Clueless DeBlasio Plans on Moving NYPD Funding…Because That Will End Well

Bill De Blasio may go down in history as one of the most useless and clueless mayors of New York City. His current MO is to move NYPD funding to youth and social services. He believes that young people need to be reached, not policed. Somewhere in his convoluted way of thinking, he believes that this is a good idea.

Young people need to be reached and policed. And it’s not just the young people that need to be policed. Everyone does. It’s to maintain order. When left alone, mayhem can arise – and New York City has a long history of it.

Why pull NYPD funding? There are a number of reasons, but it comes down to De Blasio not being happy with their performance during the riots in the past week. The mayor lost control of his city because of ineffective curfews and a Democratic style of finger-pointing. The NYPD risked the lives of their officers to restore order, and it took some time because of the sheer level of rioting.

Black Lives Matter has been pushing the radical agenda of defunding and eliminating the police around the country. After all, with no police in place, black lives would matter more, right? It seems like everyone wants to stop thinking about the actual outcomes of their actions…

De Blasio can’t actually eliminate the police. He doesn’t have that kind of power. He can, however, strip them of some of their funding. That would appease Black Lives Matter, too, so he’ll move the funds away from the NYPD and toward local youth groups and social services.

It seems the mayor may have lost all touch with reality. He’s going to take money away from the police department so that they’re rendered ineffective to protect New Yorkers. He’s looking to make BLM happy when, really, nothing will make them happy. And, those who already hate the mayor’s political games are going to hate him more. Exactly how does Bill De Blasio think that this is a good idea?

According to his tweets, he’s vowing to ensure that the city will be safe. But…how can he do that when he’s stripping NYPD of their funding? He’s going to move vendor enforcement out of NYPD. He’s shifting funding away from them. So, what can the NYPD do? He wants to make sure that he’s taking “I hear you” to the next level by showing how to make NYC “more just.”

What about all of the people who are concerned about the crime? Does he hear any of those concerns? The concerns are being shared loud and clear, so he has to hear them. People want to know what’s going to happen when they call 911 because there’s a robbery or a murder or any other crime. People want to know what’s going to happen when the violence that has always plagued NYC continues to happen – and when it’s not just the black population being affected but also the whites, the Hispanics, and other races.

The tweeted responses to De Blasio’s plan shows that he’s not the most favored mayor. People are urging him to resign. People are also reminding him about he was just begging Pelosi for COVID relief money to avoid cutting police budgets. About that – so, he didn’t want to cut police budgets two weeks ago. Now, one man dies and the entire country riots. BLM is breathing down his neck and suddenly, he changes everything he stands for? How quickly Democrats can change their ideals in order to gain popularity.

Perhaps Rudy Giuliani was onto something when he warned New York City residents to not elect progressive Democrats if they want to be safe.

Giving funds to social and youth services is a great idea. The youth of today need to be reached. However, everyone needs to be policed because it’s a part of being in a community. Crimes will happen and NYPD needs funding regardless of what happened to George Floyd. Black Lives Matter but that doesn’t mean funding stops. Protect the city. Or else.

49 thoughts on “Clueless DeBlasio Plans on Moving NYPD Funding…Because That Will End Well

  1. DiBlasio is a schmuck…that’s a message from ALL JEWS TOO!! He should GIVE UP HIS BODY GAURDS AS WELL. Once the Police have less money, i’d take a bit longerrrr, in getting to him, if he needed it. Let’s not forget Cuomo, he’s a jerk to. Neith one of these assholes are COMPETENT ENOUGH TO RUN S BIG CITY LIKE NY. They would be better serving Bumfuck, USA:)

  2. Is DeBlasio and his wife going to hide it with the possible billions he and his wife already ( misplaced ) from New York. Between him, his wife and Cuomo there are billions UN accounted for in federal housing and project support money. They both have strong ties to Cuba so maybe they are buying it.

  3. You the people put this sorry ass in office all you have to do is recall him.he and all demoncrat also fake news are wanting to start a race war and the majority of American don’t want that but liberals.demoncrat mayors and govnors and DEMONCRATS party fake news keep PUSHING it.the American people will not take on all at one time but get each one one wants this but if it comes to it you will loose not the people that love our great only takes one step at a time to get rid of the scum in AMERICA.

  4. I love looking through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  5. Trump needs to forget about a wall blocking Mexico… walls around any state/city that defunds 1st responders. Then evacuate the police/fire personell. Let the anarchists left behind “reach” themselves.

  6. Someone knock on this insane weirdo’s door & remove him from life–These leftist Dumbacrats want 2 ruin America!!! Do not let this happen! We need law & order! Protection for all –These asshole governers & ignorant mayors need 2 B visited by Anifia asshole Domestics terrorists & take them outside & B publicly flogged & see how they feel now without protection of POLICE!!U Fools! Beware 4 what U do or say! Your day is coming! Hope U think U had a nice ride???

  7. Who voted this idiot into office ? That’s right it was probably rigged by the Democrats. Boy they can sure pick morons

  8. Best action is for any police department who’s funds are cut to eliminate police protection for all elected officials who voted to defund the department. See how long it takes for those gutless politicians to reverse their position.

