Convicted Illegal Sex Offenders Caught Coming in Again at the Border

The facts just keep piling up against the Democrats. They have claimed for years that the people asking for asylum at the southern border are just regular people looking for a better life. But the arrests and reports are telling a very different story. The deceptive Democrats want people to believe that President Trump and the Republicans are torturing innocent people. But the facts are showing that the people being arrested at the border have severe violent criminal records.

A decade has gone by since Sotero Salas-Ruiz committed sex crimes against a child in North Carolina. He was found trying to enter the country again by using the southern border. He was found in Texas near the border. Salas-Ruiz is a Mexican citizen that was found in the United States illegally. He has a violent criminal record that would have otherwise kept him from ever being admitted to the country. He is just one of many illegals that have been apprehended recently at the border with violent crimes on his record.

This pathetic predator has also been convicted of indecent liberties with another child. He is also convicted of driving under the influence. He certainly has no respect or regard for the laws of America. It looks like his luck of avoiding the police have run out as he is being sent to North Carolina to face the charges against him. He is currently being held and awaiting extradition. He was arrest near Laredo, Texas earlier this year.

To further prove the lying Democrats two more illegals were caught in Texas that had previous violent records as well. They were caught trying to make their way back into the United States. They are more concerned with criminal activities than with obeying the laws of the land. They are not looking for a better life. They are more interested in destroying the lives of other people.

More illegals are showing up at the border with criminal records. In one cast a child sex offender who was found to be illegal was arrested in a school zone in Texas. These events are becoming more common that the Democrats want people to believe. President Trump has been telling the truth behind the reports for years. The urgency of the issue has moved him to act in certain ways to tighten up border security.

One man caught at the border was named Alberto Bonilla-Ponce. It was later found that he also was convicted of indecency with a child. These people have sex crimes against them. They do not care who it is that they hurt as long as their desires are satisfied. They do not care about the lives that they are destroying. As a sex offender, he now looks forward to felony charges of entering the country illegally. His list just keeps getting longer and longer.

These reports of people with violent crimes crossing the border are just the tip of the story. One agent conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that turned out to be used for human smuggling. Inside the van were eight people in the country illegally. Of the eight people, one was another sex offender trying to make his way into the country again. There seems to be no end to the number of criminals trying to make their way over the border.

To further complicate things, many cities around the country have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities. It is here that illegal people with violent criminal pasts can live up to their criminal pasts without fear of ICE taking them away. The nasty Democrats are the ones that support these places. And now the cities have some of the highest crime rates in the nation. People are being robbed and sexually assaulted by the illegals that are making their way to these places. When Ice comes into the cities they are met with anger and protest by the Democrats. ICE has to work without the cooperation of local law enforcement in these cases. But in the end, the Democrats and the naive socialists are getting the criminal treatment they deserve because of the illegals in their towns.

48 thoughts on “Convicted Illegal Sex Offenders Caught Coming in Again at the Border

    1. I was about to say the same thing – caught after being deported previously, a bullet between the eyes will keep them from ever doing it again, Once they see you mean business and not going to be nice about it, you watch them go invade a different country.

      1. You got that right! I firmly believe that you must show as a country that you will NOT TOLERATE IT! Build up the wall! Electrify it! Hire more Americans for border patrol! Our children are the most precious here!

      2. Agree, we are Done with this ..No jail,that costs tax payer $$$$$$.All of them ,if come in ,legally become a citizen within 1year or go back and cannot come back…Period ,no excuses,Then if try again ….same as others that come .Pemanent Removal …FREE RIDE IN U.S.A IS DONE ..WE PAY !!!!!

  1. Appears Congress don’t care about keeping America safe anymore, otherwise they’d vote enough funds for President Trump to build a Border Wall. Money House Democrats used to cook
    up illegal reasons to Impeach President Trump would have gone a long ways toward funding a Southern Border Wall, maybe enough to build the whole wall.
    House Democrats will be sorry when 2020 Election results come in. Piglosi will be crying in her whiskey bottle.

