California Seeks Masks from China and Gets Embarrassed

Governor Newsom just cannot stand the fact that President Trump was the one that stated the states will have what they need by way of medical equipment. There was no need for any state to look for their supplies from other sources. But Newsom is a rogue agent. He hates the president and the fact that he has to work with President Trump. Newsom decided that it would be best for his state to make a deal with the very country that started the pandemic. He made a deal with China to deliver 500 million masks to his state for a billion dollars.

Newsom made a stubborn deal with a car company that was making masks in China. Newsom was funding the very nation that released COVID-19 on the world. Proving once and for all that he would rather deal with the enemy than work with his fellow Americans. The deal that he made with the company fell through because they failed to deliver on their part of the deal. Newsom paid them $247 million as part of the deal. And now he is getting criticized for the deal. He has put the state in a place where they are being laughed at because of the circus show the Democrats put on every month.

Newsom and his staff have refused to release the details of the deal with people that are investigating his illegal deal. China is looking for money and the Democrats are walking right into their trap. Newsom says that the state will get their money back, but that still yet has to happen. His office has been very secretive in their dealings with the enemy. He does not want people to know that he loves China more than his homeland. Newsom should have made a deal with an American based company.

He has denied access to the records from the media. The Los Angeles Times was the outlet looking to write a story on the deal. But they were met with a stiff refusal because it could jeopardize the deal. The Democratic excuse is very flimsy at best. There is nothing that would jeopardize the deal by writing a story about the deal. Other than it would make the lousy governor own up to his anti-American ways.

Newsom’s rogue ways are seen in a statement he boasted about the state, “As a nation-state, with the capacity to write a check for hundreds of millions, no billions, of dollars, we’re in a position to do something bold and big.” He sees California as its own nation instead of a part of the United States. No wonder he is off doing his thing in full violation of federal laws.

He is sending mixed messages as on one hand he refuses to release the documents and then on the other side he states things like “We want to be as transparent as possible.” Which if that were truly the case he would hand over details of the deal to the public.

It’s obvious to everyone that he trying to hide something. The agreement is that the mask was to arrive in May, but they have yet to see one mask. Newsom just does not want to admit that he led the state into a massive scam. He got tricked into paying millions of dollars to a company that has no intention of delivering the masks. His term in office is over after his illegal deal comes to the surface. Jay Obernolte is a Republican Assemblyman and he stated that he wishes his group would have seen the contract early on. Proving that Newsom went behind lawmakers to enact a deal that he had no business making.

The Democrats have no regard for the laws of the land. Newsom’s reckless actions have put California in a bad place. Nothing he approves makes sense to rational people. His deals are the outworking of a reckless man. Time will show that he hates America. The policies he has for the state are socialism in the making. For now, the world is laughing at him for his stupidity in trusting an enemy and not aligning himself with the rest of the country.

208 thoughts on “California Seeks Masks from China and Gets Embarrassed

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  4. it seems they are all sharing Nancie’s icecream. looks like most of it has fermented. it certainly has effected their thought process. well, this is the new norm with the Democrats. ———-Grampa


  6. No one likes a turn coat. The media firing squad will be silent due to auntie nancy also hands on corruption. Runs in the family. No wonder they want your guns, afraid of being exposed and jailed for treason. The state of California has been in the hands of socialist traitors for 20 years and look what it has gotten you. Corruption at it finest. God will not help you, you must stand up for your rights of be enslaved.

    My father in law knew where the bodies were buried, now that he is dead, the Californian socialist can rest. He was a bank examiner for 40 years, when he died in 1996, 176 members of state financial institutions showed up to his funereal to make sure he was dead. He once told me that there was a lot of corruption in the state and to keep the minorities from finding out have they were kept down and at the back of the bus.

  7. From Roger

    Honestly are you surprised? This sounds like something that aunt Nancy Pelosi would encourage and do. And of course he was no doubt supported by the Browns of California. People of CA, and the US, wake up!

  8. In WWII this country made millions of parts for our planes, tanks, ammunition, boats, etc. Trump refuses even nurses and doctors enough masks and gloves and tests for all the Americans who need them. Remember a few weeks ago he said we have 15 cases, it will be down to zero and the virus will go bye-bye. Since that stupid statement that went against all the doctors’ projections we have about 1,400,000 known cases and over 80,000 deaths. This is the sick mofo America’s anti-Christ that you adore and believe. Give that an honest thought for once.

    1. He is stealing millions every day laundering Russian money, payoffs from dictators and lobbyists and even the Army staying at his shitass resorts. He has made many millions renting his rooms to the secret service.

  9. Dems are all about money , power , and control of the people . Remember when Obama said the American people are to stupid to handle their own affairs so they should turn over there affairs to a higher government power. Newsom is very bad news as all in Sacramento but they keep getting back in . Wake up people .

