Could Kayleigh McEnany be President Trump’s Secret Weapon?

The President of the United States, Donald J Trump, has exceeded expectations even among those within his own party, and he has excelled in nearly every area of his Presidency, minus one. Oddly enough and despite that success and his leadership, the Commander and Chief has found some difficulty in finding a great Press Secretary. Well, as one story reported, that problem may be solved.

In Kayleigh McEnany, the President may have found more than a press secretary too, although that would be enough, and McEnany may prove to be much more. As the aforementioned story reported, “She’s really good at this and it shows.”

For the President’s team, this is great news and it goes far beyond the ability to handle the responsibilities of the job. For starters though, McEnany could be the end to a long and tenuous search for a Press Secretary that can do just that – the job.

If the long list of past Press Secretaries is any indication, simply being able to do the job would be a step in the right direction. It would also seemingly be something that Kellyanne Conway, Stephanie Grisham, Sean Spicer, and others couldn’t do.

Perhaps it was the pressure from the media? Maybe was the demand for preparation – of so many potential topics? Whatever it is that has made this role so difficult to fill for the President and his team, the early returns from McEnany suggest that she is more than capable.

Based on our story, the media either smelled fresh blood or saw fresh meat, and then they attacked. One reporter met McEnany with a question about a statement she made months ago, and as that story so eloquently stated, “Little did he know that she’d be loaded for bear.”

That question was regarding a statement she made on Fox Business declaring that President Trump “would not allow” this virus to reach the United States. A lesser spokesperson, a less prepared and less savvy speaker might have choked, she didn’t.

As the story shared, “McEnany points out if we are going to asking people to take back things they said before we even knew this was a pandemic, the media should be at the front of the line. They printed countless stories downplaying the threat of the virus and bashing President Trump for his early measures.”

And you could tell, as the story noted, that she was prepared, citing examples from not one but several media outlets. Turning the script she posed the question back to the Press, citing neither the Washington Post, New York Times, or NPR as media outlets that failed to make a single retraction.

Now that is doing the job, and she could end up being a secret weapon for President Trump’s 2020 campaign. The polls have been suggesting for some time now that the banter and back-and-forth between the President and the members of the Press haven’t done anything to help his approval ratings. If they have done anything, in fact, they have hurt is perception and approval.

Enter a savvy Press Secretary to be that buffer.

The Biden camp will need some help to make a run at the President in November, and something like ongoing Press briefings that hurt his approval rating could be that kind of help. If the President’s team could find someone who could speak capably on his behalf, that would be very useful.

Now, if the President’s team could find someone who could not only handle those conferences, briefings, and engagements but also make him look good while doing it? Then they might have someone who looks a whole lot like Kayleigh McEnany.

Nobody knows with absolute certainty how this pandemic will play out. That also means that if things were to take an ugly turn, it could very well be the boost the Democrats and Biden need. That would also mean that it would be even that much more important for the President to have a mouthpiece like McEnany.

In the end, she could prove to be much more than a Press Secretary, she could be the wildcard the President needs in November. It never hurts to have an Ace in the hole.

91 thoughts on “Could Kayleigh McEnany be President Trump’s Secret Weapon?

    1. I would love to see her as president. She is very intelligent and doesn’t have an email scandal on her hands! I love how she handles those liberal reporters.

      1. Kayleigh Is simply an outstanding spokesperson for the President of the United States.
        The MSM is simply greatly overwhelmed by this dynamic woman!!
        Wouldn’t surprise me at all if she became the first woman president and she would be remarkable! I really hope I live too see this happen.
        stephen leonhard.

        1. wow…can someone get this person some more Kool aid? Hmmm. so, how do you respond abt YOUR party giving billions in unmarked currency in the middle of the night to the literally most sworn terrorists in the entire world bar none? Who does that? Better yet, what complete and utter idiot does that?
          what do you think the most sworn terosrists did with billions in unmarked currency? make a Disneyland? Uhh, how abt kill people./….lots and lots and lots of innocent people. Ive made a lot of mistakes in my life..last time I checked, I’m not responsible for anyone dead bc of moi. Guess what the Obama Admin is responsible for pushing that deal? Correct? many many many dead….
          think abt that and other FACTS before you go off and say such nonsense …
          Your party believes in elimination of FREE speech, killing babies after birth…taht’s called infanticide, elimination of due process —all on the left convicted Kavanaugh without even the slightest of legitimate facts and evidence….HYPOCRISY beyond the pale….Biden….suddenly facts matter…oh I get it, facts matter when it’s a Democrat…but not when its a Republican….I could go on and on and on but I’ve made the point…with ….surprise…facts….

