Department Of Justice Send Over Their Own Shocking Gun Control Proposals

Everyone feels as though they know best when it comes to gun control. The pressure is on every lawmaker on Capitol Hill following the various domestic terrorism acts that have taken place throughout the summer, including the latest in Odessa, Texas.

The Department of Justice has recently sent over a gun legislation package to the White House with their recommendations of what needs to be done.

Trump has already identified that he’s willing to consider new measures. He also wants to defend Second Amendment rights – which is something that many Americans have identified they feel is still important. Presidential candidates, however, are urging mandatory buyback programs and other extreme measures.

Pelosi and Trump have struck a deal to ensure that the president uses the Constitution as opposed to executive action. As such, he has already identified that he will support stronger background checks as well as “red flag” laws. This would allow firearms to be taken away from those identified as being a risk to themselves or others. Various mental health solutions are also in discussion to ensure that law-abiding citizens do not have their guns taken away for no reason.

Trump has been doing a lot of tweeting on preventing mass shootings and making sure that everyone knows that something is being done.

As for what is inside of the package provided by the Department of Justice, it isn’t clear as of yet. Once Congress goes back in session next week, it should be very clear.

The NRA, who has been extremely silent over the past several months, recently tweeted to identify that “universal” background checks are not capable of stopping criminals from obtaining guns. The only thing that it would criminalize is private transfers and loans between family and friends. They continue to remind people that criminals don’t follow laws – which is something that many Republicans have been saying as well.

While Democrats are eager to take away guns in order to stop domestic terrorism acts, they aren’t thinking everything through. They are working quickly and, therefore, not taking the time to think strategically. Mitch McConnell, President Trump, and even the Department of Justice have been focusing on strategy more than anything else – and it’s likely that the package from the Department of Justice focuses on a balance between the two sides – while still maintaining Second Amendment rights.

Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Senate Democrats to explain that gun violence measures need to be a priority – and that they will need to pressure Republicans. However, no pressure is necessary. Republicans are just as eager as Democrats to establish gun violence measures – they simply want to do so in a strategic way to ensure that law-abiding citizens do not have their guns taken away.

Schumer likes to blame Trump and Senate Republicans for failing to act on gun violence. However, he needs to remember that Pelosi asked Trump not to create an executive action. Further, he needs to remember that both the Senate and the House have been out on recess for a month – making it hard to create constitutional legislation following the mass shootings that have occurred in Ohio and Texas.

Voters from both sides, Republican and Democrat, indicate that they favor heavier background checks for gun buyers. Further, they want to see guns being taken away from those who pose a danger to themselves or others. Democrats are also leading a ban on assault weapons, though it requires them to identify the list of weapons that are considered “assault-style.”

The Department of Justice has identified in the past that they are exploring quite a few unique solutions. This includes bringing back realistic toy guns – something that has become “forbidden fruit.” They have research to show that gun violence has increased over the last two decades while the presence of toy guns in homes with young children have fallen. Even the Obama administration believed that it was important to encourage parents to buy realistic-looking toys to help reduce the amount of gun violence in the future.

Throughout the Obama administration, there was also the idea of colorizing weapons, which would allow people to have guns for personal use that are in pink, mauve, and purple colors. It would reduce the appeal of guns among a variety of groups who want to abuse their rights to bear arms.

As to whether the Department of Justice is going to lean on some of these suggestions from the NRA and the Obama administration or not is yet to be seen – but it can help to create the balance to ensure people get their guns without allowing people to participate in acts of domestic terrorism.

27 thoughts on “Department Of Justice Send Over Their Own Shocking Gun Control Proposals

  1. First. It must pass the “shall not be infringed” part of the Second Amendment. Then one must ask how effectively would this new measure have prevented these recent shootings of concern.
    And last, but not least, where is your concern for abortions in which the baby is torn limb from limb undergoing extreme pain and terror at a rate 400 times greater than gun shootings???

  2. Red Flag laws should not be considered. They violate the individuals right to due process. The target of the law should have the right to defend themselves in court before their guns are taken. Otherwise someone could lose their guns simply because someone doesn’t like them. It would also give Democrats a way to disarm anyone who might oppose them politically. It is one way to get around the 2nd amendment. “Every one who doesn’t agree with us is unstable and therefore shouldn’t own guns.” Any legislation should give the target the right to face their accuser and defend themselves in court before any action is taken.

  3. Background checks will work only if everything is reported not all required to report have done so i.e. ( the Airforce not reporting a case of domestic abuse which allowed someone to purchase a firearm that shouldn’t have been allowed to). Red flag laws can be misused by people with a grudge or just don’t like guns. There should also be a mandatory prison sentence of at least 5 years for anyone that abuses the Red Flag laws. I am horrified by these mass shootings and the shootings in some of our major cities but, I am also a 2nd amendment supporter.