  10. Garvin Newsom is out of his mind. He should ask himself why his state had to be in a lockdown situation, why thousands of people in CA have died due to the Coronavirus from Wuhan, China, why thousands of CA homeless people living on the street, why millions of people out of works. Now he spent billions of dollars to buy masks from China, spent hundreds of million dollars of taxpayers paying for illegal immigrants. It’s unbelievable.

  11. The people of California caused the problems they have they let illegals vote and the people voted the scum into office, Do away with your illegals voting and do away with funding those stupid sanctuary cities. The people of California need to stand up to those worthless politician’s Look at all the republican states they are doing good less taxes cheaper housing and better medical which you don’t have. and more homeless than most states ,The people can do it tar and feather them

  12. If that man made that sort of deal with China behind the back of our federal government,then why isn’t this Government taking control of his office and placing him under arrest for conspiracy to furnish China on an illegal money transfer without the consent of the government in Washington DC,if you ask me this government here is turning a blind eye in the face of our own Enemies right here in our State and local governments in this country,I do believe that it’s time for mainstream Americans to get off their lazy asses and do anything to get these Communist Socialists out of this Government and remove them from this country perminately

  13. For all those disgruntled voters in California who think the voting isn’t representative, you should recall that Joseph Stalin once said:
    “Those who vote decide nothing.
    those who count the votes decide everything.”

  14. He’s Pelosi’s nephew, would you expect less from a relative of hers ? They both have been taught in “Wasteful Ways”Shame of it all is they enrich themselves while the taxpaying constituents are non existent to them except for “Tax Time”

  15. Prestige Ameritech offered to make millions of N95 masks a week for the nation. The Trump administration declined the offer. The Trump administration is corrupt and inept.

    1. No he didn’t where do you hear this dribble from Rachel Maddow or C.ommunist N.ews N.etwork

  16. Somebody did a study in about 2005, I can’t find the report now, but it showed that about 85% of the elected officials in California were from an area within 100 miles of New York City. I think the report may be on my inactive laptop, and since it hasn’t been connected to the internet since about 2007, I doubt that Farcebook and Gaggle have accessed it and deleted things they don’t like.

  17. 20 years a cowboy never stepped in shit until I went shopping in san Francisco and l a

  18. Thoughts- California has a huge deficit an it can’t manage its spending. The Governor makes a purchase that increases the deficit. No thought about helping American’s. The Trump administration might help him, but he disregards that fact.

  19. Shame on Governor Newsom. At least we know who will not be elected as governor of California. Really, he is a traitor and should be sued for violating our constitutional rights.

  20. MR> Poop-DA-Ville, So-called Gov. Newsome is a Chinese Communists Puppet, how much of a Kickback did he get from the Billions he sent to China, just like his buddy, Obumer, how much did Obumer get back from Iran, with the Billions he sent Iran. All a Traitor’s.

  21. The sad thing is that many of Californias are moving to Nevada and bringing their stupid democratic beliefs with them so sad

  22. how much of the money Newsom spent went into his own pocket? the smile tells all the lack of honesty is his>>>>>>none of it.

  23. Graven Nuisance, the ash whole whose daughter is married to Nutzy Palooooozi’s son, yes her son who was in on working for China, along with Cunter Biden, Kerry’s stepson, and Romney’s son in law, proves once again that he is not qualified to run the State. He doesn’t have the money to pay State Pensions, so where the hell is he getting the billion dollars!!! Oh, that’s right, he will raise our taxes so he also give the illegals some incentive money to vote for the demoncrat scumbags in California.



    1. No it does not , ballot harvesting is all you get. Why not just having to show an ID!

  25. Newsom cannot keep the citizens of Calif. from seeing and reviewing those transactions. He spent tax payers money, and therefore these records cannot be sealed. Just send a letter to the State Attorney General, and make an OPEN RECORDS REQUEST for all of these documents. It is federal law, and he must comply. What a jackass!!!

    1. federal law! Are you serious? Have you been away for the last fifty years or tried going to a DMV or any state agency they won’t do anything you ask for like just getting the right information, and if you think sending a letter is going to do anything but waste your time then please let me know how you did. But hurry I don’t have another fifty years to find out that they blew you off.

    2. Sorry Wayne wish that would work. But the State Attorney General is even more corrupt than Newsom.

  26. Hey give the guy a break here. He’s just acing like his brothers in New York.
    Remember, governor Cuomo sent 5,000 seniors and their health care worker to the grave.
    And Gavin was trying his hand at sedition or treason, by sending our dear, dear friend in China a bonus check for their sharing their new found toy Called, “spin the Virus bottle” with the entire world causing world-wide death and economic disasters. Ho-hum says Gavin, looks like I may have fumbled the ball again. Thank God he has aunt Pelosi to bail his ass out.

