Could Meghan McCain be Joe Biden’s Running Mate?

According to Entertainment Today, Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain and a cohost of “The View” was on a show called “Watch What’s Live With Andy Cohen.” Ms. McCain was speaking with Erika Jayne, one of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” when the subject of former Vice President Joe Biden’s pick of a vice presidential running mate should be.

Jayne, noting that Biden is looking for a woman, suggested that Ms. McCain should be that person. McCain, clearly taken aback by the outside the box idea, replied that Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California would be a more likely pick.

Meghan McCain had made no secret of her disdain for President Trump and her admiration for Biden. “I just had a long conversation with him on Saturday. I love him dearly. I keep telling everyone, ‘I will promise you will know who I’m voting for.’ But it won’t take a rocket scientist to know there is one who has made pain in my life a living hell and one who shepherded me through the grief process. Shouldn’t be rocket science.”

For the daughter of the late John McCain, the selection of a president is more personal than policy. The matter started during the 2016 campaign when then-candidate Trump was dismissive of then Sen. McCain, suggesting that he preferred his war heroes those who did not get captured. John McCain had been shot down over North Vietnam and languished in the Hanoi Hilton prison camp where he was tortured for five and a half years before being freed at the end of the Vietnam War.

McCain parlayed his war service into a successful career in the Senate, following the late, great Barry Goldwater. He further used his military record to get away with some of the most aggravating behavior that any modern Republican has ever undertaken, starting with his sponsorship of a campaign finance reform bill that many found to be unconstitutional.

John McCain ran for president twice, both times unsuccessfully. In 2000, George W. Bush beat him soundly, hurting McCain’s pride as he considered the then governor of Texas a lesser man. In 2008, McCain achieved the Republican nomination for the presidency only to be beaten again by Barack Obama, largely due to an economic crisis and rising discontent over the war in Iraq.

Not even McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin, then a young, reformist governor of Alaska, saved his candidacy. Indeed, it was noted at the time that Palin possessed more charisma and appeal to the conservative base than McCain ever managed. Neither he nor his family ever forgave her for that. While Palin bestowed upon McCain her total loyalty, the McCain family snubbed her when it came time to bury the Senator.

McCain paid Trump back for his insult by being the deciding vote against a bill that would have, at least partly, repealed and replaced Obamacare. By that time, he was dying of cancer and no doubt didn’t care about any political fallout.

It should be noted that neither McCain, father or daughter, had the courage that Ted Cruz showed by looking past the Trump insults and become a supporter of the president for the good of the country. Ms. McCain loved her dad without reservation and would not, could not forgive the slight.

Ms. McCain did not give a Shermanesque response to the idea of her running with Biden. She is nominally a Republican and a conservative, but only in the sense that anyone would be sitting next to the odious Joy Behar on “The View.” The idea of a Republican never Trumper being on the Democratic ticket has a certain intriguing appeal, however.

On the other hand, Meghan McCain has never held elected office. It is hard for someone with no elected experience to run for national office, though to be sure Donald Trump managed the feat out of sheer talent and audacity. She would also have to sign on to an agenda that should give her pause.

On the other hand, considering Biden’s age and infirmaries, Ms. McCain would stand a good chance of becoming president of the United States should the ticket win, something that her father in the afterlife would likely find highly amusing.

It does not take a sharp political pundit to suspect that the Democratic base would revolt if Biden were to reach out to Ms. McCain or any Republican to run with him. The scenario, though, is fun to think about.

51 thoughts on “Could Meghan McCain be Joe Biden’s Running Mate?


  2. The DemocRAT Party would not let Biden pick McCain. The DemocRAT Party hated McCain and only liked h because Mc Cain did not like Trump, they used him until he passed but still hate him!

  3. I guess “Creepy Joe” is planning to sniff blonde hair for a while. I hope she keeps a lot of “social distance” from him.

    1. Yet your court jester can do it on national TV and you still vote the fool in office!!! You GOP lemmings voted a fool into office to turn our presidency into the laughing stock of world leaders!! Even worse than the late Kim Jung Un!!!

      1. The clowns are clearly the Democrats ! What a pathetic bunch of losers. None have the Remotest chance to defeat President Trump, this Country’s greatest President ever! 4 more years, followed by 8 more under one of his outstanding children!

  4. Maybe he should ask the Remicrate Romney. He is no Republican. McCain, wasn’t her dad the the one in charge of deregulating the housing marketing. Almost killed our financial state in this country, among other things he supported to deregulate.

    1. From what I read if true and proven McCain was the leaker of the dossier and how many other things did he squeal on like when POW with favors.