    1. Billy Buchanan
      I love your comment! The only thing I would change is that it is democrats in Congress who don’t care about keeping America safe. It is democrat states that are sanctuary states. The democrats are all useless. Vote Trump and all red if you love this country!

  2. Not necessarily for publication but I wonder – does someone actually get paid for writing/editing these stories? Do you outsource writing/editing assignments to non-English speaking countries? A quick scan of this article revealed these grammatical/spelling errors:

    his luck of avoiding the police have run out (has?)
    He was arrest near Laredo, (arrested?)
    To further prove the lying Democrats (not exactly sure what this means)
    previous violent records (redundant – clearly if its on their records its previous)
    In one cast
    more common that
    can live up to their criminal pasts

    1. Sorry teacher, we all make mistakes, especially if the article is upsetting. Some people, like yourself, enjoy criticizing others.

    2. Speaking like a college professor has nothing to do with intelligence levels. I have known many of them that did not have enough common sense to find their way out of a corner. If you only are a glorified spell checker and are more concerned with the grammar and spelling it is no wonder you can not grasp what is being said. It the context that is important not the text.

      1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍agree.Grammer ??Get a grip ,no one really cares at this point…Too many pertinent issues to respond to….Another verbage educated ,but total lack of LIFE ISSUES..Logical..Democrat..

    3. U r forgetting we only have so many letters in texts so all r used 2 pretending the readers have a brain 😅 MAGA2020

  3. If you dont care about anything else because you are a PROUD Lefty…will you PLEASE think of the innocent young children who are sexually exploited ans attacked by Illegals who just get sent home…then sneak back and do it all again. The kids are innocent and need us to make laws that protect them. It could be yours next time (God forbid) Think about it.

  4. Shoot first and ask questions later. Perhaps a little of there own behavior should be used towards them. The cost must be more than we hear or can afford. I know that was developed during our short history as a democratic republic. Why then do we let anyone into the country that doesn’t even comprehend our freedom of our society? It’s time we as citizens of the United States stood up to the liberal side of life and make them understand the essentials of our Democracy. The service to our country can take many forms and be beneficial to our society.

  5. The only way to fix this type of person is to SHOOT HIM, then he would not be a problem again with kids or anyone else.

  6. Well may be we should not get all these human rights organizations on our back, presided and sponsored by Saudis, Qataris, Ethiopeans, Somalis, Iranians, clergy (hick)….let’s keep it simple…..castration is the solution. Painless and solves the problem.

    1. Amen that fixes what? They still have body parts does that mean they don’t remember??
      They see it everywhere in the media hollywood is full of it. SUV, criminal minds etc.
      They r sick put tjem in the looney bin for criminals

  7. Why do we have to keep dealing with the trash that want to enter this country.
    Stop everybody at the border without a passport,
    Even if it just to cross for shopping, close the bridges and shoot anybody who resists our laws.
    And for the retarded Libs and Dems they can go to live in Cuba or China or better go to Hell.

    1. No reason for them to come across the border to shop. Get your own stores in your own country. If the US is closer for them to shop then Mexico should build a WalMart to keep them on their own side. These people most likely don’t have passports of anything to cross to shop. Easy way to get lost in the crowd and sneak in.

  8. Hey PIGLOSI , And the rest of your ilk. I bet U have locks on your doors , windows & alarm system, not to mention your security wall & cameras. Gee I wonder why. But U think it’s OK for people to break into our country & be entitled to our resources. You & your kind Don’t care about this country ! GO & break into a socialist country & see what they do to your A-s. But then this has nothing to do with anything above , THIS IS ALL ABOUT POWER. &. CREATING A “NEW WORLD ORDER”. YOU WANT SOCIALISM go And MOVE to one of those fine countries ! VENEZUELA What a great example of how to destroy a thriving democracy in less then 10 YEARS. AND YOU WANT TO BRING that kind of ENSLAVEMENT HERE. WE will fight you till the end. SEMPER FI. &. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. & HAIL TO THE BEST. POTUS IN MY LIFETIME. ( I’m 63). I have always believed that a bus. Man should be running our country ! CAN YOU SAY “ TERM LIMITS “. For all politicians. !!!

