Democrats Pushing False Narrative Regarding Midterm Elections

The midterm elections have the Democratic Party concerned. They have wasted their time fighting over personal agenda items and who gets the credit for passed legislation. The president hands out ultimatums on what he expects Congress to pass, only to sit back and watch everything fall apart because they cannot agree on anything.

Biden and his cohorts in crime have a hard time letting go of the past. Former President Donald Trump messed them up so badly that they still are looking for ways to keep him from making another run for the White House. Trump has consumed them to the point that they believe he stands in their way of getting work done.

The Democrats know full well that the midterm elections will be pivotal for the country. To keep from being voted out of office, they need to make the upcoming election about Donald Trump. So, they push one false story after another, hoping one of them would be enough to smear the man’s credibility. But so far, they have failed miserably.

As much as the liberals would love to make the election a fight over Donald Trump as a way to hide their failures, the public has other concerns that the Democrats cannot seem to see. The country is ticked off over inflation and high prices. The election will be about Biden’s failed policies, not Donald Trump.

The Republican Party understands what the people are concerned about. They know that voters want solutions to Biden’s problems. They want to see action and not just hear about what needs to be done.

Senator Rick Scoot is a Republican representing the people of Florida in Washington. He has revealed the Republicans are listening to the people instead of fearing the fake narrative being pushed by the Democrats regarding Donald Trump.

The nasty liberals want people to think that Trump is still trying to overthrow the country and install some form of dictatorship. They do not want the people to recall the horrible things that Joe Biden has done to them over the past year. They fear a Republican House and Senate because it will mean the end of Biden and the stranglehold he has placed on the country.

Rick Scott is not buying into the Democrat’s lies. He knows that the other side of Washington D.C. wants people to focus on 2024 and not the current election cycle. He stated that “This year is going to be a referendum on Biden, it’s pretty simple. It’s not going to be about ’24, it’s going to be about ’22. I tell people all the time we got to continue to focus to win this November. We have every reason to believe we can win.”

He is making a point that attention needs to be on stopping the Democrats in their tracks before they can pass any more bills. Each time legislation is passed, the country slips further down the path toward socialism. And that is a massive tragedy that cannot be allowed to happen.

Business Insider pointed out that Donald Trump has already decided about his political future. The former president has revealed that his mind is made up but has yet to reveal his intentions—the only decision left for him is when to reveal the news to the country.

Senator Scott wants people to focus on the correct issues. He does not want voters listening to the lies coming from the Democrats. He stated that the upcoming elections would “be about food prices and gas prices and the Democrats wanting to defund the police, critical race theory, things like that. It’s going to be about three issues: inflation, my kids getting a good education, and I live in a safe community.”

The liberals may try and make a case about Trump during debates, but they will not get anyone to bite on the issue. The Republican Party knows that people want answers to Biden’s problems. And that is why blue seats will turn red in the midterm elections.