China is Installing Cameras Outside Peoples’ Front Doors – And Inside as Well

Most news about China concerns its responsibility for the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as its vehement propaganda efforts to evade said responsibility. However, a recent story on CNN suggests an even more ominous development inside Mainland China that should cause chills throughout the civilized world. It concerns the placement of surveillance cameras, outside people’s front doors and, in some cases, inside homes. The excuse is the pandemic, but the real reason is an apparent expansion of what China calls its social credit system.

“Although there is no official announcement stating that cameras must be fixed outside the homes of people under quarantine, it has been happening in some cities across China since at least February, according to three people who recounted their experience with the cameras to CNN, as well as social media posts and government statements. China currently has no specific national law to regulate the use of surveillance cameras, but the devices are already a regular part of public life: they’re often there watching when people cross the street, enter a shopping mall, dine in a restaurant, board a bus or even sit in a school classroom.”

The thing that comes to mind when reading about this development is that George Orwell’s “1984” was meant to be a warning and not meant to be an instruction manual. For those who have not read the classic book, first published in 1948, it depicts a world divided into three super-states where people are controlled by a communist-style government with devices called “telescreens” deployed in private homes to monitor their behavior. People who misbehave find themselves being paid a visit by the Thought Police and a session of torture and attitude adjustment as a guest of the Ministry of Love.

The deployment of cameras at people’s front doors and some time inside people’s homes are designed, according to Beijing, to ensure people are obeying the shelter in place edicts in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Official Chinese government propaganda has stated that China has things under control. Western intelligence has expressed some doubts and has suggested that things are far worst inside China than Beijing is willing to admit.

Surveillance cameras are part of a system of monitoring the behavior of China’s 1.4 billion people with the goal of controlling it, rewarding what the government considers good behavior, and punishing what it considers bad behavior. The Internet is another powerful way to monitor people.

The system of rewards and punishments is subtler than that depicted in “1984.” The Chinese state will drag away a modern version of Winston Smith for reeducation if it thinks it is warranted. However, the social credit system prefers a relatively gentler system to keep its population in line. Business Insider explains.

“Like private credit scores, a person’s social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology is a secret — but examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games, and posting fake news online.”

Punishment for bad behavior can include things like being banned from plane and train travel. Misbehaving people can also find their Internet speeds being throttled back, be barred from the best schools and good jobs, not allowed to stay at the best hotels, and even having one’s pets taken away. One can be named and shamed on an official blacklist. Such punishments are less severe than a session in Room 101 but are humiliating, nevertheless.

Good behavior is rewarded. Model citizens can expect privileges such as prime spots on Chinese dating sites and discounts for credit cards and utilities. One can also rent things such as cars and bicycles without having to put down a deposit.

China is not just trying to prevent people from speaking out against government policy or viewing forbidden web sites. The Chinese state is trying to control peoples’ behavior down to their shopping habits. The social credit system is something beyond which Orwell imagined, using technology unknown when he penned his last and most famous novel.

The social credit system has its defenders inside China. People tout that it is resulting in better behavior. The chilling possibility exists that some governments outside China might want to adopt the system, the better to control a restive populace.

95 thoughts on “China is Installing Cameras Outside Peoples’ Front Doors – And Inside as Well

    1. The worst part about it? These people are doing it willingly. Long live the USA, land of the pay to be free and home of the too lazy to be brave.

      1. Rick Murray – you said it all, since the DEMS are fighting for socialism aka communism – if they get their way, the USA won’t be land of the free – no one will be brave with socialism you have no freedom – this is what the DEMS want – full control over America for they want POWER & WEALTH – they will force the people to obey only them….

        1. I am a Democrat and I do NOT want communism! It is the Republicans who strive for wealth and power
          and right now, that is what many of them have! As a life-long Democrat, I just want everyone to have a
          place to live, a bed to sleep in, enough food, healthcare that is granted by doctors and not by uninformed
          insurance company employees, that our society become more economically equal, respect for all, good
          quality education, proper pay for teachers, green jobs, care for our lands and the planet, and kindness
          to all! I want people to feel free to be who they really are and to have the money and the good health
          to do it! I want that for all of God’s children here and around the world. I am so sorry that so many do
          not have a pleasant day to look forward to and so many are sick. Let us do what we can to try to make
          it possible for everyone to enjoy their lives. Live is short. Be your best self…and I will try to do the same!

          1. As long as the DOUBLE STANDARD EXISTS No justice for anyone .
            Open your eyes to COMMON SENSE , AND READ AND HEAR what happens .
            See the truth of HYPOCRASY ,
            They speak in 2 tongues ,
            Who loves the country , works for free ?
            Who hordes many houses , makes millions of taxpayers money , and does nothing ?