  9. Compared to the 3rd world shitholes most of them climb out of our prisons seem like country clubs. Now if Trump were to enter into a treaty with Mexico and other countries of origin to allow these felons to serve their US sentences in the prisons of their home countries, you would have a deterrent to them breaking in to our country. I believe it costs us around $30,000 per year to house an inmate in our prison system. I’m confident that most of these countries of origin would do the job for less than half, $10,000 anyone? $5,000 do I hear $5,000?

  10. It’ll end if Schiff’s, Pelosi’s and Nader’s children, grandchildren or other family members or close friends are the one’s who are affected. If Pelosi’s granddaughter is sexually molested or anyone opposing it child then they will find out and agree with all the parents of those who have been affected. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone but sometimes this is what it takes.

  11. Haven`t you people ever heard about chain gangs? Put them to work on infrastructure here is
    a workforce. Make it a Class A Felony= Caught here illegally or aiding and abetting is punishable by death. These words were on an aluminum plaque in southern California back in 1957. They were nailed to telephone poles. Don`t you think it`s time we used all the deterrents at our disposal? There is no language barrier here. No means no!

    1. I agree. It is time that we took off the kid gloves and utilize tactics that are Guaranteed to work.
      “No Means No”. If you are deported and you come back illegally to rape and pillage, you die.
      Certain Death transcends all so-called “language barriers”.

  12. There is only one sure way to nullify these convicted sex fiends and perverts if we cannot secure our borders. First Offense: Castration via a broken Longneck bottle or a butter knife.
    Second Offense: Immediate Execution. I cannot promise that this will stop the illegal Hordes, but I can assure you that it will deter them. It’s difficult for them to recidivate if they’re in Hell.

  13. we don’t need these a– holes we have enough living here in the usa,you probably don’t realize it but there could be some or one living in you neighborhood,you never know they usually don’t advertise it!

  14. The companies who hire these illegals should be fined severely as a deterrent. These people take jobs away from our citizens and the employers enjoy a hefty profit for working these people at low wages. Hit them in the pocket book and remove employment opportunities so the illegals have no reason to come here. Food stamps housing and medical care should never be provided at tax payer expense to people who brake our laws to enter our country. Please vote for President Trump again in November. KAG!!1

  15. #BuildTheWallAndDeportThemAll

    If we can spend a half million dollars on the mating calls of Peruvian frogs, we can build a 2,000 mile long wall and deport 11 million illegals. Think of the money we’d save on welfare, food stamps, health care, and education ALONE! Not to mention law enforcement and court costs!


  16. I am a, I am a convicted computer crime non stalking S.O. I agree with a majority of your statements, for the ones who allow the illegal’s In and allowing them to stay here like Mayor DE Blasio stated to the press he will DEFY any help to ICE. He has a Murdered 93 yo woman 👵 violently raped, robbed and was strangled by this illeagal alien and states he will not support ICE, the dens. Who put the safety of the legal citizens of this country. My crime was NON Hands on crime, picture looking online only. The ones who are hands on mostly in penn. will never walk out alive. The Democrats who allow violent offenders come into our country unchecked should be prosecuted for endangering the public’s safety governors , mayor’s of Sanctuary city’s. Its time for them to own up to their responsibilities.

  17. These are some of the people that the LIBERALS want to come into our COUNTRY freely where the tax-paying LEGAL CITIZENS can support them and they can carry out more SEX OFFENCES AGAINST OUR LEGAL CITIZENS…..We need to send a few of them from WASHINGTON BACK WITH THEM ACROSS OUR BORDER!

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