        2. So, John, you like the fact that with Obama care you were able to keep the doctor that you like and the insurance plan you like and save $2500.00 Remember that promise? The very one Obama made several times even after the writers of the bill told him that if the plan was to past 10 to 15 million Americans would lose the plans they liked and the doctors they liked and yet he continued to tell the American people that line over and over. How about this, When Donald Trump raised the possibility that the Russians might meddle in our elections just days before the election it was President Obama himself who assured the American people that no serious person would believe that was even possible to do. So I guess that means President Obama, 17 different intelligence agencies, (The fact that we don’t have 17 different intelligence agencies is an entirely different story though) The entire Democrat congressional leadership team & the mainstream media are not serious people. So if they’re not serious people why should we support them? And can you please tell me why we spent 3 years & 10’s of millions of dollars investigating Russia interference in our elections when the people calling for the investigation didn’t seriously believe that

          Also are you ok with the fact that President Obama left Americans serving their country to die? When the embassy in Benghazi was under attack an outfit of Special forces troops were ready to deploy & come to the rescue of our fellow Americans however, they were ordered by President Obama to stand down & not deploy. And then when Congress was investigating to figure out what happen so steps could be taken so that something like that would never happen. Hillary Clinton famously said what difference does it make. & that’s who you think should be commander in chief of our armed forces? Someone who could care less whether they live or die. Whatever his faults are President Trump cares about are men & women serving in uniform & doing everything he can to see that they don’t die defending America’s freedoms. And I don’t know about anybody else but when choosing a commander in chief between a person who could care less whether the people under their command live or die & and a person who cares deeply & will be committed to doing everything they can to make sure they aren’t killed in service I’m choosing the person who cares every time because I don’t want to see anyone lose their life just so that I can be free.

    2. all they have to do is pair her up with Candance Owens and turn them loose to inform the country until the election. Kayleigh is one of those people that can think on their feet and not be intimidated by anyone! So glad she working with President Trump!

      1. Gary, I agree and wouldn’t it be just great to have Kayleigh as POTUS and Candace as VICE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! Or maybe Candace as POTUS and Kayleigh as VICE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! Both of those scenarios work for me.

      2. So am I ‼️‼️ And to put the two together would be exactly what our President needs. Candace and Kayleigh ‼️‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸 What a pair‼️‼️😍😍🎉

  1. First GOD First, in all that I do!!!

    Finally, and thanks be to GOD for answered prayers, for “when GOD’s Hour Strike on you, me and/or anybody He chooses to serve His Good Pleasure or as He Pleases, you will move or go forward whether you like it or not!

    Just as GOD chose our dear Donald John Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America simply because “Father Knows Best” so likewise He Knows that our dear President is in most need of a “straight shooter of a communicator” with great integrity intact, someone so special who is a GOD fearing woman, wise and innocence, young and refreshing, bold, brave and beautiful young lady. Kayleigh McEnany is a Fire Brand and a rare jewel in this day and age of major confusion. She is most definitely a descendant of the true blood of the Sons and Daughters of the RED, WHITE, and BLUE! I love watching and listening to her because she makes a whole lot of sense when she opens her mouth.

    So be forewarned, you all trouble maker such as heretics, schismatics, and idolators of this corrupted, wicked, evil world, the Sun of Justice is strikingly brighter and shinier than ever on you now that you cannot hide, your number is about to call upon you. For the Arm of the LAW is long and just, severely frightful, and fearfully awesome. I hope and pray, as “Robert T. Uda wisely says above,” GOD Willing that I will live long enough to see and witness the beauty of such event, that is, the crowning (election) of one of GOD’s beautiful human creature on earth.

    At the end of the day, Good ALWAYS Prevail, in other words, GOD MATTERS AND GOD ALWAYS HAS THE LAST SAY SO IN THE MATTER, IN ANY MATTER AND/OR FOR THAT MATTER!!! Amen! So Be It! GOD Alone!!!

