Child Slave Labor Found at Automotive Plant

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President Joe Biden has done what no other president in the history of the United States has done. He has systematically betrayed the American people and joined forces with illegals pouring over the border. His first day in office was marked by the reversal of every protective measure left by former President Donald Trump.

The sick Democrats made it his mission to open the border and let every illegal that could make the trip into the country without checking in at the border. The open-door policy announced to the world that the southern border could be crossed. And from that moment forward, illegals, criminals, child traffickers, and drug lords started focusing their efforts on the north.

The fruit of Biden’s betrayal is being discovered all around the country. One account of Biden’s fruitful betrayal was discovered in Massachusetts at several Chipotle restaurant locations. The company was charged and cited with 13,253 counts of child labor violations. The company was also fined $1.3 million for using underage kids to work long hours.

HNHH also reported that Attorney General Maura Healey stated, “Chipotle is a major national restaurant chain that employs thousands of young people across the country, and it has a duty to ensure minors are safe working in its restaurants. We hope these citations signal other fast food chains and restaurants that they cannot violate our child labor laws and put young people at risk.”

Chipotle’s violation of the law is not the only instance where kids are being exploited. Child labor found that 50 migrant kids were taken and put in a SMART automotive plant and made to work long hours making parts for Hyundai vehicles. The plant in question has been manufacturing Hyundai parts since 2003.

Child labor discovered the secret after a 13-year-old girl went missing. She decided to join up with a 21-year-old working at the plant. Both of the workers disappeared together and ran away. The investigation found that the plant has been using migrant underage labor to make parts, all for making a quick dollar.

HNHH also has reported that reports they obtained noted that “SMART fired multiple underage employees as police probed deeper into their business practices. Some of the workers were as young as 12 years old, and a former employee claims that about 50 children were working multiple shifts while he was at the company.”

The plant tried to hide its evil deed by getting rid of the underage people. The kids in question were forced to work long, hard hours. After the girl disappeared, it was discovered that two of her brothers were not attending school but were being forced to work at the plant.

Joe Biden and his reluctance to secure the border has led to a massive increase in illegals coming into the country. The migrant people will be looking for work, and crooked companies will be quick to hire and exploit the people.

Pedro Tzi is the father of the missing girl and her brothers. He reported the young girl missing, and a massive search got underway. The 21-year-old that ran with the minor was Alvaro Cucul. He and the girl were found in Georgia, where he was arrested. Crucial was later deported to his home country of Guatemala.

The SMART plant discovered that they were under investigation and made every effort to cover the tracks and avoid getting into trouble. The illegals were seen as nothing more than property to be exploited. There was no concern for their humanity and basic needs as a person.

The illegal children were used and thrown into the street to fend for themselves. Biden encouraged them to come into the country where he would allow them to be exploited and abused for cheap labor.

The SMART plant was also found to be an unsafe place to work. Its long history of safety violations showed that it was full of safety hazards and multiple ways a person could lose an arm or leg. The plant is a dangerous place to work and has finally been discovered as a place that abuses illegal kids to save a dollar.