  4. Anything President Trump does will be bad as far as Democrats say . How much longer can this great President go on fighting everyone? Pray for President Trump🙏

  5. When are we going to stop blaming the tools in these shootings and put the pressure on the cause of it—the criminals! I’ve had guns my whole life and never seen one of them get violent!

  6. I wouldn’t be surprise to find that Pelosi herself was behind all the shootings, her and her cohorts She said she would do anything to get rid of Trump even breaking the law. She is Ms. Corruption, all the way!

  7. I hope I haven’t voted for the wrong president I hope he doesn’t cave to the democrats no one is buying back my guns there not for sale

  8. With all the folderol over and about Gun Control, which always seems to take the form of ever more hoops for the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN to navigate or jump through, I await, though not while holding my breath, the following. Legislation that would actually act against, via tough penalties that are enforced, perish the thought, the use or possession of arms in the course of criminal actions, that is robbery, assault and so on. Let’s cut to the chase, therein cease belaboring the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN who makes so bold as to actually exercise their rights under both the national and many state constitutions.

  9. I have a suggestion for DOJ, outlandish though it might be, regarding legislative proposals and perhaps more important the job that they are constituted to perform. How about actually running the prosecution of armed criminals, and quitting the hogwash, actual or potential, of pushing legislative proposals that do nothing but essentially harass the law abiding, or that portion thereof who choose to exercise their constitutional rights to Keep and Bear Arms, a bit of phraseology that some over there at DOJ might perhaps remember, and perhaps even respect.

  10. When is everyone going to realize that gun control only effects the law abiding citizen!!!!
    Criminals will always get guns!!!!

  11. Children and adults in this country should be encouraged, and incentivized to learn about, become proficient with and own firearms. A disarmed populace with no knowledge of weapons and their proper use, become more like livestock than humans.

  12. “While Democrats are eager to take away guns in order to stop domestic terrorism acts, they aren’t thinking everything through. ”

    They most certainly have thought it through. They want the people disarmed. They don’t care about the criminals or they wouldn’t keep allowing all the criminal invaders coming in with legitimate immigrants. Until the disarm us like was done in Venezuela they can’t take total control and destroymthe Constitution.
    Remember ig you like you doctor you can keep your doctor.
    We have to pass the legislation so we can read it. And my favorite lie no ones coming for your guns.

  13. the use of MK Ultra techniques to trigger people under psychiatrics to commit mass murder is discredited by some as conspiratorial, but remains a valid concern that is not being discussed enough. It’s not the weapons, “it’s the people, stupid!” and those who are pulling the strings behind false flag ops to rid the country of weapons of personal and national defense.

  14. This red flag laws are unconstitutional it’s another step to disarm the citizens not the criminals the government is anti gun and will use every excuse to take away your guns even thou your innocent the second amendment was written to protect the people from the government not the government from the people gun control is the most effective way to disarm a nation than after you become there slave why isn’t the government going after the criminals Cuba Castro disarmed the people and killed 300,000 chinas Mao disarmed the chinise and killed 60,000 Lenin of Russia killed 60 million Adolph Hitler killed over 6,000 poll Pott of Cambodia killed 2 million the founding fathers know that governments become dictators that’s why they write shall not be infringed

  15. Criminals DON’T obey the laws . . . therefore, “gun Control” legislation doesn’t work. Nutcase control does – LOCK ’em up! A good guy with a gun will stop a BAD guy with a gun. Putting enough BAD GUYS “in the ground” should prove a GREAT deterrent to gun violence IF THE CITIZEN is armed. Chuck, as ALWAYS, you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

  16. You all have forgotten that children were taught from a very early age to respect weapons. 100 years ago a five year old brought to dinner small game with his 36 caliber flintlock muzzle loader. In the 1950s children were taught about firearms and usage. Our pre history was ingrained with weapons – bows & arrows, swords, spears, armor, horses firearms, etc. Today we make these children afraid and they don’t understand what these tools or the history of uses.

    The United States was not invaded at the beginning of WW2 simply because the civilians had more weapons than the military. Japanese intelligences knew that these same citizens spent their weekends at shooting ranges in contest; the Japanese knew they could win against the citizen army.

    Today, we are defenseless. Most of these citizens don’t know or has never fired a pistol or rifle; they would die on todays battlefields. WE can’t even defend our boarders, we place our trust with these elitist and hope they will defend us against the evil corrupt world. You are right, “there is no god”.

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