    1. Anyone named Vernon cannot be taken seriously, it just means redneck ignorance.

  27. Stay in Californica, keep paying the highest taxes in the country, maybe next to NY., love your illegals , try to avoid the feces under your feet, but you can’t avoid the feces between your ears. TRUMP 2020-2024-2028———

    1. Jon: I just paid $1.43 a gallon here in Florida…..wonder what it is in California!!!!

  28. This isn’t California’s embarrassment it is Trump’s with his totally incompetent and obvnoxious failures in dealing with the pandemic. All he has ever cared about his whole life is filling his lust for revenge, abusing women, gaining adulation from cult members and filling his pockets with money, illegally is even better especially after he blew his hundreds of millions inheritance from his daddy, a former Klan sympathizer.

    1. Surely to God you can’t possibly be this Stupid!! You must be guzzling Commie Kool Aid. It was your Crack/Pole smoking Obummer that was Incompetent with the Swine Flu pandemic and your Commie Idiot Newsom who’s acute TDS, and Stupidity makes him blow Millions of Taxpayer Dollars and don’t have 1 mask to show for it because he didn’t listen to Trump!! No other State is having mask issues, because they are getting AMERICAN MADE MASKS!

    2. This is Trump’s Presidency and not only he was not prepared he has failed in every category, especially talking about injecting poisons, not listening to scientists and not have tens of millions of test by now. The pandemic started in China many months ago, where was the intelligence, where is his? He has none except for scamming people like you Joey

    3. It seems we are floating in a sea of neocon vomit. There doesn’t appear to be any way of getting these people to debate intelligently. As I have pointed out, there are indeed snowflakes on the right, and they are fully evident here. Instead of running to their safe rooms, they sit in front of their computers and type up strings of obscenities directed at every imagined leftist bogeyman. The worst of them threaten violence… another example of what resulted from closing down our mental facilities during the Reagan years.

    4. Robert C, you are right. These comments are a litany of complaining, whining and grousing. They use emotive words which the user has no understanding of their meanings. They regurgitate the political opinions which they imbibe from Fox news and the neocon political commentators. They are always looking for some one to cast blame upon. They are quick to slander, denigrate or belittle those whom they oppose. They present fallacious arguments but fail to support their arguments with evidence or facts. They know everything, yet know nothing. I would like to see someone here identify a problem and propose a serious, intelligent and practical solution to that problem. “Shot them all, they do not agree with me.” is not a acceptable proposal.
      However, if they are truly committed to the view of America pre-depression 1930’s, I would think that they would willingly give up their social security, their Medicare health plans and would reject all of the federal government’s programs which deal with natural, financial and man made emergencies.

  29. Why isn’t this TREASONISTIC Traitor of a governor (a SORRY excuse for one) locked up in FEDERAL Prison for Sedition and TREASON YET, “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  30. I have lived in California since 1953. I have watched all of the Democrats in this state destroy and rob the state of its financials. The Democrats are the reason why California now has the worst Education system in the US. Newsom and all of the Democrats should all be tried for Treason, which includes Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein, Maxine Waters, etc.. The Mayor of L.A. should also be behind bars. No money should be given to California because of them providing everything for illegals and not supporting our own homeless American Citizens, including Veterans.

    1. They need to be shot on Site like the Enemies of the State Commie Rat Bastards, and C–Ts they are!

    2. Again, you prove the existence of overly-emotional snowflakes on the right…

  31. Trump promised lots of things, none of which came to pass. He basically told the states that they were the ones that needed to take the lead in fighting the pandemic. That’s exactly what California did, yet you morons sit on your pompous a$$e$ and defend our poor excuse for a President. If this was a deal that Trump made with China that went bad, you’d be blaming China, not Trump. You’re nothing but a bunch of right wing snowflakes, void of any logic or intelligence, who drink the Trump Kool-aid daily. I used to think that the only real morons were on the far left, but this pandemic has made it exceedingly clear that there are an equal number on the far right.

    1. And you are a Blind Moron smothered in Stupid. Trump did deliver you Commie Rat Bastard. We had the greatest economy be fore the Pandemic that has ties to Bill Gates and the Demoncrackhead Party, you know the 3.7 Million your Crack/Pole smoking Obummer sent the very Lab that let the Virus loose! Your State is a 3rd. World Country Shithole because the of the Incompetent Demoncrackheads! Drug addicts crapping in Food Store aisles, shooting up openly on the streets because they made it hard for the Police to arrest them, Homeless tents all over the City, California makes a deal with the very people that let loose the virus and you call that acting on behalf of the Citizens? I think it’s you that needs to put down the Gallon jug of Kool Aid you’re guzzling straight out of and in November vote the Commie Demoncrackheads out.

