Democrats Accuse the President of Stonewalling

CNN has continued its attack on President Trump–Mueller report be damned!

Now the liberal news giant is attacking the President for refusing to participate in further shenanigans.

The networks top-spot piece on its website, April 24th, accused him of “stonewalling” and committing a “massive assault on accountability.”

On the 25th, referred to the President’s actions as flat-out unconstitutional.

No one in their right mind expects much better from CNN these days.

But given the news network’s far reach–and the way it influences people we have to deal with every day–we think these allegations require some push-back. And we’re here to deliver that push-back!

President Trump is Trying to Get On With Governing, Instead of Fighting

In a more perfect world, or even just a more sane one, Democrats would accept the findings of the special investigation, let bygones be bygones, and get down to the business of running the nation.

Instead, they are spending more time trying to attack the President and less time serving the American people.

They’re also keeping President Trump from serving the American people. In this, they are committing a crime very similar to what they claim the President has committed.

Obstruction. Not of justice, but of the process that runs our country.

In a very real way, you could also consider that an obstruction of justice.

Democrats are using the legal system as a weapon against a president they think of as “deplorable”.

But any sane person will realize that the President and everyone associated with him has already been put through the ringer. Hundreds of hours of interviews, thousands of subpoenaed pages, and almost three-dozen indictments should prove that.

Any sane, non-vindictive person would agree.

But the Democrats just won’t stop.

Mueller’s investigation subpoenaed hundreds of hours of testimony and thousands of pages of documents. What is there to be found that hasn’t already been found?

The answer is, “Nothing,” and Donald Trump knows it.

Even the Trump-hating special counsel couldn’t convict him of anything. And they spent two years and $35 million trying to do just that! So what do Democrats hope to gain now?

The answer is, they want to eat up the Presidents’ time, keep him from accomplishing the things he wants to accomplish and, among other things, act like he is an ineffective president, when really he has actually been besieged like no other president in living memory.

Scott Jennings, former Special Assistant to the President under George W. Bush, recently addressed the issue.

“You have take it seriously. It’s going to be all-out warfare,” he said. “It grinds the administration to a halt.”

And that’s exactly what the Democrats seeming to be aiming for: Not justice, not truth, but the obstruction of Trump’s administration. It almost seems criminal.

No wonder there’s been a call to investigate the investigators. Many think it is a legal necessity. And Democrats would be (and are) hypocritical for calling it unfair. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

What Do Democrats Stand to Gain?

It’s a good question. It seems like no one benefits when the government is in gridlock. So why are the Democrats still focusing on obstruction, collusion–anything they can–instead of actually governing?

For one thing,  Dems have to put up a good fight to satisfy their increasingly far-out and antagonistic voter base.

And when it comes to swing voters, they want to be able to point at the President and claim he can’t get anything done. But that strategy is failing with many independent voters.

Driton Nesho, co-director of the Harvard-Harris poll, is a man who has done extensive polling in the US, UK, India, and several other countries.

He has this to say about how the Mueller report has affected independent voters:

“It’s the independents in the middle that right now are breaking in favor of the president, [and] largely accept Barr’s memo and his conclusions.”

In other words, the witch-hunt has only succeeded in making President Trump more popular–and more electable.

That’s something that the increasingly vindictive Democrat party can’t or won’t acknowledge. Ultimately, that may be a good thing.

That makes the 2020 election look brighter for America’s vast and no-longer-silent majority.

17 thoughts on “Democrats Accuse the President of Stonewalling

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    checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment.
    Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

  2. Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a data!

    existing here at this website, thanks admin of this web site.

  3. CNN is a flunky media outfit! They have actually blown their own asses off. They cannot relate to anyone now. Just jump off the cliff whackos!

  4. ““stonewalling” and committing a “massive assault on accountability.”

    What a short memory the democrats have especially when it is directed at the
    behavior of clinton, obama, holder, lynch, clapper, comey, brennen, johm P., and
    so many more it would take over an hour to list them all.

  5. The only thing the Democrats are bring to the table is destruction of the American way of life . The only good Idea that I believe they have is ending the cannabis prohibition . It hasn’t done this country a shred of good , on the contrary ,the prohibition has destroyed many good families for ever . It has corrupted police , judges , and border inspectors.So end it . AND BUILD THE DAMN WALL ! ! !

  6. Thanks to all the Democrats. Because of your temper tantrums you are filling the President’s voter base. I love reading how you all spit into the wind and it comes back and hits you in the face. Keep up those tantrums.

  7. “Stonewalling,” this is the most honest and fearless president in my lifetime.

  8. Ignore all the subpoena’s like the Dem’s always do, go ahead with business and bus all the immigrants up to Waters, Palosi’s
    Gov. of Calif. home, New York Governor’s home and anyone else that won’t help get out of this mess!!!! Alexander of Tenn.
    should also be ashamed of himself, voting against the Pres. when he needed votes on the board wall. I live in Tenn. and he will never get my vote, thank goodness he’s retiring and I’m so glad to get rid of Corker, another one that did nothing for us!!!

  9. This all means that the Democrats will lose in 2020 bigtime. People don’t want a president like Biden, Sanders and the others. They don’t want a Congress filled with people like AOC, Muslims and Schiff and Nadler. They don’t want open borders or the NGD. They want to keep the electoral college and don’t want to give 16-year-olds the right to vote. They don’t want a single payer health care system like Medicare for all. They don’t want free college for everyone. And most of all they don’t want higher taxes and socialism. These are all wet dreams of the left and Democrats.

  10. The attack will continue until Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strock, Page and others are indicted, and they take their Perp Walks.

  11. The young voters are not bothering to search out for the best and not realizing what is going on. The deep state is into all branches. They are convincing the uninformed with all the lies and what all the free life they will have if they vote Trump out. If the deep state wins you will never see the America of the past. I am 92 and have lived in the best of times in history. I feel sorry what is coming up for the next generation if the deep state destroys Trump , and changes the lives of all Americans.

  12. Asserting one’s rights is not “stonewalling”. The President has the same rights as any other citizen.

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