Clinton Defends Creepy Joe Biden With “Get Over It” Comment

It can sometimes be shocking at just how insensitive Hillary Clinton can be about various things. Many people have expressed their concern about how former VP Joe Biden treats women. He has been accused on many occasions of touching inappropriately and simply being “creepy” in his exchanges. Clinton has a message for anyone concerned about it – “Get over it.”

With Clinton having such a relaxed attitude about the allegations, it questions the whole #MeToo movement where people are supposed to believe allegations, particularly those brought against Republicans such as Brett Kavanaugh. However, as soon as someone has an allegation against a Democrat, including one running for president in 2020, we aren’t supposed to worry about it.

Since the possibility of Joe Biden getting the DNC nomination for 2020 is still a distinct possibility, all of his former coworkers are providing full support behind him – including eliminating any possibility that he could actually be inappropriate with women.

Hillary Clinton likes to prove that she is a staunch advocate for women. She has used her relationship with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, as proof that she advocates for women’s rights at all times. However, when it comes to questions about how former VP Joe Biden interacts with girls and women, she has plenty to say – and it certainly doesn’t sound like advocacy for women.

She likens the comments that people have made about Biden to finding any “little annoying habit or other kind of behavior” that people can disagree with and pick apart. She says that as soon as someone says that they are going to run for president, people are going to find something to pick on. However, sexual harassment is a big deal – but Clinton says to get over it.

Clinton’s comments are hurtful, and also shows the continuous double standard that the Democrats have in comparison to Republicans.

If a man has touched you or spoken to you in a way that you found disturbing, you apparently have to check what his political party is. If he is a Republican, you have the ability to speak out because people are going to support you with the #MeToo movement. They will believe you over him without a problem. However, if that man is a Democrat, you should probably keep your mouth shut. More importantly, if he is the front runner for the DNC nomination for becoming president, you need to get over it.

Clinton is letting her hatred of Trump get in the way of being able to truly advocate for women. She finds people commenting about Biden as a way of nitpicking about a potential presidential candidate who can take on Trump.

When talking to People Magazine, she shared her thoughts on Biden’s interaction with women and girls. In the same conversation, she also talked about how the sitting president poses a clear and present danger to the future of the United States. This is why her response is for people to get over it.

While many people, Republicans and Democrats alike, have respect for the former first lady, they have always considered her to be an advocate for women’s rights. She has gone on record on many occasions to say that staying in her marriage to Bill Clinton after everything came out about Monica Lewinsky was one of the hardest things that she ever had to do. However, she chose to stay in that marriage and explained why she chose to do it.

She has supported women all around the globe in order to help them get out of plenty of problematic situations.

However, now that there are allegations about Joe Biden and how he treats women, she is deciding to put a spin on her advocacy. She’ll be happy to support women as long as they aren’t accusing a Democratic presidential candidate who has the potential to take down Pres. Donald Trump.

The problem with the allegations Biden has dealt with is that it isn’t something that started recently. Plenty of people were talking about how Creepy Uncle Joe behaved when he was in the White House as the vice president. He placed his hands on shoulders, in the middle of backs, and more. He let his hands linger too long. He leaned in too close. If it was a Republican VP, people would have been all over him, yelling about sexual harassment. However, Biden was the right hand of Obama, so everyone kept silent. They didn’t want to upset the golden boy.

Now, Clinton shows her real roots and doesn’t care about women’s rights if it interferes with political gain.

2 thoughts on “Clinton Defends Creepy Joe Biden With “Get Over It” Comment

  1. One of Hillary Clinton’s favorite things to say is “Get over it.” but, that is not the only one. No matter how she words it … her message is DISTINCTLY: “BACK OFF AND LET US DO WHATEVER WE WANT TO DO WITHOUT YOUR INTERFERENCE, INCLUDING ‘KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT’ SO AS TO NOT DRAW ATTENTION TO THEIR SLIMY EVIL WAYS.”

    As we all can see, their bad behavior and wrong doings are VERY ACCEPTABLE TO HER and her kind!

    Smart people will not follow her orders to “Get over it!” and other such ridiculous comments made by her. We have values and ethics way above her’s. Smart people do not allow others to drag them down to their despicable level.

  2. With H. Clinton everything has always been about herself accumulating wealth, advancement and power, Never about what is right, fair and legal for others.

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