Democrats Fearful of Russian Probe

Democrats are still trying to impeach the President for some kind of obstruction of justice or made up charges.

However, the Justice Department has them worried as they begin to investigate the Russian involvement in the 2016 election and past events. They are worried that the DOJ will keep them from completing what they are trying to do to President Trump.

The DOJ is investigating members of the FBI and their involvement in the issue surrounding Russia. There are claims that there is some kind of political bias that was in favor of the Democratic Party.

The probe is set to target FBI agents that were working during the President’s 2016 campaign.

There is some concern regarding the FBI’s decision-making during the 2016 election. The President is accusing the FBI of working for the Democrats in an attempt to keep him from becoming a major player in the 2016 election.

The President’s concerns have only been validated as the Democratic Party has continued to harass him in the first three years of his presidency.

The Democrats are fearful that Michael Horowitz, who is the Department of Justice Inspector, will find evidence that would incriminate themselves in a coup that was designed to damage President Trump.

Horowitz is a well-respected person by both major political parties. The Democrats do not want this investigation to stop their hounding of the President in their attempt to find some way he obstructed justice.

Jamie Raskin, who is a member of the Judiciary and Oversight Committee, has stated, “Their whole point is to go on a wild goose chase and then to create a chain of implausible connections that show that the special counsel report — and what we’re doing — is somehow fruit of the poisonous tree.”

This is an interesting statement about an investigation into themselves as the same thing has been said about their fruitless investigation into a President that has been proven innocent by major investigation already.

Both parties are already bracing for the findings of the report. The FBI agents that were in charge during the campaign may be found to have favored one political party over another.

This is political bias coming from people that are to remain neutral, so they can do their job without their views interfering with their work.

The President has given the Inspector all the authority he needs and the Attorney General the power to declassify material and to bring to light truth behind everything.

The Democrats know that this could shut them down if anything is shown that they have acted shamefully in any of the matters being investigated.

They are looking into how the Russian probe began and who it was that started the entire thing.

Hank Johnson, from the state of Georgia, has stated, “I don’t think it will throw us off track, but it will certainly give Republicans ammunition to try to divert attention away from the specifics of the Mueller investigation. It’s a profound breach of confidence that the legislative branch has in the executive branch and profound disruption in the intelligence apparatus worldwide.”

The whole issue of a biased FBI really has a lot of people wondering about the trustworthiness of many of the lawmakers currently serving the people.

If people cannot trust their elected officials to be honest and not do anything illegal while serving, then they should be removed from office immediately.

The question that comes up next is what to do with the people if anyone is found to have acted shamefully during the 2016 election campaign period.

The President has been saying all along that the Democratic Party is on a mission to destroy him and his family.

They are trying to seize power from the President because they do not like the fact that he is changing things for the nation.

The President will once again be proven right once the Inspector General’s report is released. The Democrats have been hunting the President and his staff for something that he is completely innocent of.

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