his home country (Mexico)!

  29. What do you expect from a sanctuary state which cares more about illegals for their votes then its rightful citizens? What’s a father to do in this case? Only idiots and haters of America would vote Dumocrat. The whole lot is nothing but commie,Muslim lovers. So sad and disgusting what happened to this young woman and her family. May they find peace somehow.

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