  9. This entire BLM thing is way out of control, and the Dems are encouraging it! The Slogan should be ALM for American Lives Matter. There have been more Black people killed during this BLM movement then any others. They way to be heard and make things change is not to Burn down business, kill people, rape people. loot and tear down statues and monuments. That’s another sore topic. Keep your hands off of these things! They are the property of hard working people, they are someones loved one, they represent our History or Honor our relatives, you are not erasing History by destroying these things, and there is no fear of returning to that time in History again. If the Statues and Monuments offend you, don’t look at them! If you want to dismantle your Police, maybe New York can be just a place for all the lawless, you can keep your Mayer & Govnr there too, for as long as they last. The rest of us know how badly we need our Police Department to keep law and order.

  10. Real Estate in counties out of NYC will be booming – Anyone looking for a safe environment will leave!

  11. Sounds like many, many sane people will be leaving New York City for safer places!

  12. he is just a big corrupt !!! stealing and put a lot of money in his pocket !!!
    the only black lives matter is only his f … black family !! he is not giving a shit for the the other blacks !!!
    and more than that he has to be arrested for genocide !!!
    the way how he handled pandemic in NEW YORK , was disastrous !!! he did not do anything just to ask money !!!
    the big number of dead people is because of them !! CUOMO AND DE BLASIO !!!!
    CRIMINALS !!!!!

  13. Wait till you see the tremendous decline in tourism folks will go to Cities in the south that are not governed by useless idiots like Big Bird DeBlass and what did your Wife do with the billion $ budget to house the homeless????we demand to know

  14. Democrats have no leadership. For example Minnesota mayor who tried to appease the black lives matter they turned on him. New York needs to get rid of the corrupted cops and retrain them. If they got rid of the police force and I lived there. I would move elsewhere. Somewhere that cares about the people.

  15. De Blasio should be run out of NY on a rail. That bastard has ruined New York. The Democrats are going to get their justice alright and for them it won’t be pretty.

  16. I hope the police department will simply all quit and move to a state where they will be appreciated for the hard work they do.
    When the police in the line of duty end up killing a white person, (twice as many as black) we don’t run out and riot and burn cars, and businesses. The one consistent fact I have learned from years of conversations with liberals is if you don’t accept what they
    want, and believe, you are trash. They have no tolerance for a different opinion on anything.

  17. Like all libtards he has lost touch with reality.
    He is just as senile as Nazi Pooplousy.

  18. These dem run states need to put their citizens over Pelosi ‘s party politic and turn the cops loose on the trash on the streets .its just going to get worse. That’s all these thugs understand .fear.time to have them on the run and bring back law and order.

    1. The Democrapeaters have shit for brains. They eat shit too. We hate them. Fuck you Democrapeaters.

    2. What an idiot – remove his protection & let’s see what happens when he calls 911 – should have put him
      in police car when protesters were throwing bricks, bottles, especially Molotov cocktails – plus he
      had the balls to think someone would vote for him for President – what was he smoking – only reason
      he wants to do these things is because his family is African American & he wants their votes!!!

  19. Not surprised. Diblasio is so incompetent he probably needs help getting dressed. Fine, give funds to youth programs, but not police funds. He can give up any police protection her and his family have since he’s so sure it’s not needed. Maybe this is payback for his daughter’s arrest while she was looting / protesting. Whatever his reason he continues to show how far removed he is from reality. If police are cut / disbanded, I’ll do something I would never do. Get a gun. I can’t imagine feeling safe with a decimated police force. At least he answers one question. He’s the perfect example of why the democratic symbol is an ass.

    1. We all know that AOC is a great cocksucker. All the men say that she gives great head. We love that about her. Yay for AOC!!!

    2. Joyce Rotondo did not make those comments about a of. I am Joyce Rotondo and although I don’t agree with aoc I do not believe in using the type of language supposedly made by me

  20. I believe the Police Commissioner needs to start by removing DeBlasios’ protection, then the rest of the city counsel, UN Protection, concerts, sports, etc. The police should get the id of every person rioting and looting and fix the 911 system to where they don’t get protection. At some point someone will realize that the Police are necessary and quit this crap. Peaceful demonstrations are one thing but that is not what is happening. Punish the criminals not the shop owners, and law abiding citizens.

    1. Billy de Blowjob is a dumbass bastard with shit for brains. The KKK is coming for this mafucka. The cocksucka going down. Yay for the KKK.

    2. Gee, I didn’t know that de Blowjob was a faggot. That makes sense because he’s going to give police budget to pussy groups and other faggots.

    3. I’ve never seen a mayor of ANY CITY be more against his own police force than this useless fuck. He probably wants to do this out of spite because they arrested his daughter.

    4. You are right on, Nigger Boy. Way to go, brother. We love you.

    5. I love the ideas – especially removing DeBlasio’s protection which was of course my first thought – but the rest of your ideas I had not thought of, excellent suggestions – UN protection too!!! lol – love it

    1. BLM = Butthole Licking Motherfuckers

      Antifa = Another Nigger Total Idiot Fucking assholes

    2. A big thank you for your comment Suckme. It makes so much sense. We love you.

    3. F it DSS is going to need more funds for all these babies so all of New York State might as well do away with most of their law enforcement and just allow EVERYONE to own a gun and handle their problems themselves!!! Let it be like the South West

    4. Oh yeah, right, “reaching people”. Kinda like you reached your own daughter who was arrested for looting, Mayor Diblowme? You are the biggest joke to ever run a city in the history of mankind. Go smoke another joint, you useless fuck

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