    2. Keep commenting – your intelligence is on full display. If you aren’t the poster child for over-emotional snowflakes, I don’t know what is. Maybe one day you’ll learn to debate without resorting to obscenity-laced rants.
      My comment had nothing to do with the economy PRIOR to the pandemic, and my criticism of Trump is based on his actions SINCE the pandemic, so your argument is void. Are you going to deny that he said it was up to the states to take the lead in fighting the virus? Why are you then critical of those governors who did as he said? Are you somehow forgetting that Trump heaped praise on China in the beginning of the outbreak? Do you really believe that the leader of the most powerful country on earth was totally taken off guard by the outbreak? That certainly doesn’t speak well of our intelligence gathering ability. Yet you now KNOW for a fact that Bill Gates and the Democrats we’re behind the virus. What are your intelligence gathering sources, and where were they when they might have prevented this whole thing from happening in the first place? Your comments are a joke.
      I wonder if you’ve even been to California. I can absolutely say that, at least where I reside, it’s not anything like a third world country. And I find it odd that some of the highest numbers of drug addiction are found in the rural “red” states, yet you single California out as the epicenter. And just for the record, I’m not a “Commie Rat Bastard”. I hate communism more than you Zionist neocon snowflakes do. But I absolutely hate liars as well, thus my disdain for Trump.

    3. Robert you are a lost cause. You have been caught in the “Arms of Devastation.”

    4. When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the state.
      Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. (Thomas Jefferson ) Does anybody want to argue with this man’s intent?

  32. That “treason label is too easily thrown about! Treason is a very serious word. People should understand that. What this shithead governor has done is to defraud his own citizens with this so called deal which he refuses to divulge to his constituents. It is not treason to make purchases from foreign companies. However, in this case it shows how very STUPID THIS JERK IS!!! A very high percentage of the so called PPE purchased from China as well as the testing materials have been PROVEN TO BE CONTAMINATED!!! Sedition maybe? Treason no.

    1. Michael:
      It is “TREASON” China wants to eliminate the USA and control the world. Newsom is “aiding and abetting” our enemy.

    1. YES…TRUMP 2020!!!

  33. I hope all the democrats in CA will wake up. They continue to put thes losers in office and they are destroying the great state of CA. Remember, Newsom and Pelosi destroyed San Francisco and now the entire state.

    1. California has thus far avoided the mass deaths that occurred in places like New York, and this is a direct result of our stay-at-home orders. I’m not a Democrat, and have been critical of the left for most of my adult life, but as a person of increased risk for the virus, I am grateful that the Governor has taken the situation seriously and acted accordingly. Any of you commenting here who don’t live in California need to mind your own business and worry about your own back yard. You all act like a bunch of old, gossiping women, which is a far cry from the rugged, freedom-defending patriots that you try to pretend you are. If everything was left to Trump, we’d have far more deaths throughout our country. Thank God there are state leaders around the country who are more concerned with our well being than the evil entities in Washington.

  34. How is it the DemocRATS Politicians are the worst in the country and NY is a close second and Illinois is a distance 3rd! Voters that vote them in, I would guarantee they listen to the lying DemocRAT Media which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MDNBC all In for the DemocRATS, they lie, and protect the likes of lying Schiff, money whore Pelosi, lying Harris, Feinstein all incompetent, clueless and pulling for this country to fail! POWER is what they want and scree the whole country if they win!

  35. Lets be fair about this, it was not Newsom’s fault that he could not see China truly was scamming him, only to get a lot of free money. He was blindfolded, well, sort. He had his head so far up Pelosis Ass he could not see the scam they were playing on him. In my opinion, He, Pelosi and the entire state of California got just what they deserved for electing these Totally Out of Control Idiots to begin with. Dont misunderstand me, I Love California and the Vast Majority of People who live there. HOWEVER, with that being said, the people in California need to wake the hell up and realise that from Pelosi, all the way down the Dumbocratic Party, the people in California are being used, lied to, taken advantage of, and in general, MADE OUT TO BE A ENTIRE STATE FULL OF IDIOTS, AND THE LAUGHING STOCK OF AMERICA by their Dumbocrat Leaders. They are raising their money by taxing the people so much, people and businesses are moving out of the state by the thousands. With that being said, ask this question to yourself, If the State of California can afford to waste Millions or Billions of Tax Dollars the way he claims they can, Why is he always trying to get Federal Tax Dollars for assistance, why is he and all other Democratic Law Makers Taxing you to death, forcing people and businesses to leave the state, and Most Importantly, WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR DEMOCRATIC LEADERS TO MAKE ALL OF YOU LOOK LIKE A STATE FULL OF IDIOTS?