          2. Insurance is not a right, Kathy. Whether the insurance is for you home, your auto, or your health. It is the responsibility of each of us to either provide our own insurance, out of our own money, or take the risk of self-insurance and pay as you go. For those that are destitude, there has been a government provided safety net called “Medicare”. It’s been around for decades. “Green Jobs” have been tried, and are a total disaster. Remember “Solindra”? It was Obama’s solar boondoggle, financed by our tax dollars that spiraled into corruption and bankruptcy. If you want a “Green Job”, start your own company, with your money. If your product or service is wanted and needed, you will do well. If not, you will fail. We spend more per student than any other nation in the world. Do you honestly believe that students graduating from public schools have even a sub-par education? Test scores compared with those of other countries say our public education system is a disaster. Home schooled students almost always surpass the pubic educated students by leaps and bounds. The teachers unions have ruined the public schools and should be outlawed. The “planet” is doing fine. Watch George Carlin’s analysis of “Climate change”. While he was a comedian, he was a 70’s philosopher. I agree with him wholeheartedly. I’m happy to hear that there is a Democrat that doesn’t think that Communism/Socialism is the panacea that we should all embrace. There is hope for you yet!

          3. I worked in Washington, DC for 25 years of my 40 years of government service. There is NO DIFFERENCE between politicians. Forget party platforms. That is simply a talking point used to get campaign contributions. Each party tells the crowd they are talking to at the time what that crowd wants to hear. ALL POLITICIANS are self-serving individuals who care absolutely nothing about the state of this great Union, it’s people or their constituents. All they care about is being re-elected to the best scam jobs ever created, party politics. Our elected leadership was a lot more concerned about what they actually did when being “tarred and featheted” was still a real possibility….

          4. Sorry dear, but they are not talking about you. The ones in power just want more money and power, Why does Nancy Pelosi or ANY OF THEM, (BOTH PARTIES) need multiple million$+ homes. I want everyone to have a warm place to sleep, and food and healthcare too. BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR IT. If we don’t have to work for it, then why would we even bother, lets all go on the dole. California is so socially progressive, and people are living in tarp tents on the interstate. I have seen myself as a truck driver. And the state is a pig style. More trash on the streets, and more pollution that Republican run states. No free handouts to anyone, unless they are “TRULY” DISABLED OR TOO OLD TO WORK. Too many frauds collecting disability. We have 4 in a town of 530 that I know of. One got on it right after high school, for being “afraid to leave home” EXCEPT TO SHOW UP AT THE C-STORE FOR MORE BEER, CIGS AND A PIZZA.

          5. then if you want all of the things that you listed voting the “great society” is NOT going to accomplish that.. your democommie folks in DC and around the USA are NOT the same Real American Democrat Party Politicians that they were in the days of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.. the trash are like those air head females from cesspools around the world and other’s like the crime family rat’s nest surround pe$lutsi, biteminehole, schoooomerhole, and the rest of the socialist/communist enema bags with the worst pos being that half azzed african and his $lut that trashed the oral office, excited the mental midgets about welfare increases, and stirred up some of his boys to murder cops… his scummy actions are coming to light soon.. hoping that he and the rest of the trash are sent to Gitmo for a 20 year vacation…

  1. Hello, New World Order, They will take over the planet if people don’t stop being a bunch of cry babies and stand up for themselves in all nations. The young whine about no jobs, OK, how about slave labor for the Chinese if you let them take us out. There is NO FREE LUNCH and freedom in NOT FREE. All evil countries want the U.S. out of the picture because world power is their goal. We are the only thing standing in their way. Wake up, Smarten up and Gear up to protect yourself and the nation. Get back to GOD, the BIBLE and PRAY for this country. We will come out of this together.

    1. MIKE….your a wise man, that is exactly what the DEMS want..take over the world, like Hitler and Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama wanted to do, POWER OVER AMERICA then would spread and take over the world. The saddness of conquering the world – they would be hated & how boring that would become, living in freedom, keeps you happy which gives you a happy attitude & you love living, being a tyrant would make you bitter and wanting more power, but they would have no happiness, no joy in life, our lives are short, you must have a wonderful happy life to survive, when the tryants die, nothing goes with them ergo they have accomplished nothing BUT BEING A HATED TYRANT……Tyrants have something wrong with their thinking process, and for sure they have sadness for they are mentally deranged.

