Democratic Senators Threaten Supreme Court Over Gun Laws

In a rare and appalling move, several Democratic Senators have filed a brief with the US Supreme Court that includes not only a blatant threat to the Court but also the accusation that the court is politically corrupt.

The threat comes this week as part of a brief that was filed on Monday in relation to a New York City gun law. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, which is backed by the NRA is taking the city to court over a law that prohibits gun owners from transporting a licensed, locked, and unloaded firearm anywhere in the city besides one of seven local gun ranges. The group has fought the city on this litigation for several years, which has caused the laws to be loosened slightly.

The city now claims that since these laws have been loosened the case should be dropped. However, the NRA backed group still fights it, saying that the entire law violates the Second Amendment. Thus, the case has the opportunity to be brought before the Supreme Court.

However, high-profile Senate Democrats Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse, Mazie Hirono, Richard, Durbin, and White House hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand would rather it not be taken before the court, with the fear that it would rule in favor of the gun law being abolished, therefore not allowing similar laws to be put in place in other cities or locations.

Their brief to the Court insists that the case not be seen and furthermore permanently dropped. Ok, fine. Everyone, including these senators, has the right to let their opinion be known, and the point of mootness in a case is not all that uncommon.

But the request came with massive accusations that the court and “its decisions are ‘motivated mainly by politics.’” To give evidence to this claim, they detail exactly how much money was spent by the NRA to support Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, accuse the petitioners of being puppets merely playing their part in a not-so transparent cause, and question the funds being used to support the case against New York City.

In addition, they accuse the court of siding with the Republican Party on a large number of cases that would seem to benefit the party or its causes directly. According to the brief, “With bare partisan majorities, the Court has influenced sensitive areas like voting rights, partisan gerrymandering, dark money, union power, regulation of pollution, corporate liability, and access to federal court, particularly regarding civil rights and discrimination in the workplace.”

The senators state, “Every single time, the corporate and Republican political interests prevailed.”

However, they fail to mention the hundreds of cases where party lines are not so apparent and where several Republican judges have crossed those lines to vote with liberals. Trump picks Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, in particular, have swung to the Democratic side several times since being put in the Court.

Nor did they mention the lockstep voting done by progressives. They also don’t acknowledge the inordinate amount of funds paid by liberal groups to support the confirmation of progressive judges. Hmmm?

Basically, what it boils down to is that they are unhappy that President Trump has been able to put conservative-leaning judges into the court that would rule against their agenda. They want what they want and incite an injustice is being done because at the moment they are getting it.

Yet, when Obama did the same thing during his tenure, you didn’t hear a squawk of un-approval, did you? Of course not.

But these Senators rant isn’t finished. And the worst is yet to come.

They end the brief by saying:

“The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it. Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be “restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.” Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.”

Yes, because if at first you don’t succeed…threaten. That always works. Not. Let’s just hope the Court sees this for what it actually is, a blatant attempt by unruly children to get what they want when they want it.

82 thoughts on “Democratic Senators Threaten Supreme Court Over Gun Laws

  1. Democrats that threaten the Supreme Court may just cause the general populous to rise up and seek out those knuckleheads in congress and harass them just like they do the conservatives. Better yet, a concerted effort to expel them from congress through the voting booth. And a good swift kick in the a.. would go a long way into changing their minds—see a democrat???—physically kick their a– no bodily harm, just a swift kick in the butt as a reminder that we citizens will NEVER give up our 2nd amendment right.

  2. Since the Constitution states Plainly “Shall NOT be Infringed” the Correct Decision on Gun Control is to Rule it as Unconstitutional and that Should be the End of the Story Once and For All! So Democrats the CORRECT Decision will be made, and You all need To Shut the Hell Up. You don’t get to Threaten another Branch of Government as that is NOT how it Works, so take Your Complaints and Shove Them where Your Brains Are!!!

  3. Over a hundred years ago John Marshall the SCOTUS in a government working toward checks and balance faced this problem of power and control, the congress wanted more power over the Supreme Court…Now we have the same issue rebuilding such as it did when the power hungry FDR wanted to stack the court…..I have to hand it to his foresight and if he had of gotten his way, I have no doubt we would have already been socialized….Even in that era the smell of that government control did not appeal to Americans, the inalienable rights and the love of self reliance is a huge part of the American Dream…

  4. Keep your freakin hands off my guns and my right to own and carry. The constitution was written by men much smarter than you, so stop trying to change it.

  5. Gee democrats it was just a few years ago you kept telling us the supreme court was the final decision. now you are threatening it. What is with that

  6. Liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical leeches, that red stuff on your shoes i where oyu are bumping up against civil wars stop now, if you want to continue to exist.

