Democrats Want to Fire Border Heroes

Fake Ocasio-Cortez and the double-minded Democrats are once again going after heroes of the United States because some words were said that hurt their feelings. The babyish Democratic Party has become a laughable entity within the arena of politics. They act all big and tough and attack people that protect them, and then they cry when the other side stands up to them.

The border agents that were attacked by Ocasio-Cortez are now under attack from the Democrats because of some alleged comments that were made on a social media platform. Dumb Democrats want to actually investigate these agents and see if there are any crimes that they can find in an attempt to appease their own soul because they have been made fun of.

If anyone needs to be investigated, its Ocasio-Cortez regarding the threatening actions she portrayed at her staged visit to the border. She is an embarrassment to the nation for the childish way she acted towards heroes protecting the nation.

This is nothing more than playground politics playing out. One child makes fun of another child or made a statement that really never was said by them in the first place and now there is a locker room fight taking place.

Then the initial tour was scheduled to take place, the agents requested that a two-day notice be given before arrival. In an attempt to make the place as safe as possible for the lawmaker’s journey. Instead of being thanked for all their work and bravery they do every day, the agents are being accused of emptying the cells so it did not look so bad.

The lying Democrats have found people to give a report of the conditions of the detention centers that they are looking for. They are trying to paint a picture of a detention center that is worse than it really is.

Things are bad at the border but not as bad as the Democrats are trying to portray. Once again the childish lawmakers are lying to people about what is really happening. The only one that has been truthful is the president.

And the House wants to investigate him for doing the right thing. The case is being built on Facebook posting that lawmakers are saying are factual information about the border agents being attacked.

What is truly inappropriate is the action taken by Ocasio-Cortez during her fake photo shoot. She was trying to build a new case for the Democrats to investigate, and she was discovered to be a fake and a fraud. The new face of the Democratic Party has turned out to be a fraud and now she is crying about it.

It should be said that there was no excuse for her behavior at the border. She should have been fired and placed in custody for threatening a law enforcement officer. Any other person would have been immediately arrested and tried accordingly.

It is evident to every level-headed person in America that the Democrats are trying to fake their way into the president’s office by investing stories that are supposed to bring them votes and sympathy from people. It is the classic story of the kid crying into his hands and looking through his fingers to see who is watching him.

Ocasio-Cortez has been fighting legislation that would have solved the border issues months ago and now she all upset that nothing has been done. This coward in politics has realized her time in office is coming to an end because she has been discovered to be a fraud and now she is working hard to appear to care.

In some twisted fashion, the Democrats are even trying to blame their attacks on Trump supporters. They are trying hard to politicize these events that they have made up as something that is a conspiracy against them. Their deceptive plan will ultimately fail, and they will once again be exposed for the fakes and frauds they are.

The President and his administration backed by the Republican Party are the only ones that truly want the matter solved at the border. It is not about gaining votes for themselves. It is about doing the right thing for people and for a country that stands as a beacon of hope for the world.

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