      1. You know your history. Lenin tried to control his people. Stalin did it and developed gologs in Siberia and Hitler went nuts and built concentration camps for his political enemies and then went off the rails and started a war and the Jewish people was a main target of his hate and the other nuts that hung out with him before he took over he made them part of this sick situation that killed many wonderful people who had a lot to give the world but his hate was so against capitalism and the Jewish people. And now the Chinese government and our democratic party are trying to do the same thing. Blue state governors are trying to do what Hitler did before the war saying it’s for our own good to protect against the virus. Sorry this is bullshit. They want to control the people who aren’t Democrats. Think about the one world order. Bill Gates and the Bush family. The slimy john Kerry. And others.
        Think about it .Donald Trump is trying to prevent this from happening.

        1. Which is why it is frustrating to me when the democrats accuse of Trump of a “slow response” when it comes to the corona virus. Putting aside the fact that he wanted a travel ban to and from China as far back as January and was called a “xenophobe” for wanting it, he was cautious in issuing shut down orders because Donald Trump understands economics. Specifically, the effect of “panic” on a market economy. He wanted to avoid the shut downs as long as possible because he knew it would cause great damage to the national economy. The democrats saw it as an opportunity to create mass unemployment and have another talking point in hopefully defeating Trump when he runs for re-election. All this over a virus that has a 98% survival rate? I have to wear a mask or else be denied entry to the grocery store so I can buy food for myself and my girlfriend? Where is there proof that wearing a mask is even a successful deterrent in terms of preventing the spread of the virus? It’s all government overreach.

    1. The sign of the beast. And how close are we. The following is from Liberty Council and is well worth reading.

      Kansas City, Missouri, officials are now requiring every church to submit a list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for tracking and surveillance purposes.Jeannette,I am running out of adjectives to describe how completely insane the tyrannical abuses launched by state governors and local officials against pastors and churches are becoming. It is as if these leaders never bothered to so much as glance at the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. They seem to be governing from some make-believe, dystopian viewpoint. Fund the fight for religious freedom – select here or the button belowYesterday, we received a desperate call from a Kansas City, Missouri, church whose local government is reaching new and terrifying heights in destroying our constitutional freedom. The Kansas City government is now DEMANDING that churches turn over membership lists, along with the names, telephone numbers and physical addresses of anyone who enters a church! This order also applies to all businesses.The new order states that by recording names and contact information, the health department will be able “to more quickly trace, test, and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19.” Anyone who does not provide this information should be refused entrance!The Germans did this very thing to Jews – collecting the names and locations of all known synagogue attendees – in the early days of the Nazi regime. Fund the fight for religious freedom – select here or the button belowNever in our wildest dreams could we have imagined Nazi-like measures designed to surveil, track and spy upon what was once a FREE American people. Yet that is exactly what Kansas City’s misguided government officials are now demanding.Every day that passes during the COVID-19 panic seems to bring a new list of illegal and unconstitutional mandates issued by state and local politicians intent on ignoring their state laws, the U.S. Constitution, and the Department of Justice. Even the announcement that U.S. Attorney General William Barr will investigate and prosecute constitutional abuses has failed to stop the unbelievable overreach by these tyrannical officials.We are at the brink of losing America as we know it, along with all the liberties our once-free people enjoyed. Fund the fight for religious freedom – select here or the button belowOur President, Donald Trump, is doing his level best to bring the country out of the over-hyped, media-driven COVID panic. But some congressional and state level officials (led by Democrats) seem to be doing everything they can to thwart not only a recovery, but also the very foundations of our republic!These attacks on our churches cannot stand. The backbone of our country relies on our constitutionally guaranteed ability to worship and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.We have already filed suit in several states against governors who have illegally and unconstitutionally fomented the arrests of pastors and launched attacks on the liberties of congregants. We will fight these cases all the way to the Supreme Court if we must. But we need YOUR help to defend freedom.Please, donate today. Religious freedom is at stake.Finally, please be in prayer for our attorneys and staff as we litigate these cases, but most importantly, pray for the future of our country.Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:11-12In Christ,Mat Staver,Founder and Chairman 

      1. This is terrible. Are they doing the same with the mosques? I believe at one time I read that during the Obama administration that they were requesting the churches to submit their sermans for permission or they would lose their tax free status.

      2. And yet the Muslims can do,anything, and it’s just fine. I think we as freedom,loving Americans need to take the bull by the horns ,and start pushing back, or else Christians will be the next group being lead into the showers (gas chambers) by the demonazis. Wake up folks your lives depend on it!

