Deportation Or Amnesty for Illegals: Which Is Cheaper?

There’s a major problem with immigration in the United States. It’s pushing closer and closer to being a crisis, especially with border patrol saying that they’re over their limits and tens of thousands of migrants are pushing the southern border each and every month.

For the most part, there are two options to deal with the problem. Deportation or granting the illegals amnesty. There’s a cheaper option here and it’s not what the loud-mouthed liberals want you to hear.

Obviously, there’s no way to put a price on human life. However, there is an important message here about the cost of either granting amnesty to the illegals entering the country with no regard to our immigration laws or deporting them back to their home country.

Any guesses?
It’s about six times cheaper to deport an illegal alien than it is to grant them amnesty. Much of this comes from the welfare system. Illegals are going to drain the welfare system, as will their descendants.

The Costs
It costs an average of $10,854 to deport someone to their home country, according to ICE. Meanwhile, if they were granted amnesty, the cost would likely be $65,292 for the lifetime of them being in the US due to the government aid that they will need. This does not take into consideration any descendants that could also cause a drain on the system. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the calculation of the fiscal drain is due to their education level as well as their health problems. For the entire illegal population, the drain adds up to somewhere around $746 billion.

How do the Dems not see this as a problem? It might be that they are hoping that the illegals will vote for them in the next election if they are granted amnesty. That’s about the only hope that a Dem has for being voted in – by getting illegals to vote for them.

Follow the Law
The Republicans who are talking about deportation are not “being mean” or “unusually cruel” as the Democrats want to cry and rant about. Instead, the Republicans want to follow the law. There are immigration laws in the country that must be followed if people want to come in.

There are migrants who are allowed into the country every single year. They go through the necessary checkpoints, file the necessary paperwork, and attend the mandatory hearings. Then, after all of that, they’re allowed into the country. They’re not a drain on the economy, either. Instead, they contribute to society and work to live the American dream.

Deportation is for those who are here illegally. Deportation is for those who have been given chances to go through the necessary steps. Deportation is for those who crossed the border illegally knowing that there was a legal checkpoint a few miles down. It’s also for those who continue to avoid their court hearings.

It is only right to hold up the virtue of the law. Otherwise, we might as well elect a Democrat into the office and allow them to open the borders. After all, none of the people who want to enter the US illegally ever mean anyone harm. They don’t bring diseases that have been eradicated in the US for decades with them.

This is the pipe dream that Democrats are living with. They don’t see a problem with open borders. AOC and other loud-mouthed Dems who speak before they think have actually said that illegal immigrants aren’t breaking the law. There’s only one problem with that. “Illegal,” by very definition, means that they are breaking the law.

The Solution
Although the border needs to be constructed to prevent further problems of illegal immigrants in the United States, there’s a solution for dealing with all of the existing illegal immigrants. Stop giving them welfare. Certainly, stop giving them Social Security. They’re here illegally, so let’s stop catering to them. Then, let’s take all of that funding that we’re saving by giving it to ICE. Begin the deportation process on illegal immigrants.

If the immigrants are pissed off that they’re leaving, so be it. They broke the law. Americans who break the law are thrown in jail, not given food stamps and free healthcare. If they want to come back to the land of the free, they can do so by getting in line right behind the tens of thousands of other people who want into the country legally.

It shouldn’t be a free for all. The laws are the laws and all the Republicans are asking is that they are followed. Deportation is the clearest (and cheapest) answer.

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