    1. The topic here is specifically the coronavirus and California’s reaction to it. Throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix makes YOU look like the idiot. I am a lifelong Californian (I don’t really give a damn whether you ”love” Californians or not) who has been very critical of most of the leftist crap that our state has imposed on us. But since this is about the virus, I believe that the Governor saved tens of thousands of lives by closing down the state as he did, and the numbers clearly show this success. Am I suddenly in love with the leftist Democrats? No. I still oppose most of their agenda, but at least I’m open minded enough to give credit where it’s due, unlike the right-wing snowflakes commenting (or should I say, gossiping) here. What’s been far more troubling to me during this entire pandemic is how totally inept our President has been in showing any leadership, and how his zombie followers continue to support him. My faith in America has been completely shattered after realizing that the right and left are EXACTLY the same. Ignorant, knee-jerk reactions are everywhere, and both sides are running on pure emotion rather than any degree of intelligent thought.

    2. They didn’t save anyone more people will die from the shut down than the virus hes making your immune systems worse by keeping you shut down

    3. so what do you purpose on how to fix this and bye the way lockdowns did nothing to stop the death rate that was nowhere near what was being thrown around, and how does releasing felons with horrific crimes make you or I safe from the flu? I think we should shut the doors on China and let them just fall back to the dark ages and die. As I would any enemy of the United States. Even if they were from California.

    4. Our President has NOT been inept in this pandemic. Please tell us what more you think he could have done? He stopped air travel from China very early and was called a racist by the Democrats and the Media. If he had not done that there would have been many more people infected and many more deaths. He has followed the advice of the medical authorities, Dr. Fauci and Birx, but early on they were saying we didn’t need to fear the virus. The next thing they told us was that 240,000 would die from it. Dr. Fauci first said we didn’t need to wear a mask, then he was telling us that everyone should wear one. Dr. Fauci continues to say we can’t open up the country until we have a vaccine, then he says a vaccine may not work. So how was the President to know any different from what those two were saying? Can’t blame him for their failures.

  36. I was born in the 50’s. In my lifetime I learned that all politicians are crooked. They are in politics for a fat paycheck, for the rest of their lives.
    Donald Trump cares about the American people. The Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than citizens. Try to open your eyes people.

    1. WRONG Trump only thinks of himself. Why do you think he said that he would only give states help if they only said how appreciative they were. he is nothing but a narcissist.

    2. Dennis: Just google Trump’s achievements since becoming President….it is pages and pages and pages long but the news media you follow doesn’t report it. All he has achieved whilst being fought tooth and nail by leftists .WTFU!

  37. He is Piglosis nephew. I dont think anything else needs to be said. He prolly used the cemetary records and illegal votes just like her to get elected.

  38. Governor, “Shame me once, Shame on You… Shame me a Hundred times, Shame on Me”. California, you need to find a person that works and represents YOU. Wake up people, yout HITLER’S are running your state into the ground, and you with it. It’s really time to ask yourselves a hard question… “Would your fathers approve of the current state government ?”

  39. China started this problem and anyone who goes against them ends up dead, but I think it will be the people who make the decision if he stays or not? God help the people of any state who have Democrat”s for mayors or governor’s, because they have been stealing from the American people for years.

    1. they will continue to do so unless we get them out off our government – hillary-obama-waters – palosi – shiff and the MUSLIN OMAR TRUMP 2020

    2. We had a republican governors before so what did do taxed our social security, gave tax breaks to businesses and ruined our road while they were in power.

  40. Newsom and all the cronies who dislike America so much should relocate to China! They do not belong in the United States of America. They are loathsome and treasonous.

    1. throw them out and take their citizenship away! They have no right to call themselves Americans anymore. “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” (Thomas Jefferson)

  41. Dear Marggy,
    tried for treason. Really ??? .. how is buying from China treason, especially since 80% of the nations’ supply of antibiotics, and other medical supplies, comes directly from China.

    So… if Gov. Newsom needs to swing for treason, how about Pompeo and Pres. Trump, who jointly sent 17 million TONS OF THE NATIONS PPE to China, the same day it was announced that the US had a pandemic around the corner. If you need fact checks on this… please let me know, but one thing is for sure…. Trump and Pompeo were proud to help the Chinese, and it showed up on twitterfeed. AND POMPEO WAS EASY TO IDENTIFY. Should Trump and Pompeo swing?

    1. Newsom , Getty, Pelosi,Brown, Soros are all intermarried and part of the California Mafia!
      Lets get them all the hell out of Calif. politics.
      they are a cancer that has to be cut out.

