Dems Already Setting the Table To Complain About the Midterm Elections


As early voting begins in many states, President Biden is getting himself and the Democrats ready for the rogue level-red wave that is inbound. He and the rest of the party realize that what was once battleground states like Florida are now soundly Republican. Even in liberal states like Washington, the Republicans who once stood no shot are now being predicted to be the winner of the upcoming midterm election.

There is the “false security” notion of an argument; that the Dems are putting this message out to encourage voters who often go left, but don’t usually come out for the midterms. This idea would require them to be that crafty, and that hasn’t happened since the Reagan years. Rather the fact of the matter is that they are scared of losing both the House and Senate to Republicans. Especially since they couldn’t get anything done with both AND the Presidency.

With the Biden administration serving a warning about threats to the integrity of the elections process, it makes you wonder if there is something to be alarmed about, or if they are planning something, and this is their way of “denying it”? According to Politico, people familiar with the administration have been worried about cyber threats from China, Russia, and non-state actors.

These kinds of threats also sound like they are worried about the same things that they complained about with Trump, except nobody did anything there. This tactic is almost comical at this point, with nobody changing the channel or even acknowledging Biden’s current problems with North Korea, or Saudi Arabia. Both countries are more than capable of a cyber or in-person attack.

During a press conference on October 24th, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned the nation about the potential for problems. “The threat of any nation-state to our election system to influence, to interfere is something that we all have to remain vigilant about. In many ways, malign foreign influence – whether it’s from the Chinese government, the Russian government, or other governments – is not just an election cycle issue, but a 365-day-a-year problem.”

This kind of warning is not unusual, nor is it something specific to the elections like the Democrats make it sound like. Rather, this is business as usual for the FBI. His point about the threat existing 365 days a year is something many Americans have forgotten about, especially since we have had relative peace from external sources since 9-11.

With early voting underway at most precincts, and voting coming to an end on election day, November 8th, people will be swarming the ballot boxes here soon enough. Given the shortage of election workers, be prepared for long lines and to wait to cast that ballot. In places like Mesa, AZ people dropping off their early ballot were greeted by armed citizens standing guard by the ballot box. The idea that these patriots need to guard the boxes is a bit much.

It’s especially much when you consider that the majority of the voter fraud incidents have occurred with mail-in (not drop-off) ballots, or at the vote counting facilities. Not at the polling place, or ballot drop-off locations. This idea of security over anything else is a great one for our country to have, and it can be incredibly useful, but we don’t need people to be scared to vote.

If anything, the right to vote should be the most protected, and yet at ease feelings ever. This right has been the cornerstone of American freedom and liberation since the first brick for this country was laid. So when Biden makes vague threats against it and uses the same nations the FBI is telling us are a “normal” threat anyways, it just undermines the whole process. It also makes them look scared and weak. Which they very obviously are at this point.