        1. John, and this is exactly what Barack Obama tried to accomplish in his eight years in office, he wanted to take away our freedom, he did a lot of destruction to America, he brought in his terrorist Muslim buddies, behind our backs, paid these Muslim money to live in America, gave them wages, plus gave them brand new homes to live in, and he did the same for Illegal Aliens from Mexico, these paid illegals were then placed in government positions so Obama would have his people (workers) in officical gov positions, who then would assist Obama when the time came when Obama would conquer America and Rule…yes he did destroy our country, he divided the people, Obama’s went into office with normal money, when they left eight years later, the are millionaires. To this day, Obama is leading the DEMS for he wants back in office for he thinks he knows how to take our freedom from us IF AMERICANS WOULD UNITE AND MARCH TO D.C. AND FORCE THE MISFITS OUT OF OFFICE, THE OBAMAS OF THE WORLD WOULD NOT TRY TO CONQUER AMERICA…..TRUMP PUT A STOP TO THIS POWER PLAY, that is why the DEMS want Trump out of office and away from them so they can conquer America….the DEMS are the ones that our forefathers wrote about and in the constitution the DEMS are exactly the people whom our fathers were protecting us from….BUT HERE THEY ARE – NOW IT IS UP TO US TO REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE AND PLACE HONORABLE TRUE AMERICANS IN THEIR POSITIONS SO AMERICA WILL SURVIVE BEING THE LAND OF THE FREE……hope you feel the same way I feel…WE HAVE TO FIGHT TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM…AND THE CULPRITS ARE WITH US TRYING TO CONQUER US…GOD BLESS…HAVE A GREAT DAY.

      3. What you wrote hits at the very core of who we are, our rights and what the extreme left is doing. We need to march against this letting the so called govt we’re not taking it!! I would give my life for this country!! I see so much of communist ideas from other countries trying to invade our country thru the democrats!! They want to own you; your mind, body and you’re soul. They can’t stand the name of Jesus because they want no one over them. They think they’re a god!! I’m with you and what you wrote. Sharon

      4. FYI- the same heavy handed mandate was issued by Obama to the LDS church because Obama became aware that the LDS believe in self-sufficiency, including helping those in need.
        As a result, reserve resources were gutted and church policy was changed to be self-protective.
        Another example of contemporary elitist One World Order. The USA is closer to a China Communist regime than we want to believe.

        1. Not to mention the fact that Obama sued the Catholic Church for not providing contraception to their members. The only acceptable religion to Ol’ Bathhouse Barry was Islam. Ever notice that during his press conferences, the background, which was traditionally an “azure blue” with the presidential seal in the middle of it was replaced with what looked like the pattern of a Persian rug?

    2. Microchiping people is the same as mark of the beast. I’d die first.
      Next if Biden were to pick Hillary as his running mate and if he were to beat Trump, Some how the dems would find a way to get him out and the the witch would be president. They would use his mental state to remove him.
      He can’t win anyway.
      IF people here were treated like the Chinese I’m pretty sure there would be a rebellion like we have never seen.

    3. I read this week Gates wants to do this in Canada. Pray Trump will win the election or we’ll be toast.

  2. Won’t be far behind in USA. They’re already using drone in Baltimore compliments of China. Look at how the democrats are using unlawful tyranny to control their states. This will be used as an excuse for the public health. Beware Democratic run states, vote them out now before it’s too late. This is why they want mail in voting so they can assure they’ll win. This is why they’re not afraid of losing.

    1. They always have cheated and now this just makes it easier. Throw out the republicans votes and put the illegal votes in. Another reason they want illegals and prisoners to vote.
      Stand our ground and fight in Jesus name.
      Part of the constitution is separation of church and state. Churches don’t have to give that information. The government has not business demanding it and churches better not give that.

  3. Perfect timing for over reach. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste. Appliances are expected to be replaced. As time goes on more appliances bought to replace ten year old appliances and vehicles, will tell on you.

  4. Yes it’s very overdue for our schools to teach kids about the reality of Communism in China. Not some half baked free health care excuse for changing our freedom into domination by a totalitarian dictatorship.

  5. Pretty soon China will want to control citizens sex life. They already have a limit on how many kids you can have. Or your only allowed to have sex a certain way. It does not leave anything to ones freedom. They have no freedom. They control credit cards, hotels, their financials(you bet the government will get their share) moving around in public, and now cameras in homes? Thank God for our Freedom!

  6. I can see this in our future if the Dems get control. We will be in terrible trouble. It is just people can not see it. So maddening.

    1. Amen that we have to do something. Trump is ruining our country. We need new moral government across the board. Wake up and realize climate change is real. Democrats will be the ones who save us. We must get out in vote. Trump is hand in hand with Putin!!!!!!