    2. Absolutely!
      Anyone dealing with China should swing.
      But American people, we could do it on our own.
      Do not buy anything MADE IN CHINA.
      Do not support or patronize any Chinese businesses.
      Check where your appliances, cars, car parts, clothing are made.
      And let your pharmacies, doctors, et al, know you do NOT want ads or anti bionics MADE IN CHINA.

    3. “I have come to a resolution myself as I hope every good citizen will, never again to purchase any article of foreign manufacture which can be had of American make, be the difference of price what it may.” (Thomas Jefferson}

    4. Hey Eleanor, calculate this. One cargo ship= 200,000 tons, 5 ships = 1m tons. that computes to 85 cargo ships to transport 17m ton. I’m just guessing that all the
      PPE in the entire United States would weight less than that 17 MILLION TON ! How about considering why your DEMONRAT PARTY spent $40 MILLION bucks to prove, without a shadow of doubt, that PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, was as innocent as a new born baby when charged with all the dreams of those “off the wall idiots” belonging to the DEMONRAT UPPER IDIOT LEADERS.

    5. Elenor: Fact check where are you getting all your Democratic information. I guess also you believe that Obama and Comey did not illegal get a wire tap to Spy on Trump. Before you tell me anymore BS, I am a Male Black, educated, past Military Officer and currently a Law Enforcement Supervisor for 35 years. Now let’s hear your facts and not fiction information

    6. eleanor, The reason for Treason is because Newsom went against the federal government orders which are the same ones issued anytime we are in a conflict or war with another nation.
      Just as you stated, Pres. Trump sent the help ” days before it was announced we had a pandemic” and, many weeks before the truth came out about who and where it started.
      This single action is a severe lack of judgement on Newsomes part and might be able to be over looked, except for all the other egregious decisions he has made. He is beginning to believe that we are desperate from America as a whole and not directed by federal law.
      He, along with aunt Nancy, the Browns and many others are destroying this state (you really don’t think he comes up with all this himsel, do you?).
      He refuses to actively engage with other states and follow the federal mandates handed down. He wants to take the hard earned money we hand over every payday in taxes and give it to those who are here illegally just because the federal GOV will not acknowledge them because they don’t file taxes and duck the rules while leaching off the system.
      NOW, don’t get me wrong, many of the aforementioned group are really good people, they want to be here and contribute and I applaud their efforts, but they need to be here legally.
      Every time one person, no matter their origin, enters our state and does so illegally and does not try to contribute bit become scofflaws, it shines a bad light on all.

    7. If you in San Francisco I am sure you know goat hill pizza that piglosi owns goat hill pizza same as comet headboard Harris had sprit cooking dinner with John podesta Christine Pelosi Tom styner 2 door ford

    8. No they Should swing but your dummycrats should People like you (assholes ) if you work made more money in the last three trump years than before. I have doctors who told me obama communist care cost more money then private insurance The country is stronger thAn ever. Also your crooked dummycrats have cost the taxpayers more moneycause they Are crooks with bad impeachment’s and false accusations you are the fools and morons of california

    9. Ok. Let’s talk about helping the Chinese. Or any country for that matter.
      (according to the main stream media and their cronies and allies)
      Consider this. America is the most hated country on the planet. China is a communist dictatorship. Venezuela is broke. Russia is a warmonger. And the list goes on.
      Key words: America, China, Venezuela, Russia.
      These are COUNTRIES. Operated by governments. Operated as for-profit entities. By governments. For governments.
      These are NOT the PEOPLE of these countries. The people are just that. . . people. If this were not so, then there would be no cruises, no international travel, no tours through foreign countries, none of that. When you get to those countries (or any other) and get past the “government” the people are just that. . . the PEOPLE. They are usually friendly, accomodating, and welcoming to visitors to their fair hamlet.
      The problem here is the GOVERNMENTS of those countries. Not the people.
      So when you talk about Trump sending 17 million tons of stuff to China. Perhaps he was actually trying to be a good humanitarian and sending it to the PEOPLE of China, but the GOVERNMENT got in the way.
      It is the same with foreign aid and such. USA (not america, the corporate one, USA, Inc) sends billions of dollars to countries for foreign aid. But do the PEOPLE of those countries see any of that aid? Usually not because the GOVERNMENT bureaucrats suck it all up before it gets a chance to go to the people and do the good it is supposed to do.
      And, I am letting you know, I want the fact checking on this. 17 million tons of PPE. . . that is a LOT of shit! We don’t move that much in CARS in a day. . . How many N95 masks would it take to make 17 million tons? Ok, let’s make it easier to do the math. . . Let’s say we were sending 17 million tons of full-size American SUVs to China. For argument and to make the math easy, let’s say each car weighed 4000 pounds (2 tons). Let’s say also that the SUVs are 18 feet in length each. 8.5 million SUVs times 18 feet each if parked end to end would reach more than 1/10th the distance to the moon! So you are going to tell me that 17 million tons of ppe, roughly the weight equivalent of enough American full-sized SUVs to reach 1/10th to the moon, was sent to China? In one day?
      Ok. . . I also have some liberal neighborhood beachfront property in Idaho I’ll sell ya. . . real cheap!

