Conservatives Serve Up Anti-Discrimination Protections

The White House has already made it legal for same-sex marriages to occur around the country. Liberals seemed to be surprised when they were able to get their victory to ensure that LGBT rights extended all the way to the workplace.

Liberals are constantly looking toward ways to villainize the GOP. The GOP, unlike the DNC, has actually taken the idea of making sure that Americans needs and wants are well represented on Capitol Hill. The GOP knows that LGBT rights are important – and it’s only right that those are listened to and voted on accordingly.

The most recent issue to hit the Supreme Court on Monday was the decision to protect gay, lesbian, and transgender employees. It shows that they are not disciplined, fired, or turned down for a job based upon sexual orientation. This kind of protection is already in place based on gender and religion.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act has been in place for years to prevent workplace discrimination. Typically, as soon as same-sex marriage it out across the United States, their right should have been protected. However, liberal still anticipated a fight at the protection added.

Two of the Republican appointees in the court, both considered conservative, joined Democratic appointees to provide a victory for anti-discrimination protection. The appointees included John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch took a view that many others shared – that the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s prohibition on sex discrimination in the workplace already provided coverage for bias on gender identity or sexual orientation. Although those who were voting on such a thing in 1964 didn’t realize it, they were already offering the protections.

Based on the way that Gorsuch interpreted the rule, it means that this vote was quite simple. It was simply changing the verbiage to ensure that employers didn’t try to interpret the law any differently.

Although some people questioned whether Trump was expecting it to go the other way, he said that “we live with the decision of the Supreme Court” and called it a “very powerful decision.”

The ruling of the case didn’t result in celebrations in the street like the ruling five years ago that allowed for same-sex marriages across the country. However, there were some smaller celebrations. Those connected with the LGBT community were aware of the ruling and made it known that they were happy.

It should go on record that it was the two conservative appointees that helped to make the vote happen. Too many leftists want to point the finger and identify that Republicans are against same-sex marriage. It’s simply not the case.

What’s important to remember is that those in the Supreme Court don’t take a Democrat/Republican stance. While they may have been appointed by a Democrat or a Republican president, they look to interpret the law and do what’s best for the country.

Leaving the LGBT community vulnerable to workplace discrimination would be a bad idea. And the Supreme Court knows that, which is why the ruling went in favor of updating the act.

Although parades weren’t created as a result of this decision, it has the potential to be more impactful. Not all in the LGBT community are looking to get married. Many are happy to just live together. However, all are getting jobs and participating in the workplace – and now they can do so with legal guarantees that they will be treated equally.

There’s a greater consensus for LGBT rights than ever before. Republicans are voting in favor of the rights, as seen not only in the polls but with the Supreme Court judges, too.

With this vote, it’s also a great way to show that conservatives have the backs of the LGBT community, too. It’s also why there are various LGBT groups that are in favor of GOP versus DNC, including the organization, “Gays for Trump.” The LGBT communities are Americans, first and foremost. And, now, the GOP has proven that their sexual preferences simply don’t matter – they’re Americans, and that’s all that matters.

28 thoughts on “Conservatives Serve Up Anti-Discrimination Protections

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  4. I have to agree with Nellie in much of what she stated. Humans are born with many genetic anomalies and differences. God created these and allows these births. Who are we to judge then, that anyone born different from us or the majority should not receive the same rights and dignities that we do? Why are we so afraid of anyone who is different from us? God doesn’t teach that. It doesn’t mean we ourselves have to choose to live the same way, but we don’t have the right to be cruel or to not give equality to everyone. I have even seen this treatment of disabled people in our society and no one ever talks about that. People don’t want their children to play with a disabled child at school, or a disabled person in a wheelchair rolls through a crosswalk at Walmart and driver’s speed up because they don’t want to wait for them to cross and for the person in the wheelchair to slowdown or stop in time, it burns the skin from their palms trying to stop the wheelchair. If you don’t think it happens; it does. I became disabled from a car wreck that wasn’t my fault and it crushed both ankles and for years I was confined to a wheelchair. I learned some valuable lessons in those years. I am much more aware of how I treat anyone who is different from me. I find we are all more alike than we are different. We all love, hurt, want acceptance, want to help our families, etc…
    We need to look for common ground instead of only concentrating on what we disagree about and build from there. We can agree to disagree on some topics; but we have to learn to let God be the judge.

  5. Leaving religion out of the equation, I can only state that it is not possible to change gender by chopping things off & adding other things. It is not possible to change gender in humans at all. Gender is a function of the Y chromosome, you are stuck with the gender you are born with, no matter how much you wish it to be otherwise. However in this country it is perfectly legal for you to wallow in any kind of lunacy that suits your fancy and to have anything added to or removed from your body that your wallet can support. Just remember that removing & adding certain items to your anatomy makes of you a walking freak show to the overwhelming majority of people on the planet. Don’t be bitter about it, it was after all your idea.

    “A man without a Johnson is not a women, he’s just a man without a Johnson.”