        1. Joan Coy
          I believe Diana Smith is either a complete idiot or a plant to rile up this site. Everything concerning Putin and Trump has been debunked and shown to be a criminal conspiracy committed by the left. Now the new Democratic selection – Joe Biden, is getting the backing from China’s communistic regime. He and his son Hunter have actually been in bed with China for many years and if Biden is elected you can expect underhanded and backdoor deals all day long between him and this
          Chinese country that is trying to destroy us. Trump pisses me off and is very much an idiot at times but thank God that he won and not Hillary. Can you imagine?

          1. I agree with most of your post Larry but what makes you say Trump is an idiot? He says the things he says ON PURPOSE to rile the liberal media. He knows that whatever he says, they will put their liberal spin on it so what difference does it make? If you ask me, they’re the idiots.

        2. Joan, this creature is beyond an idiot, it is this kind of creature the demwits love, this thing has never has an original thought, and wants the government to run their live, so they don’t get a headache thinking .

        3. No ,your the GOP lemming who believes what you’re being fed by a Hitler wanna be and this court jester in charge would love to be president for life like Putin, Hitler and Mussolini! Problem is the dems are interchangeable with the GOP!! We are on the eve of Colossus if we aren’t careful!!!!

          We the people need to take our government back from the businesses and stop lobbyists in politics and prevent the politicians to sell their votes to lobbyists to get re-elected!!! Term limits can prevent this from occurring election after election!!! But the lemmings keep allowing this to occur by re-electing this court jester in charge!!!!

      1. Diana, you’re on the wrong web site. Go to or to get your “real” news.

      2. I am a Science major . I understand climate change. It is a natural cycle of the earth. Climate change is always occurring. It is NOT new. Ice ages have come and gone repeatedly over time. It gets cold then the pendulum swing the other way and the world warms again. This cycle repeats itself over geologic time. It is a natural phenomenon. So yes it is real. However the actual impact MAN can make on the Global environment to heat or cool the entire planet by there own actions is blatant hubris. Mankind is incapable of affecting climate change n any appreciable manner. Politicians are simply using and manipulating basic scientific facts to alarm people inorder to manipulate them for the benifit of the political machine. Think for yourself. Don’t buy into propaganda.

        1. Exactly. If man made pollution affected global climate on the scale AOC and Al Gore would have us all believe, the world would have become uninhabitable about 20 years ago. I remember when I was a kid in the 70’s when all the liberals wanted to start recycling programs. They said that if we didn’t start doing this, there would be a global disaster by the end of the decade.

      3. You really are an idiot! YES! climate change is real. But, the effect on the climate by humans is infintisimal! Ever hear of Krakatoa? Twice it erupted and changed the climate of the world. What did “man” do to cause that? Democrats will save us? hahahaha… from what asylum did you escape? You are either trolling, or you are the progeny of some of the citizenry of 20s and 30s Nazi Germany, who swallowed the BS that was spun by Hitler.

      4. Have you lost you stinking mind?
        Move to China since you want to give you your freedom and love be in a communistic state.
        Have cameras in your house and outside your door. Get beat half to death for password no gas! What’s the matter with you?

      5. Look what happened during the reconstruction of the south. The democratic party stopped the reconstruction and giving slaves the right to be free people and teach them to read and write but no they wanted to keep them from learning and being self sufficient and becoming prosperous just like white people. The democratic party felt threatened by teaching them and they wouldn’t have a cheap labor force.
        Now it illegal aliens. They have for cheap labor force and hopefully they think that the democratic party can destroy our country and run everything. They are a group of the one world order movement. Obamy ,Facebook founder and his wife as well as top management. Then we have Twitter they are doing the same thing as Facebook if you have a Republican thought they say you violated for something they call community values. Bullshit they are following the 1984 book.
        So now you need to buy the things that will protect you and your family from these misguided morons who only care for power and nothing else. We need timoñ

        1. That’s also what brought about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In this legislation, you will find something called “employee at will” labor laws. These laws were written to counteract the efforts you speak of and therefore, allow descendants of slaves the “right” to quit their job so they would have equal opportunity. Unfortunately for some of us, modern-day companies use these laws to “hamstring” their employees. That is to say that they can fire you at any time for any reason or for no reason and unless you’re a pregnant woman, black, hispanic, LBGT or disabled/handicapped, you don’t have a leg to stand on if you feel you were terminated unfairly. If you’re white, you’re told to “sit down and shut up”.

