Democrats Signature Bill Under Intense Scrutiny in the Supreme Court


Democratic hopefuls are nervous about the upcoming midterm elections. Their attempts to change voting laws and the way voting takes place have failed. And now that the Supreme Court is looking to put America back on the path to greatness, their beloved Voting Rights Act of 1965 is again under scrutiny.

The Voting Rights Act was supposed to be the way of removing all discrimination at the voting booth. The sneaky liberals have used the 1965 law to justify their methods of the madness of controlling elections and congressional mapping to fit their secret plan.

The Supreme Court is trying to return government power to the people. The Roe v. Wade case was just the beginning of a long line of reversals that is set to take place. The part of the examination of the voting act deals with how the states can draw congressional lines based on population distribution.

For years the Democrats have cried foul every time a Republican legislature produces a new map. They have often cried that the new map is racist and limits how minorities can vote.

There are states where skin color still influences the way a person votes. Unfortunately, the liberals continue to push that idea instead of working to move people away from color-based voting.

WEKU reported, “At issue is Alabama’s congressional redistricting plan adopted by the Republican state legislature after the 2020 census. More than a quarter of the state’s population is African American, but in only 1 of 7 districts, minority voters have a realistic chance of electing the candidate of their choice. Black voters are either concentrated in that district so they are a supermajority there or spread out across the remaining six districts to dilute their voting power. It’s a practice known as packing and cracking.”

The liberals view congressional mapping as a way of controlling how many seats they have in the House of Representatives. They can either condense one group of voters into a single district or demand that the map spread them out into other districts. Either way, they can cry racial discrimination to fit their agenda.

Liberals want to allow migrants the right to cry discrimination every time they lose an election. The issue in Alabama has been going back and forth for several years. And when the Supreme Court ruled in 1980 that complainers had to prove that discrimination was intentional to change voting results, Congress moved to invalidate the ruling by passing a bill, so they only had to prove a discriminatory result.

Congressional law has been the deciding influence when the time comes to draw up maps. It is the standard to which the liberals look to make their case in court.

The fight in Alabama did not stop there, as WEKU reported that “In January, a three-judge federal court panel ruled unanimously that Alabama could and should have created two compact congressional districts with a majority, or close to a majority, of Black voters: two districts instead of just one. Two of the judges on the panel were Trump appointees, the third a Clinton appointee.”

The state would appeal to the Supreme Court, which would end up stopping the lower court ruling. And so, the fight would continue.

The fact that a state should be forced to create colored districts just to appease the colored population is discriminatory. Districts should be set up based on population movements and not on how many-colored people live on one block.

The Supreme Court is set to return a lot of power to the states. The Constitution allows each state to draw maps based on the population movements of people. And in a land where people are free to vote as they want, color should not affect who they vote for. But the Democrats want to push the discrimination and racial card so much that they are essentially bringing back segregation in America.