  42. He should be tried for treason. California Wake Up! Petition for his resignation, and over abuse of power. You have lots of time to do that as you STILL sit at home under his lockdown orders. You can’t wait for a vaccine. This lockdown is going to kill more people than the virus.
    Get out there in the sun, wear masks only if you can not physical distance, create immunity by being out there.
    And no bailouts for California. You want my hard earned money to bail out your state, but then use that money to buy from our enemy Communist China! That alone is treasonous.


    2. That will also rid us of Schiff, Nutty Maxine, Kiss Ass Swalwell. But unfortunalely Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy. Thry will just have to move somewhere else.

    3. Nevada will take them. We need more conservatives with a kiss newsomes ass governor.

    4. Don’t forget Diane Feinstein she wants nothing more than to take away our guns so then they can start taking away all of our rights, there’s a reason they now call California, Commie-fornia. The Demo-Craps have turned a Great and Prosperous state into a useless SHITHOLE full of Illegals, Welfare lifers, and Criminal Demo-Craps that only care about their own wealth and power Feinstein even had a Chinese SPY working for her for years and instead of having him arrested and prosecuted she retired him with full benefits, what a POS she is, what a POS all the Commie-fornia Demo-Craps are.

    5. Just get rid of the insane democratic/socialist/communist ‘leadership’ California can be great again if it turns red not communist red, conservative red.

    6. You people are most gullible morons in the world, would you believe anything this guys writes? California sends in many more millions to the federal government each years that it gets back so I doubt it will get your hard earned money. It’s more like you have been living off of theirs and Nunes is the biggest idiot in DC next Gaetz.

    7. S
      What don’t you leave your comments to your self about California. The Central Valley of California is conservative Republicans. We did not vote for Newsom, Peliso, Waters, Feinstein.or Schiff. Democrats held Los Angeles, San Francisco area were most of the Liberal Democrats. We tried to recall Newsom and it was not accepted by Sacramento. Educate yourself before you attack people that are stuck and can’t leave. Use California as a monitor of what can happen to your state. But attacking the people who live here is stupid

    8. Because I was born here, have lived here for 70 years and am not a quiter like you apparently are.
      If all people do is run away from a problem then nothing changes, nothing gets fixed.
      So kiss my old ass.

    9. you are never stuck. this is the United States and if you don’t like where you live, you can relocate. people have the right to speak out against this corrupt politician where ever they live. get a grip Dean

    10. Newsom’s antics are irrational and dangerous. Seriously if a democrat was President there would be hundreds of thousands of people dead. Judging by the actions of democratic governors and mayors.

    11. I understand it isn’t your fault. The sad thing is that your beautiful state has been absolutely ruined by the progressive democrats who have an entirely obtuse agenda. They don’t help the rest of the United States either, they are harmful to all of us and it is so sad that we are all punished for their un-American activities. Your state really needs to vote them all out and make all of CA beautiful again.

    12. Why not the split into three States idea. Let the liberals have LA and San Fran.

    13. Are you telling the truth as you come across as a whiny liberal democrat.

    14. Right on Dean, I live in the Central Valley and am a conservative Republican. Pick on the politicians, not the people who have to live with their decisions.

    15. Thank you for that post! I live in So Cal . We have more conservative Republicans than people know. We are still outnumbered, but the number of us is indeed increasing.

    16. That doesn’t make sense…what does succeeding from the Union have to do with getting rid of Nancy and Gavin? If you do that, all you’re gonna get is Communist Nancy, her nephew Gavin and Adam Schiff. Just think about how you worded you statement. What do you want? I’m sick of my tax dollars going to Institutionally Democrat run states/cities that are failing due to poor management and corruption. Your state is a disaster. I feel sorry for all the honest, hard working Republicans that remain and have to put up with the Democrat/socialist/communist insanity.

    17. Travis: Let’s do it even though my four sons refuse to leave there….my daughter, the youngest was the smart one and got the hell out of there as did I. Just think of what we would get rid of by doing that!