  7. Communist China has more human rights violations than any country throughout history. Every nation makes their own decisions, but I want the US A to have zero relationship with this dictatorship. These foul communists won’t even allow black people to eat at McDonalds in China, aside from persecuting tens of millions of Muslims and Christians.

    1. I have come to a resolution myself as I hope every good citizen will, never again to purchase any article of foreign manufacture which can be had of American make, be the difference of price what it may. (Thomas Jefferson)

      1. I agree. I have already put this promise into practice. When making catalog purchases, I do so by their “800” number. If they cannot reassure me the product in question has NOT been made in China or any other communist country, I will not order it. And, to address the more specific comment of “made in America”, I was actually told by one order entry clerk that the Company in question “occasionally sells items that are imported as Made In America”. Can you believe they actually have the stupidity to tell me that?!

        1. I worked at a cell phone battery manufacturing company. I asked why made in China was on the batteries when we were making them in the USA.
          The answer was because the country that puts the most money invested in the past and the most expensive gets the credit for the
          Entire item!

  8. Instead of praying, you are all playing the blame game. Some of you don’t even know how to spell correctly. I’m tired of the division in our country. We all no when it started. The racist started in the Obama administration and the extrimists are carrying on! GOD BLESS AMERICA,

    1. Lucille maybe check your spelling.
      “We all no when” unquote.
      “We all know when”
      Which is correct?
      Yes God Bless America.
      And spelling does not matter, they are contributing to the conversation.

    2. No it started in 1998 they started in our high schools and colleges. When I was in college in 1976 I had 2 so called professors who were talking about socialism in his class. Me and some of my friends gave these bozos hell . You know what that clown told us..
      American people are going to eat it up and before long socialism will be taking over and the American people won’t have a clue when it happened and the country will elect a liberal left leaning president.
      Guess who that clown was…
      Yep you guesses it .
      Barack Hussein obama the first gay president and his trans gender. Wife

    3. I agree, Obutthole was the most racist president we’ve had since Woodrow Wilson. BTW – The correct spelling of the word “no” is “know” and “extrimists” is spelled “extremist”. Brings to mind the verse in the bible about people who live in glass houses, no offense.

  9. lol , your future was here years ago when we showed you the potentialities and few had comment or action, we have been facing incarceration in the worst places been spit back and are repairing for next steps to the shadows carried on our hearts ,minds and next soul. Be blessed kids , lets us know when you’re serial , we blamed our parents who wouldnt listen but saw it ,just trust the backup you have when you are ready to move is truly battle hardened for the next step.:_stare.

    1. huh? Punctuation would help, but I think you’re making a pantheistic Phoenix/Shiva claim? Or you think you can reboot cuz you’re just a computer program, a virtual thing, and it’s all like a video game? That you don’t have a real body, soul and spirit creaturely being created in the image of the Creator, but separate from and different in essence? Having the ability to choose life or death, blessing or cursing due to one’s conscientious response to truth….but not acting as God in the place of God, or pretending to be a part of God?

    2. We are all God’s children born from Adam and Eve , the enemy have separate us from God’s love. Every one that have come into this world we’re of one color, black. White came from the Curse that god told Moses that come upon the children of Israel of disobedience. God created himself a people through Abraham. Those people are the 13 Tribes of Israel, God changed Jacob name to Israel. All the children of Israel are called negroes. The only tribe that are called negroes today are the tribe of Judah, yes negroes, they are from the lineage of David. David will be here guiding God’s people to victory. The other part of the children have changed their name to Mexicans, etc.,Indians. Those that call themselves Judah are part of the children of Israel. God did not send Judah to the Europe, Judah was taken to Africa.

  10. 1 World order will come eventually but I won’t be around to live through it, I will either B dead or taken up in the rapture. The ruler in the world order will B the antichrist,

    1. Have you heard that speech for the popo?
      He has talked about wanting a one world order.
      I have heard dems talk about one world money.
      Soon that chip certain people want will be the not way you can buy anything.

      1. Not so hard to believe, Karen. They’re all making us wear these masks as part of some great social experiment. Where is there any scientific proof that wearing them is helping to stop the spread of this virus?