    1. dear Jon Darmes…
      a little information. Humans can be XX YY XY XYY and other admixtures. That being said, I am sure you are aware that XXY individuals, having an extra boost of male hormones meaning increasing muscle mass and bone density, are forbidden from competing in female athletic events.
      I agree that you can choose to cross over to another sexuality, but there is some basis to think that there are transgender mixes that people were born with.
      I also agree that many things that I do not like personally, and do not endorse personally, should receive the protection of having a job and living in community, since many of you on this blog did not want them executed at birth… and I am talking about abortion. After all, I also vote that all of YOU can participate in a full employment , houseing, and financial life, despite the fact that every one of you … is… wrong somehow… maybe you steal,maybe you cheat on your loved ones, maybe you lie to get ahead, maybe you have murdered someone else’s reputation. I believe we have an opportunity, every day, to do better by each other, and I count many who are doing wrongs…. and sexual wrongs is but one aspect of our life together… yet have an opportunity to hear the gospel and to do better. Doing better is under the assistance of Jesus of Nazareth…. and as you will soon see, I do not deny the very valid good social constructions of other religions…. I just believe that at the end of days… you will see Jesus as the alpha and the omega.

  6. Hate of any group is distructive. Jesus said only love will conquer. I do not approve of the immoral lifestyle but these individuals have to answer to God not me . Only God will judge , not me .

  7. The activist judges aren’t supposed to change the original intent of legislation so it applies out of context. If they had that right, they wouldn’t be judges. They’d be legislators. This decision sets civil rights back decades, giving special new rights to those who choose to practice unnatural sexual perversion due to mental illness or demonic oppression. There was a time when a community had a right to set community standards of moral conduct. No more. Now, what’s going to happen when gay/lesbian/trans-somethings apply to Christian private schools as teachers and insist that they have a right to ignore employer standards and teaching curriculum because of their extra-protected status? It will be back to the Supreme Court again as these Christian organization are fined out of existence.

    1. is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus’ (Galatians 3:27-28).
      Jewish and Christian perspectives by Reverend Chris Glaser, M.Div.

      Scripture is so often used against a new idea or experience that progressive people can feel forced to take a defensive posture toward it. But the Bible records the reflections of people across millennia applying their faith to a myriad of new ideas and experiences. These faithful people model for us how we may respond with justice, compassion and welcome to transgender people. Here are some possible ways to begin the conversation in the context of biblical themes.
      No longer male and female

      The writer of this passage, the apostle Paul – himself a Jewish Christian free male – neither denies nor diminishes various identities, but affirms here that unity in spiritual community trumps cultural, ethnic, economic and gender divisions; all are one. Those in our own time who do not fit absolutely into the categories of male and female remind their congregations to practice what they proclaim: that our spiritual unity with one another and with God transcends matters of gender identity and expression. Those who know themselves as transgender reveal that there is a spectrum of gender identity that stretches between the experiences of male and female.

      Positive references to ‘eunuchs’ in both Hebrew and Christian scriptures may be said to resemble this experience but, more explicitly, the Mishna and Talmud (the earliest Jewish law and folklore) have terms for differently gendered individuals between male and female.

    2. Walter – that may be true and I agree that I’m not necessarily in “lock step” with the decision on a moral judgment – but this is NOT in existence to judge MORALITY – the SC is to decide the LEGAL stance of the bills/laws, etc. God WILL make His moral decisions in HIS time…some sooner some later…WE need to behave as be believe and follow both earthly law AND personal heavenly law.
      And…Nellie…when quoting the bible…to get the ACTUAL meaning of it you MUST read all of the point being made, not just your selected sections…take in 24 THROUGH 29 of Galatians 3…and of course even all of Chapter 3…

  8. Yeah, I know. The Supreme Court decision on the gay and transexual lifestyle, which is a choice by the way (created by satan and his followers) is WRONG AND IMMORAL! The Founding Documents state that Judges that give IMMORAL judgements, can be fired and replaced, which is what should happen in this case, amount others! These lifestyles are AGAINST GOD AND HIS NATURE! I PRAY IT IS REVERSED AND NEVER CONSIDERED EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    1. vito via
      then what about the xxyy xxy xyy etc disposition of chromosomes? They may have both genders present.
      Is hanging too good for them?

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    1. Yeah, I know. The Supreme Court decision on the gay and transexual lifestyle, which is a choice by the way (created by satan and his followers) is WRONG AND IMMORAL! The Founding Documents state that Judges that give IMMORAL judgements, can be fired and replaced, which is what should happen in this case, amount others! These lifestyles are AGAINST GOD AND HIS NATURE! I PRAY IT IS REVERSED AND NEVER CONSIDERED EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    2. Vito, get down off your high horse! The founding documents provide for FREEDOM OF RELIGION! Your argument is only valid for someone that believes the same as you, and that is why the Pilgrims left Europe to settle in the new world – to be able to practice their religion without the mandates of some holier than thou, intolerant bigot like you.

    3. I don`t think any religion was founded on women licking each other or for men to suck each others johnsons. Watch those canker sores and stay the hell away from me.

    4. This is NOT a “Religious Court”…that “court” is given to God to make that decision. The SC is to make LEGAL decisions!!!

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