Court Backs Trump in Hotel Case

President Trump has proven once again that he is innocent from anything that the loony left can find on him. The Democrats are once again licking their wounds as the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the president’s hotel has not violated any of the anti-corruption laws that are found in the constitution. The President has not received anything while he has been in office. This just goes to prove that he is very careful to obey the laws that govern the office that he is occupying.

The honorable Judge Paul Niemeyer stated the complaint is so “abstract that their prosecution of this readily provokes the question whether this action against the president is an appropriate use of the courts.” He believes that the loony left is abusing the court system to try to force people to bow to their demands.

The claim from the plaintiffs is that their own businesses are suffering because the owner of the Trump hotel is president. This is something that the loony liberal left had to jump on in order to try to take the president down. One can only wonder if the plaintiffs ever considered that their service was just plain bad compared to Trump’s hotel.

The Appeals court stated that the claim they were making was speculative and that there was no evidence to support the claims they were making. Even if the complainers could prove that they were losing money as they stated there still was no mechanism in place to fix the problem. The other owners are just going to have learned to make ends meet with less money.

Even if the President was legally able to receive money from the hotel there is nothing that the other hotel’s owners could do about it. There just is no link between Trump being president and their loss of profits. But the loony Democrats would have everyone believe that Trump has been secretly earning billions of dollars just because he is the most popular and well-respected president this nation has ever seen or had.

This kind of lawsuit is not the first to appear in the courts. In 2017 a similar court case was heard and the same type of ruling was made then as it was this week. Too many people are crying because other people earn more money than they do. Part of the American dream is having the ability to change one’s own circumstances in life. All they need to do is think a little and not try to steal it from someone else.

The plaintiffs in the case were never able to show concrete evidence that their claims were true. The judge saw right through their lies and ruled in the correct manner. The Democrats would have loved to know that the president was involved in illegal activity. This could have been the means to begin impeachment proceedings against him. But for now, they are going to have to continue to live in a world of disappointment. President Trump has never done anything wrong while in office. He has maintained a certain level of professionalism that is perfect for the work that he was elected to do.

President Trump stated that the lawsuit was “ridiculous.” He also stated that “I don’t make money, but lose a fortune for the honor of serving and doing a great job as your president.” He is doing a great job even in the face of opposition.

The people that have filed this suit against President Trump should be ashamed that they actually believe that he is a cause of them losing money. They should be even more ashamed to believe that he was doing anything illegal. The president made the decision in 2016 to not earn any money while serving this great country. And he has delivered on the promise without exception. He has cut ties with his organization until such a time that he is no longer the president of the United States. He will win in 2020 which means that he will not receive a paycheck for another five years because he is the best president ever and the people of America know that.

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