  7. Let these cry babies leave the Court!!! Everything they stand for is on the evil side and siding with the demoncrats will not survive! President Trump has impeccable taste when it comes to bringing in “conservative” judges…we are thankful for him and his way of accomplishing the things that will keep America Great!!!!! Let the immature, uneducated cry baby senators go…they want to ruin our wonderful country. We are blessed to have President Trump/VP Pence, etc. in control. May God Bless america

  8. One would hope that all the Justices would see thru a threat like this and vote united against a total disregard against the 2nd Amendment. But somehow I don’t think that the Democratic leaning folks on the Court would see it any different. The power hungry Democrats would love nothing better than to pack the Court with folks that would never go against anything the Democrats wanted. That’s when us, as a country, would cease to exist as an independent sovereignty.

  9. The very first sentence of this piece should have had the names of these senators and office phone numbers. These folks have proved themselves to be a scurrilous lot, accusing the court of being politically motivated. It just seems as if the DEMS. efforts are directed at dismantling our present system of constitutional government with everything they are doing. To me they are of a COMMUNIST, AUTHORITARIAN bent, that want to subject and control our citizens. Voters would be well advised to “swallow” none of their “glowing promises” of gifts, freebees and a better nation.

  10. Funny thing, about no complaint regarding liberally inclined judges appointed during times of Democratic control. It does get strange, and stranger, or might one note that the matter is clear as glass.

  11. The brief is a problem for the Court. The justices have a hard enough time with the merits of the cases that they don’t need to be crafting responses to this crap. Personally, I would ignore the brief in crafting the decision between the parties, but have the court per curiam, (or even better signed by a perceived liberal justice for the court), issue an order to the senators and their lawyers to appear before the court to show cause why they should not be held in contempt. During the hearing, I might mention that it was the Court which granted the Senators the privilege of filing a “friend” of the Court brief, and that the brief that was filed did not appear to be very friendly to the Court. Perhaps, the Court should have denied permission to the Senators to file their brief, and should deny all such motions in the future from these Senators.

  12. The Supreme Court is obligated to follow the Constitution in making their judgments. That they are human and have opinions is true, but for the most part they follow their duty. I believe they are also above petty responses to childish threats and will simply ignore them.

  13. Has the US Supreme Court held a Criminal case, finding anyone in contempt of court? May 24, 1909, stands out in the annals of the U.S. Supreme Court. On that day, the court an­nounced a verdict after holding the first and only criminal trial in its history. Six months later, on Nov. 15, the defendants appeared before the justices one more time to hear their sentences: Shipp and two others were ordered to serve 90 days in jail, while the others were sentenced to 60 days, all at the U.S. jail in the District of Columbia.

    A Supreme Case of Contempt
    Note: Members can now listen free online to this month’s CLE, “A Turn-of-the-Century Lynching that Launched 100 Years of Federalism.”

  14. This is just like the democrats; when they don’t get their way they spew hate and division. When that doesn’t work they go to intimidation. I’m waiting to see who and what they do next.
    Mama always use to give me a sucker when I acted like a spoiled brat.

  15. This is exactly as it seems. The Democrats don’t like the fact that the President did his job appointing judges to the court as required so they smear the President and now attempt to impugn the Supreme Court of The United States. The court should admonish these politicians for trying to put illegal undue influence on the court through idle threats.

  16. The democrats aren’t unhappy because President Trump appointed judges that might rule against their agenda but because they would most likely rule according to the clear writings of the articles of the Constitution!
    Trump/Pence 2020 Landslide!

  17. These people are certainly deranged and dictatorial. They think the nation is supposed to bow down to them, better think again. They make me sick.

  18. Such a statement should be met with contempt of court from The Court and other appropriate measures. Threatening the Court violates the Constitution and cannot be allowed.

  19. These sissified twits want to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. What would happen? The citizens would be defenseless and the criminals will still have guns. More proof that Democrats are incapable of logical thought process. Democrats are pro-criminal!

  20. Democrats are out of hand they are afraid of loosing their graft money they should be indited to see how they accumulated millions of dollars on their salory

  21. The Democrats a lot of nerve to Threaten the US Supreme Court – they are the ones who have really crossed the line.

  22. Classic Democratic projection.
    THEY are the ones who were using the Supreme Court to circumvent the law making body of Congress. The Supreme Court is only supposed to interpret the Constitution.
    The facts are the facts.
    “Assault” rifles ( whatever that is ) are used in a fraction of homicides. “Regular” rifles homicides account for more than those military style rifles.
    Hand guns magnitudes more that those other two weapons combined. But since were talking killing machines here, how about hammers and motor vehicles?
    The facts are there for all to see if they want to read and believe.

  23. If the Democrats cannot do something legally, they will either do it illegally or make threats. Does this mean if the democrats do not win the White House in 2020 will they continue investigating President Trump or start a civil war? From what I have seen in the last two years it appears they would prefer a civil war.

