Convicted Illegal Sex Offenders Caught Coming in Again at the Border

The facts just keep piling up against the Democrats. They have claimed for years that the people asking for asylum at the southern border are just regular people looking for a better life. But the arrests and reports are telling a very different story. The deceptive Democrats want people to believe that President Trump and the Republicans are torturing innocent people. But the facts are showing that the people being arrested at the border have severe violent criminal records.

A decade has gone by since Sotero Salas-Ruiz committed sex crimes against a child in North Carolina. He was found trying to enter the country again by using the southern border. He was found in Texas near the border. Salas-Ruiz is a Mexican citizen that was found in the United States illegally. He has a violent criminal record that would have otherwise kept him from ever being admitted to the country. He is just one of many illegals that have been apprehended recently at the border with violent crimes on his record.

This pathetic predator has also been convicted of indecent liberties with another child. He is also convicted of driving under the influence. He certainly has no respect or regard for the laws of America. It looks like his luck of avoiding the police have run out as he is being sent to North Carolina to face the charges against him. He is currently being held and awaiting extradition. He was arrest near Laredo, Texas earlier this year.

To further prove the lying Democrats two more illegals were caught in Texas that had previous violent records as well. They were caught trying to make their way back into the United States. They are more concerned with criminal activities than with obeying the laws of the land. They are not looking for a better life. They are more interested in destroying the lives of other people.

More illegals are showing up at the border with criminal records. In one cast a child sex offender who was found to be illegal was arrested in a school zone in Texas. These events are becoming more common that the Democrats want people to believe. President Trump has been telling the truth behind the reports for years. The urgency of the issue has moved him to act in certain ways to tighten up border security.

One man caught at the border was named Alberto Bonilla-Ponce. It was later found that he also was convicted of indecency with a child. These people have sex crimes against them. They do not care who it is that they hurt as long as their desires are satisfied. They do not care about the lives that they are destroying. As a sex offender, he now looks forward to felony charges of entering the country illegally. His list just keeps getting longer and longer.

These reports of people with violent crimes crossing the border are just the tip of the story. One agent conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that turned out to be used for human smuggling. Inside the van were eight people in the country illegally. Of the eight people, one was another sex offender trying to make his way into the country again. There seems to be no end to the number of criminals trying to make their way over the border.

To further complicate things, many cities around the country have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities. It is here that illegal people with violent criminal pasts can live up to their criminal pasts without fear of ICE taking them away. The nasty Democrats are the ones that support these places. And now the cities have some of the highest crime rates in the nation. People are being robbed and sexually assaulted by the illegals that are making their way to these places. When Ice comes into the cities they are met with anger and protest by the Democrats. ICE has to work without the cooperation of local law enforcement in these cases. But in the end, the Democrats and the naive socialists are getting the criminal treatment they deserve because of the illegals in their towns.

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