    2. Thank God the anti christ can’t be president a third term.. guess who. Obamy the wonder idiot of the democratic communist party hey Nancy Pelosi now that they have the proof that general Flynn was sent up ..
      Are you nervous about a knock at your door and they say. Put your hands behind your back. And you feel the handcuffs click once they are tight and then the perp walk going out the capital and down the Capitol steps..
      Remember the song. Oh happy day.. we will sing that for you as you get in the police car. Yes there is a God when that happens and you’re on TV saying . I did nothing wrong… lol you traitor

  11. We’ve been watching this for some time as American based big tech has been aiding China in tyrannizing its own people. Google and Bill Gates are front and center in this, and exhibit the same elitist inner circle secret society or mob attitude as the CCP. Don’t think for a moment that Facebook and Google YouTube censors who already profit from our personal information and data gathered from their ‘platforms’ and AI algorithms would do anything differently with regard to you. Remember, they are also going into biometrics. We need to listen to men like Brig Gen Robert Spaulding on this data breach, national security issue and privacy protection for personal data….though I disagree with him concerning the overall safety of 5g on a cellular signaling & dna level, and the idea we should blindly receive any unproven & non-safety tested vaccine coming down the line & often making no scientific sense (like first day of life vaccines supposedly to raise an immune response with an std antigen when the child not only is not sexually active…but also has no immune system ability to respond).

    With regard to his suggestions on government intervention on the unfair ability of China to participate in our stock exchange with no corporate oversight or reporting as American businesses have, or corporate assets in China which cannot be removed from their closed market & financial system irresponsibly counted as level one capital, or allowing the gambling of our pension funds and monies in that closed, no accountability system……he makes crucial points. And with regard to data: There is no reason these big platforms shouldn’t have to PAY us to gain access to our information, and ask for our permission to use it ….our data SHOULD be protected by government mandate from violation and appropriation, and we should have personally controlled encryption and gate-keeping. That’s a constitutional issue involving freedom of speech, association, religion; protection against theft and violation and so forth.

  12. You should use the word “know” when you mean “knowledge of something”, not “no” which means a negative. OK?

    1. I saw that, too…lol. But then I remembered how often I’ve had spellcheck and such change my own writing, or when my fingers spelled a homonym as I mentally ‘heard’ the word as I typed…and refrained myself! Worse in my book are those writers who err on the side of overuse of the ‘f’ adjective: whether they spell it right or not, since they seem a bit language deprived and challenged in clear communication of what they’re trying to say. Then there are those who impose modernist punctuation rules on short sentences and twitter-pated sized comments that would flunk the Apostle Paul for his writing style, and who couldn’t exegete the nuanced context to save their soul, though they sure can nitpick the nonessential as if they couldn’t figure out the meaning if they tried. Or who use Dragon translate and AI and insult all of our intelligences and humanity….including their own! : – )

  13. All of the above I’ve been saying for years in my public comments and emails. It is said—‘None are so deaf than those who refuse to hear; none are so blind than those who refuse to see’.
    I believe we are entering the very beginning of Revelations. Due to my age I won’t be around to see the worse. I would suggest people get their hands on Nostradamus Predictions. I often wonder if he was a time-traveler. I pulled out of the Democratic Party during Obama’s last term. I watched and seen it turning into a Socialist/Communist Party. Those who want to not believe and stick with that Party will one day regret it….if not for themselves for their off-springs. Sad, sad, sad!

    1. The book of Revelation and context of the full scripture of the King James Bible are sufficient and clear. It also makes plain the marks and qualifications of a true and a false prophet, and the distinction between Christ and Antichrist, Christian and antichristian unlike the new ver$ion$. Please do not die in superstition, but go to the word and make your calling and election sure. 1 Corinthians 15. John 1,3 and 8. True prophets speak plainly, and one wrong ‘prophecy’ strike, or contradiction adding to or subtracting from the settled and complete word of God rather than harmonizing with it… and they’re ‘out” according to the word of God. Nostradamus was an occultist listening to familiar spirit ‘whisperings’ and obscurantist trickster in the court of the bloody Medici dowager queen of France who together with his occultist ‘insight’ and Jesuit confessors craftily pushed her weak son into committing the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre and setting the stage for the bloody French Revolution & Masonic Jesuit domination & direction.

  14. “There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” (Thomas Jefferson)

  15. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Those who’ve been redefining history and the intent & meaning of the Bill of Rights don’t even like to admit the compromised Deist position of Ben Franklyn, let alone that of those Baptists like John Leland and Isaac Backus who are the reason we have the Bill of Rights protections in the first place! Ben Franklyn was a Deist and philosopher, no Bible Christian, but he did understand a thing or two about worldly matters despite his spiritual lack & proud refusal to admit his own sin and need. That lack of repentance & honesty caused his own son to reject his father’s new country in disgust due to his associating it with his promiscuous father’s penchant for ‘merry widows’ & enjoyment of Erasmus Darwin’s Hellfire Club ‘side benefits’, and good old boy ‘fraternity’ that had shamed his Christian mother who worshipped the ground Ben walked on and refused to entertain any doubt about his character.

