VIDEO: Creepy Social Distancing Robots Deployed…

In most areas around the world, social distancing has become the new normal, with people staying at least six feet apart and gathering in only small groups. Some even wear masks and gloves. At one time, these would have been seen as extreme measures, but under today’s threat of coronavirus, they are not only accepted but welcomed.

While most citizens may not like having to stay away from their loved ones or wearing special personal protection to go out in public, we understand that without such measures in place, the world could further drift into chaos. So we practice good hygiene, stay away from others, and avoid going anywhere unless absolutely necessary, even as states begin to reopen their businesses.

And while the fear of the spreading virus has caused us to take precautions, some areas are letting it overrun their governments, allowing them to overstep their bounds and infringe on civil liberties and rights.

Take the nation of Singapore, for example. Here, social distancing has been given a new dictator, and his name is SPOT. SPOT, a robot that resembles a dog, prowls the area of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, reminding anyone nearby to keep to social distancing guidelines.

The robot says in English, “Let’s keep Singapore healthy. For your own safety and for those around you, please stand at least one meter apart. Thank you.”

The robot is “controlled remotely, reducing the manpower required for park patrols and minimizing physical contact among staff, volunteer safe distancing ambassadors and park visitors. This lowers the risk of exposure to the virus,” according to a recent news release made by GovTech Singapore.

SPOT was created by Boston Dynamics, a company located in communist China, of all places and is designed with cameras so that an estimated number of people in the park can be reached at all times.

However, the news release says that “These cameras will not be able to track and/or recognize specific individuals, and no personal data will be collected.”

At least for now. But one could only imagine that a government that is willing to spy on its park visitors might at some point, be willing to take even more liberties in infringing on ours.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the aptly named SPOT can also traverse “different terrains and can navigate obstacles effectively.” So there is no getting away from it, should it choose you as a target of its constant social distancing reminders.

It’s a little scary, to say the least, right?

I’m sure many of you are thanking your lucky stars that SPOT isn’t in America.

But before you continue that thought with one that says it will never happen here, let me remind you that only a few months ago, most of us could never have imagined our cities and businesses being shut down, citizens forced to wear masks in public, and required to stay away from others. If I would have told you what was coming, you would have laughed in my face and said, ‘Nope, not here, not in America, not ever.’ And you would have been wrong.

And while we may not have social distancing dogs, some areas in the U.S. instead have flying drones being used to achieve the same concept. Yep, that’s right. Some local governments have deployed remote control drones to ensure that citizens are keeping their distance from one another.

I’m not really sure which is worse.

But in either case, we are already nearly there.

Now, I understand that local and federal governments everywhere have an arduous task at hand. Unlike most of us, they have billions of people to worry about instead of just a handful. And it’s not just their health and safety, although those are pretty much paramount. In addition, they have to consider their economies, the law of their land, and the rights of the people.

And all too often, the measures that would seek to keep us the safest are not the most freeing.

But that doesn’t mean that our liberties should be ignored and placed on the back burner. As our President once said, we cannot kill the patient by attempting to cure them. And in the case of America, where our freedoms are our lifeblood, infringing upon our rights is doing just that, killing us.

47 thoughts on “VIDEO: Creepy Social Distancing Robots Deployed…

  1. If one of these SPOT motherfuckering things came up to me, I would pick the damn thing up and slam into the ground until the whole thing falls a apart.

  2. If the “doggy spy” helps to remind us of social distancing I have no issue with them– better to be safe and healthy !!

    1. WHO cleans up after the doggy’s ?? Do they need fed or watered ? Are they Male or Female ?? Many Un-answered questions *–:-)

    2. to Jarome Houston I as an Ex Veteran of the U S Army with nearly 11 years Of Service as well as a 101 r s t airborne Paratrooper in the Vet Nome era you have no idea where Freedom starts and where it Ends you my friend Need a Education on what True Freedom Is. Only a Fool will Give up Freedoms for this Socolist Democratic False Security that will never Work. the fact is there is Found Nowhere in the U S Constitution in the Bill of Rights the Preamble or the Declaration of Independence that we the people are led to believe that this Country is a Democratic Government witch is the next step to a Socolist Commonest Government and the U S Constitution Clearly Tells us that this Country is a Republican Form of Government. Nothing more or Nothing Less. ( Just Recite the Pledge of alegance ) Read it And acknowledge it’s True Meaning once and for all . in case you dont Know what it Says. it States as Follows. I pledge alegance to the Flag of the United States Of America and to the REPUBLIC For witch it stands One Nation UNDER GOD with Liberty and JUSTICE for all. ( Now where did you see in that Pledge of alegance Did you See Democracy For witch it Stands. And where did you see where it says and justice for the Select Few for witch it Stands.

      1. Amen! And thank you for your service for our country. I was married to an Army VN VET for 25 yrs until he died rrecently from compliactions of A.O…sprayed and betrayed…anyway, AMEN TO EVERY WORD YOU WROTE! We do still have and will continue to have our rights or it will be literally a war against the good and EVIL!
        GOD BLESS!

    3. I have been having nightmares about such things lately. With creatures that resemble zombies in control of them and these ugly things that look like big spiders. I’m not kidding about this. I’m sleep deprived because of the bad dreams.

    4. Better to be safe THAN healthy is more like it. BTW I don’t feel safe or healthy for the past 3 months. I’m also having nightmares about creatures with no nose or mouth that look like zombies and walking around with things like this.