    Peace Out!

      1. The only people that are not telling the truth is Democrats .The world is now seeing how dishonest
        And creepy they have become. They have totally destroyed the democratic party with there unamerican traitor acts that have cost tax payers billions of dollars and set this country in the worst
        Acceleration of degeneration to our society along with giving our country away to country’s like China and other country’s that take advantage of our generosity. Liberal Democrats are the worst lying creeps that have done more damage to Americans than any foreign enemies have ever done it’s time Americans fight back and suppress these traitors at all cost .


    1. Kayleigh is great,she is Bain’s and strength that President Trump needs.She is a true blessing,wish her the best I will be praying for her.


  4. i have watched her briefings. wow she is so prepared. i am totally impressed with her, she can stop the idiot reporters in their tracks

  5. Love her, and she will do the job and more. We have got to trust and in that trust (which is hope) we will get through the ordeal of the demented, dimwit, despicable, obstructionist demoncrats AND THEIR CONSTANT BULLYING OF THE PRESIDENT. But the oner thing the true American People have to see is EQUAL JUSTICE. We want the slime from the top down to pay for what they put us through for almost four years or more. Then we want to see their corrupt families pay the price, too!

  6. I had to show my husband how well Kayleigh did – she was fantastic. Especially, finding all the quotes and throwing them right back at the reporters.
    She’s very well-educated, too.

    Another thing all of us can do is to go to YouTube and fight the good fight with CNN and MSNBC – post comments to their videos.

  7. I was cheering when she gave that retort to the was brilliant…certainly shut him up. Love her.

  8. One secret I can tell you. Even in state agencies, the staff hate the typical reporters.
    They always complain that the media distorts their messages to the public.
    So, many have had to hire their own writers – and pay them out of taxpayer funds, just to deliver the news.
    Reporters are often too young and do not understand complex matters.
    They don’t take time to develop a specialty.
    Kayleigh is wise and prepares very well.

    1. Journalists are schooled by the liberal teachers of journalism in our colleges. Unless these students have a true vocation for journalism they will only repeat the propaganda they were taught in school. Few of them remember Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and William F. Buckley, all, of which, were the personification of true journalistic integrity.

    1. I would add Candace Owens to that mix as the first female President. She has it going on between her ears also. Did I also mention she is beautiful, also?

  9. Gotta Love Her, a True Spokesperson for the Trump Administration , Sharp, Great Sense of Humor, Great Smile , Knowledgeable,
    a Breath of Fresh Air , Quick Witted , Intelligent, and Last but not Least , Beautiful !!!

    1. Kayleigh has special talent for handling the MSM idiots!
      She is never abusive but she puts the left-wing nincompoops to where they belong, and they don’t seem to know what hit them!
      It is a delight to watch as they gradually realize that have been quietly been run over by a very intelligent and attractive young lady!! OH, the pain!! Poor babies!

  10. Great good news about Trumps new press secretary. Our President has us on the right tract.

    We are well on our way to a memorable success .

  11. I’m telling you and I mean all..This Beautiful and very Intelligent woman Kayleigh is a big boost for our president as he needs this kind of force on his side and all Americans as well, She is one of the greatest assets for the WH. I can just sit and listen to her speak out with such knowledge and authority all day long. Just so amazing how she answers each and every questions that is shot at her and believe me, without hesitation fires right back..Just so so Amazing!!!!!! May God bless her and protect her always..WE all Love you!

  12. Kayleigh McEaney is a poised, articulate woman who can cut apart any liberal idiot wielding “gotchas.” Those mindless, un-American morons stand no chance dueling with her. Go Kayleigh go!!!

  13. Kayleih is terrific. I have rewatched her briefings…great poise, never defensive, professional, respectful. I have added to my daily prayers. 84 years old and a fan of this young lady. Michael Jorissen

  14. Someone mention to let Kayleigh and Candace loose early to get the word out that we have a God given hero in the White House once and for all!! Yes yes yes that would be the best thing going forward to get his message out to the masses. The main stream media is working over time to get bad and false messages out. They must be stopped. Get those amazing women out to the world!!