    When Patrick Henry received his invitation to the first Constitutional convention he was disgusted and suspicious by the elitist secrecy and lack of protections for the common men who had hazarded their lives in the War for Independence trusting they would not be thrust back under a European style Establishmentarian aristocratic state religion arrangements. He wrote Madison that he ‘smelled a rat’, refused his invitation and alerted the common men & Virginia Baptists. Madison didn’t believe the Bill of Rights protections were necessary, but promised Leland he’d see to their inclusion in the Constitution if the hold-out states would agree to ratify on those grounds. Leland and the Baptists got the support of George Washington who’d been convicted, saved and baptized by his Baptist chaplain, John Gano….and who walked a fine line avoiding a return to the ritualism he no longer believed in, and the accusations of ritualists and establishmentarians calling him an apostate….attempting to hold the fledgling country together. He would walk to his local Anglican church, enter & stay for the preaching of God’s word, and get up and leave when the papist and Augustinian rituals began. Leland rode on to carry the promises to the hold-out states, Madison kept his word, and with Washington’s help it stood against the aristocrats and Hamilton’s desire to centralize power & leave the common men without a voice or protection….the Bill of Rights were included, and the states ratified.

    But the war of elites and European powers behind the scenes to regain power didn’t end there. Our literacy and vigilance and diligence in these matters has lagged, and we’d better get up to speed and back to our stance against tyranny if we’re going to beat them back & prevent the total eradication of our Constitutional protections by allegorizing and redefining, philosophical sophistry and their so-called ‘evolving’ law and ‘living’ Constitution. That is precisely how they attacked the Bible and just look at the confusion and evolved idolatrous mess of humanist mush they’ve achieved there! They want to do the same thing with all law.

    Real historical literacy doesn’t allow for those handy politicized and philosophized racist manipulations because no member of the race of mankind comes off sinless or without need for forgiveness at some point. Give a man or woman of any race unaccountable & unlimited power and it will corrupt him or her. Guaranteed. The only way you can deny that is the blind leap into irrational superstition and ‘wordless’ occult existentialism and experientialism. Into philosophical, self-justifying sophistry and truth-divorced imagination.


    1. I would vote against the democrats just based on this mask wearing BS alone. There is no scientific proof that wearing a mask is helping to stop the spread of the virus. They play on everyone’s fear of dying as a way to control the masses.

  17. It’s coming (some is already here) and most Americans will welcome it, even demand it. A fairly reasonable excuse can be invented for nearly anything. What ever I think is smart and correct can and will be countered by someone. If YOU are going to have freedom, there must be freedom to be smart or stupid, right or wrong, for EVERYONE. You may not like it that way, but it the only way freedom can work. And that is what the Constitution is meant to do.
    BTW, I knew a retired FBI agent who told me @ 15 years ago TV screens DO have cameras that can record everything within view.

  18. The Dems are all about money, power, and control. Just look at California. These people just keep voting these Dems back in like Newsom and Bacerra. They have managed to take our rights away , like freedom of speech , what guns you can have and can’t have , background checks to buy ammo. God out of our schools. Gas prices higher than anywhere, taxes and registration also. Kevin De Leon voted for illegal immigration just to save his parents because they are living here illegally and now he is silent. Dems are all for themselves, they dont care about you. They want control of the American people

    1. Sonny, There’s only one thing that is really stopping them. If we give up our rights to The Second Amendment, it’s all over for us like 1930’s Germany.

  19. This has been going on in america since the 1940s. Wake up. Weve been lulled into complacency with fear tactics and anything these control freaks can use

  20. I can say however that the tortures threats and theft of my childten most certainly did force me to look at myself and my behaviors.and the root and cause of these particular behaviors. Escaping these psychological manipulators was the beginning of my healing.

  21. American’s must hold on to the 2nd Amendment. If we give that up, our freedom is gone and America will be like China. Who would want that? Do whatever it takes to defend our constitution.

  22. We, American citizens, should be warned. This pandemic will give rise to some government officials, overstepping their boundaries, and introducing similar measures into the United States.

  23. This is why the Dems want to take away the 2nd amendment so you cant protect yourself. They are doing it one step at a time with gun registration then they will come for them . Its piece by piece . People need to wake up and see the brain washing going on. Nothing is free, you have to earn it and fight for our rights. Tom is correct in his post.

  24. The movie “1984” is now truly being brought to life in China. And we are following in China’s footsteps. It is not just Socialism we need to fear in our country – but also Communism. The far left Democrats have Communism, and Hitlar-ism, in their hearts. I pray that God will get our country back on track.

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