  24. ALL these DEMOCIMMIES should be run out of the country on a rail. The Constitution, was written the way it is for very GOOD reasons, these politicians are just a bunch of anti-American fops that don’t deserve the citizenship they SWORE to uphold!

  25. Threating The Supreme Court Not A Smart Move These NAZIS Senators Need To Be Arrested And Remove From Office Tis Is A Crime Which Is Nothing New For The Demoncrap Party

  26. let ice do their job and shut up. they are the people along with police and military that protect us. The Stupid Dems have never fixed out problems here in California. Look what is happening here. So Sad.

  27. Do the DemoRats really think that they can threaten the Federal Supreme Court and get away with it? Definitely don’t think so. Supreme Court will bitch slap them with a Contempt charge that’ll shake em to the core.


  29. Funny when the DumbocRATS had control of the Supreme Court such rulings as ROE VS WADE were OK. Now with a possible ruling against them they cry foul. I trust that the Court will rule on any case brought before them according to the Constitution and what is best for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. AND WITH NO POLITICAL FAVORITISM.

  30. If the Democratic Party doesn’t believe in the United States Constitution maybe they should resign and allow true Americans to take their positions. This country will only be great again if politicians can accurately see if their beliefs benefit the masses. They have lied to Black Americans for decades and now they have lost their votes, So now they are faced with losing the illegal alien votes due to the southern border being secured. Canada secured it’s southern border to prevent illegal immigration, but it is wrong for us to do the same. Who will the Democrats get their votes from next. It seems that the Democrats are fading away. It’s about time…good riddance. A cancer of America is killing itself.

  31. Democrats, unhinged liberals, they are like 10 yr. old schoolyard bullies. They’re like children seeing how far they can go. The SCOTUS needs to put them in their damn place and let them know that they do not own, nor lead this country. We have a senate and a president loved by many. The constitution was written eons ago by very smart men. You either respect it or hit the bloody road!!!

  32. An Open Letter To Our Legislators, Judges And Lawmen
    ATTN: All Anti Gunners, Governors, Mayors, Judges, City Councils, Law Enforcement Agency’s. Yesterday, I received the following link that I believe will happen with most American Gun owners if The Second Amendment isn’t up held with no infringements against it, such as Red Flag Bills. [](

  33. Stop acting like a bunch of 10yr. Old schoolyard bullies. Just like kids pushing the envelope, to see how far they get. We are sick to death of having innocent people beat up, called Nazis.. the list is endless. Now we are the ones telling you to shut YOUR mouths!! Threatening the Supreme Court? I don’t think so! The constitution has been around forever and you’re not going to change a damn thing. Now shut your mouths already because millions of Americans are tired of your Bulls**t!!!!

  34. I must have missed the chain of command along the way. true, congress confirms judges for SCOTUS but where is the part where they can remove judges or threaten them? oh wait, that must be in the amendment that allows congress to add genders, ignore federal law, and be entitled to that second tier of justice that allows them to criminally screw up, avoid conviction, and then get a 6 figure job at MSNBC, CNN, or any main stream media organization.

  35. Supposedly, the three branches of government are autonomous. Congress should not have the power to enforce their basic changes to either branch. The Constitution grants the power to congress to make laws to control commerce and balance between the states for their mutual protection. The President sets the agenda; whereas the Supreme Court decides if either of the other branches are working within the Constitutions guidelines. The “Bill of Rights” are for the protection of the people from governments transgressions .

    The framers created a balance between government and the people; states and federal government; and the three branches. Our system of government is the first created by man to give equal power to all concerned. Upset any part of this system, we shall not have a government for the people or by the people.

  36. Have these senators and congressman forget they take an oath, ” I swear to uphold the Law and the Constitution of The United
    States of America. Who the HELL do they think they are???!!, They should all be recalled and thrown out of office. Never to hold public office again.

  37. The SCOTUS should have ordered those who communicated the threat, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  38. The Democratic ‘bully pulpit’ rears its ugly head of snakes once again, this time the snakes are high-profile Senate Democrats Richard Blumenthal(D-CT), Sheldon Whitehouse(D-RI), Mazie Hirono(D-HI), Richard Durbin(D-IL), and Kirsten Gillibrand(D-NY). Note to U.S. senators listed above and to the entire U.S. Congress et al, beating up on the SCOTUS is a ‘fool’s folly’.

  39. I have said this of the liberal congress people. They are acting like children and have not learned anything from their parents about conflict resolution, but only know how to have temper tantrums. The way to take care of a temper tantrum is to ignore them or to throw ice cold water in their faces (shock and awe). They don’t know how to take what comes and be nice. Let them eat cake!

  40. The actual brief s cause to fin full disagreement WiFi the Democrats supporters of this case I would find it very hard for the court it self to not find cause to file impeachment charges against the senators. And possibly lesser charges against the others.

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