    5. Welcome to socialism. Hope you are having fun time with your mask and your social distance and your life without a job .🖕

  3. Then you Jerome should move to Singapore, I’m sure you will fit right in with the other commis.

    1. Singapore has just FOUR (4) virus deaths compared to the US 80,000-perhaps we should ALL move to Singapore ** 🙂

  4. Totally agree with “Blowme”….
    And then some. Depending on the size, I’d either do the same or drop kick the friggin thing! No no and HELL NOOOO!!
    This is not ok nor will I “Tolerate “ it for safety sake. This is still a free country, and until the day I take my last breath, I will live as such

    1. i guess J-rome just does not get it; Around the corner is 3 more with taser, mace & tear gas equipped….. We need more “blowme’s

  5. Query: HOW does the Doggy KNOW if I am sitting on a park bench or ground or wherever with my WIFE or kids and there is NO issue

    of social distancing….?? Will the Doggy Still rag at us to “break it up and move along” ?? Will it Tase us (preferably HER) if we Refuse to separate ??

  6. Jerome: I agree completely! I would even take along some nuggets of dog food to share with the doggies**..Keep those good words coming and ignore those rednecks who only graduated from the 6th grade!

    Arf Arf Bow Wow GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL Purina Guy

    1. And you sir are probably the person/persons that operates the spy drone in my neighbourhood in Michigan. Yet, media will not report that these spy techniques are being destroyed by the “free people” of this great country

      1. Good for them, the drone destroyers. Geeks have no right spying on us. They have devices for disabling them. Should probably look into them, in the name of freedom.

  7. This is paranoia it does not belong in America. Government is going to far and it is up to we the citizens to stop this insanity. When any government uses the excuse (It’s for your own good) you had better beware and be prepared to stop a dictatorship from getting a strong hold. Just look at what happened now from 2 weeks to make a curve in cases to now some are saying until a cure is found. Scary as a cure may never be found.

  8. This has nothing to do about the virus anymore. A draconian dictatorship is just around the corner and the sheeple will fall in line no questions. They want to control us and crash the economy so we’re dependent on government (Socialism).

  9. There’s a robot in your pocket and it’s tracking you and watching all the time and you paid for it. You better smash it right now!

  10. I was once in a supermarket and a couple who lived together were not allowed to shop together. It strikes me as pointless if the people who are less than two metres apart share a home and are going home in the same car.

  11. Do to that dog what you would do to any OTHER nuisance . . . Stick a SIZE 11 BOOT up it’s BOTTOM until it puke COMPUTER parts! Big Brother’s pets WILL have collateral damage. One ANNOYED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. My Fellow Americans, thank you all for your considerate comments. I hope and pray that each and every American remembers their moments of fear and memories of Tyranny during this “Crisis” when they attend the Polls in person to Vote this November.
    Remember too that History does repeat itself, and so will the Democrats.
    If you haven’t enjoyed this unplanned, unpaid, mask-wearing vacation these past months, take that spirit with you to the Polls, and Vote NO to any more Democratic infringements on our God-Given Constitutional Rights. Rid America and yourselves of any more Do-Nothing Democrats and offensive “Speaker of the House” Nancy Pelosis: Just Say NO in 2020!
    TRUMP – 2020 – Make America Free Again! “Love him or Hate him, he’s the Best we got.”

  13. Boy, if this isn’t BIG BROTHER, I don’t know what is!!! Right now it’s remote controlled and measures distance of park goers. In the future it could take pictures of you and send to “anyone in the world” and “for any reason in the world”! Is this REALLY WHAT SOCIETY WANTS??? No one will be free!!! Machines will take over EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES!!!

  14. America’s only salvation is to VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP in office for ANOTHER 4 years. GOD HELP ALL CIVILIANS EVERYWHERE, after that. If a coup by Our Horrible Democrats ever is successful WE WILL SEE MORE OF THESE TYPES OF CREATIONS to watch us every minute of every day. We will become nothing more than a HERD!! Down with Socialism/Globalism!

  15. I like the baseball bat idea. We need something to chase Pelosi, Schumer, NAdler, Maxine W., the whole lot of them out of Congress.
    Its called vote them OUT or office !!

  16. When these dogs see you violating the Communist Orders, they will zap you with a Laser Beam and cut you in half. These robots will definitely be well armed.

  17. I believe voting is a privilege whether mailed or at the polls set up in a school. If you had lived in another non Christian country where dead bodies are in the street and water is regulated, we had water from 5-8pm and a diaper wearing little ones with no diapers for them; cloth is used. The homes are small and all they have is a hole in the floor for a bathroom clothes are washed on a bathroom by a women who does it all day for less than five lira 35cents a day and one lira a day for transportation on the bus which tilt to the side so full of people by the time home just etmick for dinner, bread made from poppy seeds that is several days old. When I got back to America I almost kissed the ground and turned on water and watched it come out of a faucet. My son was so good and I didn’t have to watch him continually like over there afraid he would fall from out balcony. They had a crude government muslim and daily I lived just trying to keep the house and clothes clean of the black soot in the air. Government most of the people didn’t trust the government so here I may not like the person in the whitehouse but he or she can identify with my life over there leaders came from rich background and had no idea what daily life was like for the common ones. Be gratefull you live in America and have water and electricity and telephones all nice things. You maynot like certain things but you have a sayso over there they used the poor and had services–non the legal system almost didn’t exist and the poor had no say as to what was. I am glad I live here even if he sometimes doesn’t make sense.

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