CNN Went Off the Deep End In Criticizing Trump Supporters

CNN took a turn for the worst when one of the lowest-rated anchors, Don Lemon, teamed up Rick Wilson, who is a Never Trumper, and Wajahat Ali, who is from The New York Times to put down the public.  Saturday night, they mocked Trump supporters and called them “illiterate rubes.”  Opinions can make people talk about hot topics with emotion.  Downright insulting the public is disgraceful.

At least when our President Donald Trump insults people, it is the politicians who do the damage.  These idiots insulted the face of the public.  But that is what the Left and the media do, right?  If it were one of us or a trustworthy news outlet, they would have come after all of us for attacking them.

Inside the trio of idiots, we find them outraged about what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a reporter.  The man stood up for himself, and he had every right to do so.  It’s not like he said anything wrong or insulting.  She insulted him first by asking him a stupid question about Ukraine.  He responded with the question if “she could find Ukraine on a map.”

Lemon asked Rick Wilson in the segment, “[The NPR reporter] has a master’s degree in European studies from Cambridge University. Also, [Pompeo] doesn’t really say that she couldn’t identify Ukraine on a map, he insinuates it’s just a, it’s just a petty attempt to put her down, right? Is that what this is?

Wilson responded, “Of course, of course. [Pompeo’s] just trying to demean her, and obviously, it’s false. And, look, he also knows, deep in his heart, that Donald Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter “U” and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it. [Pompeo] knows this is an administration defined by ignorance of the world, and so that’s partly him playing to their base and playing to their audience, you know, the credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump, that wants to think that ‘Donald Trump’s the smart one, and y’all– y’all elitists are dumb!'”  Wilson said this in a southern accent as an impersonation of a Trump supporter.

So, wait a minute, Wilson mentions that President Trump cannot find Ukraine on the map either, and puts Pompeo down for defending himself?  This is the type of hypocrites we have in our media and government.  No wonder CNN is the worst-rated for “fake news.”

Wajahat Ali added his two cents to the conversation as he looked stupid doing so.  He was just there on TV to take up space on the slot within the segment.  Ali further mocked Trump supporters putting us down about our education as if they are so smart.

They were all laughing like a bunch of hyenas and looked like fools.  The segment made no point whatsoever.  But CNN is proud of its finest.  They wonder why their ratings are so low.  Even during the impeachment trial, they cannot even get one million viewers to watch what most of the world is turning into.

As far as for Rick Wilson, he is the same hoodlum who requested the GOP elite to “put a bullet in Donald Trump.”  He is the same Rick Wilson, who asked Ann Coulter if the president pays extra money for “anal sex.”  And he is also the same Rick Wilson who wanted the “fascists” to be hung until death.  Yeah, it is that same, Rick Wilson.  What a guy, huh?

Another step further, Don Lemon, was he not credibly accused of sexual misconduct?  He also defends Antifa, which is the left-wing terrorist group.  Lemon also supported the physical harassment of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his wife.  It says a lot for people like this when they speak.  The hypocrisy flies every which way.

That’s perfectly okay, though.  The more President Trump succeeds, the worse these idiots look in the face of the public.  We all wondered what President Donald Trump would do to expose the corruption within the government and the media.  Well, he doesn’t have to do much.  They seem to be doing a pretty good job on their own.

The more these anchormen and women speak along with the Democratic politicians, the more bigotry and hatred come up to the surface.  The truth is, the further along this goes, they are losing their power over the people.  That is when the insults and the teeth start showing through.

104 thoughts on “CNN Went Off the Deep End In Criticizing Trump Supporters

  1. I am absolutely certain that if a conservative reporter acted the way you three have acted, CNN would be asking for their heads and for them to be fired immediately!

    1. LEMON is a total lemon………..along with all those other CNN empty headed leftists……….ITS NICE TO KNOW that that CNN, Liberals, and the rest of those lying media inane speakers, are as empty headed as they look.

  2. Of course Don Narcissist Lemon had to put all the attention on himself with an idiotic burst of laughter..the guy is an imbecile and the jokes on him.

  3. You are so right!!!!!!!! President Trump lets things slide off his back. He has to, seeing what he went through for the last 3 years. But the American public can see right through this, and are the “Dems” going to be surprized when
    Trump wins in 2020.

    1. SLide off his back?? Are you simple or what.?Don the con is the most vindictive politician in history.He is a wanna be mobster.Unfortunatly for him,you cant be a coward and a mob boss at the same time.Lindsey graham has more nads than trump,and he had his surgicaly removed in the 2016 campaign.

      1. Sorry TOM for your upcoming surgery but I am glad the doctors found a new brain to give you. It should increase your mental capacity a hundredfold and the Chimpanzee won’t miss it. Ask the doctor to remove the concrete like wax from your ears so you can hear the truth on FOX.

      2. Don. Thanks for you. Trump is the most powerful Mafia boss in history. Trump like a gangster will deny, deny, lie, lie until someone believes them. Trump. Count destroying companies not paying them. Scammed students believing in his college. Stole from his charity. I could go on an one, but why. His follows want to be like him. As far as I am concern his hot head killed 176 innocent people. He bragged about killing the General like he want be replaced. He criticized other President for not as he says take him out. (Gangster talk) He should have listen to his advisors. Other Presidents said why kill him. His replacement could be worse.

    1. Don Lemom isn’t fired because he is “The Token Black” for CNN. Only place that would employ him even though he doesn’t have a Journalistic bone in his body. Hey Don, How’s that “Black Hole Theory” on the lost airplane working out for you? It is obvious you don’t understand the Physics let alone the size of Black Holes. How Dumb!!!

