Manchin Responds to Question About the Democrats Keeping the House


Senator Joe Manchin continues to be President Joe Biden’s thorn. He has singlehandedly dashed the president’s hope of a liberalized America to pieces because he refuses to support a president’s policies that subscribe to socialist ideologies. Biden has clarified that he intends to change the country into a failed version of Venezuela or some other failed socialist state.

The midterm elections have changed the way the Democrats operate. They have gone from a political party that ignored voters to acting like they care what people think. They hope to fool the public into thinking that the liberals care about America and that they will forget about the nasty behaviors they engaged in before the new election year.

But Senator Joe Manchin is not a person who quickly forgets his party’s betrayal. The Democrats are selfish people who think politics is a career and that they get to make all the rules. They forget that the people run the country, and the government is to serve the people.

The issue of freedom is precious and is never to be taken for granted by any person. The Founding Fathers set up the government so that it had to answer to the people. They wanted to avoid a situation where the political powers could take over and force people into servitude as the Kings and Queens had done in Great Britain.

The lousy liberals have forgotten the concept that they serve instead of the rule. When Joe Manchin was asked whether he cared if his party kept control of the Legislative Branch, he could only keep from breaking with the Democrats by taking a neutral position.

The Senator from West Virginia does not like to frustrate his party members. But he cannot ignore how they purposely go against the people’s will.

Manchin opposes President Joe Biden’s proposal because it is not the people’s will. The crazy president puts out regulations and ideas that favor his socialist agenda. Biden is incapable of working with Congress or members of other political views because he sees himself as a dictator that rules instead of serves.

Senator Manchin has undoubtedly done his best to upset the president’s long-term plans. He has proven that he can work with Republicans and simultaneously represent the will of the people. And by working with everyone, he has shown that it is possible to stay civil and pass legislation that makes the country a great place to live.

The Washington Examiner reported that Manchin said, “I’m not making those choices or decisions. I’m going to work with whatever I have. I’ve always said that. I think the Democrats have great candidates that are running. They’re good people I’ve worked with. And I have a tremendous amount of respect and friendship with my Republican colleagues. So I can work on either side very easily.”

The Senator does see his position as a job, but not a job in the typical sense of the word. His job is to represent the people. He knows that he works for those that voted him into office. And he also realizes that he must represent the minority in his state. He works for the people.

When asked if he cared who was in control of Congress, all he could do was point to the voters. He stated that “Whatever the voters choose. I can’t decide what’swhat will happen in Kansas, California, or Texas. I respect the state for the people they send, and I do my best to work with them and do the best for my country. I don’t play the politics that way.”

The Democrats are worked up about whether or not they will be in control come the end of the year that they are resorting to doing whatever it takes to stay in office. They are telling people what they want to hear instead of showing them that they are being represented by the politicians they voted for.