    18. GREATTTTTTTTT DEAL………Nancy piss-losi has got to go…let her eat candy in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!the bitch

    19. I live in California and I am in a minority. My politics are slightly to the right of the middle. But now after 8 years of Obama and the Brown/Newsom governorships I feel like I am further to the right because state policies have moved further to the left. With the Sanctuary policies and the illegal alien policies in this state I don’t think California should get any financial help from the feds. Somehow the voters out here have to wise up and realize all the freebies will end when they can’t pay enough taxes to pay for it.

    20. Yes, I live here too! I think there are more of us than we realize, because the MSM and narrative makes it seem we are in the minority. I truly believe they have cheated in the elections in this state for a very long time. Look nor further than Orange County during the 2018 Midterms…all Republicans gone. I don’t think that is the truth…all the mail-in votes changed the landscape & now Newsom is pushing for everyone to vote that way in Nov. We need to take back our state!! Here in L.A. County, the public health official announced yesterday that the criteria for fully opening up our business/services is to have NO Covid deaths for 14 days…that is an impossible task in a county of this size. She says we will be like this until the pandemic is over…maybe next January!!! I sure hope the DOJ intervenes before that!!! I don’t remember voting for her…why does she get to set the directives??

    21. No telling how much corruption is really going on in this state I was born in almost 83 years ago!! When are people going to wake up?? I have friends & family that are Democrats & I’m getting so I can’t stand to be around them! Doing business w China is preposterous & criminal. Please God, HELP!!

    22. Remember the fires? Burned up houses and cars but No tree’s? Houses and cars right next to trees? One word for you CHINA. California “law makers” ( which is a freaking laugh) I believe we’re being punished by China for some perceived wrong at that time. To send China almost a billion dollars for medical equipment After they Purposely poisoned the world is treason

    23. An audit was done of your voter rolls and they found 1.5 million INELIGIBLE voters!

    24. I just moved to Idaho from California about ten months ago. What Idaho is doing is mail in voting, but we need to complete a form and the mail in ballot will be sent to us. Yes, Idaho ID is required.


    26. You’re crazy, and your all capitals alone indicate that and your ignorance.

    27. richard pryor said living in california was like living in a bowl of grainola what is not frutty and nutty is flakey that is his quote


    29. they could have tried to get them from the Trump crony that stiffed everybody on the ventilators. Then the rest of the world would not have to listen to your stupidity because you people won’t talk about anything that does not go along with trump.

    30. Really you mean the thousands of ventilators NYC really desperately needed and then did not use Demoncrat Governor. And the blocking of aid to the American people. Democratic house and Senate members. Typical statement from a lib Demoncrat, accuse Trump of doing everything we did. Someone will listen.

    31. You failed to mention that actual procurement was handed over to NYC officials to conclude the purchase so how exactly is this Trump’s fault. NYC officials failed to properly vet the contract. BTW they were democrats

    32. yes it is, now what else besides a petition that isn’t going to be allowed to come up for review, waiting to vote him out is way to far away and the sad truth is that thay will have to be removed by force. ” There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” (Thomas efferson}

    33. Has anyone checked his offshore accounts the money he paid may have had a routing number to an offshore run through China

    34. There are nutjobs on here and you are a few echelons below them Margy. Trump is the one who kisses Putin’s commie butt, and now blames the corona on China. Do you remember just weeks ago he said we had 15 cases and they were all getting better and the virus was going bye-bye. Now there are 80,000 dead people, he really doesn’t care about anyone but himself, that has been his whole life, getting revenge, gaining cult members like many on here, abusing women and filling his pockets with money, better if done illegally.

    35. It is what the corrupt voters have done. Normally the citizens don’t get blamed for the lying politicians, but in this case the voters are more liberal and anti-USA than their representatives. California needs to be sold back to Mexico. Before we allow people like Pelosi, Shiff, Waters, and other anti-US , and other Americal haters back, the President would need some incarcerating evidence to hold over them to insure their behavior would be more to the loving of America. Republicans, Pres.Trump, and the people in deed; as well as word.

    36. Ron: I completely agree with you..sell it back to Mexico along with Pelosi, Mad Maxine, and ALL those running for political office in D.C. I love Mexico do not get me wrong but they will know how to deal with the faaaaar left wingers in California better than we.

    37. This is really wonderful news. The more this democrat lunatic, Nephew of Lunatic Piglosi makes moves like this it proves to the folks in CA how unbelievably gullible they are. He should keep it up. Waste more money. The Feds will not bail out this fool.

    38. Hey Marggy >>> Nowhere in this article, or your comment, do I see mentioned that the Auto
      Co. that makes those masks and with whom Newsom had made the agreement…is partially owned by Warren Buffet….perhaps an important little point?
      Additionally, that NEWSOM is the Nephew, I believe, of the esteemed and infamous NANCY PELOSI should be noted as it points out just how helpless the people of CA are with this Putz as their Governor.

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