      1. I actually feel sorry for Don . I do not hate gays. I like having Wife and children. I like waking up in morning with pretty wife. Not some guy. Don Lemon is somehow thinking he is someone smarter and better then average people. A common characteristic of a lot of Gays.

  4. Well, from the perspective of a ignorant rube, I know enough to be totally aware of the fact that those Three haven’t got enough cranial neurons together to add up to double digits!
    So it’s really no surprise that they work for CNN !

  5. I never watch that channel. Don is a goofed up gay man thinking everyone admires gays.
    He’s a loser. Couldn’t date a woman if he tried.

  6. Most people living in rural areas have more wealth and education than the city welfare recipients.
    You can’t buy a farm out West unless you have at least half a million, but usually need a million AT LEAST.
    And you ought to see their gorgeous KIDS! OMG! They look like models. Mostly white kids.
    My white cousin is one of those people, getting richer all the time. Has traveled all over the world.
    The cities are where the poor congregate. They have the most on welfare.
    My cousin also speaks Korean, Japanese and has sold his products in Australia, New Zealand, other countries.
    Who are the goobers? Democrats.

    1. There are rich and well to do African Americans too in the cities and suburbs. Stop believing the lies CNN tells you. CNNs purpose is to create and keep racial divide. Did you know there are white families in Beverly Hills who collect food stamps?

    1. Let’s not show our ignorance by using racial slurs. It makes you lower than CNN. All races are wonderful and made by the hand of God. Love conquers hate.

  7. Ignore the city goobers. They are the dumbest people. When I moved from the country to the city, the city kids didn’t even like the kids who played in the band.
    Talk about backward.
    I got the highest grade on the 8th grade essay. Though I had gone to poor country schools until then.
    I was reading far above my grade level and my brother and I were both placed in “high math” classes.
    So, who are the dumb people?

      1. Yet you Liberal Socialist reap the benefits provided to you from the President’s successes. You have never lived in a more prosperous country and yet use your cry baby antics because America saw right thru your Queen of Corruption and elected a business man who btw has kept his campaign promises. Yes you will have another feeble attempt to impeach him again and it too will fail, why because you are LOSERS and that is what LOSERS do LOSE.

  8. CNN needs a change in their name. Cable News Network (CNN) used to be accurate, but perhaps it should be Cable Propaganda Network, (CPN), or Cable Democrat Network (CDN0), but Cable Opinion Network (CON) has a nice ring to it and seems to be accurate.

  9. I’m a Veteran of the USAF, college educated and a retired businessman. I was a Democrat and am now a registered Republican. Why? Idiots like these three bozos. People like them destroyed the Democratic Party. These three stooges probably voted for the worst President ever, Obama, and probably voted for Crooked Hillary. There is no moderate Democrats only crazy ones. Good Luck winning any elections.

  10. I wish folks were more caring and not ready to name call or belittle others. We are all designed by the Hand of God and as we all know there is nothing and no one greater than Jesus. Have a great weekend all.

  11. Not really newsworthy as the only audience these freaks have is in airports. No sane person watches a lemon on the Crazy Nonsense News station. Seeing it here only re-enforces why I had this station removed from my cable package. It was like watching Zippy The Pinhead & Friends live.

  12. I every news outlet should make this headline news just to demonstrate the ignorance of the far left liberals. This sort of demeaning and derogatory commentary comes just short of using the “N” word in describing a group of people just because they believe differently than they do. However, most of the news outlets are almost as bad as CNN. CNN is supposed to be an unbiased trustworthy news outlet. But, they have lost all integrity in reporting the news. If this is the sort of commentary they are going to put out, they need to change the CNN acronym to Comedy News Network. What you saw from the 3 stooges is what you might expect to see on Saturday Night Live. CNN is disrespectful, disengaged and downright despicable in it reporting.

  13. Lemon boy is done , his career is coming to an end just like CNN so let the idiots enjoy themselves , and watch the rubes
    vote Trump in again for four more.

  14. Don Low-man is already in so much deep sh-t he can barely catch his breath. Taking a crap on over half of the audience his network is trying to court is hardly helping. Donnie is a pandering little sissy and he only has people on his (show?) who are sycophants. He talks to Chris Cuomo because they are both single digit IQ guys. I would worry about this little twerp if he had an audience over a few dozen, but it is actually shrinking. It is restricted to the Washington Elite, New York Political and News Elite and some in the Hamptons. While these are his target audience, they do not represent the bulk of America at all. In short, he is pandering to the fringe. So what? Even the fringe deserves entertainment, no matter how delusional it is.

  15. These idiots don’t even focus on news anymore they just want to slander everyone who they feel is wrong against what they believe. I hope these a$$ holes get fired and never have a job again, except in pumping out porto-jons.

  16. I am tired of people downgrading our President and the people that Believe in Pelosi and Schiff That whole group of lying mommies should be taken out of politics for their lies and shams they have done for Three years
    Wait until Trump wins again in 2020 a lot more than he won before… He has done more for America then OBama did in eight years. Just think what he could of accomplished if congress would actually work with him and if Congress actually cared what the Majority of Americans want… Not only for their private agendas Americans are tired of the lies and we will show you in November GOD BLESS AMERICAN AND HOD BLESS TRUMP

  17. The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has measurable limits where stupidity is boundless. These three CNN idiots certainly don’t fall into the genius category.

  18. I think that I have A little common sense , was a dedicated Democrat until they became so far to the left. I would never vote for a Socialist. Support only those that support my Country The USA. GO TRUMP !

  19. Hello, Fake News CNN Token Black Boy. So, I am an “ignorant rube” for supporting Freedom, am I? Perhaps. But, even so…
    I’ve got enough sense to know that I should “swing with a hole”, and not “go down on a pole”!
    Just what Our Country needs… even more Gays. And Muslims.

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