      1. He was a media made hero. Anyone with the knowledge of the things that drunken loser did hated him. He lost the elections because he was a turd and the people knew it no matter how this article try to spin it. If he wasn’t a senator he would of been in prison with the rest of the Keating five.

  5. Megan McCain would be a terrible choice for VP. She has no experience, charisma, nobody can understand her mumble jumbo talking. She is very condensending and has no personality.

  6. Well, hardly a surprise. Her dad was a Democrat through and through. As to her lump her in with the other totally unqualified women who are mentioned.
    1. Michelle OBAMA, wonder if she speaks as slow as Barry. Total lack of experience with anything.
    2. Gov. Whitless, how can anyone take this fool seriously? The new leader of the US third Reich.
    3. Amy Klobuchar- wow, is this one funny or what? Hick from minny sofa.
    4. Kamala Harris, almost as crooked as NJs latest soprano, Cory Booker. These two have stolen more money and taken more bribes than 100 crooked politicians
    5. The Georgia jerkoff. Sorry I’m forgetting her name. Anyway, she can’t win. Local election but feels she’s qualified to be VP. Wow, she is more delusional than Biden himself.
    Picture this scenario: Biden continues his path toward total mental incompetence and steps down for one of these 6 brainless, clueless, dickless women.

  7. Meghan is a whiner and a turn-coat.
    She and the other girls on the View are all full of HATE because Trump won the election. They have spieled HATE from 2015 until this day. This is so sad, to not have anything else to talk about. The show should be taken off the air for spieling lies.

    1. Well they would make a pair as qualified as creepy sleepy joe, none of the three of them are even smart enough to appoint smart enough peopyto overcome their incompetence.

  8. The bleached blond needs to serve in the ,armed forces like daddy did. Chicken shit bitch. Her daddy served WAY too long. Stole and lived off taxpayers money. He was a POW with privileges. Suffer. Hardly

    1. How many people can name the real POW hero’s, the Medal of Honor winners? Seems many know the name of a fake, POS media hero, sad.

  9. It does not matter who Joe picks, he could pick Mary, Jesus’s mother, and he would still get whipped. Not many people like any of the Demwitts, I mean just look at them Pelosi, Schfitless, Schummer, Waters, AOC, Omar, Pressley,Talib, Booker, Harris, the Finger Liken guy from TN, the idiot from Hawaii, the Vitenam Vet pretender, I mean the list just keeps on going and going for DUMB!

  10. No matter how skillfully Megan McCain emphasizes her contempt for President Trump and her admiration for Biden, this will not help her achieve her goal, she has no chance of getting this place. Biden warned in advance: – it will be a black woman – and no other!

  11. Megan isnt even in the ballpark of having the brains or clout to be a V.P.! To White too! This is what’s wrong with demorats, there not looking for qualified people ,there just looking to put a goofy woman in as v.p. think it’s got to be black again! All for a desperate voting show! Everyone knows Megan is just a big mouth like her traitor dad! This is just a bullshit story! There trying to put Michelle butt buddy Obama in as V.P.! Demorats are just to stupid and desperate to do the right thing or have a honest election! Dont vote for demorats! The clown show must be stopped and sent to Gitmo ! Trump needs to finish what he’s been doing without demorat distractions and game playing wasting America’s time and fake news demorats create! Soros and Obamas need removed from our goveremnt permanently ,time to clean house and fill Gitmo with corrupt trash

  12. Yes she should definitely be Biden’s running mate . . Would love to see her try to revive Biden during debates . . As Biden lay on the ground in a fetal position sucking his thumb crying where am I . . Who am it 🤣

  13. You are absolutely right Rickster, being a nam vet myself i know McCain used his military for sympathy and to gain special favors for his political career. Trump was right then he’s right now republicans must unite stand as one and get rid of those dems and traitor republicans who are hurting America

  14. Now that would really be funny – the organ grinder and the monkey although I am not too sure which is which. Trump would have a filed day with those two morons.

  15. Meghan McCain has some good qualities in that she condemned the lesbian Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitism and then had to deal with the lesbian Sonny Hostin, who whitewashed Omar’s behavior! However, McCain is in the wrong party for Biden and looked like she needs to lose at least 75 pounds! However, if the above photo is correct, it looks like Meghan has lost a lot of weight and she may not be so round! Of course, she’s not South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and I would LOVE to take Kristi Noem’s panties off and boink her!

  16. Is Meghan McCain The Running Mate Biden Is Hinting Towards?
    Well as far as his requirements she self identifies as all!
    Female – But Questionable.
    Black – Sure, if Warren can be Indian why not.
    LGBTQand Other – Willing to try them all.
    Democrat – Definitely
    Qualified for VP – Highly due to appearances on TV show.

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