  15. Gregg Arena, I wish that I could talk to you face to face to see what kind of man you are! You remind me of every liberal that I have ever met, cannot stand up to someone that can hit you with facts! Kayleigh can do that and do it with charm and grace! Do not fool with a smart, beautiful and Christian woman!

  16. Kayleigh, I have heard wonderful things about you, because my daughter Louise , a teacher worked with your
    mother, and she said you were a lovely little girl and very intelligent, Perhaps you may remember her and Devin my
    grandson who might be one year older than you? Anyway, I’ve been listening to you and I applaud the way you are handling
    yourself, with dignity, professionalism and very appropriate comebacks. The press better do their homework before they
    meet with you and ask questions that are relevant and appropriate, or you will chew them up and spit them out.
    Not in an ugly or disrespectful way…. they will know that they have to prepare much better for their sessions with you.
    You go Girl !!!! I hear only wonderful things about you from all the comments and all my friends that have been listening to you on TV in the Press conferences. I’m very happy for President Trump, He really needs to surround himself with not only smart people like you but with loyal people that will have his back. Thank you for being that person we all really needed on our side of this much changed world where we are not all working toward the same goal… AT least the Democrats are not ,
    they have changed . We used to have two parties and they both wanted the same things for America, they just had different\\
    ideas at how to achieve them…. now our goals are no longer compatible. What a shame. We are still holding on to the beliefs
    our forefather’s based their laws on, the Democrats want something different that will destroy the America we inherited.

  17. Between the old ugly and the Muslims you hired, a smart , well read, an attractive woman offends dems. They want to bring the under-class to my country so they can vote for give aways. G arena. Get a job, so you can move out of mama’s basement. You cried for years , we need a business man to be president, now you realize the nanny state is what you wanted all along. Loser.

  18. She is another loud mouth slut, who lied in her first press conference numerous times, right after she said she wouldn’t. She is only 32 and just a stupid person who shouts over much more informed people. Before the 2016 election she bad mouthed your god, Trump.

    1. Obviously much smarter than you. I am a registered democrat, decided that conservative made much more sense. Guess some people see the light later and realize how much better the country is with our great president!

  19. I do love Sarah Sanders and miss seeing her. I always enjoyed hearing her loyal retorts to the fake news press and her steadfast support for the Trump Administration. As for Kayleigh, she is very capable and doing a fantastic job! I love the way she handles the press. She’s beginning to look a lot like a promising presidential candidate for 2020, if she sets her mind to it. If so, I’d bet she could win and do a great job!

  20. kayleigh is wonderful thank god trump hired her . Trump is the best president for the people that we have ever had people wake up before it’t to late. love trump will vote for him again. SWEET LILLY

  21. As far as the way our President handles himself with the lamestream media. He is not afraid to point out their socialist agenda. I speak with a lot of people in my work therefore I totally disagree with the notion that this has a negative effect on his popularity with the American people. I don’t know why any sane publication would print such a stupid statement unless, they were spending an awful amount of time talking to liberal anti- america socialist. These are the only ones complaining and that’s because he’s kicking front line comrades. Trump 2020!!!!!!


  23. I really liked Sarah Sanders. She knew her stuff and didn’t take any guff plus she had a good sense of humor. However Kayleigh is better. Her first press conference was beyond terrific. Love the way she has a looseleaf of notes and the perfect and looks for the stats to respond when she needs them. She will be a big asset for President Trump. How about Miss Owens for Deputy Press Secretary?

  24. Kayleigh, Please tell President Trump to start talking up All of our Senators who are up for Re-election. We need All we can get and more. We can’t afford to lose the Senate. If we do President Trump will Not be able to get anything done. Great Job, Good Luck & God Bless you.

  25. Wow Kayleigh is it! The way she handles the media, she can tell them to go to hell and they look forward to the trip! It takes talent to slice a person with a razor and them not feel it. Next POTUS!

    1. How old are you ? You sound like a young pup with your language. Didn’t your Mama teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then just ZIP IT !!!
      Calling her a slut ??? Is she someone that you personally know ? I didn’t think so.

  26. Excellent choice! It shows that Trump is in fact better than any of the clueless Democrats, She was very brave and destroyed the so called reporters.

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