Conway Making Fun of Fight Between AOC and Pelosi

The fighting between naughty Nancy Pelosi and the worm Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a few others is drawing national attention because of the childish behavior within the Democratic Party. Kellyanne Conway has called the cartoonish behavior a “major meow moment.” She has called it a “huge catfight.” The issues stem around money for the border and other such issues. What America is seeing is the destruction of the Democratic Party into two new parties that are going to allow for the Republicans to reign supreme in 2020.

The four AOC idiots that voted against border funding was attacked by pushy Pelosi for going against party views. One can only wonder when politics became party views instead of representing the will of the people that voted the lawmakers into office.

The yellow-bellied freshmen lawmakers are not respectful when they speak to members of their own party. They have repeatedly stood against any agenda supported by the Democrat Party. The AOC is a Nazi terrorist group that seeks to usher in a new communist era for America. They want to destroy everyone that stands in their way and seize power for themselves. The new lawmakers are creating a huge amount of trouble for people and for themselves as they seek to destroy the United States of America.

The AOC is also a two-faced organization that wants people to believe they are concerned about the border issues, but they refuse to approve any action to make the problem better. They are a group of people that have no values or concern for the ways of life for other people. This is the issue behind the madness in Congress right now. The AOC wants to appear to be concerned for kids when in fact they support the murder of them through abortions. This is nothing more than two-faced politics.

The bipartisan bill from the Senate cleared the House and is making progress. But picky Pelosi’s favorite girls of the AOC are standing against her and everyone else. Pelosi is quoted as saying, “All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world. But they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.” Pelosi has mentioned that these silly girls of the AOC really are a shallow group with no fans supporting their made-up drama.

The catfight that Conway mentions is just gaining steam. Wormy Cortez has stated “That public ‘whatever’ is called public sentiment. And wielding the power to shift it is how we actually achieve meaningful change in the country.” This statement alone is just laughable as Cortez believes that whatever is the power that changes the country. Cortez is just a little kid trying to play in the real world. It is evident that Pelosi has told her that she needs to grow up and learn a few things about how to enact real change in America.

Many Democrats have tried to appear like they really care about what is happening at the southern border. But their efforts are fraudulent and short-lived as they constantly vote against aid that would make things a lot better until the overall problem is solved. Cortez and her group of mean girls are more interested in attacking the symptoms and not the cause of the issue. There has to be a balance to both in order to make a real difference in the lives of the people affected.

Kellyanne Conway has gone on the record and referenced Cortez’s actions on the order tour as hypocritical as she stated “They preen around, going to these detention centers, going to these places and saying ‘Oh my God, look what’s happening,’ and then they vote against $4.6 billion worth of aid including the Democratic package.”

The AOC and their fight with Pelosi is just a comical reality show for the people of America. It is showing the true nature of the Democratic Party and the frauds that they have made themselves out to be. The party is built on the backs of criminals that have sought to exploit America for their own gain. And now they that they have been exposed they are trying to get people to believe that they care. It is time for them to stop lying to the American people and get out of the way of the progress that the president and the Republicans are actually making.

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